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Where Are We Goin’ With This?

Where Are We Goin’ With This?

By Naudia Bosch
Have you ever listened to a little kid tell a story? You get about 10 minutes in and you find yourself wondering, “Where is this going?”, and then you’re surprised when it all comes together. In 23 years of marriage, we’ve had a lot of those moments... not quite knowing where we were headed, but somehow ending up exactly where we needed to be. Together we’ll make you laugh, you might cry, or possibly fall asleep. Who knows, it might even change your life...
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Taking Responsibility of Our Choices

Where Are We Goin’ With This?

By The Grace of God, 23 and Counting
As we are on the cusp of celebrating our 23rd anniversary, we wanted share a little of our marriage story with you. We started out young and found out along the way that it takes a whole lot more than blind love to create a marriage that lasts. Through death, addiction, anger, and chaos, God resurrected our marriage from the ashes. He made the impossible possible, and we know their is purpose in our pain and hope in the darkness.
February 7, 2021
Taking Responsibility of Our Choices
In every circumstance and situation we find ourselves in, there is one thing that holds true for us all.... We have choices and there are consequences to those choices. If we don’t take responsibility for getting ourselves where we are, how can we take responsibility to get ourselves where we want to go?
January 13, 2021