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Spirituality Without The Bullshit

Spirituality Without The Bullshit

By Natty Beatts
Natty Beatts created this podcast as place for anyone who is fed up of the amount of filler, fluff and bullshit there is in the Spiritual industry. She is on a mission to normalize spiritual practices and psychic abilities, and break down the stigma around spiritual awakening and what that means for the average person. This podcast will explore past lives, energy healing, psychic abilities, ETs, light workers, starseeds, soulmates, karmic ties, the darker side of spirituality and everything else in between! With a mixture of first hand accounts and interviews with awesome guests :)
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EP4. Drugs, Addiction And Spiritual Connection with Guest Dean Powell
This episode covers the light and dark side of drug taking, why so many Empath’s and Lightworkers struggle with addiction and touch on the area of psychedelics. Natty and Dean both have a wealth of all round experience when it comes to this topic and are able to have a non-judgmental balanced chat that may help others understand themselves deeper.
March 28, 2022
EP3. Sex, Drugs, and Cacao with Liam Browne
I chat with the author of “Dealer To Healer”, Liam Browne about sex/drugs/addiction and how it relates to spirituality, what the hell cacao is and why it’s so important for us and the earth, dealing with identity shifts when going through big life changes, vegetarianism as a spiritual practice and some other interesting nuggets!
July 27, 2021
EP2. Leading The Way For The Next Generation With Clare Ford
In this episode I speak to expert educator, healer, spiritual teacher and author Clare Ford, about how we can lead our next generation through this insane time on the planet. We touch on what to do if your child displays psychic abilities, how to nurture a young persons spiritual growth and how important it is, for young people to build a strong base of understanding, of their emotional, spiritual and physical health and how all this fits in with the current education system. We talk home schooling, how the pandemic has affected kids and alternative options for parents not wanting their children to go back to mainstream schooling.. and we delve into Clare’s awakening story and how she came to lead the way for our next generation of gifted kids.
July 12, 2021
Ep.1 Rude Awakening With Natalie Windlefell
In this first episode Natty has a chat with author of “Rude Awakening” Natalie Windlefell. Talking through Natalie’s intense awakening experience and chatting about following your intuition, how drug and alcohol abuse relates to spirituality, the importance of spiritual protection, manifesting and a few other golden nuggets... all of course with no filler, no fluff and no bullshit! Follow Natty on Instagram @nattybeatts and get in touch via email if you have a suggestion of a spiritual subject that you would like presented without the bullshit!
April 16, 2021