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Naturomama Podcast

Naturomama Podcast

By Bec
Talking good food, good nutrition and good health aimed at helping your family to thrive.
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Episode 8: Dom from Eat Cannoli

Naturomama Podcast

Episode 20: Low Energy with Elle Brown
On the next episode.... I am joined by Elle Brown, a holistic nutritionist based in Sydney, who enjoys working with women's wellness and children's health.  On the episode today we take a look at low energy levels that many women experience. Elle shares her story, we talk about possible factors for low energy and the importance of joy food. Grab your cup of chai, get energised and join our conversation! You can find Elle on Instagram and Facebook. You can find the NaturoMama Podcast online, on Facebook and Instagram. Join our mailing list here to be kept up to date with our news!
October 06, 2020
Episode 19: Picky Eaters with Danielle Binns
On the next episode.... Do you have a fussy eater at home? Then this is the episode for you! Danielle Binns is a Nutritionist with a clinical focus on helping families thrive, picky eaters and the health of mothers. On this episode, Danielle shares some great insights into picky eating behaviours, how to boost snacks and decrease stress at mealtimes. There are some great tips and strategies for parents looking at broadening the foods that their children (or partners!) eat. Set your place at the table and join us for our conversation. You can find Danielle on Facebook, Instagram and online. You can find the NaturoMama Podcast online, on Facebook and Instagram. Join our mailing list here to be kept up to date with our news! Recommendation: If you have any concerns about your child's health and eating habits, please contact your doctor and health professionals.
May 20, 2020
Episode 18: Supporting our kids during remote learning with Manuela from MSL clinic
On the next episode….. I speak to Manuela from MSL clinic to help parents navigate their way through remote learning for their children. We chat about strategies to support our children learning at home and tips to help parents negotiate this time. Even though kids will be back in the classroom soon, the information Manuela gives is relevant for any time our children may be out of the classroom for a period of time. Grab a cushion, pop away the school readers and join us for the chat. You can find Manuela online and on Facebook (Click on the links!) You can find the Naturomama Podcast online, on Facebook and on Instagram. (Click on the links!) Before implementing anything mentioned in this podcast - Remember to please follow your government guidelines and directions during COVID-19 and stay safe.
May 12, 2020
Episode 17: Psychosomatic Therapy and Finding Your Soul Purpose with Jin Ong
On the next episode....  I speak to the wonderful Jin, osteopath, western medical acupuncturist,  herbalist and psychosomatic therapist. We chat about emotions held in the body and finding your soul's purpose. Pull up a chair, put on your thinking cap and listen in on our conversation. Find Jin on Facebook and Instagram and listen out for her upcoming podcast. You can also find her on the MetaMed website - Sign up to get all the NaturoMama news. You can also find us on FaceBook and Instagram.
March 31, 2020
Episode 16: Traditional Herbalism with Nellie Crocker
Welcome back to the Naturomama Podcast for 2020. We are starting the year off talking to Nellie Crocker, Naturopath from Sisu Botanicals. We chat about traditional herbalism and some more of Nellie’s passions – creating ritual in your life, plant-based nutrition and using a wholistic, multi-faceted approach to supporting mental health. Find a spot to relax, grab your favourite herbal tea and welcome back to the conversation. In this episode, herbs and nutrition are mentioned. Please note we recommend seeking the advice of a qualified health practitioner before starting any supplements or any new health regimes. If you or a loved one are struggling with any mental health concerns or needs help, this podcast is not a replacement for seeking professional advice. Please seek the help and advice of a healthcare or medical practitioner. These numbers may be useful (for those in Australia): Lifeline: 13 11 14 Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467 Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636 You can find Nellie on FaceBook. (Click on the links!) You can find Sisu Botanicals on FaceBook and Instagram. (Click on the links!) You can find the NaturoMama Podcast on FaceBook, Instagram and on the web. (Click on the links!)
February 13, 2020
Episode 15: Gentle and Holistic Sleep Solutions for Toddlers with Georgina Windebank
On the next episode........ Georgina Windebank is a naturopath passionate about sleep and after becoming a Mum herself, she works with families to help babies and toddlers get the sleep they need using gentle and holistic methods. We talk about pro-sleep foods and anti-sleep foods, factors that can disrupt sleep, the role nutrition plays and much more! Lie down, close those sleep deprived eyes (but dont fall asleep!!) and join our chat. You can find Georgina on:  Instagram: @theholisticsleepproject Facebook: Web: To keep up with Naturomama Podcast news, you can find us on: Instagram: @naturomamapodcast Facebook: Web: Thanks for supporting the Podcast this year! We will see you in 2020 - hope you enjoy our Summer series, coming up in January!
December 04, 2019
Episode 13: Cystic Acne with Ashleigh Mythen
On the next episode....  Ashleigh Mythen, naturopath and podcaster, joins me for an in depth chat about cystic acne.  We talk about about Ashleigh’s own journey and she shares her knowledge about factors that may influence skin health, nutrients and mindset. Great listening for anyone who has struggled with skin concerns such as acne in the present or past. Take a moment, pop on a face mask and join us for our conversation. You can find Ashleigh online here and her podcast “It can’t be that friggin hard” here.  To keep up with all the Naturomama Podcast news - sign up for our newsletter here.  You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.
November 20, 2019
Episode 12: Low Light Laser Therapy with Kerstin Lindsay
On today's episode..... I'll be speaking to Kerstin Lindsay. Kerstin is a naturopath located on the Mornington Peninsula who works with a low light laser therapy. We have chat about low light laser therapy, pain reduction and tissue healing.  Pull up a chair, kick off your shoes and join our chat!  If you are looking for Kerstin - you can find her on the Web,  on Facebook and on Instagram. You can keep up with the Naturomama Podcast to find out what's coming up on Facebook, Instagram and on the Web.
November 14, 2019
Episode 11: Infant sleep with Pinky McKay
On our next episode...... Pinky McKay, Australia's best known breast feeding expert and lactation consultant joins us on the episode to chat about infant sleep - the most holy of holy grails! Grab a drink, sit down and join me in being super excited to chat to Pinky McKay.  You can find Pinky online, on Facebook and on Instagram. If you would like to download the first chapter of "Sleeping Like a Baby" - To watch Pinky's TED talk - "Surrender is not a dirty word" - click here. Find Boobie Bikkies on Facebook and online. (Click the links!) To keep up with all things NaturoMama Podcast - check us out online, on Facebook and on Instagram.  *If you have any concerns about your child, please consult with a health professional*
October 30, 2019
Episode 10: Tired Mums with Tania Delahoy
On the next episode.... Tania is an integrative medical scientist who is passionate about health and has extensive experience in diagnostic pathology. She has specialised in integrative pathology testing and pathology result interpretation and now works alongside health professionals to help people whose "normal" does not feel normal. Join our conversation to find out when is being tired as a Mum is not ok and what things you should look out for. Pop on your slippers, wrap the dressing gown around you and listen in. You can find Tania on Facebook, Instagram and on the Web.  You can keep up with the Naturomama Podcast to find out what's coming up on Facebook, Instagram and on the Web.
September 25, 2019
Episode 9: Food Intolerances with Rebecca Hughes
On the next episode...... Rebecca Hughes is a naturopath passionate about helping people with their skin concerns. Through her work supporting those with eczema and acne, she sees people with food intolerances frequently in her clinic and will be chatting to us today about different food intolerances and how they may affect the body. So grab a gluten, dairy, soy, egg free treat and join our chat! You can find Rebecca on her website and on Facebook. You can the Naturomama Podcast on Facebook, Instagram and on the web.
September 19, 2019
Episode 8: Dom from Eat Cannoli
On the next episode...... This week joining the chat is Dom from Eat Cannoli - a Coeliac Australia approved cafe located in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Dom's passion for producing quality food at his cafe for those with dietary restrictions and ensuring that eating out is inclusive to all is inspirational. Grab a seat, prepare to get hungry and join the conversation. You can find Dom, Kate and Eat Cannoli on Facebook, Instagram and online. Eat Cannoli is located at 132 Wood St Preston VIC.
September 12, 2019
Episode 7: Looking after yourself Post Partum with Alison Mitchell
On our next episode.... Joining us today is Alison Mitchell. Alison is a naturopath who is in clinical practice in Western Sydney. She has a special interest in women's, digestive and skin health, and is a bit of a foodie. (Yay!) She also hosts a podcast called Guts and Girl bits. Find a comfy spot on the couch and settle in to join our chat about how to look after yourself post partum.  Please note: We do swear in this episode! If you or someone you know is not feeling their best after having their baby - please seek help from a qualified health professional. For those located in Australia, you can also access support - contact Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA) here -   You can find Alison on Facebook, Instagram and online. Listen out for her podcast - Guts and Girl Bits.   You can find the Naturomama podcast on Facebook and Instagram and online to keep up with our news!  
August 25, 2019
Episode 6: Craniosacral Therapy with Riina Kosonen
On our next episode.....  Riina Kosonen is a massage and craniosacral therapist who has been working in both the corporate massage world and in private practice. Riina adopts a holistic approach that not only focuses on the physical health but also mental and emotional health of the client. In her work, she uses remedial massage and craniosacral therapy as a tool to help clients overcome their health challenges and to live happier, healthier lives. She joins our chat today so we can talk all things craniosacral therapy. Kick those shoes off and join our conversation to find out more! You can find Riina online and on Facebook and Instagram You can find the Naturomama podcast on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our news
August 07, 2019
Episode 5: Food As Medicine with Libby Shaw
On the next episode..... Libby Shaw, a naturopath with a special interest in Ayurveda, women’s health, fertility and food as medicine joins me to chat about food! In particular we will be chatting about food as medicine and how we can nourish our bodies. Sit down, relax and join our conversation! Please note: We do talk about herbs on this episode - please see your trained health practitioner to see if they are appropriate for you. You can find Libby on Facebook, Instagram and on the World Wide Web: You can find Libby and myself at: You can follow the Naturomama Podcast on Facebook and Instagram for news and updates
July 24, 2019
Episode 4: Mindset and Goal Setting with Emily Cahill
On the next episode...…. Join the talented Emily Cahill, Naturopath and Registered Nurse amongst other things, and myself for our chat. We talk about mindset and goal setting and it's importance in health and helping people find their why. *PLEASE NOTE: This episode contains swearing!* To find out more about Emily you can find her on Facebook and Instagram: You can follow the Naturomama Podcast on Facebook and Instagram for news and updates
July 09, 2019
Episode 3: Post Hormonal Birth Control Syndrome with Jessica Trethowan
On the next episode..... I'll be talking to Jessica Trethowan, who is a Naturopath with a special interest in hormonal imbalances, especially after being on hormonal contraception or "Post Hormonal Birth Control Syndrome". Listen in to find out more! To find out more about Jessica, you can find her on her website and on Facebook:  You can find the Naturomama Podcast on Instagram and Facebook: 
June 26, 2019
Episode 2: Vegan and Plant Based Diets with Shannon Carlin
Coming up on the next episode.....  Shannon Carlin is a naturopath and all round awesome human being. We will be talking about vegan diets, nutrients to be aware of when changing to a vegan diet and some great plant based dinner options. Great listening for anyone considering a vegan lifestyle or who have family members that are.  You can find Shannon at Facebook - and You can find the Naturomama Facebook page -
June 13, 2019
Introducing Naturomama Podcast
Welcome to the first episode of the Naturomama podcast! Find out more about Bec Talia - qualified naturopath and host. You can find us on FaceBook and Instagram - @naturomamapodcast
June 05, 2019