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The Natural Wisdom Podcast

The Natural Wisdom Podcast

By Kristine Backes
Reclaim Your Natural Wisdom with Kristine and guests through astrology, natural medicine, herbalism, and other nature-based wisdom. Find radical well-being by remembering yourself as an integral part of the natural world and its rhythms, and tapping into your natural wisdom.
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First episode is July 10, 2021
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Injuries are my teachers

The Natural Wisdom Podcast

The wisdom of plants: an interview with spiritual herbalist Angela Segraves
Spiritual herbalist and energy healer Angela Segraves was my guest today. We talked about plants, and the many ways we can consciously connect with them and allow them to help us. We each had some stories on how plants have 'spoken' to us, and Angela led us through a meditation to find one of our plant allies. Part of our conversation covered re-learning that everything around us is conscious and in communication with us, if we simply allow ourselves to receive the wisdom.  Angela has a couple of offerings coming up: On November 2nd, a free virtual workshop on "Healing Ancestral Karma with the Akashic Records" Then, beginning in February, 2022, she is offering a hands-on 11 month herbal apprenticeship.  You can follow me and/or support the show on Patreon. And if you like the show, please share it!
October 16, 2021
Message from the Forest: Give up the struggle
Listen to my story of receiving wisdom on the banks of a mountain stream, a particularly timely reminder on finding balance this Libra season. This episode is also available as a blog post: Remember you can follow me on Patreon for updates on the podcast, or become a patron to support the show and join the live sessions.
October 1, 2021
Interview with astrologer and healer Emily Trinkaus
In this third live episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, it was my pleasure and honor to interview astrologer, writer, teacher, healer Emily Trinkaus. We covered a lot of ground, including astrology as a healing art; practical suggestions for getting started with - or deepening your connection with - astrology; astrology as a way of connecting with natural cycles; and a brief foray into current astrological energies and how they are playing out in our lives. Emily will be a regular guest on the podcast, and later this year we'll cover some major shifts in the astro-weather, and take a peek into 2022. Here are links to some of the programs we mentioned on the show: Emily's Lunar Attunement subscription; join her e-mail list to be notified of individual New and Full Moon updates, available in the gift. Kristine's Fall Reset for body and mind, a gentle cleanse process to help your body adjust to the change of seasons. The video version of this podcast episode is available to patrons, and you can follow the podcast updates on Patreon, or become a patron to attend all the live podcast episodes.
September 18, 2021
Virgo New Moon and seasonal transitions
Here is a short take on today's New Moon in the sign of Virgo, and how to work with it. The reset and cleanse protocol I mentioned is also on the Resources page of my website, and my fall class schedule will be up soon on  The next live episode of the podcast records on September 18th, an interview with astrologer (and my mentor) Emily Trinkaus. Patrons at $8 and above can join me live; all patrons get early access to the video version of the podcast. Follow me on Patreon for more updates and previews!
September 6, 2021
How to get grounded
In this short bonus episode, learn how to get grounded anytime, anywhere.  More resources for self-care on my website Support the podcast by becoming a patron! 
August 20, 2021
We are seasonal beings!
In this second episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, I talk briefly about the New Moon in Leo, the cross-quarter holy day of Lammas, and then discuss how - and why - to align our lives with the seasons. You can find the gentle seasonal cleanse protocol I referenced here. In the next scheduled episode on September 18th, I'll be interviewing long-time astrologer Emily Trinkaus. Among other topics, we'll be talking about how astrology helps us be more connected to the natural world, not mention ourselves. Patrons at $8 and above can join us live!
August 8, 2021
Injuries are my teachers
Yoga philosophy calls injury and illness our 'teachers'. In this bonus episode, I share my experience with a recent injury and the healing power of presence. Prefer to read rather than listen? If you want to join me live every month, become a patron.
July 31, 2021
Feel your inner Moon
This is the second in a series of bonus meditations for The Natural Wisdom Podcast. The Moon is one of the 'Lights' in astrology, and a primary timekeeper for Nature - including us. In this 20 minute meditation, recorded in the Montana mountains with a wild companion or two, learn to feel the Moon's rhythms in yourself.
July 17, 2021
Connect with your inner Sun!
In this 20 minute meditation, Kristine helps you honor your inner Sun, your digestive fire. This bonus podcast episode is the first in a series of meditations on the Sun, Moon and planets and how their cycles are reflected in our own lives. Reclaim your natural wisdom by claiming your connection with the Sun.
July 14, 2021
Remember yourself as Nature - Episode 1
In this inaugural episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, I introduce myself and how I got 'here', some of the basic principles of the podcast, and what led to its creation. The episode weaves together astrology, Ayurveda, a touch of modern physics and some practical advice on aligning your life with Nature's rhythms. The video version is available for all my patrons on Patreon (Kristine Backes) as well as a pdf of the slides I used for the podcast. $8 patrons also received a handout on lifestyle practices for aligning with Nature.
July 11, 2021
The Natural Wisdom Podcast inaugural trailer
The first official episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast is July 10th, 2021. In this trailer, get a quick intro to what the podcast is all about.
July 6, 2021