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Industry Herb Season 2: Unearthed. This season we’re interviewing with artists of all kinds that are coming up and pushing music forward. Stay tuned!
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Industry Herb Presents: Post-Lockdown Catharsis: A Semester In Four Shows
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
This episode is a chronicle of my experiences with live shows this fall. All the apprehension, anticipation, and catharsis. I hope you enjoy. If you'd like to read this essay follow this link!
December 07, 2021
This week we hop on Zoom with the Baltimore based group Ricky.  The boys talk about how they met, their group dynamic, live shows, and their new single Miley. Ricky Instagram: Spotify: Miley: Outro Song : Follow Industry Herb! Instagram-   Spotify Season 2 Playlist- Graphic Design Maddie Roth-   Liam Fitzsimmons -   Andre Frueh -  
May 27, 2020
Jason Sissoyev of Coastlands
We are super excited to have  Jason Sissoyev of the Portland based instrumental post-rock group Coastlands on the podcast. Listen to hear Ned and Jason talk about his musical roots, the thriving post-rock scene, and Coastlands' upcoming record.  Intro Song: Outro Song:oxthbb- Coastlands : Coastlands Instagram: Graphic Design Liam Fitzsimmons -  Andre Frueh - Follow Industry Herb! Instagram-  Spotify Season 2 Playlist-
May 20, 2020
Evan the Red Headed
On this weeks episode we got the chance to talk with rapper Evan the Red Headed- Listen now to hear a little about Evan's  mix tape, his completely un-serious tone, and why we need more playgrounds for adults. Make sure to check out Evans music and clothing line below! Evan the Red Headed Intro song: Stay Positive - Evans Music- Evans Instagram- Clothing line:FOOD - Outro Song:oxthbb- Follow Industry Herb! Instagram- Spotify Season 2 Playlist-  Graphic Design Maddie Roth- Liam Fitzsimmons - Andre Frueh -
May 13, 2020
On today's episode Ned talks with Keralanka- a Toronto based hip-hop group that is doing big things. They discuss one of their most recent accomplishments- a 24 hour live streamed Ep, along with other topics including how they channel their experiences into their music, and how they embrace their own corniness. Enjoy! Keralanka Spotify: Intro Song: Instagram: Outro music: Oxthxbb Follow Industry herb on Instagram! Check out our Season 2 playlist to hear songs from artists we have interviewed so far- and maybe a few hints about upcoming interviews! Graphic Design: Liam Fitzsimmons Follow Liam here: Logo Design: Andre Frueh Follow Andre Here:
May 06, 2020
This week we were privlaged enough to have Innova call in and talk with us.  We talk with the three brothers about their recording process, their stage dynamic, along with their upcoming album. They even break down their 2018 single "Up" for us. Make sure to listen to Innova's music which you will find linked below! Innova:             Outro Music: okthxbb Graphic Design: Liam Fitzsimmons Follow Liam here: Logo Design: Andre Frueh Follow Andre Here: Follow Industry herb on Instagram!
April 29, 2020
Dylan Jayce
On today's episode, the Industry Herb Team was able to connect over phone with rapper Dylan Jayce. Jayce released his self-produced debut Moonsaint in May of last year. The album is packed from front to back with gorgeous soundscapes and audacious bangers. We got a chance to talk with Dylan about his album, his musical identity, and a ton of other things. Enjoy! Dylan Jayce Music: Follow these people on Instagram! Industry Herb Podcast: Dylan Jayce : Liam Fitzsimmons : Andre Frueh:
April 22, 2020
Over the span of 3 years, Bohdi's discography has accumulated two full albums and a variety of singles, each one bringing fascinating music and honest, clever lyrics to the table. We were able to connect with Bohdi over phone and learn more about how his music comes to be, and the collaborative process that allows his media and live presence to be what it is. Follow Industry Herb on Instagram: Producer: Laney Kuczmynda Editor:Ned Kuczmynda Graphic Design: Liam Fitzsimmons Follow Liam Here: Logo Design: Andre Frueh Follow Andre Here: Intro Song: Darko Find Darko, along will all of Bohdi's Music here:
April 15, 2020
Nelly's Echo
For over a decade Nelson Emokpae has been making some of the happiest, most jubilant music you've ever heard. Sometimes with a full band, sometimes all by his lonesome, under the name Nelly's Echo he has been taking his chilled out sound and his powerful voice all over the country. Ned recently got the chance to sit down with Nelson and talk about, among other things, his non-traditional faith, musical conversations, and best practices for talking to women. Industry Herb on Insta Producer: Laney Kuczmynda Editor: Ned Kuczmynda Graphic Design: Liam Fitzsimmons Logo: Andre Frueh Outro Music: okthxbb Intro Song: If I Were the King Nelly's Echo: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube
April 08, 2020
Industry Herb Christmas Special: Our Favorite Christmas Songs
This one was a lot of fun, BIG thanks to Nolan Hogenboom for being here and for his help on the production side of things. *the lil anecdote about the origin of August Burns Red's name has turned out to be a falsehood that the band apparently said in some interviews as a joke.  We left it in there because it was funny.  Also, we're abundantly delighted that nobody's dog actually got set on fire.
December 11, 2019
Tyler the Creator Remakes the Mainstream in His Own Image
WHAT"S GOOD? I THINK you'll like this one.  We were RUNNING OUT OF TIME to talk about Tyler before the year's end.  Mr. Okonma has had quite the year and we're here to talk about why his exponentially growing popularity isn't a bad thing, despite what pretentious music fans like us tend to think.  
December 04, 2019
Women In Rap
This has been a big year for FemmeCs, and we're here to talk about it. Link to the playlist Brianna Younger's Article
November 27, 2019
Switchfoot's Native Tongue Tour
We went to a bunch of Switchfoot shows, of course we had to do a podcast about it.  Love alone is worth the fight! Intro Song: Native Tongue (Live) -- Switchfoot
November 20, 2019
Discussing Jesus is King
It took us a little while to put this one out, sorry, we were closed on Sunday!  Here we are adding our many voices to the discussion, guest appearances from the boys. Intro song: Law of Attraction -- Kanye West ft. Ant Clemmons
November 13, 2019
Top Ten Country Songs for People that Don't Like Country
You can take the music out of the country but you can't take the country out of the music.  These are ten songs that we think pretty much anyone might like -- even if they aren't a country fan.  We hope we don't offend anyone by saying that a Vampire Weekend song is Country.
August 17, 2019
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
Feet, Firearms, and fulsome amounts of blood and gore. That’s right boys and girls, we’re talking Tarantino.
August 08, 2019
Our top albums of far!
We’ve got a lot to go over in this one. Our first episode is dedicated to all the things from 2019 that we need to lay out on the table. It’s been a crazy year for music and we’re going to do..our best.. to highlight all the best albums that have come out so far.
July 30, 2019