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In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast

In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast

By In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast
The official podcast of the Florida Gators blog, featuring host Dustin Smith, founder Neil Shulman and contributor Casey Hampton.
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Missouri preview: "Act II" with Zach Goodall
We finally have some upcoming football games to talk about after back to back bye weeks! For the occasion, we brought along Sports Illustrated's Florida Gators beat writer, Zach Goodall, to set the scene and talk about what he's liked from Florida so far, as well as where the Gators could improve. And of course, to preview the upcoming game against Missouri.
October 28, 2020
"COVID Outbreaks and Hot Takes"
The Forecast team breaks down and analyzes a crazy week for Gator football to start the show, and then the topic turns to where the Gators stand at the present moment. That's when Dustin takes on Neil and Casey in by far the most heated debate among the three co-hosts in the show's young history...
October 21, 2020
"Punters Are People Too" with Johnny Townsend
Former Gator punting legend Johnny Townsend joins us this week to talk about the life of a special teamer, as well as the growing impact special teams is having on the game of football. We also discuss a Florida-LSU series that's been defined by special teams plays, and preview the rivalry's upcoming chapter. *DISCLAIMER* this episode was recorded, edited and published prior to any news being released about a COVID-19 outbreak within Florida's program, and thus any announcements of a postponed game; because of this, these topics were not discussed in the episode and the Florida-LSU game was discussed as though it was set to be played as scheduled. However, Johnny gave us our time, and our discussion was much broader than just the upcoming game on Saturday. Therefore, regardless of what winds up happening to the Florida-LSU game on October 17, this is still at least a relevant discussion that we feel was worth publishing at this time. We kindly ask that you listen with that in mind, and we thank you for understanding.
October 14, 2020
Texas A&M recap: "Licking Our Wounds"
Florida's offense played well enough to beat Texas A&M, but the defense let the team down in College Station as the Aggies upset the 4th ranked Gators, 41-38. Dustin and Neil break down what went wrong, and brainstorm potential fixes as the Gators approach the meat of their schedule.
October 12, 2020
Texas A&M preview: "An Old Friend" with Mike Lucas
The Florida Gators are going to see a familiar face on the opposing sideline on Saturday when they take on Texas A&M: former FSU coach Jimbo Fisher. So Neil called on an old friend of his own, Texas A&M beat reporter (and fellow Jersey boy!) Mike Lucas, to break down the Aggies and give his thoughts on Saturday's matchup.
October 7, 2020
South Carolina recap: 2-0 and a ways to go
Florida took care of business against South Carolina in its 2020 home opener. But the Gators still showed that they have some work to do if they want to become a championship caliber team. And that is, after all, what fans believe is the goal this season.
October 5, 2020
Ole Miss recap/South Carolina preview: "One Down, Twelve To Go"
The Gators began their season with a 51-35 victory on the road at Ole Miss, a victory in which there was a lot to like and a lot more to work on. The In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast crew breaks it all down, both positives and negatives alike, and previews Florida's upcoming game against South Carolina and former boss Will Muschamp.
September 30, 2020
Ole Miss preview: "Squash the Rebellion" with Shay Hodge
Happy game week! We finally have a college football game to talk about, and to mark the occasion, we brought on former Ole Miss wide receiver Shay Hodge. In addition to previewing the season opening game between Florida and Ole Miss, we also reminisced about his playing days for the Rebels- including his fateful 86 yard touchdown catch to shock the Gators in the Swamp in 2008- and learned more about Florida signee Diwun Black, who Shay has taken under his wing and helped become the man he is today.
September 23, 2020
"Season Preview and Predictions" with Ben Troupe
Last week, former Gator tight end Ben Troupe joined us to set the table for the Florida Gators' 2020 season in our episode, "Rallying the Troupes." Today, the 2003 All-American returns to the In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast for our official season preview episode as Ben, Neil and Dustin make some predictions. Among them: breakout players to watch for, keys to the offense and defense, score predictions for each of Florida's ten games on the 2020 schedule and projections for the SEC Championship Game and College Football Playoff. *Disclaimer: CFP projections were made prior to the Big Ten's revote on the 2020 season.
September 14, 2020
"Rallying The Troupes" with Ben Troupe
With Gator football less than three weeks away, former Florida All-American tight end Ben Troupe joined the In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast to discuss the various challenges of preparing for a season unlike any the world has ever seen. With all the adversity the Gators currently face, from a lack of spring practice, to a unique ten game SEC schedule, to the continued cries for racial equality, how do these players best prepare themselves to uphold the Gator Standard?
September 9, 2020
"Gators Schedule Breakdown" with Chris Doering
We've been promising a very special guest for our schedule breakdown episode, and now it's time to deliver on that promise. Former Gator All-American wide receiver (and current SEC Network studio analyst) Chris Doering was gracious enough to join us to discuss Florida's ten game, SEC-only 2020 football schedule in detail. We also broadened the discussion to exchange thoughts about the future of the SEC scheduling process, reminisced with Doering about his own playing days, and got his prediction for the 2020 SEC Championship Game.
August 24, 2020
2020 vision, part II: Mullen makes a recruiting STATEment
While the world waits to be given more clarity on a 2020 college football season that's completely up in the air, Dan Mullen and his staff have continued their run on the recruiting trail by landing a pair of top defensive backs from Miami Palmetto. Neil and Dustin break down the tape of each of the Gators' new commits and then turn the discussion to the big picture: just how well of a job, exactly, is Mullen doing on the trail?
August 12, 2020
2020 vision, part I: recruiting gains, FSU rivalry shelved
Much has happened in the world of Gator football since our last episode, some good, some not so good. Florida picked up a quartet of new commitments in its 2021 recruiting class, but lost its chance to beat FSU for the third year in a row as the SEC announced its intentions to play a ten game, conference-only schedule. In this episode, Neil, Casey and Dustin share their thoughts on that and more, while setting the stage for the next few episodes to come.
August 6, 2020
"Judgment Day" with Kash Daniel
Last September, Kentucky linebacker Kash Daniel made headlines for twisting and yanking on the ankle of Florida quarterback Kyle Trask after a play. Today, for the first time, Kash steps into enemy territory to face a jury of Gator fans (host Dustin Smith and In All Kinds Of Weather founder Neil Shulman) and take the heat for that infamous play. We did not hold back. Some of the tough questions include “what were you thinking?”, “why would you not apologize immediately after realizing what you’d done?” and “how can we know you’re a different person than the one we saw trying to hurt our quarterback?” We also talk about mental health, his private apology to Trask and more in a conversation that ultimately introduced us to a whole new side of Daniel we never knew existed. Coming from people who were as angry as anybody for that play, we understand that not everybody is going to be willing to forgive Daniel right away. If you do, great. If you don’t, that’s totally understandable too. But it is our hope that at the very least, everybody is willing to listen to what he has to say, and give him a chance.
July 20, 2020
"From the 813 to 2020" with Shannon Snell
Former Florida offensive lineman Shannon Snell becomes the first guest on the In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast, and the Tampa native certainly set the bar high. Snell, a 2000 SEC Champion and a 2003 All-American, shares his unique perspectives on a wide variety of topics, including: the racial tensions plaguing our country, a particularly nauseating racial encounter in his past, his famous "Relationship Ribs," his prophecy that his Gators would upset a top five Georgia team in 2002, the 2020 Gator team, and more.
June 25, 2020
Reche Caldwell, Johnnie Brown, and COVID-19's Impact on Gator Football
In the first post-introductory episode of the In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast, Dustin, Casey and Neil take a few moments to remember Gator football legend Reche Caldwell, as well as wondering aloud if Johnnie Brown's redirection to JUCO is something Gator fans should be alarming about. The crew then discusses the specifics of how, exactly, COVID-19 has changed the offseason game plan for Dan Mullen's program and how the pandemic's impact could continue to be felt throughout the year.
June 12, 2020
Dawn Of A New Day, State of the UF program
In the inaugural In All Kinds Of Weather Forecast episode, we meet new host Dustin Smith, while IAKOW founder Neil Shulman and contributor Casey Hampton discuss the current state of the Florida football and basketball, as well as lament what could have been for the Gator baseball and softball teams as COVID-19 destroyed what were shaping up to be promising seasons for each of them.
June 1, 2020