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S1 E5 Talking Yachting Exit Plans with @Super_Yacht_Chief_Stew Jamila

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Investment Mini Series Ep 1 - Jack Wathen from Anchor Property
Anchor Property provides yacht crew with transparent solutions in the UK for the ever-growing list of obstacles they face when trying to invest in property. We did a profile highlight on our blog about Anchor Property back in June but we wanted to catch up with Jack once more since we began the Nautic Nomad podcast for our listeners benefit. Even though they are based in the UK, Jack and his team has a lot of knowledge to share that can help anyone who is looking to invest in property. I also asked Jack some of the questions we received from our followers of our Instagram Stories. Give us a follow on Instagram if you are not already: Jack Wathen is a former yachtie who has worked on M/Y Diamond A and Lady S. He studied property in University and after he left yachting he started an investment portfolio called King Croft Homes. Anchor Property was born out of that business as a way to assist yacht crew in making clever decisions when purchasing an investment property.  Get the full show notes on our blog to learn more: *Disclaimer - The material covered in the Nautic Nomad podcasts are for educational and information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.
December 7, 2018
S1 E8 Baker Manning from Below Deck
Today we are speaking with Baker Manning - you might know her from Season 5 of the popular Bravo Series - Below Deck. She is also the author of a digital guide called The Yacht Job Handbook - an easy guide to help aspiring yachties to land their first job on a yacht. Have you ever committed to a job and when you got there realized it wasn't what you thought it would be? Should you quit or push through? Baker shares with us her journey from disappointment to getting to enjoy the fruits of her labour and what it's like to work on Below Deck. Want to learn more about how to get a Job in Yachting? GET 10% OFF The Yacht Job Handbook with code NAUTICNOMAD - Click Here to Enroll Full Show Notes from todays episode can be found at
December 1, 2018
S1 E7 How to Land your Dream Job in the Yachting Industry with Lauren Cotton of Cotton Crews
Today Lauren joins us to discuss the state of the yachting industry from a Crew Recruitment point of view, the biggest challenges facing crew today and the importance of maintaining a good reputation. Get the full show notes with links here: Lauren Cotton is the Founder and President of Cotton Crews. After spending many years helping Yacht Captains & Crew at Rybovich Marina and Worth Avenue Yachts in West Palm Beach, she now brings her network value by connecting them through the Cotton Crews placement apps and crew housing services. The two apps to help connect yacht crew to hiring managers and Captains quickly and easily. Get the Cotton Crews Hire App (blue app icon) or Cotton Crews Jobs App (green app icon) here: Please subscribe and leave us a Review! Send us feedback at or leave us a voice note on our profile at
November 8, 2018
S1 E6 Yachting Podcast with Gemma @TheYachtStew | Leadership & Bullying On Board
Today we have Gemma aka @TheYachtStew - Sharing with us leadership tips and advice for new Chief Stews, we also discuss bullying on board and crew kindness. Gemma’s advice for managing a team is truly insightful I feel not only for Chief Stews but anyone in a leadership role. We also talk about how to deal with bullies on board and how to encourage a team environment. On her blog, Gemma shares excellent Superyachting tips, tricks, shopping guides, cocktails, table settings and so much more. I highly recommend checking it out at and give her a follow on Get todays show notes here Check out our Instagram to see all the #FLIBS2018 events and yachts
October 28, 2018
S1 E5 Talking Yachting Exit Plans with @Super_Yacht_Chief_Stew Jamila
In this yachting podcast we explore the world on water with Superyacht Chief Stew Jamila. She is also the owner of Starfish Crew, a Yacht Crew consultancy agency geared towards helping Spanish speaking people join the yachting industry. Her bespoke step-by-step guidance covers everything from Resume services, to agency pitches, and inside information into the yachting world. With over 8 years of yachting under her belt, and much experience hiring as a Chief Stew, Jamila knows exactly what recruiters are searching for. As part of her Yachting Exit Plan, Jamila planned her next step for years. Between her consultancy business and real estate decisions, she is a great example of someone who is transitioning to land seamlessly and in style. Big Thank you ManKind Men's Spa in Fort Lauderdale. Get the full show notes here:
October 20, 2018
S1 E4 How to Craft your Yachting Career with Chief Stew Alex
In this week’s Nautic Nomad yachting podcast, my friend Chief Stew Alex joins me to share her advice on how to craft a yachting career. As they say, fail to plan, plan to fail. From the perspective of those who are on the hiring side of things, this weeks episode is an inside look at what can help you stand out and plot a course for your goals in yachting. This topic is one I am super passionate about and admittedly one I wish I would have given more attention to in the past. Whether you are a career yachtie, just getting started, or thinking about joining the industry, I hope you enjoy our banter, stories, and lessons we have learned along the way. Thank you to LauderAle Craft Brewery in Fort Lauderdale for being our Partner here at Nautic Nomad. Click here for full show notes and to learn more about what we discussed today:
October 18, 2018
S1 E3 Becoming a Yachtie Part 2 with @TheYogiYachtie
In Part 2 of this week's Nautic Nomad yachting podcast, special guest Chelsea Nielsen aka @TheYogiYachtie shares tips for living a healthy and balanced life on board, some of her favorite destinations to see by yacht (one of them is an active volcano) and special insight on how to get into yachting from a fellow yachtie who you might know from Below Deck. Learn more about her practice and abundance coaching at Get the Show Notes Here:
October 14, 2018
S1 E2 Becoming a Yachtie with Chelsea aka @TheYogiYachtie
This week’s special guest Chelsea aka @TheYogiYachtie shares with us the 3 things that will either make or break your efforts to get into yachting, tips and tricks on maintaining balance and finding health and happiness onboard and shares about her journey of getting divorced and finding her next adventure through yachting. Learn more about her practice and abundance coaching at Get all the resources mentioned in todays podcast in our show notes here:
October 11, 2018
S1 E1 Nautic Nomad Yachting Podcast with Captain Daryn
Throw off the bowlines sit back and relax as we discover adventure, explore the world on water and share about everything yachting in this weekly podcast. We wanted to start this as a way to interact with our community and also give back value. If you have questions, feedback or topics you would like us to cover please leave us a voice note with your name and where you are from, at 530 487 4447 or in the Anchor App Get the full show notes on our blog here:
September 30, 2018
Welcome the Nautic Nomad Yachting Podcast!
Welcome to the Nautic Nomad podcast, your guide to adventure and everything yachting I am your host Randi Barry. We wanted to start this as a way to interact with our community and also give back value. If you have questions, feedback or topics you would like us to cover please send us feedback to, you can also leave us a voice note at 530 487 4447 or on our profile on the app our username is Nautic Nomad. Don't forget to say your name and where you are from! We will feature your feedback or topics on the show and answer any questions you have. Thanks for tuning in!
September 30, 2018
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