The Misunderstood Concept of the Trinity

An episode of Nchored

By Monalisa Chishato
Tune in Every Thursday and receive a God inspired , Bible based brief message to keep you anchored to the Rock. Isaiah 28: 16 #Nchored
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The Misunderstood Concept of the Trinity
I speak on the Trinity , what it is and how to illustrate it to a child o non-believer . I also try to explain the complexity of it without confusing m or You 
April 11, 2019
Is same sex attraction a Sin or Not ?
same sex attraction , Sinful or Nah ?I go through what I found from various sources and finally what I think. Inspired by the Transparent Gold Podcast that I was supposed to send a VN to
April 4, 2019
You and your Church VS you and your Bible
I speak on the response to the Tongues episode and STRESS the importance of knowing your churche's Doctrine and Studying the Word
March 28, 2019
Are you speaking in the Real Tongues
The gift of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues , do you speak the scriptural tongues ?
March 21, 2019
8 Reasons Why Obedience is Important
Obedience what it is and why it is Important to You and God.
March 14, 2019
Why God doesn't want you pursuing YOUR dream
Everyone has told you to pursue your dreams NO MATTER what it takes !! Put in all your effort and Live the dream...But does God want you pursing THAT dream ?
March 7, 2019
Are you really Forgiven?
Sometimes we wonder if we are really forgiven since we keep repeating the sins over , and over and over and over and over and over and over
February 28, 2019
Spiritual Avocados
SPIRITUAL AVOCADOS !!! and why we should always Prod, and shake and Squeeze them 😁
February 21, 2019
How to Show God You Love Him
Let's talk about how to show God you love him ! You can't buy him flowers or Socks so what can you Do ??
February 14, 2019
5 Heart Postures By David
Join me in discovering the heart postures , especially the ones you can have during a forgiveness Prayer ..
February 7, 2019
Are you praying the wrong way
Join Mona To figure out if you have been praying correctly
January 31, 2019
Be Transformed : By Bible Reading
Foundation Series ! Start your 2019 Right with the right foundation for your relationship with God. This is the last episode on the Bible 😞, we speak on how to be a BibleBot Transformer (autobot-transformers? get it ? No okay just listen to the Episodes 😂)
January 24, 2019
In the Effects of The Bible
Ever wonder how exactly the Bible changes you ? Like how is reading the Good Book going to change you ... Let's get anchored in the effects of the Bible .
January 10, 2019
Basic : Bible
Since it's New year ,I know a lot of you wanna be right with God so let's speak on the BASIC Tools that you need for your New Year New Me vibes . Basic : Bible is Part 1
January 3, 2019
Are You Speaking to me God ?
I ramble about how to filter through the "what God has said" to get to what God has said. Confusing I know ..just take a listen
December 27, 2018
What is your Idol ?
Introooo!!! After Blogging about it ,people had questions so Instead of writing I thought let's just Ramble . I speak on idols and how to ID them in your life .#HostedByMoe
December 20, 2018
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