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How are you Really?: A Neat Mentality Podcast

How are you Really?: A Neat Mentality Podcast

By Neat Mentality
On behalf of an organization of young driven individuals who aim to increase awareness around mental health & help people reframe their minds to work for them. In each of our episodes, we will be discussing various mental health topics & brainstorm ways for people to calm the storm in their brains.
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Why Mental Health Awareness Is Important
How Are You, Really? Is a podcast produced by the Neat Mentality team. In our first episode, we will be discussing the importance of mental health awareness. To have a conversation about mental health, understand its role in overall health, & the terms that relate to it, we need to understand the stigma surrounding it. What do most people think about mental illnesses? How is mental health correlated with physical & emotional health? How do I differentiate and understand all the necessary terms? All three questions are talked about by our hosts in our first episode.  For more resources on mental health created by Neat Mentality, visit our website:
December 11, 2020