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NC NTSP - A Podcast

NC NTSP - A Podcast

By North Carolina New Teacher Support Program
NC New Teacher Support Program, as the name implies, is focused on supporting teachers in their first three years. We provide a myriad of resources to help teachers grow as professionals. This podcast is one of those resources.
Season 2 Episode 3: Knowledge of Students
This session will discuss ways to use Knowledge of Students to improve planning instruction, and features a guest principal with insight into ways to successfully accomplish this.
January 13, 2022
NCNTSP Podcast Season 2 Episode 4 - Practical Academic Language Instruction
No matter what you teach, how you use vocabulary, syntax, and discussion conveys to your students how your discipline gets done. Join Dr. Mark Meacham and your host, Wayne Williams, for this episode, in which we explore what is planning to use academic language effectively in your classroom. 
November 23, 2021
Season 2: The Planning Process - (Trailer)
Here is what you can expect in Season 2 of the NC NTSP Podcast. We are so excited about this upcoming season!
February 08, 2021
Season 1: Episode 7: Creating Classrooms Environments Where ALL Belong.
In this episode, you'll learn why it's important to create spaces where all students feel safe, included, and ones in which ALL students feel as if they actually belong!
August 18, 2020
NCNTSP Podcast Season 1 Episode 6 - Reclaim Your Time
In this episode, we’ll discuss the “thing” we all need more of but will never get….time!  Listen and learn about two habits that will move you towards being a better time manager and a teacher who experiences work-life balance!
August 18, 2020
Season 1 Episode 5: Gritty Teachers, Gritty Learners
We all know that person who has been undeterred from their goals for as long as we’ve known them. Can you picture such a person? Is it you? What does it mean to persevere toward a long term goal in the face of personal challenges? How does it look at various stages of our lives - from childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood? In this episode, we explore the questions: what does it mean to have grit? How can we spot it in our students? And how can we encourage students to become more gritty?
August 11, 2020
Season 1, Episode 4-Building Positive Teacher-Student Relationships
This episode focuses on the critical components required to have positive and impactful relationships with students.  One key ingredient to being an effective teacher is learning how to cultivate and establish positive relationships with your students. Join us in this episode and learn about the power of positive teacher-student relationships.
August 04, 2020
NCNTSP Podcast Season 1 Episode 3 - Working Apart, Working Together
In this third installment of the Classroom Management series, we discuss ways you can plan for students to work - in isolation/individually, cooperatively, or collaboratively, focusing on the impacts these choices have implications for student learning.
July 28, 2020
Classroom Management #2
Dr. Lindsay Lewis is back again with more helpful information about classroom management. This time, you even get to hear from highly accomplished educators and what they have learned about the topic.
July 21, 2020
Episode 1 - Classroom Management
An 11-minute listen - provides research and strategies about building strong classroom management practices.
July 14, 2020
Season 0 Episode 5: Meet Okema
Get to know the hosts of the NCNTSP Podcast. This week, meet Okema Simpson. Full episodes start next week!
July 07, 2020
Season 0 Episode 4: Meet Vanita and Angela
Get to know the hosts of the NCNTSP Podcast. This week, meet Vanita Beavers and Angela Hill.
June 30, 2020
Season 0 Episode 2: Meet Denise and Adreian
Get to know the hosts of the NCNTSP Podcast. This week, meet Denise Hunt and Adreian Pitts.
June 16, 2020
Season 0 Episode 1: Meet Lindsay and Wayne
Get to know the hosts of the NCNTSP Podcast. This week, meet Lindsay Lewis, and Wayne Williams.
June 09, 2020