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Naturally Adventures Podcast

Naturally Adventures Podcast

By Konrad Wojcik
This podcast is outside. No for real. Join your host Konrad W., the artist behind @naturally_illustrated, as he takes you hiking, camping, canoeing and on whatever other wilderness adventures he goes on. Get inspired about nature and the outdoors as he shares his thoughts on a variety of relevant topics!
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The Mindfull Orphan - EPISODE 002
Hey hey hey! Episode numero 2 takes us on the good ole Orphan Lake Trail in Lake Superior Provincial Park! This is a beautiful hike that has always had a special meaning to me, and today you will get to experience me rekindling that love with some new discoveries as we touch on topics of vulnerability and living in the present moment. You'll wanna strap in for a full day of exploring!   
February 7, 2021
The Wind Breaker - EPISODE 001
Time to break the ice, or in this case.. the wind? Welcome to the first ever episode of the Naturally Adventures Podcast, where you get to go on a hike in Pancake Bay Provincial Park with your host Konrad W., the creative and artist behind Naturally Illustrated. During this bone chilling winter's day, you will get an overview and background about what this brand new creative endeavor is all about, all while taking in the sounds of nature. Furthermore, we will touch on the general topic of bringing people closer to nature. You'll want to strap in as we scale some heights to a gust-full of adventure and excitement! 
January 21, 2021