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Assured By Grace

Assured By Grace

By New Braunfels Bible Church
When you die, will you go to heaven? How can you know? Theologians and pastors have 'spliced and diced' the Bible so much that many Christians today live in doubt and fear. This is 'Assured By Grace,' a podcast focusing on Bible truth, and our 'blessed hope.' Join us each week as we clear up the confusion and discover how to be 'assured by grace.'
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What About Those Who Have Never Heard? Part 1
Danny and Phil address a question that atheists use to challenge Christians, and Christians often struggle with. Theologians suggest that God sovereignly elects those who will be saved, and makes sure they hear and believe the gospel, or that God omnisciently knows who would believe if they heard the gospel, and saves them even if they don't believe in Jesus. But Scripture is clear: There is no way to gain eternal life but through faith in Jesus Christ. So...what about those who never hear the gospel? Does Scripture provide an answer? Yes! The grace of God provides the only biblical and satisfying answer, and provides hope to everyone in the world.
April 19, 2022
Ex-Mormon Christians Discover Grace
People who come out of legalistic religion to faith in Christ know from experience the freedom and assurance God’s saving grace provides. Today we highlight ex-Mormons who found grace, forgiveness of sin, and eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. Online resources: Adam’s Road – Ex-Mormon Christians United for Jesus –
March 31, 2022
Assurance by Grace in Evangelism
In this episode Pastor Phil and Danny take a look at the spiritual hazards of neglecting and undermining a believer's assurance of salvation.  Can a Christian have assurance that they are indeed a Christian? Can a Christian know that they are part of God's family? These are basic questions that, when paired with Biblical truth, demand an affirmative response. As such, a believer's assurance should be confirmed and reaffirmed from the first time they are exposed to the gospel through discipleship. Yet sadly, theological views that demand "proof" of faith to validate "genuine" belief often side-step this topic of assurance during evangelism while awkwardly attempting to deliver a works-based tie-in on the back-end.
March 21, 2022
Assured by Grace In Tough Times
Danny and Phil discuss how knowing God's truth, and being assured by grace, helps us deal with inevitable difficult times in these last days.
March 17, 2022
Assured by Grace in Trying Times
As recent world events have reminded us, life isn't easy. Trials have a way of finding us, and when they do, questions often arise: Why did God let this happen? Does God really love me? Can I know it for sure? Theology makes a big difference in answering these questions, as we discover in this week's episode of Assured By Grace.
March 07, 2022
Looking to the Future in a New Year
Biblical prophecies of the first coming of Jesus, which we focus on at Christmas, were fulfilled literally. But alongside those prophecies are other prophecies that point to a yet-future time, when Jesus will come in power and authority, defeat the forces of evil, and reing in a time of peace and righteousness. Just as Old Testament saints were assured by faith in the coming of the Messiah, so we too today can be assured by faith in the return of Christ in fulfillment of Bible prophecies. This is our blessed hope as we enter another new year.
January 17, 2022
Christmas Grace
The Christmas story is a story of hope, a wonderful reminder of how God humbled Himself as He came into this world to create a path of Salvation for all mankind. However, the Bible's story of Christmas didn't just start back at the beginning of the first century. Scripture throughout many books of the Old Testament predicted aspects of the birth of Christ centuries before He was born! In fact, many of these prophecies of Christ's first coming are comingled with prophecy of His Second Coming. Looking back at a few of those original hints of the Christmas story in an Old Testament book like Isaiah can help us all to see how God keeps his promises and serves to remind us that the rest of the story is yet to come! Merry Christmas!
December 20, 2021
The Parable of the Hidden Treasure
Parables are often a minefield for Christians; some pastors and theologians interpret them in ways that undermine assurance of salvation. We discuss the parable of the Hidden Treasure, showing how John Piper's misguided interpretation destroys assurance of salvation, and providing two better interpretative options which fit the context of Matthew 13, and motivate believers in their Christian lives.
December 20, 2021
Why is there suffering?
We all experience pain and suffering in this life. Many books and articles attempt to answer some basic form of the question, why do bad things happen to good people, though most of their answers fall flat as authors pitch platitudes to excuse God while clinging to a deterministic view of His sovereignty. Yet, is this really even the right question to be asking when facing such problems? Join Phil and Danny as they take a closer look at who is really to blame for suffering and where true comfort and assurance can be found in times of trouble.
November 15, 2021
Theology that Makes Assurance of Salvation Impossible
Calvinism is a system of theology that destroys assurance of salvation. John Piper exemplifies the teaching of Calvinist theologians in his writing, and today we expose the flaws in that theology, and the despair and hopelessness it creates in the lives of believers.
November 08, 2021
Assurance and the Promises of God
For many believers it is difficult to confidently stand in faith when facing larger-than-life challenges. Yet, how was David able to confidently confront Goliath? In this episode, our hosts take a closer look at how the promises of God provide strength and assurance to modern day believers in the midst of troubling situations.
October 18, 2021
Assurance in God for the Fears of Today
Have you experienced a bit of dread as you've looked at the news lately? Are you worried about any of today's problems including disease, political instability, or debt? In a time when an overabundance of information can draw our attention to all that is wrong in this world, how can we protect ourselves from being swept away by fear and insecurity? Join our hosts, Phil and Danny, as they delve into Psalms for a timeless answer to the problems of our time.
September 27, 2021
Assurance and the Rapture
Many Christians today have little or no knowledge of the Rapture, and often this goes hand-in-hand with a lack of assurance. After all, a person who is uncertain where they will spend eternity will probably view an event that inaugurates the next life with apprehension, not anticipation. In this podcast, we 'connect the dots' between assurance of salvation, and looking forward to 'our blessed hope' of Jesus' appearing!
August 09, 2021
The Good News is Really Good!
Millions of Christians fear witnessing because they are confused about the gospel. Many aren't sure it's really "good news" -- after all, the gospel is often confused with requirements to do something. Some today are saying it all depends on your good works. What does the Bible say? Is the gospel really "good news?" Yes!     Hosts: Danny Woodward and Pastor Phil Congdon   #grace #podcast #vlog #bible #assuredbygrace #salvation #nbbc #goodnews
July 26, 2021
What does it mean to “Drift Away?”
Many popular Bible theologians teach that failure to heed the warnings seen throughout the book of Hebrews can impair a person’s eternal destiny, meaning whether they end up in heaven or hell, but do the Scriptures support such interpretations? How might a Christian “Drift Away” and what does it mean to hold fast to our confidence in Christ? In this episode we take a peek into the book of Hebrews and highlight God’s desire for fellowship!
July 19, 2021
What can or can't we say about Ravi Zacharias' salvation?
After Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias passed away last year, his legacy was tarnished by revelations of sexual sin over many years. As a result, many pastors and Christian leaders have suggested that his sin brings his eternal salvation into doubt. Some have condemned him to hell because of this. Is this something we should do? Is the question of a person’s eternal destiny determined by their works? Danny and Phil discuss the response of John MacArthur and others, and the issue of “false teachers” in the church.
July 12, 2021
Does the Bible encourage us to judge another person's salvation?
In this episode, we take a deeper look at a Scripture passage from 2 Corinthians 11:12-15. Does this passage provide a litmus test for how bad a person can be before they can be deemed “unsaved,” or does it simply demonstrate an obvious truth regarding the presence of false teachers in our midst?
July 05, 2021
Should we Examine Ourselves to See if We're Saved?
A discussion with Dr. Charlie Bing
June 28, 2021
Do you have a loved one who has strayed?
Do you have a family member who was raised in a church but they no longer claim Christ as their savior? Maybe you simply have someone close to you who is living like they could care less about their faith and they have no interest in discussing their beliefs with you. It is heart-wrenching to sit alongside these people we love and to feel so helpless to reach them. In this episode Pastor Phil discusses the importance of prayer. How do we lift these people up to God and what can we pray about for them?
May 31, 2021
Can we trust the Bible?
So the Bible promises that salvation comes by grace through faith in Christ Jesus, but how can we trust the Bible? Where does the Bible get its authority? Were the Scriptures simply written by men or were those men inspired to write what they wrote by divine intervention? Join us as Pastor Phil offers reason and insight while responding to these important questions.
May 24, 2021
How do I know I believe?
Many Christians question what “real” belief entails. This podcast will tackle this fundamental question with Biblical clarity. It will also take a deeper dive into how doubts seep into our understanding of an assurance of Salvation. Join us as we shift the spotlight off of us and onto Christ!
May 17, 2021
Where does our assurance come from?
What does assurance really mean? Where does it come from? This week we pause to define the gospel message and to take a closer look at our justification as believers in Jesus Christ.
May 10, 2021
Assured by Grace - Introductions
How can I know I am going to heaven when I die? Why is there so much confusion in Christianity over the topic of assurance of Salvation? Join our cohosts, Danny Woodward and Pastor Phil Congdon, as they share their own personal testimonies and as Pastor Phil provides clarity on these two critical questions!
March 31, 2021