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VISUAL MUSE MEDIA -The Naughty Reporter-

VISUAL MUSE MEDIA -The Naughty Reporter-

By Malena
My Podcasts talk about me, who I am my story and why of my Visual Muse Media project, I just try to make you closer to being part of a community of help, support and enjoyment of Rock music.
(As of the cineX I started or I returned to my way the music and now I do interviews)
you are with me ?
Of course with my interviews with musicians, experiences and anecdotes.
Join and Enjoy!!!
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Introducing myself

VISUAL MUSE MEDIA -The Naughty Reporter-

Introducing myself

VISUAL MUSE MEDIA -The Naughty Reporter-

FEBRUARY REPORTS !! The Naughty Reporter by
Here all my event reports for this month February 2020  6-2-2020 / Letz Zep at 16 Toneladas Valencia-Spain  ( done and video on my website and my youtube channel Snakebite PR The N-Reporter )  20-2-2020 / Supersuckers at 16 Toneladas Valencia-Spain  22-2-2020 / Haunt , Jolly Joker , Seven Sisters , Bloody Crom at 16 Toneladas Valencia-Spain  28-2-2020 / La Frontera at 16 Toneladas Valencia-Spain  Links of the events on my page so you can by the tickets and have all the info  Subscribe to my Youtube channel is free !! Follow my facebook page and Register on my website !!  Please share and give it a like  Thank you  Keep Rocking folks !!!   
February 19, 2020
This Naughty Reporter did it again ! Exclusive interview To Mr Paul .P Fenech from the mitic punk rock band The Meteors !!  What a legend !!  To watch all the event with music , videos , few pics plus the interview REGISTER  on my Youtube channel and my website  link on Bio !!  Thank you 
January 16, 2020
Cockney Rejects Interview !
The Naughty Reporter did it again !!  Exclusive interview on my way chatting with mate !!  to see the full event you can register on my youtube channel or my website  link on the bio  Enjoy !! 
January 9, 2020
Merry Xmas ! 24D/2019
Merry Xmas to all of you  the new years SnakebitePr is coming full of new and exiting interviews  keep hearing this space and enjoying my blog /page  Much love  xxx
December 24, 2019
Full cover event with Interview To Mike Tramp 16 Toneladas ( 16 tons ) Valencia
Hello my mates from this community  to support the Rock music scene !! Today I uploading my first Exclusive Interview to .... MIKE TRAMP from WHITE LYONS !!!  The interview was made  the night That I got my meeting  with the owner of the rock venue 16 TONELADAS in Valencia to offer him my service as a cover event with pics , videos and  my unique way of do interviews , as I´m talking with the owner I saw  Mike Tramp rehearsing before the big gig so I ask if is possible to  try and ask the Mike if he will be nice to do a interview for me ,  And this way start THE NAUGHTY REPORTER !! Chatting with mates !      
December 5, 2019
The Naughty Reporter / Steve Harris night
Hello ,  on my second podcast in English I talk about the night I meet  Steve Harris from Iron Maiden .  Remember to get on my page to enjoy my interviews  and blog 
November 21, 2019
November 21, 2019
November 21, 2019
Introducing myself
On this Podcast I try to explain who I am and the concept behind my  website 
November 14, 2019