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The Natural Wisdom Podcast

The Natural Wisdom Podcast

By Kristine Backes
Reclaim Your Natural Wisdom with Kristine and guests through astrology, natural medicine, herbalism, and other nature-based wisdom. Find radical well-being by remembering yourself as an integral part of the natural world and its rhythms, and tapping into your natural wisdom.
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You ARE the body, and the Earth: break free of the karma of separation

The Natural Wisdom Podcast

Our word is our wand: A cosmic conversation with Emily Trinkaus about astrology, wisdom and responsibility
In another epic conversation with astrologer and teacher Emily Trinkaus, we discussed the wisdom of astrology, what we are really doing as astrologers, and how we wield it consciously as we enter the Aquarian age. With Mars in Gemini until March of 2023, including its rare retrograde period, this is an important time to be aware of the power of our words, and 'our word as our wand'. Emily's recent class on the upcoming Mars retrograde in Gemini is available by recording: Learn more about Emily's online course The Art and Practice of Astrology: Sign up for Kristine's free Q and A on her online Fall Reset gentle Ayurvedic cleanse:
September 17, 2022
Re-wilding ourselves with Kendra Ward
In this episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, Kristine and Kendra had a wide-ranging conversation about remembering ourselves as nature embodied in human form. We talked about both why and how to heal the perceived split between human and nature; what 're-wilding' means and how to get started in your life, not matter where you live; and the process of awakening to ourselves as part of nature. We recorded the session just as the Sun moved into the sign of Virgo, and the energy of the season was very much a part of the conversation.  I had the honor of being interviewed on Kendra's podcast, Woman Who Rubs the Mountain, earlier this year. You can find it here: You can find out more about Kendra here: More about Kristine here:
September 02, 2022
You ARE the body, and the Earth: break free of the karma of separation
You are not IN a body, you ARE a body. Your body is the expression of your Soul. To reclaim this paradigm is to reclaim our health, and the health of the planet. In this episode, Kristine offers practical suggestions for occupying our bodies, including paying attention to where our attention is directed. One of the lessons of the 7-month journey of Mars in Gemini, which began today, is the power of our attention - and the need to align our attention with our deepest desires. You can find the meditation I referenced here: Here is an article from Kristine on occupying yourself: For an in-depth look at the astrology of Mars retrograde in Gemini, check out this class with Emily Trinkaus:
August 20, 2022
Reclaiming kinship at the time of Lammas, first harvest
In this episode, the 23rd this year, Kristine continues in her examination of healing the karma of believing ourselves separate from Nature. We are at the convergence of several 'gates': the ancient cross-quarter holy day of Lammas/Lughnasadh/First Harvest (August 7); Lion's Gate (August 8); the Sun at the Eclipse mid-point (August 10) and the Aquarius Full Moon (August 11). How might we put this time of turnarounds and breakthroughs to use to 'break out' of our story of separation? Kristine tells a very personal story of one of her own recent breakthroughs. Want to learn more about the life assignment of your Lunar Nodes? Join Kristine on Friday, August 29th for her workshop on the subject: Source for Chief Luther Standing Bear quotes: Kristine's story on 'remembering' what it means to be indigenous: Website for Charlotte Kanyi, who specializes in healing birth trauma using the Compassion Key: Become a patron!
August 06, 2022
Reclaim your wildness: bear stories and a Uranian time
Nature is a mirror, showing us how we relate to life, death, and wildness. In this episode, I told some bear stories, talked about reclaiming wildness, and gave a preview of the Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction in Taurus on July 30. Learn more about me here:
July 23, 2022
Astrology, free will, and reclaiming your power
In a continuation of the previous episode, here I take a deeper look at the ways in which astrologers are the new spiritual teachers, and why we need to be extra careful in using astrology to empower, not victimize people. When we start to understand the pure, neutral energies of the planets, we can more consciously co-create with them - individually and collectively. This episode was recorded just as the Moon opposed the planet Uranus alongside the Lunar Nodes, a perfect co-creation on breaking out of the restrictions of our stories! There is still time to join my 3-class series Discover Karma in the Astrology Chart if you want to learn an innovative and unique approach blending Eastern wisdom and Western astrology. Become a patron to support the podcast. Want a more in-depth report on the upcoming Capricorn Full Moon? Emily Trinkaus offers her deep wisdom at each lunation, in the gift. Watch the video version on Spotify!
July 09, 2022
Fate, free will, embodiment and natural wisdom
This week's Cancer Solstice and the upcoming Cancer New Moon offer us a powerful time for new creations, and for being our greatest selves. Much of this episode was devoted to conscious embodiment, and the ways in which astrology can help us express our own unique energetic frequencies as embodied humans. According to the traditions of yoga and Ayurveda, 'seating your Self', i.e. embodying your Soul/Higher Self is the way to health and well-being, as well as to freeing ourselves from the bonds of karma.  The book I mentioned is titled 'Red Hot and Holy', by Sera Beak and I can't recommend it enough for a fun and informative read on an embodied approach to the spiritual path, and the divine feminine. A short, to the point book on spirituality and awakening by an authentic and (in my experience) trustworthy spiritual teacher is Adyashanti's 'The Way of Liberation'.  Join me for a three-class series on Discovering Karma in the Astrology Chart, beginning July 15th. Learn how to find the energetic 'knots' in your own chart and how to release them.  Thank you for listening! Become a patron to support the podcast.
June 25, 2022
Karma in the astrology chart: a short introduction
Continuing the conversation about karma, I offer a short introduction to karma in the natal chart in this short episode. Although all parts of the chart are indicators of karma, how we create it and how we can unlock it, there are a couple of specific places to start. In addition to mentioning Pluto, Saturn and the Lunar Nodes, I also introduced the four elements and their energy signatures. Join me on June 24th for a free introductory class on Karma in the Chart. I will be following it up with a series of three classes on finding karmic signatures in your natal chart, and then an experiential course in the fall on Embodied Awakening through the integration of opposites. Find the position of your Lunar Nodes: Book a personal reading with me to explore your unique potential. Become a patron to support the podcast!
June 11, 2022
Karma and food, consciousness and reverence
Our relationship with our food mirrors our relationship with our bodies, and the body of the Earth. Our cultural food karma is based on a reductionist view of the world, and we see the havoc this creates with our health and the health of the planet.  In this episode, I draw on Ayurveda, yoga, and nature to talk about how we can shift our karma and reclaim reverence for our food. Not just what we eat, but when, where, how and even why are important.  The two books I mentioned are "The Yoga of Eating", by Charles Eisenstein; and "The Three Season Diet", by Dr. John Douillard. Both are excellent for helping us shift our understanding of food, diets, and health. Thank you for listening! If you want to support the podcast, become a patron: Find out more about me or book a consultation here:
May 28, 2022
Video version: Purging karma and reclaiming power: Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily
This is the video version (available on Spotify) of today's podcast episode: In this epic conversation just hours after the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse,  Kristine and Emily discussed the purpose of eclipses and the work of clearing old karmic patterns. Power was the main topic, and especially how we reclaim our power through fully occupying our bodies. Kristine shared her epic realization about unconditional receiving, a  life-changing concept but one consistent with the ways of nature and the  cosmos. You can find out more about Kristine and her offerings here: All of  Emily's offerings, including the classes we mentioned in this episode, are here: Check out Emily's podcast, the Embodied Aquarian: You can support The Natural Wisdom Podcast by becoming a patron:
May 16, 2022
Purging karma and reclaiming power: Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily
In this epic conversation just hours after the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, Kristine and Emily discussed the purpose of eclipses and the work of clearing old karmic patterns. Power was the main topic, and especially how we reclaim our power through fully occupying our bodies. Kristine shared her epic realization about unconditional receiving, a life-changing concept but one consistent with the ways of nature and the cosmos. You can find out more about Kristine and her offerings here: All of  Emily's offerings, including the classes we mentioned in this episode, are here: Check out Emily's podcast, the Embodied Aquarian: You can support The Natural Wisdom Podcast by becoming a patron:
May 16, 2022
Karma, money and the Taurus North Node with guest Belinda Noakes
Karmic imprint specialist and therapist Belinda Noakes joined me today for a conversation about karmic imprints that keep us stuck in a broken relationship with money, and therefore our bodies and the Earth. Money as a form of love; the 'Atlantis vow'; and the damage of believing the scarcity story were a few of the edges we visited.  Belinda is a therapist and healer who helps people get unstuck: Kristine offers astrological consultations that can help identify karmic imprints: Become a patron to join the live sessions and watch the video recordings:
April 29, 2022
The power of compassion at the Libra Full Moon
The Full Moon in Libra (April 16 at 2:55 pm Eastern) brings the power of compassion front and center. Venus rules much of the sky from her honored placement in Pisces, with Mars nearby. In this episode, Kristine talks about the potential for sacred union and integration of duality; the power of compassion; and some ways to honor Earth Day. Download a chart of the Libra Full Moon. The blog post on dreaming the future we want: Book a reading with Kristine: Support The Natural Wisdom Podcast by becoming a patron!: Find Kristine on Instagram: @kristinebackes
April 16, 2022
Karma and the astrology of now
We are in the midst of the most significant astrology of 2022, with Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces and Saturn squaring the Lunar Nodes. Building a little on last week's episode, Kristine goes into the opportunities of this time to release old conditioning and karmic imprints around our relationship with the Earth, our bodies, and more. For a personal look at how these energies show up in your life, learn more about consultations with Kristine: To join the live sessions and discussion, watch the video podcast, or simply support the show, become a patron:
April 09, 2022
What is karma, really?
Karma is a concept from the tradition of yoga that is much misused in Western culture. In this episode, I spent some time defining karma as well as talking about how it is created, and how we can release it. My primary source, in case this is a topic near and dear to your heart as well, is an introduction to and translation of the Bhagavad Gita by Eknath Easwaran. The Gita is one of the foundational texts of yoga, and Easwaran's beautiful rendition includes an insightful and comprehensive explanation of some of the basic concepts underpinning yoga philosophy, karma among them. I use our relationship with Nature and our bodies as examples of how we might see karma in our world today. More about me on my website: Find out more about your personal karma with an astrology reading: You can join the live sessions or view the video recordings by becoming a patron here:
April 02, 2022
The wisdom of the body with Sarah McCroskey
This was a lovely conversation with bio-energy healer and HumanSpirit Radio creator Sarah McCroskey. We went deep into the subjects of polarity versus duality; finding the body as a safe place to be; the current opportunity for healing trauma; and the body as intelligent and conscious.  Sarah's website and healing work can be found here: Listen to past HumanSpirit Radio programs and interviews here: Kristine's offerings, including individual consultations are here:
March 26, 2022
The cosmic wisdom of plants with Angela Segraves
Like all of life, plants are the living embodiment of the cosmos. In this episode, spiritual herbalist Angela Segraves and I talk about the transition from winter to spring, and several ways to choose plants to help us work with cosmic weather shifts.  You can find all of Angela's offerings here: More on Angela's Sacred Heart Wisdom retreat in Montana: Angela's virtual Soul Expansion retreat: Angela's "Heal the Past" podcast: An astrology reading can help you understand your elemental make-up and other factors to help you choose plant allies: The astrologer/herbalist we mentioned is Sajah Popham, of The School of Evolutionary Astrology
March 19, 2022
Sky and earth: A cosmic conversation with Emily Trinkaus
Emily Trinkaus and I talked about how to deepen into our souls, flow with the vastness of Pisces, and choose our destiny as embodied humans in another epic Cosmic Conversation. We also discussed simple ways to connect with body and Earth in the midst of a Piscean deluge of feeling.  You can find all of Emily's offerings, including the Embodied Aquarian Podcast on her new website: There is still time to join her live online class, Astrology 101: Foundations of the Cosmic Science!  The Lunar begins in late March: Kristine's class on The Deeps and Dreams of Neptune, offered in the gift, is coming up on March 23rd: Want personal insight and support? Book a reading! Thank you for listening! If you like the podcast and want to help keep it going and growing, become a patron or support me here on
March 12, 2022
Free-flowing expansion, purification, and health with Jupiter in Pisces
After a long period of containment, we are finally entering a period of free-flowing expansion. Kristine explains some of the vast opportunities and pitfalls of Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in its home sign of the great mystery - Pisces. Pisces and Virgo together make up the axis of purification, preparation and health. As with all polarity, our work is to find conscious integration of these opposites to support our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Join Kristine for a deep dive into all aspects of the planet Neptune, God(dess) of the sea and modern 'ruler' of Pisces on March 23rd: Find a free simple home cleanse protocol, plus guided relaxation and meditation recordings on Kristine's Resources page: Thank you for listening! Support me to continue and improve the podcast on Patreon:  or right here on Keep in touch:
March 05, 2022
Pluto, Venus and cycles within cycles
The United States is on an Underworld journey as Pluto returns to the place in the Zodiac where it was at our birth as a nation. Plus, Venus is carrying Plutonian themes of power as this bright morning star descends toward its own Underworld period. Venus passed through the second 'gate' the weekend of February 26th at her conjunction with the waning crescent Moon. Kristine talks about these overlapping cycles, ways of working with them, and how understanding cosmic cycles supports us to reclaim our natural wisdom.  Find the chart of the US Pluto return here: To learn more about Venus or Pluto, check out my classes on the planets, offered on a gift basis: Book a reading: Become a patron to support the podcast, and help me keep it going!:
February 26, 2022
Clear the fear of persecution to claim your natural wisdom
Does the fear of persecution keep you from your natural wisdom? Prevent you from speaking what you know? In this episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, healer Belinda Noakes and I went there - to the echoes in today's world of the Inquisition and the 'burning times', the difficulty in holding our center and our balance during a time of intense polarization, and some work on healing the trauma. At about 45 minutes in to the episode, Belinda led me through a healing exercise to clear the fear of even having this conversation and releasing it on the podcast!! We touched on polarizing topics, yet with the intention of holding space for all viewpoints. Clearly, The Natural Wisdom Podcast takes the 'side' of staying connected with ourselves as nature, and there is tension today between natural versus synthetic/technological treatments for everything from human health to climate. It is my great desire to contribute to awareness that allows us to make conscious choices on the personal and collective level that keep us in touch with our membership in the Earth's ecosystem. Want more of Belinda's healing work? Find her here: The workshop I mentioned in the podcast is here: Sign up as a patron to see the video versions and to join the live episodes:  or support the podcast on
February 19, 2022
Embodied astrology: Connect the planets to your bodily sensations
In this episode, take a tour of the planets and how they can show up in our felt experience. Feeling blue? Perhaps the Moon is in Pisces. Anxious? Mercury and/or Uranus might be activated. When we pay attention to astrology and attune to the planets, our sensations and emotions become part of our understanding of how the planets are operating in our lives from moment to moment. Join Kristine in her class on the planet Uranus on February 23rd, live online or by recording: Book a reading to learn more about your personal planetary makeup and current opportunities to cooperate with the cosmos: Support the podcast on or become a patron to join the live episodes: Thank you for listening!
February 12, 2022
Finally, forward momentum at Imbolc
Finally, all planets are moving forward! If you have felt sluggish or stuck this past month, take heart. Venus and Mercury just turned direct, the Sun reached the cross-quarter holyday of Imbolc, and the days are getting noticeably longer in the northern hemisphere. This episode covers the wisdom of the retrogrades in light of the past couple of years; how to change your lifestyle to synchronize with the season; and some insight into where we are in Venus' journey to the Underworld. Here is the chart for Imbolc: On February 23rd, join Kristine to understand the planet Uranus, the "Great Awakener" and revolutionary: This blog post from a couple of years ago offers some additional perspective on how lifestyle can be medicine: Join us live by becoming a patron:
February 05, 2022
The Journey of Power of Venus and the Goddess Inanna
The ancient story of Queen Inanna's journey to the Underworld mirrors almost exactly the travel of Venus in her 19 month synodic cycle. The Queen of Heaven corresponds to Venus as the morning star, where she emerged only days ago. The Queen of Heaven and Earth reflects Venus after her Underworld death and subsequent resurrection as an evening star, which occurs at the end of 2022. In this episode, I give an overview of Venus' cycle and read the story of Inanna with commentary on the relationship between sky and story.  I used a few slides to illustrate today, which you may find here: The first gate to the Underworld in this cycle occurs on January 29th at 11 degrees of Capricorn. In the myth, this is when Inanna removes her royal crown. Stay tuned as we follow the descent of Venus through the gates as Venus conjoins the waning crescent Moon each month! Want to learn more about Venus? Check out my deep dive, pay what you want: Your support keeps me going, both literally and figuratively! You can become a patron, or support the podcast right on, or just share it with your friends!
January 22, 2022
Turn fear into fuel with Belinda Noakes
For this episode of the podcast, my friend and gifted healer Belinda Noakes joined me for a conversation about cultural oppression, the fear matrix, and how to loosen our grip on the stories that keep us contained. We did a little live healing work with me as the guinea pig after a wide ranging conversation about our surprisingly parallel journeys; the alchemical work of transmuting energy; and why our time in corporations was so profoundly hard on our health. You can find Belinda and get a taste of her work right here: Get in touch with me through my website with feedback or questions: Become a patron to join our live sessions. You can also support the podcast right here on The explicit rating acknowledges a couple of swear words dropped in our excitement!
January 14, 2022
Cosmic Wisdom for January, 2022 with Kristine and Emily
Today's conjunction between Venus and the Sun in Capricorn marks the halfway point in Venus' retrograde period, and an initiation of a new 19 month cycle. This week rolls out a number of astrological turning points in addition to today's conjunction, including Mercury's retrograde beginning January 14th; Uranus stationing direct on the 17th; the Cancer Full Moon on the 17th; and, perhaps the biggest shift, the Lunar Nodes shifting into the signs Taurus and Scorpio on the 18th. Our exploration of these events began a far-reaching conversation about a variety of topics, including money, relationships, trauma, manifesting, and remembering to stay connected into our bodies during times of anxiety.  Here is the chart we used: Find more about Emily and her offerings here: More about Kristine and her offerings here: Get a 22% discount on readings with Kristine purchased by January 15th with the code NEWYEAR22 To support the podcast, become a supporter here on, or find Kristine on Patreon: [We got a little excited and a couple of swear words slipped out, thus the explicit label!]
January 08, 2022
New Year, New Moon, new beginnings
Happy New Year 2022! With a New Moon at the very start of the New Year, we have lots of energetic support for setting intentions. Venus retrograde may bring some realignment and reevaluation, particularly around money and our relationship with the material realm. In this episode, I talk about Capricorn themes and some of the healing opportunities for 2022. I'm offering a 22% discount on readings booked before January 15th, using the code NEWYEAR22 when you purchase. The next episode of the podcast will be another Cosmic Wisdom conversation with astrologer Emily Trinkaus, scheduled for January 8th. Patrons at the $8 tier can join us live! If you are enjoying the podcast, please share it! You can also support it by becoming a patron, or a supporter on Thanks for listening!
January 02, 2022
Solstice celebration
Celebrate the December Solstice, and the turning point of the year with a short astro-update; a meditation to help you call in the new; and a prayer for loving-kindness. The astrology of the moment serves as a backdrop for this time of rebirth and renewal. Venus, Goddess of love, money, pleasure, and what we value has just begun its retrograde journey, beginning in partnership with Pluto, God of the Underworld. The restrictive energy of Saturn is in tension with freedom-loving Uranus again this week.  You can find the chart of the Solstice here if you want to follow along with the astrology: Follow me on Patreon, become a patron, or leave a tip on the podcast home page to support the show.
December 21, 2021
Take time to honor Venus!
Venus, planet of love, beauty, and relating is high in the sky as the Evening Star Lover for just a couple of weeks longer, before becoming invisible again for a reunion with the Sun. Venus will rise again in mid-January, but as the Morning Star Warrior. This short bonus episode offers a few simple ways of honoring this lovely planet. Think pleasure!! Want more on Venus? Check out my recorded class. Become a patron to join live episodes with me and my guest speakers, or just to support the podcast!
December 15, 2021
Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily
Emily Trinkaus and I recorded this episode on the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse of December 4th (find the chart here), the last of 2021, and the last on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis for another decade. We covered as much of the current cosmic weather as we had time for, starting with the Eclipse itself and how to work with it, and the themes of all six eclipses along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of the past year and a half. We'll be doing another podcast episode in January to talk about the changes in the new year!  Kristine mentioned her upcoming class "Twelve Seasons: The Signs of the Zodiac" on December 10th as well as her deep dive into "The Beauty of Venus" on December 15th, just in time for the Venus retrograde. You can purchase Emily's recorded insights into today's Solar Eclipse; her webinar all about the powerful Venus retrograde in Capricorn beginning December 26th; or her recorded class on the major tension-producing astrology of the year, the Saturn-Uranus square, which goes exact for the third and final time on December 24th. The Power with Money course we both mentioned was with Kasia Urbaniak, highly recommended! Follow Kristine on Patreon to be the first to know about upcoming episodes. Become a patron to support the show!
December 04, 2021
Plutonian journeys
In this short episode, I mark my imminent emergence from Pluto's Underworld, and our collective immersion in the darkness during the US Pluto return. You can learn more about Pluto in my recorded class, or read about my personal Plutonian experiences. Follow me or support the podcast on Patreon!
November 27, 2021
Animal communication: an interview with Kim Shotola of The Lightfoot Way
Animals are teachers and guides, from wolves to family pets, and they are talking to us all the time. In my conversation with Kim Shotola of The Lightfoot Way, we told a few stories of our own animal encounters, and Kim led us through a short meditation to connect with an animal and find out what it might have to tell us. You can find all of her offerings here: And join her newsletter list here: The class I mentioned on The Planets in Astrology is here: And don't forget to mark your calendars for my next live podcast episode with astrologer Emily Trinkaus, scheduled for Saturday, December 4th at 10 a.m. Mountain. We will be talking about the current astro-weather, including eclipses, Venus, and more! Become a patron at the $8 tier to join us live. I'd love for you to share the podcast with your friends, and perhaps you know someone who wants to become a patron, too!
November 05, 2021
Scorpio season: corrections and Uranian amplifications!
In the previous episode on Scorpio season, I mixed up my days and referred to the Scorpio New Moon incorrectly as happening on Wednesday, rather than Thursday, November 4th. In this short episode, I clear that up and talk about how to work with the often shocking and unexpected energies of the planet Uranus, the 'star' of this week's New Moon show. I couldn't resist mentioning Venus again, too! Join me for a deep dive into the planets in astrology on November 13th: Follow me on Patreon. Become a patron to support the show and join the live episodes!
November 02, 2021
Scorpio Season 2021
The Scorpio New Moon occurs this Thursday** afternoon/evening in the heart of the sign. In this short bonus episode, I talk about the portal between the worlds of this lunation, which marks the 'official' start to Eclipse season. Download a chart of this New Moon for free, complete with a legend of symbols. Want to learn astrology? I'm teaching The Planets in Astrology on Saturday, November 13th. Check it out! Support (or just follow) the podcast on Patreon, and please share it if you like it! **Corrected from my earlier note saying Wednesday!
October 30, 2021
The wisdom of plants: an interview with spiritual herbalist Angela Segraves
Spiritual herbalist and energy healer Angela Segraves was my guest today. We talked about plants, and the many ways we can consciously connect with them and allow them to help us. We each had some stories on how plants have 'spoken' to us, and Angela led us through a meditation to find one of our plant allies. Part of our conversation covered re-learning that everything around us is conscious and in communication with us, if we simply allow ourselves to receive the wisdom.  Angela has a couple of offerings coming up: On November 2nd, a free virtual workshop on "Healing Ancestral Karma with the Akashic Records" Then, beginning in February, 2022, she is offering a hands-on 11 month herbal apprenticeship.  You can follow me and/or support the show on Patreon. And if you like the show, please share it!
October 16, 2021
Message from the Forest: Give up the struggle
Listen to my story of receiving wisdom on the banks of a mountain stream, a particularly timely reminder on finding balance this Libra season. This episode is also available as a blog post: Remember you can follow me on Patreon for updates on the podcast, or become a patron to support the show and join the live sessions.
October 01, 2021
Interview with astrologer and healer Emily Trinkaus
In this third live episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, it was my pleasure and honor to interview astrologer, writer, teacher, healer Emily Trinkaus. We covered a lot of ground, including astrology as a healing art; practical suggestions for getting started with - or deepening your connection with - astrology; astrology as a way of connecting with natural cycles; and a brief foray into current astrological energies and how they are playing out in our lives. Emily will be a regular guest on the podcast, and later this year we'll cover some major shifts in the astro-weather, and take a peek into 2022. Here are links to some of the programs we mentioned on the show: Emily's Lunar Attunement subscription; join her e-mail list to be notified of individual New and Full Moon updates, available in the gift. Kristine's Fall Reset for body and mind, a gentle cleanse process to help your body adjust to the change of seasons. The video version of this podcast episode is available to patrons, and you can follow the podcast updates on Patreon, or become a patron to attend all the live podcast episodes.
September 18, 2021
Virgo New Moon and seasonal transitions
Here is a short take on today's New Moon in the sign of Virgo, and how to work with it. The reset and cleanse protocol I mentioned is also on the Resources page of my website, and my fall class schedule will be up soon on  The next live episode of the podcast records on September 18th, an interview with astrologer (and my mentor) Emily Trinkaus. Patrons at $8 and above can join me live; all patrons get early access to the video version of the podcast. Follow me on Patreon for more updates and previews!
September 06, 2021
How to get grounded
In this short bonus episode, learn how to get grounded anytime, anywhere.  More resources for self-care on my website Support the podcast by becoming a patron! 
August 20, 2021
We are seasonal beings!
In this second episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, I talk briefly about the New Moon in Leo, the cross-quarter holy day of Lammas, and then discuss how - and why - to align our lives with the seasons. You can find the gentle seasonal cleanse protocol I referenced here. In the next scheduled episode on September 18th, I'll be interviewing long-time astrologer Emily Trinkaus. Among other topics, we'll be talking about how astrology helps us be more connected to the natural world, not mention ourselves. Patrons at $8 and above can join us live!
August 08, 2021
Injuries are my teachers
Yoga philosophy calls injury and illness our 'teachers'. In this bonus episode, I share my experience with a recent injury and the healing power of presence. Prefer to read rather than listen? If you want to join me live every month, become a patron.
July 31, 2021
Feel your inner Moon
This is the second in a series of bonus meditations for The Natural Wisdom Podcast. The Moon is one of the 'Lights' in astrology, and a primary timekeeper for Nature - including us. In this 20 minute meditation, recorded in the Montana mountains with a wild companion or two, learn to feel the Moon's rhythms in yourself.
July 17, 2021
Connect with your inner Sun!
In this 20 minute meditation, Kristine helps you honor your inner Sun, your digestive fire. This bonus podcast episode is the first in a series of meditations on the Sun, Moon and planets and how their cycles are reflected in our own lives. Reclaim your natural wisdom by claiming your connection with the Sun.
July 14, 2021
Remember yourself as Nature - Episode 1
In this inaugural episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, I introduce myself and how I got 'here', some of the basic principles of the podcast, and what led to its creation. The episode weaves together astrology, Ayurveda, a touch of modern physics and some practical advice on aligning your life with Nature's rhythms. The video version is available for all my patrons on Patreon (Kristine Backes) as well as a pdf of the slides I used for the podcast. $8 patrons also received a handout on lifestyle practices for aligning with Nature.
July 11, 2021
The Natural Wisdom Podcast inaugural trailer
The first official episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast is July 10th, 2021. In this trailer, get a quick intro to what the podcast is all about.
July 06, 2021