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Navigating Cancer TOGETHER

Navigating Cancer TOGETHER

By On the Other Side
Upon receiving a cancer diagnosis, the patient typically faces many challenges, including feeling confused, overwhelmed, and alone. All of them are emotionally draining!

Join cancer thriver and cancer doula Talaya Dendy on Wednesday mornings as she interviews people from all walks of life who are living with cancer, caring for those with cancer, and those who made it on the other side of cancer. Plus, professionals who offer complementary and integrative care.

Each episode contains powerful information to help you navigate cancer a little easier, feel hopeful, and be better informed.
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Cancer Nutrition Doesn't Have to Be Hard or Confusing with Kim Dalzell
In collaboration with other oncology nutrition professionals, Kim Dalzell, Ph.D., RD, international speaker, author, and cancer advocate, founded along with an online community and resource library for anyone who is concerned about cancer. It is their hope that you will start by exploring their free quiz to see how your current diet stacks up against cancer and continue on to learn more about their on-demand, personalized nutrition plan for general cancer prevention, actively fighting breast cancer or a recurrence.  A few highlights from the show: 1. The way that you fight something is to understand that there is something that you can do to fight. 2. When you power up food, you power up cells, which powers up cancer-fighting potential. 3. Food works together to create extra healing. 4. The power of synergy. Small things add up to big results in the body. You can learn more about Cancer Nutrition IQ and connect with Kim at: Cancer Nutrition IQ FB: IG: About Me: In 2011, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, out of the blue. I did not have any prior health concerns or issues.  Fast forward, the dreaded cancer diagnosis opened my eyes, introduced me to my purpose, and lead me to where I am today.  As a Cancer Doula, I use my 10-years of experience with cancer to support and guide others diagnosed with cancer.  Schedule a free 30-minute call to learn more. Thanks for joining us on today's episode of the Navigating Cancer TOGETHER podcast! If you enjoyed today's episode, please head over to iTunes and leave a rate and review to help me reach even more people that are facing cancer. Make sure you visit On the Other Side, follow me on Instagram, or sign up for my bi-weekly newsletter to get information and resources related to cancer. #NavigatingCancerTOGETHER #podcast #cancernutrition #CancerNutritionIQ #nutrition #foodismedicine #powerofsynergy #emotionalsupport #cancer #cancersupport #canceradvocate #cancerdoula #OnTheOtherSideCancerSupport Music: QuangerineCream by Noir Et Blanc Vie
October 20, 2021
How to Heal, Speak to Your Soul, and Keep Your Ego In Check with Lads Talk Health
James Mannion and Harry Thomas are the hosts of Lads Talk Health. They are two friends who worked with each other over 12 years ago.  They have always stayed in contact, and in 2020 they reconnected and now are loving life and helping others. Both of them are Life Coaches, and they do a lot of work with people who have terminal illnesses, relationship challenges, parenting, and child development. James and Harry are also on amazing spiritual journeys. They aim to have real conversations, talking about everything health! A few highlights from the show: 1. There is a lot of evidence now that suggests that most sicknesses, especially cancers, manifest from traumas you don't deal with and the energy you don't flush out. 2. Coaching allows people to be ok with themselves and their story, let go of the limiting beliefs they've built up, and make them aware of that. Then they can start focusing on the life they actually do deserve. 3. When you are having negative thoughts, address your ego and then look at your soul. 4. Your ego makes you sick.  You can learn more about Lads Talk Health, Harry, and James and connect with them at: FB: IG: @ladstalkhealth YouTube: Lads Talk Health Harry's IG: @harrythomascoaching Harry's website: Harry's YouTube: Harry Thomas Coaching James' IG: @jamesmannioncoaching James' YouTube: James Mannion Soul Coach Listen, Rate, Review, Subscribe, Share, and Support 🔽 ⚓ Anchor: 🟢 Spotify: 🍎 Apple Podcasts: 💙 Google Podcasts: Thanks for tuning in! #NavigatingCancerTOGETHER #podcast #LadsTalkHealth #JamesMannion #SoulCoach #HarryThomas #LifeCoach #Healing #SpeaktoYourSoul #BeRandomlyKind #Happiness #spiritual #emotionalsupport #cancer #cancersupport #cancerdoula #cancerpatients #cancerthrivers #cancersurvivors #caregivers #RealLifeCancerStories #sharetoheal #OnTheOtherSideCancerSupport Music: QuangerineCream by Noir Et Blanc Vie
October 6, 2021
Living & Looking Beyond 6 Months
Kelly U'Ren Moody was diagnosed with oral cancer, also called head and neck cancer about six and a half years ago. This news came shortly after she decided to make a big career change. After spending most of her career in finance, Kelly began attending school in 2013 to obtain her certification in health coaching.  Shortly after Kelly started pursuing a new career, she faced another life change, a cancer diagnosis! In 2016, Kelly learned that the cancer was terminal, and she had four to six months to live. Thankfully, she is still here with us, and some great things have been happening in her life. Today, Kelly shares her story with people all over the world to provide hope and help to those who are facing cancer. She is an example of how to face it head-on!   A few highlights: 1. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that people don't know about. When someone has cancer and they look ok on the outside, there is a lot that is going on inside. Kelly explains that there are days when she doesn't feel so well because she is still dealing with the side effects of treatment. One of those side effects is lymphedema. 2. I am here and I am doing the best that I can. Kelly shares that telling her mother this helped to carry her and it helped the rest of her family as well.  3. Kelly's favorite word is gratitude. She talks about how angry she was for quite some time. Now she reminds herself at the end of every day how much she has to be grateful for. She prays every night, and thanks God for her day! You can learn more about Kelly and connect with her at: Blog: Face It Head On FB: LinkedIn: Pinterest: Kelly Moody (faceitheadon) - Profile | Pinterest Listen, Rate, Review, Subscribe, Share, and Support 🔽 ⚓ Anchor: 🟢 Spotify: 🍎 Apple Podcasts: 💙 Google Podcasts: Thanks for tuning in! #NavigatingCancerTOGETHER #podcast #FaceItHeadOn #KellyUrenMoody #oralcancer #cancersupport #cancercare #cancerdoula #cancercommunity #cancerguidance #cancereducation #cancerresources #cancerpatients #cancerthrivers #cancersurvivors #caregivers #RealLifeCancerStories #sharetoheal #OneDayAtATime #OnTheOtherSideCancerSupport Music: QuangerineCream by Noir Et Blanc Vie
September 22, 2021
Preparing for the End of Life with Leanne Nolan
Leanne is a former school teacher turned yoga instructor, death doula & educator as well as a plant medicine advocate. She believes that natural psychedelic plant medicines, and their synthetic relatives hold vast potential as tools for improving health and wellness, and she is especially interested in their benefits for end-of-life anxiety. A few highlights: 1. When I asked Leanne about the terms used for the kind of work that she does (i.e., death doula, end-of-life doula), she said that she prefers death doula because she doesn't like to hide the fact that we all do die and she doesn't want to have death be a word that we are afraid to say. 2. Death is change. 3. Many people have a fear of suffering, which can lead to a fear of dying. Plants or psychedelics help one to see that there is nothing to fear. You can connect with Leanne at: IG: @leannenolan_yoga Website: Email: Below are some very important and helpful resources that Leanne would like for me to share with you. End of Life Education Materials Psychedelic States, Death and Dying Death, Dying, & Psychedelics Listen, Rate, Review, Subscribe, Share, and Support 🔽 ⚓ Anchor: 🟢 Spotify: 🍎 Apple Podcasts: 💙 Google Podcasts: Thanks for tuning in! #NavigatingCancerTOGETHER #podcast #PreparingForEndOfLife #LeanneNolan #endoflifedoula #deathdoula #death #plantmedicine #bepresent #cancersupport #cancercare #cancerdoula #cancercommunity #cancerguidance #cancereducation #cancerresources #cancerpatients #cancerthrivers #cancersurvivors #caregivers #doulasupport  Music: QuangerineCream by Noir Et Blanc Vie
September 15, 2021
How Breast Cancer Led to AABCA with Reona Berry
Reona Berry is a founding member and current president of the African American Breast Cancer Alliance, Inc. (AABCA), established in 1990. Reona is a survivor of breast cancer, first in 1990 and then again in 2019.  Reona is committed to the mission of AABCA, disseminating information about breast cancer and supporting survivors in the African American community to help reduce the negative effects breast cancer has on African American/Black women, men, families, and communities.   Reona enjoys providing survivors connections and knowledge so they can come together to share their experiences, inspirational stories, and knowledge, empowering themselves and others in their cancer journey. A few highlights: 1. A survey revealed that many families in the Black or African American community did not talk about cancer. It was often called the "Big C". Reona pointed out that it is really the "Big Secret"! She expressed how important it is to talk about cancer in the family. Family history is important.  2. Feel the fear and do it anyway. 3. AABCA will be rolling out a fund campaign in October. Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month called, A Little Help, A Little Hope. More information will be coming soon. You can connect with Reona and learn more about AABCA at: FB: Twitter: @AABCA_Mpls Website: Email: Phone: (612) 462-6813 Listen, Subscribe, Share, and Support 🔽 ⚓ Anchor: 🟢 Spotify: 🍎 Apple Podcasts: 💙 Google Podcasts: #NavigatingCancerTOGETHER #podcast #cancersupport #cancercare #cancerdoula #cancercommunity #cancerguidance #cancereducation #cancerresources #cancerpatients #cancerthrivers #cancersurvivors #caregivers #breastcancer #supportgroups #AABCA #AABCAsupportgroup #AfricanAmericanBreastCancerAlliance #ReonaBerry #RealLifeCancerStories Music: QuangerineCream by Noir Et Blanc Vie
September 8, 2021
A Cancer Entrepreneur with Cinde Dolphin
Cinde Dolphin is a four-time cancer survivor who has been through nine surgeries that required post-surgical wound-care drains. The attending nurses provided safety pins for managing the drains, instructing her to use the pins to attach heavy drains to her clothing. Cinde engineered a more effective protocol that resulted in the invention of the KILI Medical Drain Carrier, a simple mesh apron that safely and comfortably suspends drains during recovery. The device is now a standard issue at several prestigious hospitals around the U.S. A few highlights: 1. Cancer patients should provide feedback to their medical teams. This is a way to be more engaged in the process of building solutions to medical challenges. Is there a void where the care isn't meeting your needs? 2. Caregivers can identify the needs of the patient and shortfalls in care. 3. The KILI Medical Drain Carrier's mesh design made it possible to wear it at all times. Even when bathing!   You can connect with Cinde and learn more about KILI Medical Drain Carrier at: FB: @KILICarrier Twitter: @KiliCarrier IG: @kilicarrier LI: @kilimedicalcarrier Email: Website: Listen, Subscribe, Share, and Support 🔽 ⚓ Anchor: 🟢 Spotify: 🍎 Apple Podcasts: 💙 Google Podcasts: #NavigatingCancerTOGETHER #cancersupport #cancercare #cancerdoula #cancercommunity #cancerguidance #cancereducation #cancerresources #cancerpatients #cancerthrivers #cancersurvivors #caregivers #CancerEntrepreneur #KiliMedicalDrainCarrier #RealLifeCancerStories Music: QuangerineCream by Noir Et Blanc Vie
August 25, 2021
How to Withstand 3 Times AND 5 Years with Pamela Alejandro
Pamela Alejandro has been diagnosed with breast cancer three times! Unfortunately, the last diagnosis included the news that she has five years to live.  Throughout her journey, she has learned how to heal and she is continuing to heal from the trials and tribulations of life. In addition to that, Pamela has reached another major milestone and accomplishment in her life. She has been sober for 31 years!! Pamela loves to help others and create beautiful art. She was led to art when she asked God to reveal her purpose! You can connect with Pamela and see her beautiful artwork at: IG: @mscatlady1957 FB: @pamela.alejandro.73 Listen, Subscribe, Share, and Support 🔽 ⚓ Anchor: 🟢 Spotify: 📻 RadioPublic: 💙 Google Podcasts: #navigatingcancertogether #cancersupport #cancercare #cancerdoula #cancercommunity #cancerguidance #cancereducation #cancerpatients #cancerthrivers #cancersurvivors #caregivers #spiritualityandcancer #selfimprovement #RealLifeCancerStories  Music: QuangerineCream by Noir Et Blanc Vie
August 11, 2021
Introduction to Navigating Cancer TOGETHER with Talaya Dendy
Talaya Dendy is a ten-year cancer thriver and Cancer Doula. She is also the founder of On the Other Side LLC, a cancer support service that provides personalized support and resources using a patient-centered and holistic approach. Talaya uses her personal experience with cancer to help cancer patients navigate their cancer journey so that they can focus on healing, take charge of their health, and live a vibrant life. Her work helps to bridge the gap between the emotional and medical sides of cancer. This is the FIRST episode of the Navigating Cancer TOGETHER podcast!  Talaya shares a little bit about who she is, her cancer journey, the importance of her work, and why she started the podcast. You can learn more about Talaya and her work at: Website: Linktree: Listen, Subscribe, Share, and Support 🔽 ⚓ Anchor: 🟢 Spotify: 📻 RadioPublic: 💙 Google Podcasts: #navigatingcancertogether #cancersupport #cancercare #cancerdoula #cancercommunity #cancereducation #cancerpatients #cancerthrivers #cancersurvivors #caregivers #cancerintegrativetherapies #cancercomplementarycare  Music: QuangerineCream by Noir Et Blanc Vie
August 5, 2021