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negression Lives w/Kalisha Buckhanon

negression Lives w/Kalisha Buckhanon

By negression is an elegant retreat, cultural diary, eclectic blend of candid features engaging the arts, culture, women and justice from novelist Kalisha Buckhanon. negression Lives are extra ideas and elaborations on the blogs, giving inspiration and recommendations on the humanities in society. Sometimes genius special guests and interviews! Kalisha Buckhanon is a writer, speaker and commentator creating stories and media about African-Americans, women, love, and justice. Bless you for listening... Enjoy!
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I'm Only Watching Women Now

negression Lives w/Kalisha Buckhanon

Giving Thanks*
Happy Thanksgiving, recommending Halle Berry's "Bruised" and NO KID HUNGRY! This episode is linked to this negression blog post: Thank you for listening! *Poll question is on your favorite Thanksgiving 'movie,' not 'move', but answer how you wish! #Thanksgiving #Thanksgiving2021 #Gratitude #Bruised #NoKidHungry
November 26, 2021
David Boykin’s “What the Afrofuture Say” premieres at Black Harvest Film Fest tonight.
Please check out the blog for more info on jazz musician David Boykin and how you can see his short film "What the Afrofuture Say." Thank you! This episode is also available as a blog post:
November 16, 2021
Celebrating Adele with Oprah
These ladies both look beautiful, powerful and serene. Health always comes before weight. More self-made women in media, please. #Goals This episode is also available as a blog post:
November 15, 2021
"Passing," or your wknd and Nov. 10 sorted
I was so excited at the first impression I got for this book's film adaptation on its way. I'm an English major/major book nerd, so yes, the great Nella Larsen's Passing is a novel to define my college days. If you were a woman with melanin and not going into medicine or science as a career, you loved Passing. It was your Dynasty and Real Housewives franchise, yet so aged and psychologically impressive it was totally okay to call this soap opera a favorite novel. Oh, the drama...  Read, like and comment now at>>
November 5, 2021
I'm Only Watching Women Now
I’m blessed to be a woman in these times when so many women before me have resisted to overturn age discrimination and racist beauty standards that left so many of us out of range… This episode is available as a blog post:
February 23, 2021