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Neil Wilkins Podcast

Neil Wilkins Podcast

By Neil Wilkins
Neil Wilkins : The Mindful Living Show : The Mindful Marketing Show : Founder of The Mindful Collective : Creator of Life Map by Neya® : Mindful Marketing Consultant : Founder and MD of Viper Marketing : Mentor : Author : International Speaker : Podcaster : #IKIGAI
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Marketing in the Metaverse

Neil Wilkins Podcast

Are You A Human Being Or A Human Doing?
It's Day 20... How is your 2022 journey going so far? I'm hearing lots of questions about the difference between Being and Doing, and yes there's a big difference. As a Human Being, we are mostly centred, balanced, calm, happy, focused and on track. As a Human Doing we are racing to achieve, making comparisons with others, judging and often beating ourselves up over things we perceive aren't working out. For most people, by Day 20 of a new year, the resolutions are a distant memory and the hustle and grind of everyday life has taken control again. Back to running the hamster wheel! And this is where we have the chance to reset, develop the techniques, commit to ourselves, to find space in every day to return to Being human rather than always Doing human.  You don't need me to remind you that your best ideas, inspiration and feel good moments, come from when you are Being (on a walk, in the shower, when meditating...) and hardly ever from when you are Doing (trying to multi-task, racing to your next appointment...). So much the same as when we removed the word Should from our vocabulary a couple of weeks ago, let's remove words like Busy, Hectic and Can't. Rather let's get obsessive about the word Being and just for today, remind ourselves to return to being a Human Being. Find out more about the 2022 journey of Awareness and Abundance at NeilWilkins.Online
January 20, 2022
Being Present with IKIGAI in conversation with Nick Kemp
In this conversation with Nick Kemp, Founder of, Neil Wilkins explores the concept of being present with IKIGAI.   IKIGAI is the ancient Japanese philosophy of personal awareness and living every moment with focus and purpose.  Neil and Nick discuss gratitude, being in the  moment, avoiding the misnomer of multi-tasking and that we can, if we wish, have many IKIGAI in our lives.   You can also watch to this episode of The Neil Wilkins Podcast at and more content like this is available at
January 17, 2022
Finding Your Personal IKIGAI Webinar
Where are most of us?  Have you struggled to integrate what you love doing, with what can bring you financial security in your life? Maybe you have reached a career crossroads or cannot decide what course or job will suit you best? It may be you feel unfulfilled in your life and you have an unsettled sense of purpose? Have you wondered what is the fundamental point of your existence?  Is everything just fine, but something perhaps does not feel quite right, in work or in your private life?  Maybe, you just intuitively, know there is something more?   IKIGAI, the ancient Japanese personal awareness concept, helps you to identify your reason for being, your life purpose, by focusing on four main spheres in your life: 1. It helps you identify what you most love
 2. Establish what you are best at
 3. Helps you to understand what the world needs from you
 4. Identifies what you can be rewarded for

   Life planning with IKIGAI, helps you find the 'sweet spot' in the middle of these four spheres of your life, to help you find personal enlightenment and manifest the life you desire.     "The smallest of changes, can make the most profound differences.”

   Finding your IKIGAI will help you to live every moment with your true Purpose.   This webinar is the first 2022 episode in the Cambridge Marketing College personal and professional development series For more like this, and to journey with Neil on the 2022 Awareness and Abundance programme, visit
January 14, 2022
Celebrating Symbiotic Relationships
Let's enjoy Coffee Time together in this short podcast episode where we explore being mindful of the symbiotic relationships in our life. By symbiotic I mean the relationships where both parties get true value and this can apply in work as well as personal life. Symbiotic relationships are a concept that will form part of this Friday's webinar "Finding Your Personal IKIGAI" and I encourage you to register for this as there are many exciting concepts I have to share with you for this year's journey of awareness and abundance.
January 12, 2022
This Is The Mindful Living Program 2022
My Mantra for 2022 : Awareness and Abundance Living every moment, in the present, right here, right now, with gratitude and abundance. Does this sound good? Join me on this year's journey and let's do this together. We'll explore: Mindful Living - Living an IKIGAI Lifestyle - finding your life purpose and in every moment, doing what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs and what you can be rewarded for - Becoming More Self Aware - taking control of every aspect of your life from relationships to passions and learning the techniques and mindset for constant personal growth - Being Present in Every Moment - untethering from past experiences, relationships and beliefs that no longer serve you, to live a life, being present and enjoying abundance in every moment - Life Map by Neya® - committing to a life journey of personal growth and success, how you define it, enjoying every step by step, in the right direction Mindful Marketing - Personas and Customer Journeys - deep understanding of stakeholders, customers and colleagues and the value of the mindful experience you give to them - Purpose-Driven New Marketing Mix - ethical, sustainable and purpose-driven business activities, including mindful product, people, process and profit creation - Developing Your Marketing Career - continuous self-development to ensure you find and live your professional highest purpose and are suitably rewarded for the value you give - Marketing in the Metaverse - ongoing awareness of innovative opportunities for continuous marketing improvement and innovation It all begins tomorrow with our first Coffee Time Live on social @neilwilkinsx and then  14 January - 1pm - Finding Your Personal IKIGAI 28 January - 1pm - Managing Seasonality in Marketing Visit to register for your place on these FREE webinars with live Q&A This year's Programme will include regular Coffee Time Live, Podcast Interviews, Webinars with Q&A You can Subscribe for Deep Dive Workshop, the Online Summit, Online Courses with Support and 1-2-1 Mentoring
January 10, 2022
Everything Just IS
It's the end of our first pre-week before we get into the real work next week. We discussed Habit 1, which is exploring how to remove the word SHOULD from our communication. Habit 2 is to feel not just think, about what you want, as though you already have it. Now, Habit 3 for today and the weekend, is remembering that "Everything Just Is". In other words we give everything meaning, so we can change the meaning of anything. It’s called re-framing. If I ask you to think of a car, what do you see in your mind's eye? A2B, a polluter, status symbol, traffic jams, passion, a home? If I use the word Vaccination, which is polarising and highly emotive. Is the word a relief, a necessary evil, an invasion, or a cure? We will all interpret the word differently, according to our influences, beliefs, preferences and social conditioning. There's no right or wrong. It's just what it is because Everything Just Is.
January 07, 2022
Forgotten Your New Year Resolutions Already?
Many of you have said you're back to 'business as usual' already! So what happened to those New Year Resolutions? It's likely they've faded already because you are thinking them and not feeling them. Manifesting is all about feeling what it's like to already be there, have it or have achieved it. When I set the feeling of what it would be like to have you here reading these words, it felt exciting and positive and look, you are here reading these words! Manifesting works... Feeling as well as thinking, as though you are already there, is our Habit 2... let's practice this today. What do you want to manifest and how does it feel to already be there? At 12pm UK Time on Monday 10th January I'll share on my website the upcoming Journey for 2022.
January 06, 2022
Where Do You Invest In Your Quiet Time?
Yesterday I talked about avoiding the word SHOULD and noticing each and every time you think or say the word, throughout your day.  How did that go?  Did you spot a pattern to the people, places or situations where and when you use the word SHOULD? What does that tell you about those people, places and situations?  If you didn't remember to begin this great habit or you did, but then your busy day took over and you forgot.... here's a helpful tip for today... find a place or situation where you can invest in your quiet time? It could be putting your hood up, when cleaning your teeth or when driving. You might already have time when you meditate or you might walk the dog in the local park.   The best way to practice focusing on these great daily habits is to find a favourite place or situation where you can invest in your quiet time.
January 05, 2022
Awareness and Abundance - Habit 1
My mantra for 2022 is "Awareness and Abundance". Sound great?   Living an IKIGAI lifestyle is doing what you love, that the world needs, that you’re good at, and that you can be rewarded for, every moment of every day. This, is my focus for 2022 and I invite you to join me.   This year is all about us creating Great Habits. So let's begin today with "Habit 1 - Removing SHOULD from your world." Throughout the rest of your day, notice every time you say to yourself or to someone else, the word 'should'. Notice the context, the people involved and reasons you use to justify why you 'should' do or say something. How does that make you feel? Are you using 'should' as an excuse? Are your 'shoulds' as valuable to you as the things you 'must' do? Keep a record of every time you say or think 'should' and notice if you see any patterns.  We will use your answers in an upcoming session. Remember, if you'd like me to let you know each time I do a 'live' on social, email me now and I'll keep you posted. To Learn IKIGAI Visit for my online course
January 04, 2022
Journey With Me Through 2022
For me, 2022 will be the year of Awareness and Abundance. Journey with me through this year, as we explore ancient wisdoms, new technologies, ideas and techniques for living a mindful, aware, present and abundant life... professionally and personally. If you would like to journey with me through 2022 as we explore Awareness and Abundance (in both your personal and professional life) ... I'd love to invite you to a live session with me on Tuesday 4th January to launch the journey... email me at and I'll let you know the timings...
January 01, 2022
How To Become More Self Motivated
How do YOU motivate yourself? Achievement Motivation: Pursuit and attainment of goals? Affiliation Motivation: Social drive? Competence Motivation: Appearance of technical prowess? Power Motivation: Perceived influence over others? Attitude Motivation: Feel-good factor? Incentive Motivation: Material rewards? Fear Motivation: Avoidance driven? Neil Wilkins shares tools and techniques to help you 
1. operate effectively
2. make great decisions 
3. add value to everyone around you
December 17, 2021
Marketing in the Metaverse
“The time to take action is now - If you're a marketer dazzled by the possibilities a nascent sphere like this offers, you might ask, "What do I need to do with my brand in the metaverse?” The answer is to start with the basics: Investigate what's out there, have a hard look at your brand's DNA and find what suits you best.” AdAge In this webinar recording, Neil Wilkins talks about the opportunities available to marketers who are willing to be inquisitive and explore the technologies, platforms and communities already active in the metaverse marketplace. Neil describes brands who are already future-proofing themselves as well as seeing commercial value in the metaverse. He also talks about what marketers can do to begin their journey and everything appears to focus on immersive experience. For help in metaverse marketing and planning for the future of your business, contact Neil Wilkins.
December 16, 2021
Developing Your Self-Reflection Skills
In this webinar recording, Neil Wilkins talks to us about Ego, Self-esteem, Freudian Psychology and more as he teaches 5 techniques to explore in developing your self-reflection skills. Self-reflection is a key habit to master in your personal development journey and compliments his earlier podcasts on the topics of empathy, resilience and communication. This webinar is also available as a video and more information can be found at Neil Wilkins Online.
December 10, 2021
How Best To Conduct An Online Survey
There are so many ways to conduct an online survey, from a simple social media poll to a full, in-depth online focus group. In this recording, Neil Wilkins talks to two digital marketers about how to plan and prioritise an ideal online survey for gaining an appropriate understanding of customer satisfaction, to new product scoping. This recording is from Friday Focus, just one way that Neil supports his apprentices through Cambridge Marketing College in a true blended learning environment. Contact Neil directly if you are in the UK and would like to find out more about digital and marketing apprenticeships. 
December 03, 2021
Introducing the Metaverse
Want to know about the metaverse, Meta and how you can respond? Listen to my interview at Cambridge Marketing College and see what you think. What are YOU going to do about it?
December 03, 2021
How To Build A Sustainable Brand
In this third of a three part series of webinars in association with Cambridge Marketing College, Neil Wilkins talks to Nigel Clark and Charles Nixon about the challenges but necessity of building a sustainable brand. The college now offers the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner apprenticeship in the UK and through The Mindful Collective, Neil offers consultancy services to support marketers seeking to introduce the concept of marketing sustainability into their businesses.
November 30, 2021
Benefits of Collaboration
Ever wonder why some people seem to make so much more progress or gain support from everyone around them?  It might be because they've figured out how to collaborate effectively. None of us has every skill or infinite time, so collaborating and working together, helps us to scale our resources and get great satisfaction from achieving our goals in an enjoyable way. In this webinar recording for Cambridge Marketing College's professional development series, Neil Wilkins shares models and tips as diverse as Edward de Bono's six hats model to Myers Briggs MBTI personality preferences in an attempt to empower us with the tools and knowledge to benefit more from collaboration. Visit Neil Wilkins Online for more content like this.
November 26, 2021
Your Marketing Plan 2022
Marketing Plan 2022 is an in depth look at the key topics and focus for creating the most relevant and authentic marketing plan for your business. The marketing mix has changed and in this webinar, Neil Wilkins focuses on purpose, sustainability, less is more, efficiency and importantly, giving yourself more time to reflect and innovate next year. This podcast is in association with Cambridge Marketing College and forms part of the wider learning and development teaching the College provides to its apprentices. The webinar is also available as video at  Visit for more content like this and to enquire about marketing and digital marketing apprenticeships for viewers in the UK and for remote marketing mentoring with Neil Wilkins, for international viewers.
November 24, 2021
Should The Metaverse Be In Your Marketing Plan?
In this episode of Friday Focus, Neil Wilkins talks to some Cambridge Marketing College apprentices about Meta, the metaverse and whether new technologies and innovations should be in their marketing plans and day to day thinking. Neil argues that everyone should be aware of new innovative technology and that the metaverse, which first emerged with Second Life, back in 2003, is potentially a huge commercial and competitive opportunity for us all, today. Listen to this recording and see what you think for yourself. Visit Neil Wilkins Online to watch the video version of this podcast.
November 19, 2021
How To Become More Resilient
How to become more resilient at work and in your personal life.   This timely webinar with Neil Wilkins, explores the reasons why some people are more resilient than others, techniques you can try in moments of discomfort or crisis and how to build great resilient daily habits using some simple yet effective tools, including the RAIN Technique.   "Distance yourself from 'being' the situation"  "Reframe anything by changing the language you use to describe it"   For more content like this and to listen to this webinar on your favourite podcast platform, visit Neil Wilkins Online  This webinar is in association with Cambridge Marketing College, providers of lifelong learning for marketers and PRs. 
November 12, 2021
CRM on Friday Focus
Today's Friday Focus concentrated on the value of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in marketing. Using Hubspot and Salesforce as examples, we talked about the things to consider when using our customer data and records to enhance the customers' experience and to keep everything consistent across the business. Friday Focus is just one of the ways Cambridge Marketing College supports the digital marketing apprentices on their learning journey. To find out more about marketing and digital apprenticeships (either as an apprentice or as an employer) visit the College website (applies to UK businesses and apprentices only). Neil Wilkins also mentions an upcoming webinar at 11am UK Time on Wednesday 17th November about Marketing Planning for 2022. Register here for this webinar.
November 05, 2021
How To Avoid Greenwashing
How to Avoid Greenwashing is episode 2 of a 3 part webinar series by Cambridge Marketing College in association with The Mindful Collective.  In this episode, Neil Wilkins talks to a panel of experts, including Nigel Clark, Brendan Llewellyn and Joe Pereira about how marketers can avoid greenwashing when marketing sustainability.  The conversation moves towards the idea of creating a marketing sustainability guidelines, similar to the equivalent of brand guidelines, with which most marketers are already familiar. Could this be the best first step on the marketing sustainability journey for businesses?  
November 03, 2021
The Mindset of Continuous Improvement
If we aren't all continuously improving ourselves, our businesses, our lives and everything we encounter in our existence, what's the point? In this marketers' focused webinar with Cambridge Marketing College, Neil Wilkins explores the power of a continuous improvement mindset and how it can bring us more satisfaction and success, each and every day. The concept of incremental improvements instead of striving for the next big thing, is a sure fire way of making continuous improvement a reality in our lives. Let Neil know what you think? To find out more about this webinar series head to Cambridge Marketing College.
October 29, 2021
Does Wisdom Fit In Your Digital Content Plan?
Neil Wilkins poses this question today inside the Wisdom app... a rhetorical look at whether Wisdom adds value to the digital content experience for your audience. Neil is joined by podcaster Mamdooh Al-Radadi, as they discuss the concept of themes within digital content and how the two-way impromptu nature of an app like Wisdom may open up new content ideas. Neil also talks about using Wisdom to test out new content ideas and especially when researching the relevance of thought leadership topics. To have a live, interactive audience with whom you can explore the relevance and value of topics and titles, may help to filter in and out such content from your wider plan. Join and explore Wisdom
October 26, 2021
Marketing Sustainability Episode 1 of 3
Marketing Sustainability Webinar 1 of 3 The first of three webinars in the Cambridge Marketing College’s series Marketing Sustainability - How To Future-proof Your Brand. In this webinar recording from September 2021, Neil Wilkins hears from sustainability branding expert Nigel Clark about how to define marketing sustainability and the importance of taking accountability for it within your business. Neil also talks to Joe Pereira, Co-Founder of The Mindful Collective about the importance of putting Purpose at the heart of the sustainability conversation in your organisation. With COP26 next week, there has never been a better time to start the conversation about your own contribution to sustainability improvements. However, as we’ll hear, it’s not as simple as just beginning. Neil, Joe and Nigel consistently talk about keeping an eye on the challenge of Greenwashing and ‘over marketing’ your progress on the sustainability journey. Find out more about what you can do to begin your marketing sustainability journey, and the new Mindful Marketing Mix, by visiting The Mindful Collective website at and Cambridge Marketing College website for more details about the upcoming launch of the marketing sustainability apprenticeship and other webinars and short courses on this topic. The recording of Webinar 2 of 3 in this series, will be released shortly.
October 25, 2021
Use Linktree To Realise Your Customer Journey
In this short webinar recording, Neil Wilkins explains how you could use a simple platform like to realise your customer journey. We all know how important it is to choreograph a clear and engaging customer journey through the three phases: Awareness, Conversion, Retention, but how can we do it? By providing clear and simple, single links to the next step in the journey, wherever you are. is a simple service, ideal for social media biographies, that can help us on our way.
October 22, 2021
Does Sustainability Now Fit In Your Brand Marketing?
In this morning's Wisdom talk, Neil Wilkins explores if now is the time to include Sustainability within your brand marketing. Neil argues that now is the time to become more authentic, transparent and mindful of the impact of your business, because your customers are valuing these things more than they ever have. Neil introduces the new marketing mix Product, People, Process, Profit that is detailed in The Mindful Collective website
October 20, 2021
The Rule of Thirds in Digital Marketing, a Wisdom broadcast
Neil Wilkins' first session on the new mentoring app Wisdom, as he talks about The Rule of Thirds in social media and digital marketing and how best to use it to balance a content strategy. Neil gives two marketplace examples to bring The Rule of Thirds to life and as the number of listeners grew throughout the broadcast it was clear the topic was resonating. For more details about Wisdom, visit the app (iOS only available) and search neilwilkinsx
October 19, 2021
Empathy at Work
How do you become an empath at work?  What should you do to protect yourself from negative energies?  How do you balance supporting and taking on others' issues?  In this webinar for Cambridge Marketing College's fortnightly career development series, Neil Wilkins explores some simple yet powerful techniques for enhancing your empathy skills and abilities. Neil believes that empathy can be taught and is here to show you how.   More content like this webinar recording is available at
October 16, 2021
Why You Need User-Generated Content In Your Marketing Plan
If you aren't yet benefitting from the amazing value that user-generated content can bring to your digital marketing efforts, Neil Wilkins explains how you can easily and effectively use it to increase awareness and engagement. The research doesn't lie. This is an amazing opportunity to cost and time efficiently super-charge your content marketing efforts. For more episodes like this and to find out more about Neil, visit his website
October 14, 2021
How To Become More Agile, Flexible & Creative
There is no 'normal' or 'business as usual', so the time is now for becoming more agile, flexible and creative. In this episode of Cambridge Marketing College's personal and professional development series, Neil Wilkins talks us through the things we can do and think about to meet the challenges and opportunities in this currently crazy world. Take the next steps in your personal development by booking a 1-2-1 mentoring session with Neil at
September 17, 2021
Sentiment Analysis ~ What you really want to know about your followers
Social media insights are all very well and good. We do want to know how far our posts and advertising is reaching. It's important to understand if and where we are getting good engagement and of course, click throughs, show that our messages are getting through. But wouldn't it be even better if we knew what our customers, visitors and followers were really feeling when they engage with our social media and digital marketing? It's called Sentiment Analysis. Find out whether the responses and mentions you are getting in social and the wider internet, are positive or negative. What about the passion by which the responses are being shared? Important, right? In this 'fly on the wall' glimpse into one of the Cambridge Marketing College Apprentices' Friday Focus workshops, Neil Wilkins explores why and how you can build sentiment analysis into your metrics. For more details about the apprenticeships scheme, visit Cambridge Marketing College website. To book a 1-2-1 mentoring appointment with Neil, check out his booking schedule.
September 10, 2021
Professionalism in Marketing for 2022
In this webinar, Neil Wilkins encourages us and empowers us, to raise our level of professionalism in marketing, through considering our roles, strategy and higher purpose.  Neil claims it's time to change the definition of marketing and explains how we might begin to do this. This podcast is part of a series of webinars recorded live for Cambridge Marketing College For more episodes like this, search Neil Wilkins Podcast in Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your other favourite podcast service.
September 03, 2021
How to Become a Power Networker
Why do some people appear to have such amazing charisma? How can some people work a social event or work networking situation with apparent ease and always seem to get what they want? The answer is knowing themselves, being present and grateful, showing empathy towards others and consistently applying an engaging Elevator Pitch. In this episode of The Mindful Marketing Show, Neil Wilkins shares the tricks and preparation that Power Networkers use to engage with and influence others at the same time as choreographing win-win scenarios through their conversations. Neil believes that power networkers aren't born but can be taught. This podcast is an episode of the Cambridge Marketing College webinar series in personal and professional growth. 
August 20, 2021
How To Become A Thought Leader
Looking to become a thought leader? Heard of the term but not sure what it means? Thinking that being a micro-influencer might help your personal or business brand profile? All of these questions and more are answered in Neil Wilkins' latest podcast How To Become A Thought Leader. This podcast is part of a webinar series for Cambridge Marketing College
August 06, 2021
Want More Value From Your LinkedIn Company Page?
Do you want to get more value from (or even start setting up) your LinkedIn Company Page? In this episode of Cambridge Marketing College's webinar series helping digital marketers to get more value from their social media, Neil Wilkins explains the steps you can take and the strategy behind successful LinkedIn Company Pages. More Cambridge Marketing College webinars More Mindful Marketing tips, blogs and podcasts
August 05, 2021
LinkedIn Personal Profile Quick Tips
Focus where it counts in your LinkedIn personal profile. In this short workshop recording, Neil Wilkins explores some top tips that really work, for creating your personal profile as a central hub for your digital portfolio, to build your business, to create new connections and followers, or to find your next job. This workshop is part of the ongoing digital marketing apprenticeship support sessions, designed for Cambridge Marketing College to help apprentices develop their skills and experience. 
July 30, 2021
Improve Your Negotiation Skills
"Never let a negotiation come down to one issue, because by definition, there is a winner and a loser"  In this webinar recording for the Cambridge Marketing College Webinar Series 2021, Neil Wilkins discusses how to approach a negotiation, dealing with difficult others, using silence and importantly compromising with purpose.  Visit Cambridge Marketing College for more in this series of professional and personal development tools and techniques.
July 23, 2021
Post-lockdown Marketing (Bonus Episode)
I think this one is a really important and timely topic so I am sharing this as a bonus episode. It's part of a conversation with some apprentices at Cambridge Marketing College in Friday Focus, which is a weekly get-together to share information and ideas about important subjects affecting business and marketing today. As we emerge from restrictions our marketing and customer requirements have fundamentally changed. So how will we respond?
July 23, 2021
The Art of Persuasion
Want to learn how to be more persuasive in your communication? In this webinar recording, part of the Cambridge Marketing College personal development webinar series, Neil Wilkins takes us through the psychological principles and techniques we can use to become more authentically persuasive and to have more of a voice in communications and marketing situations. Subscribe to the Neil Wilkins Podcast for more episodes like this... available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and other popular platforms.
July 14, 2021
The Best Technique for Managing Time
Here's the best technique for managing time and it doesn't take long to master it.  In this webinar recording, Neil Wilkins shares a simple yet powerful technique for prioritising the most important things in your life. When your boss shouts for something or others demand of you, this technique can help you to align everything in front of you to give you and others best value.  Time is your most precious asset... let's make the most of it.  This video is part of the Cambridge Marketing College webinar series delivered by Neil Wilkins. For more videos like this and to subscribe to the Neil Wilkins Podcast. 
July 14, 2021
The Healing Power of Pleasure
The Healing Power of Pleasure is the new book by Julia Paulette Hollenbery, featured in conversation in this Mindful Living Show episode of the Neil Wilkins Podcast.   The Healing Power of Pleasure is available in many book stores, including Amazon and Simon and Schuster.     Julia Paulette Hollenbery is an embodied spirituality teacher, author and mystic. Over 30 years she’s enabled countless clients to create happy relationships, meaningful work and a vibrant life. Her expertise combines grinberg bodywork, craniosacral therapy, family constellations and kashmiri tantra.     Julia’s unique capacity is to see people in a way they have probably never been seen before, profoundly with acceptance and love. She brings to every interaction an extraordinary quality of attunement and a deep, innate wisdom for practical healing and wholeness. She guides people to envision and embody their unique,  essential potential - at home in their body, their self and their life.    'The Healing Power of Pleasure: Seven Medicines for Rediscovering the Innate Joy of Being’ will be internationally published by Findhorn Press/Inner Traditions in September 2021. She is a facilitator at Skyros, a SourceTV Evolutionary, and a speaker at MindBodySpirit, World Spirituality, WEF, Evolve and many other wellbeing forums.    Julia’s website is: which also has a selection of book endorsements from her peers and work testimonials from her clients. The book is warmly endorsed by Dr David Hamilton, Ya'acov Darling Khan, Sarah Peyton, Nick Williams, Sarah Rozenthuler, Malcolm Stern and Steve Noble amongst others.      For more podcasts like this, Subscribe to the Neil Wilkins Podcast at
July 05, 2021
Data Management in Business
In this episode, Neil Wilkins talks to Helen Ward from Data Cubed about how to maximise the value of data within your business. Data has the power to transform your business both at a strategic and practical, day to day, level. Helen describes the use of a central point of data in your business as your business truth. Packed with tips and ideas, this is a highly valuable listen. Connect with Helen and visit Data Cubed to explore your data options. 
July 02, 2021
Friday Focus Search Engine Optimisation
Here's a 'fly on the wall' behind the scenes glimpse of some of the conversations we have at Cambridge Marketing College in the digital marketing apprenticeship programme. For more details of the apprenticeship visit the College website. SEO is all about balancing being attractive to your customers at the same time as to search engines. So if you are a start-up, sole trader, micro business or simply looking to get more traction with your website, this 30 minute podcast may have some useful tips.
July 02, 2021
Presentation Skills Webinar
Need to sharpen your presentation skills? I hope you'll agree that this is a good one… 45 minutes of skills ideas and a great 15 minute Q&A that’s not to be missed, as we discuss how to conquer nerves, pace your presentation and deal with the impossible audience question. This webinar recording is the third in the current Cambridge Marketing College fortnightly series... the next include Persuasion Skills and the Art of Negotiation.
June 25, 2021
Clubhouse or Greenroom?
Clubhouse and now Greenroom, from Spotify... the social media world's attention is all over audio right now. Are you in the game? This might be the time to, at the very least, dive in and do some research on the possibilities...  This podcast is a recording of a lunchtime conversation about the potential of social audio... and did you know that there's a new Twitter audio feature?
June 18, 2021
What's Your Podcast Marketing Strategy?
You don't have a podcast in your marketing strategy? Let me explain why you might want to reconsider... it's never been a better time to start recording audio content... interviews, conversations, monologues... whatever is appropriate to convey your marketing messages and thought leadership. It's simple, low/no cost and there's an audience out there, hungry for every episode... 
June 15, 2021
Top 20 Communication Skills
There's never been a more important time to hone your communications skills, or at the very least, become more aware of how you appear to others, spot subtle body language cues and get win/win outcomes in your human engagements. In this webinar recording, Neil Wilkins presents Top 20 Communication Skills, webinar 2 in the latest Cambridge Marketing College personal development series. Subscribe to Neil Wilkins Podcast for more episodes like this.
June 11, 2021
The Meaning of IKIGAI ~ in conversation with Nick Kemp
Nick Kemp is the Founder of IKIGAI Tribe, an international organisation that supports IKIGAI coaches and specialists as they bring this deep philosophy to life with their clients. Neil and Sonya Wilkins (Neya) explore how we have translated IKIGAI in the western world into a positive self development tool. However, Nick demonstrates that taken as a pure Japanese philosophy it can be so much deeper and integral to leading a purposeful life, moment by moment. Learn IKIGAI yourself with Neil and Sonya's online course and find your own IKIGAI life purpose.
June 01, 2021
How To Say NO At Work
Saying yes is easy and then we take the consequences. But sometimes it's the right thing to say no.  In this recording of a Friday Focus, which is a weekly gathering of some of the marketing apprentices studying with Cambridge Marketing College, we explore why it's hard to say no and share some tips for how to say no for everyone's benefit. To learn more about marketing apprenticeships at Cambridge Marketing College, visit
May 29, 2021
SME Marketing
Did you miss yesterday’s Marketing for SMEs webinar? If you did and you work in a micro, small or medium sized business, do have a listen and see what you think. I included a host of tips and observations that I’ve seen through 15 years of supporting SME clients with marketing services in a host of sectors from sport to tech. Did I miss anything? Am I accurate? DM or reply in the message thread to let me know. Hope you enjoy the recording. This webinar is the first in a brand new fortnightly Cambridge Marketing College series… the next is Communication Skills… register now at
May 29, 2021
Being Gay At Work
Neil Wilkins interviews Connor Banks about being gay at work and his experiences and perspectives of diversity and opinion, being a gay man and drag queen. Listen to the earlier interview with Connor Watch this episode on YouTube Subscribe to the Neil Wilkins Podcast for more episodes like this Visit Neil Wilkins Online for more content like this
May 21, 2021
LinkedIn B2B Selling LIVE Interview
I talk to Sales Training International founder and MD, Tracy Bedwell about how she uses LinkedIn as a core element in her sales pipeline. Tracy shares her top 3 tips for using LinkedIn for B2B sales and bearing in mind how well this LinkedIn LIVE went, I might suggest adding this as a 4th. For more details about Tracy and the training her team provides, visit Sales Training International.
May 19, 2021
How To Use Self-Reflection In Mindful Living
Self-reflection is something that some of us find naturally easy and for others it can be quite alien. In this podcast I talk about a method of deeply listening when you turn the mirror on your self in a situation, in a conversation or in a decision. If you can self-reflect in the moment then you'll be living a present and mindful life. For most of us, it's about taking a moment after the situation or decision to self-reflect... listening to our thoughts, noticing where in our body the situation or decision manifests and importantly how our heart feels. Using the basis of cognitive behavioural theory, I'll talk you through how you can easily and enjoyably listen to your head, your heart and your body, to get a true understanding of the impact on you, of your decisions and thoughts. At the end of the podcast I encourage you to take a moment now and try the technique I describe. It might only take a moment, but the skill should last a lifetime and become a quite profound benefit to leading a mindful life. Let me know how it goes. For more like this, visit and subscribe to my podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more
May 14, 2021
Is Higher Purpose Part of Business Recovery?
As we all emerge from global restrictions, Neil Wilkins and Brendan Llewellyn have a deep-dive conversation into whether the higher purpose of a business is part of the recovery process or if the reality of survival will take precedence. Neil and Brendan discuss a mindful recovery reset roadmap, part of the Mindful Collective Purpose Workshop programme and agree that growth and rebuilding is as much about optimal execution as it is sitting around a meeting table. "The time is up for coping, it's time for confident, considered action." For more information: Mindful Collective Purpose Workshop programme
May 13, 2021
3 Step Marketing Analysis For Your Business
In this webinar, recorded for Cambridge Marketing College, Neil Wilkins explains the important of marketing analysis and the constituent parts: Macro, Micro and Internal Analysis. This may sound quite a dry and acronym-ridden topic, but it in essence it is a simple and very powerful way to begin shaping the most profitable strategies and tactics for your business.  An organisation that fails to focus on the macro and micro environment around it, will certainly struggle in rapidly changing times, so this step by step guide will help you to focus on what's most important, prioritise to focus on your business competencies and to make great, evidence-based decisions. For more topics like this, visit Neil Wilkins Online and for marketing courses and apprenticeships, visit Cambridge Marketing College
May 11, 2021
Finding A Balanced Life
Neil Wilkins talks to Balanced Life Coach, Laura Bentley about her work with women looking to return to work and how she uses IKIGAI and higher purpose as a focus to help people strike the perfect balance. For more details about Laura visit her website and this podcast is available on the Neil Wilkins Podcast through Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other channels. For more interviews and conversations like this, visit Neil Wilkins Online
May 06, 2021
Invest in Yourself
When I lost £10,000 from investing in a business operating in a marketplace I knew relatively little about, I realised that I could have invested in myself. Had I spent the £10,000 on myself, where would I be today? What would I have learned? What experiences would I have benefitted from? If we choose to invest in ourselves we open up limitless opportunities for continuous professional and personal development. In this short webinar recording I will take you through the three elements you can consider (people, budget and time) investing in to begin your Self Investment journey. What better way to invest, than in yourself. 
May 05, 2021
Compassionate Leadership with Sarah King, Loafspark
In this episode of The Mindful Business Show, Neil Wilkins talks to Sarah King, Founder of Loafspark, about compassionate leadership and the use of empathy in effective business communication.   Neil and Sarah discuss how the old management paradigm of 'boss and workers' no longer sits comfortably with purpose-led organisations.   To find out more about Sarah and her work, visit   Listen to more episodes like this by following Neil Wilkins at and through subscribing to the Neil Wilkins Podcast at
April 30, 2021
How to Market Myself on LinkedIn
How do you take your personal brand and create a digital footprint that encourages engagement and results, using LinkedIn? In this webinar, part of the Cambridge Marketing College 'improve your marketing career' series, Neil Wilkins talks about the practical steps you can take to market your personal brand on LinkedIn.  Watch this episode (presentation slides available) on The Mindful Business Show at The Neil Wilkins Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all other popular podcast platforms. Similar articles on Neil Wilkins Online
April 26, 2021
Living with Diversity
(Please excuse the low quality audio) In this podcast, Neil Wilkins reflects on the recent LGBTQ+ interview with Connor Banks. He discusses the concept of listening without prejudice and explores how difficult this is for humans who are pre-programmed to stereotype in order to make sense of the world around them. Concluding with the value of non-judgemental human to human interactions, Neil would be interested to know what you think. DM him at
April 15, 2021
LGBTQ+ and Diversity in Marketing
Neil Wilkins in conversation with marketer and drag queen Connor Banks. Neil and Connor discuss how we need to consider LGBTQ+ and diversity in our marketing communications. As marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs and in fact as human beings, we can engage confidently with this sensitive topic by being authentic, trying not to judge and by listening openly.   We should never simply cash-in on the topic for vanity branding and we can be confident to ask, listen and talk about this topic because nobody owns it. So let's confidently engage in the debate. The answer could be simply open, human to human communication.
April 09, 2021
In Conversation With Chip Helm
Neil Wilkins talks to best selling author, speaker and sales guru Chip Helm, about the importance of personal branding, how we are all in sales, whether we like it or not. Chip discusses how he coaches people to become aware of and accept life's hard hits and what you can do about them. According to Chip, self awareness, empathy and a host of his 'chipisms' are the sure fire way of building successful, long term relationships. Neil and Chip discuss patience and mindfulness in this insightful exploration of human communication and interaction. Subscribe to the Neil Wilkins Podcast and visit for more episodes of the Mindful Living Show.
April 07, 2021
How to Reframe a Frustrating Situation
In this short podcast I talk to you about an example of a frustrating situation that a friend of mine was able to reframe at work. Feeling unnoticed and under valued, we talked through a method of bringing the feeling of affirmation and reward internally, rather than relying on the external world to do it for you. Listen to this short podcast if you need to take control of a frustrating situation either in your personal life or at work. You might find this useful. I hope you do. Remember, do subscribe to the Neil Wilkins podcast on your favourite podcast platform, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts... and visit my website for more blogs and vlogs on similar topics.
April 01, 2021
Purpose and Sustainability in Marketing
Purpose now sits at the core of marketing. Purpose is “an organisation’s enduring and meaningful reason to exist, that aligns with long-term financial performance and provides a clear context for daily decision making and unifies and motivates relevant stakeholders.”  Edburt, Hurth, Prabu Sustainability becomes intertwined with purpose as we look to serve the long-term well being of everyone and every thing. This should be the overarching goal of any organisation. 
The Mindful Collective  In this webinar Neil Wilkins takes you through the things you can do to position higher purpose and sustainability at the heart of your marketing.
March 18, 2021
Marketing Your Personal Brand Webinar
You have a personal brand, whether you like it or not. In this engaging and action-oriented webinar, Neil Wilkins explores how you can take control over how people experience you, in person and online. This webinar podcast recording is the third in Neil's series of four webinars for Cambridge Marketing College To watch the video of this podcast visit Neil Wilkins Online Make sure you subscribe to Neil Wilkins Podcast 
March 08, 2021
Upcoming Personal Branding Webinar
On Monday 8 March at 1pm (UK time) I will be presenting a Personal Branding webinar for Cambridge Marketing College as the 3rd of a 4 part series designed to help marketing professionals to develop their careers.  The great thing is that this applies not only to marketers but to everyone who is seeking to understand how they come across to others, both personally and professionally, and what they can do about it. If you find yourself at a career or life crossroads, or perhaps not yet manifesting the life you desire, this will be an important webinar for you. You can register on the Cambridge Marketing College website to attend the live webinar or you can watch afterwards on catch-up on my website.
March 05, 2021
Power of Big Data in Marketing
Neil Wilkins introduces the concept of big data in marketing and how we can all benefit from planning data into our marketing strategies, tactics and campaigns.  Neil shares his 6 step process for data planning and gives reasons why visualising data through a platform such as Power BI is the best way for getting business-wide engagement.  For more information and to ask Neil any questions on this topic, email him or visit Neil Wilkins website
February 16, 2021
Behind The Scenes : Preparing For A Mindful Business Workshop
In this podcast Neil Wilkins talks with fellow Co-Founder of The Mindful Collective, Joe Pereira, about the key themes and topics they will cover in a mindful business workshop. This is a behind the scenes rehearsal where Neil and Joe discuss many issues and challenges facing businesses seeking to become more sustainable and work to a higher purpose. With an audience of seasoned financial services industry experts gathering in the virtual waiting room, this is a critical discussion to shape the flow of the workshop. One of the core themes that emerges is how best to ensure that everyone (not just the management team or investors) are fully aware of, and bought into, the business' values and purpose. For many, this is the biggest challenge in the move towards sustainable business. Neil plans to release the key outcomes and learnings from the workshop in a follow-on episode of the podcast.
January 28, 2021
What is it like having COVID-19?
What is it like having COVID-19? Well just before Christmas, Sonya and I found out. In this podcast, I share the experience we both had, Sonya tracking 2 days behind my symptoms. We had an interesting mix of symptoms and each day was very different, as we felt the virus seeking out potential weakness around our bodies. Fortunately we are both fit and healthy and have recovered well with no lasting symptoms or effect. Sadly though my father, from we caught the virus, passed away in his sleep on 30th December. It's been quite a journey and whilst I'm not saying you'll get an experience anything like ours, I think it's important not to fear the virus and to stay as healthy and well as you can, thinking of others and being sympathetic to the varied opinions and views about how the COVID-19 pandemic is being handled in your country. Stay Safe and let me know your experience.
January 18, 2021
Internal Marketing Communications in 2021
What is internal marketing communications  “Internal marketing communications in 2021 is the sharing of a company's objectives, products, services and messages to employees within the organisation. The purpose is to increase engagement with the company's goals and foster collaboration, inclusion and brand advocacy.” In this podcast, which is a recording of a webinar by Neil Wilkins, we explore why it's important for your wider marketing, your career development, the business as a whole and how in 2021 it's vital to include it in your marketing plan. For more podcasts like this and video recordings of mindful business, mindful living and mindful marketing, visit
January 14, 2021
Key Marketing Skills 2021
Here are 8 key marketing skills 2021 for career development, adding great value to your business and importantly, making the most of the opportunities in these unprecedented times. What Makes An Effective Marketer The Importance of Return on Investment Evidence-Based Marketing Leadership Skills for Marketing in 2021 How To Become More Strategic Influencing Skills In Marketing Collaborating With The Sales Team Turning Information Into Intelligence This webinar by Neil Wilkins, is the first of a series of 4 webinars for Cambridge Marketing College, supporting marketers and business people worldwide.
January 12, 2021
Welcome to 2021
Welcome to 2021 after a COVID-Christmas, home and business relocation and family bereavement. What a crazy end to the year it has been. Sonya and I have been quiet over the last month. We took some time out at the end of 2020 to have COVID, move our world to back to nature and we lost my father. It has been quite a journey and one that we could never have predicted. As we move into 2021, we have so many exciting new things to explore and share with you, but more about those soon. In the meantime I want to wish you a peaceful and safe start to this new year ahead and encourage you to enjoy every moment, whatever and wherever you are, because as we have been reminded over the last few weeks, none of us really have any idea of what's around the next corner. Stay safe.
January 01, 2021
Video Marketing in Social Media
Neil Wilkins hosts a webinar (including Q&A) entitled Video Marketing in Social Media. Using Invideo Neil talks about the value of using pre-made templates for social videos and taking each video decision through his 5 step plan to ensure the right videos are created and used in the right places at the right time.
November 25, 2020
The Social Dilemma vs Marketing
The Social Dilemma, a Netflix movie, that you should see if you haven't already, highlights manipulation, fake news and many of the alleged coercive aspects of social networks. In this webinar we explore if and where marketing falls similarly foul of authenticity, transparency and wholesome customer relationships. Or does it? You can decide and let me know what you think by messaging me.
October 23, 2020
Relationships and Couples' Communication New Online Course
I'm so pleased to announce Sonya and my new online course focusing on relationships and couples' communication. This is such an exciting journey for everyone in a current relationship and for those seeking to find one. We include tools, tips and techniques for improving your self awareness within your relationship, how to manifest the style of relationship that will serve you well and the subtleties of two-way communication with your significant other. Here's a special discount link for launch of the course (this will expire shortly, so please be quick).
October 18, 2020
30 Online Tools for Marketers
In today's episode I talk you through 30 online tools I use on a daily basis to teach, mentor, strategise, support clients and run my own businesses. These 30 tools are essential for me to keep control of multiple projects and campaigns. I'm very interested to know anything you use that helps you... DM me. And there's a special coupon at the end of the podcast (which you won't be able to see as this was a video webinar). The coupon code is Explore20 and it gives you a discount on your first order of amazing coffee at Woodhouse Coffee Co. my brand new online coffee store. If you like coffee, you'll love Woodhouse coffee #keepexploring
September 23, 2020
Your Brand Precedes You
Whether you are thinking in terms of your personal brand, your business brand or something else, how the world perceives your brand will precede anything you say or communicate. It's therefore essential to be mindful about how the world thinks about you. In this short episode I share a story about a squirrel and some magpies that had a bit of a scrap in our garden and how that reminded my of the importance of creating a consistent and authentic brand, before you begin to engage with the world, communicate and influence behaviour. What do you think? 
September 21, 2020
e-Commerce in Marketing : How to Build a Sales Funnel
An introduction to building a sales funnel to help integrate marketing and sales from a digital perspective. In this webinar, I introduce you to the elements of an effective digital sales funnel and how to focus on Key Performance Indicators to get best returns and optimal customer lifetime value.
August 25, 2020
Twitter in Business in 2020
In this episode I revisit a webinar I gave in 2010 which explored the benefits of Twitter in Business. Many things have evolved since then but a lot of the values still hold true. Have a listen and see if there are any useful tips you can use to begin or improve your Twitter account. Let's connect on Twitter.
July 21, 2020
Marketing Pulse - Circular Business
Marketing Pulse is my new mini-series of observations of commercial and marketing life post-Covid-19. In this episode I'll focus on Circular Business. Charles Nixon, Chairman of Cambridge Marketing College said, "It's time we listened to our new customers". What I took from that, is that no matter how well we feel we know our customers, they have changed on this side of the pandemic. As we emerge from commercial lockdown we need to listen intently to their new needs, their new context and their new challenges. It's from this position that we can start to add new value. If we assume that the 'new normal' is a level playing field like the one we knew before, we are beaten before we start out again. So I have been listening to the 30 marketing apprentices that I mentor and have been asking them how their businesses and sectors are changing. We have taken deep dives into the trends, themes and behaviours they are seeing. Whilst this isn't a large sample and you could argue it's not statistically significant, I believe that their collective, anecdotal evidence, is well worth listening too. So in this first episode I'll share a key theme that you can focus on to see if it resonates with you? If you are an entrepreneur, marketer, business owner or decision maker, this mini-series is for you. I hope you get some great value from it and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. If you like the sound of Circular Business you can find out more in a live Future Economy Network online event on 9 July - What are the basic principles and practice of circular economy? How can organisations implement circularity, and how do those methods differ for across sectors? From buildings to agriculture, from flooring to insects, come along to this interactive online event on 9th July to hear how WSP, LettUs Grow, Michelmores & Interface have created circular business practices in their goal towards becoming sustainable. As always, please B-Y-O-Breakfast! More information and tickets available here: Watch some interviews with circular business experts in The Mindful Business Show:
July 03, 2020
Stop Making Assumptions and Start Creating Opportunities
If we stop making assumptions and start listening to reality we can begin to create some exciting new opportunities. My analysis of my podcast listeners is a perfect case in point. As I recorded the 50 recent episodes of The Mindful Living Show, I lost sight of who is actually actively subscribing and listening to my podcast.  It turns out my audience is very different to the profile of my clients and usual connections. From a mostly female audience and the assumption this would play out through my podcast, I find my listeners are mostly male and 18-27 years old. Who would have thought. Well, I should have thought and not simply assumed. There are lots of opportunities right now for opening up and creating new opportunities if you listen and look at your reality rather than be blinkered by your paradigms and assumptions. If you can't think of where to begin, drop me an email or DM me on social and let's explore where you can start creating opportunities. 
June 25, 2020
Personal Branding Through LinkedIn
If you are considering developing your personal branding then there's a great opportunity for using LinkedIn to both tell your story as well as get the all-important engagement and conversation that takes you to the next level of influence. In this webinar recording I talk you through the reasons why LinkedIn is such a useful platform for this reason and how to begin to evolve your personal branding journey using Ikigai, your highest reason for being. For more personal branding, mindful living and more, visit my website
June 11, 2020
Celebrating the end of Series 1 of The Mindful Living Show
I took time out of interviewing, editing and producing for episode 50 of The Mindful Living Show to share what it's been like hosting a daily podcast for 10 weeks. In this episode I talk about some of the things I've experienced and what I'd recommend you think about if you have been considering setting up your own podcast or show. The Mindful Living Show appears on SpiritFest TV, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Spotify, The Mindful Business Show on YouTube, sometimes The Mindful Collective YouTube Channel and of course my own website
June 05, 2020
FairShares Commons Business Model with Graham Boyd PHD
In this episode I talk to Graham Boyd PHD about the FairShares Commons Business Model and his exciting new book
June 04, 2020
Introduction to The Mindful Collective
The Mindful Collective is my not-for-profit organisation that helps businesses to become more ethically aware and environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. In this podcast I introduce the Mindful Business Model, a framework that positions your core purpose at the heart of all decision making and people engagement. I'm also introducing Purpose Workshops, both face to face when we can, and for now, online, immersive, interactive sessions to get everyone in your team engaged. The Mindful Collective is a growing network of consultants, consulting businesses and organisations who can support you at every stage of the journey of taking your business into the new commercial paradigm. Contact me if you'd like to find out more about working together.
June 03, 2020
Avon Needs Trees an interview with founder Nikki Jones
In this episode (47) of The Mindful Living Show, I talk to Avon Needs Trees founder, Nikki Jones about her inspiration and development of her charity that aims to buy and re-wild, permanent woodlands in the Bristol-Avon catchment.
June 02, 2020
Finding Your Voice Through Music
SpiritFest Founder Ravi Freeman talks about finding your voice through music. Ravi's work as a musician and voice coach has allowed him explore a range of innate techniques and traditional shamanic wisdoms, that he beings to fore when performing and hosting workshops. For more information about Ravi and his work, visit This podcast is episode 46 of The Mindful Living Show on SpiritFest TV
June 01, 2020
Shifting Our Paradigms
Why do we feel the way we do? Why do we react in certain ways? Why do we think about things differently to others? There is a simple equation which controls our paradigms and our interactions with our world: Perception = Perspective + Insight In this short podcast for The Mindful Living Show, I explain the equation and how by using it you can create better emotional flow in your world and potentially manifest the life you are seeking. This talk forms a part of Back to You Roots, an online course by Neil and Sonya Wilkins that helps you untether from your past and begin to manifest the life you desire.
May 29, 2020
10 Uses of Coconut
Sonya Wilkins introduces 10 ways you can use coconut (in its various forms) to enhance your day. From healthy cooking to better skincare, coconut has for centuries, enabled varied products and lifestyles.  View more of Sonya's work and tips. This is episode 44 of The Mindful Living Show on SpiritFest TV. 
May 28, 2020
Managing Cognitive Load an interview with Behavioural Economist Yolanda Berry
In this interview with Behavioural Economist, Yolanda Berry, I explore the subject of cognitive load. Using examples drawn from kerbside recycling, air travel and remote working, Yolanda leads us through a mindful cognitive journey and how we can use the concept of EAST to simplify and clarify our communications. Yolanda Berry  Neil Wilkins  SpiritFest TV
May 27, 2020
Mental Hacks by Eleanor Wilkins
Eleanor Wilkins talks to us about her new book Mental Hacks : Techniques and ways of thinking to feel the best you possibly can. In this book the focus is on introspection and simple techniques for understanding and managing your mind and thoughts more effectively. A recent review on Eleanor's publisher's website said, "As soon as I started reading I was engrossed. The techniques mentioned are far from cliche. They are clever, suitable for everyone and work like a charm! 5 stars!" To read more and buy a copy of Mental Hacks by Eleanor Wilkins visit her publisher's website.
May 26, 2020
How To Introduce Circular Economy Into Your Business
Emma Burlow, Director of Circular Economy at Resource Futures, helps us to understand how to introduce circular economy into your business in this, episode 41 of The Mindful Business Show on SpiritFest TV.
May 25, 2020
Ecologistics - a talk by SpiritFest founder Paul Terrell
Spiritfest  founder, Paul Terrell, talks to us about Ecologistics. This is an interesting concept that should be at the heart of mindful living and mindful business. This is episode 40 of The Mindful Living Show on SpiritFest TV. I am particularly interested in your views and feedback on this episode. I hope you enjoy it.
May 22, 2020
Mindful Economics with Henry Leveson-Gower
This episode of The Mindful Living Show focuses on the topic of “Mindful Economics” and I'm joined by Henry Leveson-Gower, CEO and Founder of the charity Promoting Economic Pluralism and Editor of economics publication, The Mint Magazine.  We discuss economic pluralism, circular economy and how businesses and government organisations can work in collaboration to co-create a sustainable future.   Economic Pluralism  The Mint Magazine 
May 21, 2020
Energy Management - a talk by Sonya Wilkins
Sonya Wilkins talks us through how to set personal boundaries, finding our vital energy and manage our energy bank account, as well as how to set great energy routines.  This is Episode 38 of The Mindful Living Show on SpiritFest TV Find out more about Sonya and her work   Sonya's quantum crystal healing course (with a special discount coupon for this podcast's listeners) which covers in more detail, many of the topics in this talk, can be found here
May 20, 2020
Ecopreneurship - an interview with Dr Niels Schneider
Ecopreneurship : Business Practices for a Sustainable Future is the new book by Dr Niels Schneider.  In this interview, Episode 37 of The Mindful Living Show, I talk to Dr Schneider about his research and he explains how entrepreneurs and business owners can develop Sustainability Driven Entrepreneurship.   For more details about Dr Schneider and the new book, visit his website 
May 19, 2020
The Power of Music - in conversation with Kizzy Morrell
In this episode I welcome Kizzy Morrell to The Mindful Living Show and discuss with her, the wonderful power of music, that has shaped and inspired her career, as well as Studio 7, her charity that brings young people into music. Kizzy Morrell has a worked alongside some of the worlds greatest artists including Prince, The Eurythmics, Take That, Aretha Franklin and Jocelyn Brown. Her wisdom and energy helps young people to focus on their talents the boundless possibilities of integrating music within their life. I hope you enjoy this episode.
May 18, 2020
Mindful UX with Ollie Francis
Is Mindful UX even a thing? In this insightful episode of The Mindful Living Show, I talk to Ollie Francis from UX consultancy Deckchair, about how we might bring mindfulness into the human experience of providing products, services and everything. This is a really thought provoking insight into the world of UX and how we should be considering Human Experience in all of our communications and customer journeys.
May 15, 2020
Rule of Thirds in Marketing Communications
I'm delighted to share that my Rule of Thirds (How to create exceptional digital marketing content) is now HIGHEST RATED in the digital marketing category on Udemy I'm so proud of this course and it really helps marketers, business owners and communicators to balance how they communicate, both in terms of creating and delivering a strategic marketing plan, but also at the same time as giving great value to customers. I hope you enjoy this short podcast and if you'd like to benefit from the HUGE discount that Udemy are giving on my course, to celebrate this HIGHEST RATED position, click here. 
May 14, 2020
Managing Reputation With Purpose
In this interview with Corporate Reputation specialist Jessica Whitcutt Fagan, we talk about higher purpose, chief executives' personal branding, the importance of authenticity and honesty and The New Normal and how to communicate within it. This is a fascinating insight into how best to develop and manage your business reputation in what is a new normal for us all. I hope you enjoy this episode, which features on The Mindful Living Show and The Mindful Collective YouTube Channel. For more details about my other shows and recent episodes, visit
May 13, 2020
Managing Stress - Taking The First Steps
In this podcast I talk to you about some interesting first steps in the art of managing stress. We explore basic concepts of enhancing your self awareness, self-listening and how to separate your inner world from the outer world. There are many facets involved in identifying and managing stress but these first steps are crucial to master in order to lead a balanced, happy, content and fulfilling life. I hope you enjoy this podcast and welcome your thoughts and feedback.
May 12, 2020
Being and Doing - How to Balance Yoga Practice
In this Episode 31 of The Mindful Living Show on SpiritFest TV, I talk to my yoga teacher Jonathan Cooksey about how to balance being and doing within yoga practice.  Jonathan has been teaching as a yoga teacher and PT instructor for 20 years and is well placed to guide us through the varied approaches to yoga as it becomes increasingly accessible and beneficial to everyone. You can contact Jonathan directly for more information about his online and studio classes.
May 11, 2020
Quantum Crystal Healing
It's episode 30 of The Mindful Living Show and today I sit in the garden with Sonya and we talk about her brand new online course Quantum Crystal Healing : Ignite Your Healing Potential. Listeners can enjoy a HUGE discount by clicking here to redeem Sonya's special coupon until 8 June 2020 Quantum crystal healing is a new form of healing that incorporates, quantum theory, heart coherence, law of attraction and intuitive selection of crystals based on your unique, individual needs. Sonya and I hope you enjoy this episode; for once, a conversation held in person, rather than by video conference.
May 08, 2020
Linkedin for Personal Branding and Business Development
Neil Wilkins and Tracy Bedwell from Sales Training International teach us all the latest best practice techniques for powering up your Linkedin personal profile and business page in 2020. There's never been a better time to increase the engagement with your communities, build communities, boost your influence and share your message. Top tips in this webinar recording include when and how much to post, a new feature in your personal profile, how to balance your content and why you need to emulate best practice pages. For more information about upcoming online Linkedin training programmes visit Sales Training International 
May 07, 2020
How To Green Your Business
Episode 28 of The Mindful Living Show, I talk to Eoin McQuone about the steps businesses can take to emerge from the current situation with better green credentials. Eoin has a 6 point plan to help businesses begin their journey and we discuss the value of considering sustainability and growth working hand in hand. There is a free online workshop hosted by Eoin on Tuesday 26 May between 2pm and 5pm and you can enrol here.
May 06, 2020
Reset Your Health
I am joined today on The Mindful Living Show by Catherine Rodgers, Founder of Reset Your Health. Catherine firmly believes that wellbeing comes from within, so I ask her how she came to focusing her life on human health and wellbeing. We talk in details about Reset Your Health - "your journey to a healthier body and happier mind". In essence it's based on the the power of research and evidence and can benefit a multitude of people with all kinds of ailments and diseases as well as those already healthy but seeking to become even more so. I'm interested to hear what you think and hope you enjoy this episode.
May 05, 2020
Self Leadership - an interview with Dan Stanley, Founder of Better Men
In this episode I talk about the fascinating subject of Self Leadership with Dan Stanley, Personal Performance Coach and Founder of Better Men. Dan helps us to develop more courage, more clarity, more purpose and more influence.  A lot of Dan’s work is driven by the principles held within the Stockdale Paradox, and as a Transformational Mindset Coach he uses a range of tools and techniques to help men to maintain a consistently high level of performance.   As we talk about self leadership, in these challenging times of change Dan shares a range of top performance tips?   To contact Dan:
May 04, 2020
Future Economy Network in conversation with Katherine Piper
I talk to Katherine Piper , Director of Future Economy Network as she shares with us her experience of the growth and development of one of the UK's largest green networks. Katherine talks about the variety of services, facilities and events that, combined, ensure she and her team are at the heart of a vibrant, sustainability-focused business environment.  If you are looking to create an engaged, online and real world community, the learnings that Katherine shares, will be invaluable for you. I hope you enjoy this episode.
May 01, 2020
How To Prioritise Your Time
In this short tutorial, I'll introduce you to 10 Principles of Successful Time Management and a fail safe technique for prioritising activities, projects and day to day living. If you are seeking ways to stop procrastinating or perhaps simply to get ideas for how to live your time more mindfully and to create great mindful living habits, then this podcast is well worth a listen. I hope you enjoy it. This episode is 24 in The Mindful Living Show on SpiritFestTV
April 30, 2020
Animal Healing with Rachel Bolton
Rachel works specifically with Dogs, Horses and Cats but has been known to help an array of other animals as well. Her approach to wellbeing is safe, nurturing and all-encompassing. She works to heal the body, mind and spirit by raising the energetic frequency of whoever she is working with. for animal healing, nutrition, advice, workshops and guidance. This podcast is episode 22 of The Mindful Living Show
April 28, 2020
Mindful Financial Services
In this interview, titled Mindful Financial Services, we hear from Brendan Llewellyn, Strategic Consultant to the Financial Services Sector. Brendan has been actively consulting and leading at senior levels for over 20 years and has a strong business ethic, which we’ll hear about. Brendan regularly writes for the trade papers, on a wide range of issues and topics, so who better to discuss with us, the shape of the financial services industry and how it might look very different, some say, more mindful, on the other side of the current situation. Today we will be discussing the topic of “ ‘More’ Mindful Financial Services”, as we explore how the financial services industry needs to rethink/re-imagine itself to keep up with the growing tide of mindful businesses and the potential for a new economic paradigm. Many economists and commentators are research, forecasting and predicting what might happen and of course, nobody knows, in these unprecedented times. So we discuss a range of topics and delve into how mindfulness might pervade a new paradigm in the industry, which has until now, been very much based purely upon financial returns. It’s very interesting to hear an insider’s perspective on what has the potential to be a fascinatingly different industry on the other side of COVID-19 and how this will impact on us all.
April 27, 2020
The Jackfruit Company
Episode 20 of The Mindful Living Show in which I talk to Adrian Beale, Co-Founder of Buckley & Beale, speciality food importers and distributors, about the latest hot product in the food industry, Jackfruit. As Adrian explains, Jackfruit is a whole food, plant-based solution that offers an inherently meaty texture. Unlike many meat-alternative products, which are highly processed and require all the additional resources that involves, jackfruit is a natural, whole food option. It is perfect for replacing meat to create delicious meals. Adrian introduces us to The Jackfruit Company who are building ethical and sustainable jackfruit supply chains to introduce this miracle crop to the world.
April 24, 2020
Digital Wellbeing with Dr Heidi Forbes Oste
Digital technologies can have a significant impact on our physiology and our emotional and mental wellbeing. In this fascinating conversation with Behavioural Scientist, Dr Heidi Forbes Oste, we discuss how to avoid technology toxicity and to embrace and balance digital technologies in life and work.  You can enjoy more from Heidi through her podcasts: Evolving Digital Self Global Nomad Hacks
April 24, 2020
Introducing Life Map by Neya®
In this episode I talk you through an introduction to Life Map by Neya® which is one key model in Sonya and my, Back to Your Roots online course. This immersive course is designed to help you find a solid foundation from which you can manifest your dream life.  Maximise your wellbeing and self awareness through this fascinating short online course.
April 22, 2020
Mindful Leadership with Kate Strong
In this episode, I talk to Kate Strong about Mindful Leadership and where business leaders can focus holistically on their people. In these testing times it has never been more important to get it right and Kate has a wealth of ideas that she shares to help you empower, engage with, and keep your people happy and motivated. This is Episode 17 of The Mindful Living Show
April 21, 2020
Ikigai - A Reason For Being
Ikigai is a Japanese concept which helps you find, define and live by your reason for being. This is such a powerful concept because, as you'll hear, it helps you do what you love, what the world needs, what your good at and what you can be paid for. Paul Skuse is a successful entrepreneur and has been using the concept of Ikigai for many years. As I talk to him about Ikigai, it emerges that he didn't find it, the concept found him. I hope you enjoy this episode 16 of The Mindful Living Show and if you would like help or guidance about finding your own Ikigai, do get in touch.
April 20, 2020
Email Marketing Tips for 2020
Pure marketing in this episode of the Neil Wilkins Podcast as I explore some of the widely researched top tips for 2020 in email marketing. Email marketing is experiencing a renaissance at the moment and is a very useful tool for the digital marketing armoury. Let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy this episode.
April 20, 2020
Business Beyond COVID-19
Episode 15 of The Mindful Living Show and today I talk to branding guru, Graham Hall, about what businesses might look like on the other side of the Coronavirus lockdown. Marketing, sales, strategy and decision making are all being impacted and will continue to be impacted by choices that we all make today.  I am very interested to hear your views about the topics we discuss, so please get in touch. I hope you enjoy this conversation.
April 17, 2020
Smoothies and Hydration
A morning smoothie, backed up with hydration throughout the day, is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to fuel. My day starts with a green smoothie (recipe included) and then steady hydration throughout the day. The research shows that by balancing great nutrition and hydration, we stand a chance of being in the best physical, emotional and mental condition. See what you think and I'd love to hear how you balance your day? This is Episode 14 of The Mindful Living Show, my daily update and interviews about all things mindful, in life and work.
April 16, 2020
Learning to Love
I am delighted to share with you a conversation with my great friend Sabina Rademacher, who has made it her life goal, to empower people with love at the heart of everything.  Sabina is a love and relationships coach, who helps people to find their own inner power, strength and wisdom by asking questions, such as “Do you long for a real connection with others but there seems to be a failure or gap in the communication?” “Do you feel like you are not being respected, appreciated or not truly loved for who you really are?” “Does it feel that you can’t step into your own power?”   This interview is episode 12 of The Mindful Living Show on I hope you enjoy it.
April 14, 2020
Re-imagining Philanthropy and Investment
I am excited to share this interview with you as I talk to Gary Shearer, the CEO of the philanthropic family organisation, The Saville Foundation. Gary shares with us how The Saville Foundation are working on projects across the world to re-imagine philanthropy and how businesses could and should invest mindfully. By placing people development and growth at the heart of everything, Gary is realising some of the most incredible projects. For more details, please read the supporting article I wrote. I hope you enjoy this, Episode 11 of The Mindful Living Show.
April 13, 2020
SIMPLE Morning Routine for Health and Wellbeing
Get up every day on the right side of the bed, by creating a simple morning routine for optimum health and wellbeing. My morning habits are SIMPLE. Based on six behaviours: stretching, intention setting, meditation, protection, Life Map by Neya® and Energy. I am not saying this is the only way to set your day up, but I hope it will give you some ideas that might set you off with a great start. I'll be sharing more details as I launch this programme later in the Spring. For now, I hope you enjoy this episode of The Mindful Living Show.
April 10, 2020
Putting Purpose Before Profit
I revisit an interview with Sam Roberts, CEO of cafe chain, Boston Tea Party, who took the bold and mindful decision to place their higher purpose over their profit. As we hear, there was an in initial financial hit, directly as a result of this decision. Very quickly the brand equity and loyalty far out-performed their expectations. Watch the video of this interview.
April 09, 2020
Living an Uncompromised Life
In this interview with World Champion Triathlete, Kate Strong, we explore how people can become more self aware, awake and able to lead an uncompromised life. With a host of awesome achievements and plans for more more adventures in her life, Kate shares her journey to date and inspires us to dig deeper, think wider and live from the heart. This will be a valuable half an hour of your life, that could make you think very differently about your world. I hope you enjoy this episode of The Mindful Living Show.
April 08, 2020
The Value of Value in Business
In this episode, I interview Dr Victoria Hurth, Visiting Fellow at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. We talk about topics as broad as the new marketing paradigm, evolved value and responsibilities of business in the new emerging value-driven world. At the core of our conversation is the thread that business leaders and marketers need to figure out the value of value in their organisation to provide sustainable benefits to themselves and their stakeholders. We will be sharing more thoughts and insights through The Mindful Collective. Let me know what you think of this episode and I hope you enjoy it.
April 07, 2020
Mindful Energy Management in Business
In this episode of The Mindful Living Show, I talk to David Eynon, Associate Director of ETS Energy Management about the topic of mindful energy management in business. David and his business have observed some fascinating trends and opportunities for businesses to optimise their energy consumption. We talk through drivers, from legislation and enforcement to the potential for businesses to take a commercial lead in their sector, to support their growth. Find out more about ETS Energy
April 06, 2020
Marketing Surgery and Q&A
In today's episode I host a Marketing Surgery and Q&A for Cambridge Marketing College and I kept the recording button on when answering various questions and setting the scene for the amazing marketing opportunity we are all currently facing. How we adapt for our businesses, brands and personally, will shape our future going forward to here's the chance to seize the moment and reflect on your strengths, gaps, knowledge and values. I'd love to know what you think.
April 03, 2020
MindHarp Interview With Stewart Redpath
I am joined in this episode of the Mindful Living Show by Stewart Redpath, Founder of Mindharp, a fascinating, interactive music app. MindHarp is described as an intuitive, interactive and immersive experience and as Stewart explains, in the current situation it has a multitude of wellbeing benefits for those who use it. "Playing the MindHarp is a deeply rewarding activity. It requires no musical knowledge or skill. If you can tap your finger, you can play the MindHarp" Read more and download from the App Store.  This podcast is episode 4 of The Mindful Living Show
April 02, 2020
Interview with Professor Martin Parker of Bristol Inclusive Economy Initiative
In this episode of the Mindful Living Show, I am joined by Professor Martin Parker, Lead at Bristol Inclusive Economy Initiative. Martin's role at Bristol University explores how to bring the academic and commercial worlds together to deliver a more sustainable future. We explore purpose, business value, challenges of sustainability projects, creating a local supply chain and more. Mindful Businesses now have an opportunity to take their first or continued steps to prepare for a sustainable future, both economically and ethically. Martin is the author of Shut Down The Business School : what's wrong with management education.
March 31, 2020
The Mindful Living Show PILOT
The Mindful Living Show PILOT is the pre-cursor to a regular mindful business and mindful living TV show on SpiritFestTV, a brand new online television channel for the new paradigm. Visit for the LIVE TV player and to watch episodes on catch-up. If you have any ideas for upcoming shows or you'd like to showcase your business or mindful living experience, please get in touch.
March 30, 2020
Working From Home Top Tips
In this short webinar I share what I have learned over 20 years of working remotely. These home working top tips include: Normal Morning Routine, Accept Flexible Working, Create Workspaces, Chunk Your Time, Set Boundaries, Working with Children, Prioritise Your Priorities, Balance Contact And Distance, Video Calls, Great Remote Teamwork, Share Best Practice, Finish Your Working Day. I hope you find this useful and if you need some tech to help you on your way, and further tips, here's some support from Poly
March 26, 2020
How To Use Your Brand To Pivot And Market More Effectively
In these challenging times, there's never been a better opportunity to understand how and where you can use the power of your brand to develop new and relevant products, perhaps pivot your entire proposition, and to engage your staff to deliver consistent and relevant services. In this brand marketing webinar, Neil Wilkins explores many of the core components of a brand and gives some examples of best practice and how well known brands use their brand equity and identities to maximise their marketing opportunities.
March 23, 2020
Share Your Gifts Through This Difficult Time
If we all share the special gifts we have to offer, then as a community (business, personal, local, national) we will all benefit from the journey over the coming weeks and months. You might have some experience and wisdom that would benefit others #shareit You might have a skill or time that you can offer #shareit Whatever you can offer, please do... Together we will benefit from this experience rather than have to endure it. I will be offering some free webinars and online workshops over the coming weeks, beginning on Thursday 26th March with "Home Working Top Tips", drawing from my 20 years as a digital nomad. If that helps you transition from office working to home working, that'll be great.  If you have a gift to offer and you'd like me to share it with my social networks, just let me know.
March 19, 2020
Instagram Tips For 2020 Roundtable Discussion
If you want to know how to grow your Instagram account, how best to use it for campaigns, competitions and polls, then listen to this informative roundtable discussion with brands as varied as Just Eat and Norwich City FC.  Instagram can play a significant part in your digital marketing armoury if you know how best to plan and execute with it. This podcast contains a number of top tips for 2020. This podcast episode comes courtesy of Cambridge Marketing College apprentices.
February 25, 2020
Marketing Key Performance Indicators
Having a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) that give you early warning of unexpected performance of your most critical success factors, ensures you keep control of your business and marketing performance. In this webinar recording I help you to uncover what to measure and watch from the myriad of things you could track.  Watch the video
February 21, 2020
Social Media Trends 2020
In this 'fly on the wall' glimpse into a recent digital marketing workshop, I talk about some of the most significant social media trends in 2020. These include the power of micro-influencers and the importance of including your stance on sustainability and ethics. There's lots more in this short burst of important considerations when you plan your digital content strategy and even your next tweet. I hope you enjoy.
February 14, 2020
A Rising Tide Will Lift All Boats
A Rising Tide Will Lift All Boats : quote from New England Council and attributed widely to John F Kennedy. This is a wonderful quote when applied to self awareness and personal development because it reminds us we can take accountability for how we think and behave around others. Positive thoughts and behaviours will lift others and encourage them to follow suit. Negative thoughts and behaviours will of course have the opposite effect. Spend a little time today to think about how you impact those around you and the subsequent effect this has on you.
February 05, 2020
What is Meditation
I have been experimenting with various forms of self hypnosis, progressive relaxation and meditation techniques for the last 40 years and have recently come to the realisation that these things are not about visualisation, self coaching or in fact, anything that relates to doing. Meditation to me is about being, rather than doing. All of these other techniques are very much about doing but meditation in its truest sense is simply about being; finding the beautiful neutral nothingness but everythingness, inside. Let me know what you think...
February 02, 2020
Market Research Tools 2020
A webinar (sorry about the poor sound quality on this episode) introducing you to the vast array of market research tools and how to use them in strategic and tactical marketing. To watch the presentation that accompanied this podcast, watch on YouTube
January 29, 2020
What is your Moral Obligation?
We know that every person and every business should be committed to reversing climate change, behaving ethically and sustainably, so why are very few of us taking action? Is it a case of 'it's not my problem', or perhaps 'what difference can I make'? The answer is that each and every one of us, be it personally or in our business, has a moral obligation to share the value we have to offer. Here I begin to make my case in a subject that I'll be discussing a lot in the coming months. Let me know what you think.
January 28, 2020
Future Economy Network : A New Definition For Business Development
Emerging generations are calling into question the traditional ways we do business which has historically focused on profit generation to the detriment of everything else. They rightly want to know what’s in it for them. They want to associate with brands that are serving delivering real value and operating to a higher purpose, are sustainable, ethical and mindful in everything they do.  In this talk at the Future Economy Network I talk about how you can redefine your business and why it will have a powerful impact on your future strategy. I share a new business development and marketing mix : Product, People, Process, Profit and the elements to focus on that will help you make it a reality.
January 16, 2020
The Power of Linkedin in 2020
There's never been a better time to optimise your Linkedin profile and feed it with current, relevant and informed content. In this video I share some of the current best practice to help you fuel your Linkedin activities. Shared in association with Sales Training International 
January 09, 2020
The Art of Body Language
Here's an interesting attempt to convey the art of body language (a very visual thing) by way of a podcast (a very audible thing). But let's try. Enjoy some interesting ideas about body mirroring, posture and stance, eye movement and my personal favourite, hand positions. If you are intrigued to see more then visit to see some images that support this fascinating subject and some of the visual things I refer to in this talk which I gave on behalf of Sales Training International.
January 09, 2020
Social Marketing is not Social Media Marketing
In this episode of a webinar I gave to a group of marketers, I explain how the term social marketing has been increasingly misunderstood at all levels. Social marketing is all about encouraging behaviour change (for social good) and not simply about using social networks for your marketing.  Have a listen and see what you can take from some well established methods of social marketing, whatever you are trying to communicate to your audience or customers.
December 16, 2019
Interview with Dave Rotheroe, Founder of Viral by Design
In this episode I interview Dave Rotheroe, Founder of Viral by Design. Dave is a serial entrepreneur and grows his own and client businesses by formulaic marketing. Dave shares how creating a formula within a business for how to market to customers most effectively, and then replicating this success, is the best way to drive your business growth. If you are growing your business in 2020 this episode will be highly valuable to you.
December 02, 2019
Doing The Right Thing, Is Always The Right Thing
We don't need evidence, other's opinions, facts or support making decisions, because doing the right thing is always the right thing. I'm learning and practicing how to make decisions from my heart rather than always through my mind and I'm finding this approach has a really positive impact on people and situations around me. I'd love to hear how you find it if you practice this technique, because doing the right thing, is always the right thing.
November 19, 2019
Leading by Evidence, Leading by Example
For success in business in 2020 it's vital we are leading by evidence and leading by example. In this podcast, a recording of a webinar I delivered to a group of marketers, I talk about the things you can do to create a balanced self development plan incorporating technical skills and appropriate behaviours. It's all about developing and practicing great daily habits. Let me know what you think.
November 08, 2019
Would You Like To Be Interviewed?
Would you like to be interviewed by me on the Neil Wilkins Podcast ? Or perhaps you'd like us to record a 'fireside chat' style conversation about a particular topic that you feel would be of interest to the world. This is an open invitation to be part of my podcast, either before Christmas or in the schedule of interviews in a new program through 2020. Simply reply or DM me or email me at  I am also offering a Linkedin LIVE Q&A on all things marketing planning for 2020. This will be live next week and I'll be sharing the day and time with you early next week. Again if you have any questions now or in advance that you'd like me to answer, or if you want to turn up and ask in the live session, keep those questions coming... 
November 01, 2019
Build Self Esteem Not Delusion
A brilliant quote from Gary Vaynerchuk in a recent podcast made me think about how we can apply the building of self esteem in others by applying context, reality and capability, rather than over optimism to the point of delusion. In this short podcast, I reflect on how it is far better to help others become more self aware and motivated than it is setting false hope. Let me know what you think.
October 21, 2019
Take The Stress Out Of Your Project
If you are starting your weekend feeling stressed because of a project which maybe isn't flowing or people working in it are not performing. I have a little technique which might put your mind into a better space and help you to focus on what's really important in your project. I call it the 8 Ss of Project Management. In this short podcast I will tell you about the 8 elements and I'd love to hear if this helps you.
October 11, 2019
Marketing Project Management
In this podcast (apologies for the not-so-great sound quality), I share my Project Management 8Ss checklist. I hope this will ensure you catch everything you need to do as you execute an exceptional next project. Scenario - project context and need Stakeholders - direct and indirect stakeholders Strategy - priority and ultimate value Setting - critical path, key performance indicators Software - management and reporting Staff - skills balance, culture and communication Statements - meetings and reporting Solutions - analytics, handover and legacy
October 09, 2019
Apple Podcasts Start Today
Apple Podcasts are here and you should start today, to embrace this exciting marketing channel. Earlier this year I predicted that audio (and podcasts specifically) would be a key marketing tool you should focus on. Did you listen?  If you did, then you'll already be seeing great ROI from this free marketing content channel. If you didn't, then today, with the launch of Mac OS Catalina, is the day to begin creating and distributing audio content in the form of podcasts.
October 08, 2019
Driving Digital Experience
We are all providing a digital customer experience if we are marketing a product, service or brand. This happens whether we are thinking about it or not. The most effective marketers and the businesses that have long term customer relationships with highest value to both customer and the business, are those who are driving digital experience. In other words, they are considering the channels, content, tone of voice and authenticity of everything they communicate.  I would like to share with you an output from a fascinating discussion I had with a number of marketers studying for their professional qualifications.  Thanks to Cheryl Waring, Beth Pollard and Karen Vicker-Craddock for their ideas and inputs to this podcast.
October 07, 2019
Life Map by Neya First Event
I will be taking Life Map by Neya to the Taster Day in association with Bristol Spiritual Collective, in Bristol on Saturday 16th November. This is your first opportunity to experience Life Map by Neya and learn how it can help you to craft the life you desire. The Taster Day will also feature Sonya's Energy Routines as well as tai chi, meditation, sound baths and more. Visit the event Facebook page for full details and to book your tickets.
October 04, 2019
At A Crossroads? Here's What You Can Do About It
If you are at a crossroads, here's what you can do about it. Sonya and I discuss how we have observed that many people on, or considering, the Back to Your Roots (introducing Life Map by Neya) online course, are at a career, relationship or life crossroads. Crossroads are both exciting and daunting in equal measure. They can provide both opportunities and challenges. We believe the best way forward is to understand the context and life decisions and influences that brought you to the crossroads. Visit to learn more.
September 28, 2019
Mindful Collective Update
In this episode I give you a 'fly on the wall' glimpse of what went on behind the scenes today in our workshop with EVF. The sound quality is not great but I hope you will get a feel for some of the exciting developments in how we are creating the Mindful Business Model and now positioning Purpose at the heart of the organisation framework for successful businesses of the future. We have moved Product up a level to its own position in the new marketing mix and have ensured that value creation is front of mind for marketers in their role both strategically and tactically. Let me know what you think at
September 25, 2019
Why Mindful Business Is So Hard
Creating or developing a mindful business is so hard to do. We all want to be part of an ethical and sustainable business that's working towards a higher purpose, but only a few of us are willing to put in the hard yards to make it happen. Why is this? I talked to a multi-national company today who by their own admittance are completely product-focused. The consequence of this is that they speak a completely different language to that required to even begin the mindful business journey. But there could be a way to crack this tough challenge. Listen to my podcast and see if you agree.
September 24, 2019
Process Improvement and AI
I was asked to share my thoughts on how to identify, prioritise and begin to understand what processes a business might focus on improving. The conversation then evolved into how AImight add value to process improvement rather than become a threat to staff. I shared my view that I see AI as an opportunity to rid ourselves of the mundane to free up time to add value as intuitive and mindful humans.
September 21, 2019
Digital Analytics 2020
If you are doing anything online you need to understand what's working and what's not as you build your digital profile through 2020. In this webinar I split out the three levels of digital analytics and give you some example tools you can use to ensure you listen and watch what's most important to achieve your goals. It's all about the Return on Investment of your time, budget and energy, and digital analytics has a great place in your marketing armoury as you become more and more efficient online.
September 20, 2019
Everything You Perceive Is Within You
The beautiful thing about the simple fact that everything is within you, is that this gives you choice. You have ultimate choice about how you react and experience everything you encounter in your life. The moment you realise and begin to work with this understanding you can take control over external situations, people and scenarios and choose how little or how much you will internalise them. In this short podcast, I want to remind you of this simple yet profound component of mindful living.
September 18, 2019
How I Define Mindful Living
This is a really important episode for me because I share how I define mindful living. It's not about empty, positive-thinking, motivational hype. Mindful living is a strategic and practical mindset that allows you to take focused steps in your life journey. This is why Sonya and I are creating Life Map by Neya. Join us in the first online course that introduces you to Life Map by Neya and take the first steps to becoming the best version of you. Visit for more details and to sign-up 
September 09, 2019
Journaling for Work and Life
Journaling is a technique you can use for work and in living a mindful life. It's a fascinating, immersive and very personal experience. In this episode of the Neil Wilkins Podcast you will learn that there is no right or wrong way to journal. It is a matter of flowing and enjoying the experience of reflection, mindfulness and capturing both practical and emotional things you encounter in your life. For more details, visit
September 05, 2019
How to Plan a Marketing Launch
As I start the planning for the release of the first Neya Mindful Living online workshop, I thought I’d share how to plan a marketing launch. Using simply a flip chart and sticky notes, I guide you through the example of how to create a launch marketing plan within an hour, capturing everything you need […] The post How to Plan a Marketing Launch appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
August 28, 2019
Marketing 2020 Linkedin Organic Content
Linkedin organic content in 2020 may be the next big thing in social media. Have you noticed over the last six months that you are becoming deluged by spam inMail and unwelcome sales messages and connection requests each time you log into Linkedin? You are not alone. Linkedin is THE hot spot in social media […] The post Marketing 2020 Linkedin Organic Content appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
August 22, 2019
How To Prioritise Stakeholders
Cameron Forsyth has given me this blog idea “How to Prioritise Stakeholders” and I thought it would be useful to share my answer to his question. Who are your stakeholders? They are everyone who has a vested interest in how your organisation performs They have very different perspectives They pull in different directions When you […] The post How To Prioritise Stakeholders appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
August 21, 2019
Digital Advertising in 2020
Digital Advertising in 2020 is all about getting best Return on Investment (ROI) from your precious marketing budget. You have a choice when you consider digital advertising because often, with careful planning, you can achieve the same end results by creating or curating organic content. With the proliferation of social media and website advertising opportunities […] The post Digital Advertising in 2020 appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
August 20, 2019
How to Mindfully Prioritise a Busy Day
In this latest Neil Wilkins Podcast, Neil shares an experience with a client where he helped them to mindfully prioritise a busy day. Neil guides us through a simple but powerful process, using the criteria, strategic importance and urgency. This process can help you make valuable priority decisions, especially when people are demanding a lot […] The post How to Mindfully Prioritise a Busy Day appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
August 14, 2019
How to Stretch Time
We all wonder how to stretch time. We’ve 24 hours available in every day and yet some people feel they are busier than others. Many people also believe that they will never complete everything they set out to complete. Time is our most precious asset and yet it often feels as though we never have […] The post How to Stretch Time appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
August 02, 2019
Marketing 2020 Webinar
What is coming in marketing in 2020? Watch Again the full webinar Here are some brief answers to just some of the questions included in this webinar with a group of UK marketing apprentices from a variety of sectors. What’s the best way to grow Instagram as a marketing channel? IGTV appears to be a […] The post Marketing 2020 Webinar appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
July 26, 2019
The Value Of Time In Your Marketing Messages
The value of time in your marketing messages may reach an all time high in 2020. Over recent years we have seen an increased importance in influencers, social media attention and audio content. In 2020, Neil predicts that time will be one of, if not the, most important assets your customer has. If you can […] The post The Value Of Time In Your Marketing Messages appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
July 22, 2019
Mindful Collective Visualization Tool Explained
Mindful Collective Visualization Tool, a brand new ethics and sustainability online indexing tool is explained by Co-Founder, Neil Wilkins. The Mindful Collective have developed this visualization tool to help businesses begin their journey towards being more ethical and sustainable. As Neil explains, the tool utilises on screen sliders to record perceptions of where a business […] The post Mindful Collective Visualization Tool Explained appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
June 24, 2019
How To Avoid Personal Sabotage
How to avoid Personal or Self Sabotage is an innate need that affects every one of us. In this webinar, Neil and Sonya Wilkins share techniques and tips for how to identify when and where you self-sabotage. They also help you to understand what you can do about it. Listen to the Podcast Watch Again […] The post How To Avoid Personal Sabotage appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
June 21, 2019
How To Win At Content Marketing
How to win at content marketing is a valuable hour spent considering the core building blocks to create exceptional marketing content. Learn how to embrace the Rule of Thirds at the same time. Balance paid, owned and earned media in your choice of channels. Consider whether to create, curate or document as you build your […] The post How To Win At Content Marketing appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
June 14, 2019
Sustainable New Marketing Mix
A sustainable new marketing mix for a new generation was the title of this keynote I gave, with Joe Pereira, to a CIM Senior Marketers event in Bristol. Introducing and testing out the thinking behind The Mindful Collective, we took the audience through a focused presentation of the challenges and opportunities presented by redefining the […] The post Sustainable New Marketing Mix appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
June 05, 2019
Product Lifecycle and Marketing Communications
Integrating product lifecycle and marketing communications is something I am playing with at the moment to help my clients focus. The concept is simple, yet potentially really powerful. The idea is to match the lifecycle stage of your brand, product or service with the most likely customers who will be interested at that stage. These […] The post Product Lifecycle and Marketing Communications appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
May 21, 2019
Thought Leadership Explained
Thought leadership is a strategic marketing approach that can really drive forward your personal profile or business brand. However there are lots of ways you can be a thought leader. In this short podcast, Neil Wilkins talks about the three styles of thought leadership and how you can grow your online and offline presence by […] The post Thought Leadership Explained appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
May 16, 2019
Interview with Sam Roberts Boston Tea Party
I am delighted to recently have conducted an interview with Sam Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder of Boston Tea Party, the first cafe chain to ban single use cups. This decision has significantly impacted Boston Tea Party sales revenue but as Sam describes, this is a small price to play for ethical long term strategic growth. […] The post Interview with Sam Roberts Boston Tea Party appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
May 05, 2019
Introducing The Art of Transformative Living Programme
The first workshop in The Art of Transformative Living programme starts on 28th and 29th June. Neil and Sonya introduce the programme, what’s involved and share why it’s so important to them personally. Subscribe to the Neil Wilkins Podcast on iTunes and your other favourite podcast services. The post Introducing The Art of Transformative Living Programme appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
April 29, 2019
Mindful Reinvestment Is The New CSR
I believe that mindful reinvestment in your business is the new CSR. This is a conversation I have just enjoyed with Cambridge Marketing College Founder and Chairman, Charles Nixon. We talked about how a business can best start to think about developing more mindfulness. This might take the form of improved sustainability, a focus on […] The post Mindful Reinvestment Is The New CSR appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
April 03, 2019
Is Positivity Really Good For You?
Neil discusses if positivity might be limiting your personal development and growth on your life journey? Neil argues that by trying to turn every challenge, issue or negative scenario into a positive, we might be denying ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow. Mindfulness comes from experiencing the balance between positive and negative. Subscribe to […] The post Is Positivity Really Good For You? appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
April 02, 2019
Conditional Happiness
Conditional Happiness is a trap into which we all often fall. The definition of conditional happiness is the reliance on external outcomes for the regulation of how we feel. It really doesn’t make sense to live a life based on a need for things to work out just the way we plan them. The risk […] The post Conditional Happiness appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
March 05, 2019
Awaken the Potential in your Business
In this keynote, that launched the start of the Ethical Digital 2019 Series, Neil Wilkins talked about how to use digital marketing and social media, customer personas, customer journey and a balanced content strategy to awaken the potential in your business. A key element of the talk was doing business ethically and sustainably and using […] The post Awaken the Potential in your Business appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
February 21, 2019
Taking Control and Making a Choice
Taking control and making a choice are at the heart of a happy and fulfilled life. In this short podcast Neil Wilkins explores why it’s important to think of what you need before that of others. Learning to say no will benefit both you and those around you. Happiness and control in your life comes […] The post Taking Control and Making a Choice appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
February 18, 2019
Neil Wilkins through MBTI part 2
Get to know Neil better by listening to his Myers Briggs Type Indicator, step 2 report and interpretation. In part 2 of this recording, hosted by MBTI Consultant Sonya Wilkins, his preferences and behaviours are revealed. #selfawareness The post Neil Wilkins through MBTI part 2 appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
February 03, 2019
Neil Wilkins through MBTI
Get to know Neil better by listening to his Myers Briggs Type Indicator, step 2 report and interpretation. In part 1 of this recording, hosted by MBTI Consultant Sonya Wilkins, his preferences and behaviours are revealed. #selfawareness The post Neil Wilkins through MBTI appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
February 03, 2019
How To Create A Mastermind Group
Neil and Sonya (Neya) talk about how to create a mastermind group to help you develop personally. This podcast will also help you to develop your business. A concept developed originally by Napoleon Hill and used by countless successful and happy people. Watch the Video of this Podcast at Subscribe to Neil Wilkins Podcast The post How To Create A Mastermind Group appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
January 30, 2019
Marketing Trends Workshop 2019
An audio clip from a marketing trends workshop 2019, helping digital marketing and social media planning in the context of movements and opportunities from the market place. Many of the marketing trends we experience either as marketers or as consumers, are not specific to any sector but apply to us all. We might in this […] The post Marketing Trends Workshop 2019 appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
January 29, 2019
Macro Patience and Micro Speed
Gary Vee talks about practicing macro patience (with your strategy) and micro speed (with your day to day activities. Never has this been more important than practicing patience when you feel drawn to monetise your audience by selling your products and services to them. In this podcast, Neil talks about the pressures you can feel […] The post Macro Patience and Micro Speed appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
January 24, 2019
Introducing Mindful Neya
Neil and Sonya Wilkins introduce you to a brand new venture: Neya Workshops, podcasts, live videos, courses and retreats, bringing you the best thinking and interviews to develop your mindfulness, self-awareness and communication >> Visit for more details Subscribe to Neil Wilkins Podcast The post Introducing Mindful Neya appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
January 22, 2019
How To Blog And Keep Blogging
How to blog and keep blogging can be a big challenge for everyone placing their blog at the heart of their content strategy. Advertising and traditional methods of getting and sustaining the attention of your target audience are no longer the most efficient and effective ways of building that essential trust and engagement in the […] The post How To Blog And Keep Blogging appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
December 19, 2018
Digital 2018 Live : Episode 12 : Innovate and Leave a Legacy
Innovate and Leave a Legacy. In the last episode of the series, Neil Wilkins shares the importance of innovation and leaving a legacy in strategic digital marketing and social media planning. The Digital 2018 Live series has covered 12 vital elements in creating, delivering and measuring a successful digital marketing and social media year and […] The post Digital 2018 Live : Episode 12 : Innovate and Leave a Legacy appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
December 06, 2018
Digital 2018 Live : Episode 11 : How to turn information into intelligence
How to make better decisions in business : In this podcast, Neil Wilkins shares tips and tools for turning information into intelligence to inform better decision making in your business. In this Episode 11 of the 12 episode Digital 2018 Live series, Neil explores the reasons why simply collecting data and analytics isn’t enough in […] The post Digital 2018 Live : Episode 11 : How to turn information into intelligence appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
November 20, 2018
Personal Branding Podcast – part 1
Personal Branding Podcast is part 1 of a short series of interviews with friends and colleagues who are also on a journey of understanding how their personal brand forms part of the services they offer to customers and clients. If you are the face of your business, run social media activities, or are customer facing, […] The post Personal Branding Podcast – part 1 appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
October 31, 2018
Digital 2018 Live : Episode 10 : Listening
Listening and learning from your digital marketing and social media performance is key to continuous improvement and maximising the value from your social network and website. In this Episode 10 of the Digital 2018 Live series, Neil Wilkins talks us through the three essential levels of listening and guides us towards some simple ways of […] The post Digital 2018 Live : Episode 10 : Listening appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
October 19, 2018
Digital 2018 Live : Episode 9 : Digital Campaigns
Neil Wilkins explains the three different types of digital media and how to balance them in your digital campaigns for events, new product launches and when you are looking to break into a new marketplace. This is Episode 9 of the Digital 2018 Live podcast series, exploring the twelve building blocks of effective digital marketing, […] The post Digital 2018 Live : Episode 9 : Digital Campaigns appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
September 24, 2018
Digital 2018 Live : Episode 8 : Social Media
In episode 8 of the Digital 2018 Live series, Neil Wilkins shares some ideas about how to position your social networking in your business for best value. Sometimes it’s about being reactive as well as proactive and everyone involved needs guidelines… subscribe and listen on iTunes to hear more…   The post Digital 2018 Live : Episode 8 : Social Media appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
August 22, 2018
Creating a more Mindful Business
Neil warns about the perils of ignoring the surge of new generation decision makers and consumers. Millennials who are looking for products, services and employers who resonate with their personal values. The old business model and marketing paradigms are dead and there is now a huge value in creating a more mindful business that balances […] The post Creating a more Mindful Business appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
August 22, 2018
Digital 2018 Live : Episode 7 : Websites
In this Episode 7 of the Digital 2018 Live series of Podcasts, Neil Wilkins shares the current best practice in creating website focus and content that not only brings more the right visitors to your website but engages them and takes them on a real journey of value and keeps them coming back for more. […] The post Digital 2018 Live : Episode 7 : Websites appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
July 20, 2018
How Much Business Are You Losing?
If you haven’t yet plotted both a Proactive and a Reactive Customer Journey for your business you could be missing a wealth of sales and profits. The likelihood is that right now, you probably don’t know how much! With my colleagues at Viper Marketing I have developed an updated version of our Customer Journey marketing […] The post How Much Business Are You Losing? appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
June 21, 2018
Digital 2018 Live : Episode 6 : Content Strategy
In this podcast episode, Neil Wilkins talks us through the digital marketing Rule of Thirds, the importance of becoming current, relevant and informed, in the eyes of the target customer and the four types of content: creation, curation, documentation and story-telling. It’s all about understanding the value you add to your customers’ world, over and […] The post Digital 2018 Live : Episode 6 : Content Strategy appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
June 19, 2018
Digital 2018 Live : Episode 5 : How To Plot Your Customer Journey
How to Plot Your Customer Journey is the 5th episode in the Digital 2018 Live podcast series by Neil Wilkins, taking us step by step through the stages of planning you need to ensure your customers’ experience delivers what you and they both need. The three stages of awareness, conversion and retention are described in […] The post Digital 2018 Live : Episode 5 : How To Plot Your Customer Journey appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
May 23, 2018
Why You Need A Personal Vision
A personal vision can differentiate you from others, help you to cut through the noise of everyday life, help secure that ideal next role in your career journey and give you purpose and direction, each and every day. I recorded a presentation I gave to a CIM Conference in Southampton as I talked through what […] The post Why You Need A Personal Vision appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
May 18, 2018
Impact: The Key To Communications
Impact is defined as “having a marked effect or influence on someone” (verb). As a noun it is often said to be “the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another.” (noun). Whichever definition resonates better with you, the message is clear, that there is nothing more important in effective communications than impact. […] The post Impact: The Key To Communications appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
May 01, 2018
How to start to use Google Analytics
I often see people too daunted by the wall of data to use Google Analytics with confidence. For this reason I have decided to summarise the key things to look for to help you to understand, at a beginners level, some of the most important things that are happening in your website. This is a […] The post How to start to use Google Analytics appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
April 27, 2018
Digital 2018 Live : Episode 4 : Customer Personas
In Episode 4 of the Digital 2018 Live podcast series, I talk you through the importance of customer personas. Personas takes your marketing way beyond the bland ‘customer segmentation’ and ‘demographics’ approaches of old and deep into the minds and lives of your ideal target customer. Customer persona marketing considers a day in the life […] The post Digital 2018 Live : Episode 4 : Customer Personas appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
April 17, 2018
Digital 2018 Live : Episode 3 : Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy
Creating the Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy is not quite as difficult as it might seem. In this 3rd episode in the Digital 2018 Live podcast series, Neil Wilkins describes what think about in preparing your groundwork for your strategic digital marketing plan. Neil also covers a step by step process for turning strategy into daily […] The post Digital 2018 Live : Episode 3 : Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
March 23, 2018
Sales Funnel Forensics
We all get so caught up in the obsession to attract and gain new customers that sometimes we lose sight of the prize; The profit we can secure when we manage our sales funnel at a forensic level. Ask most marketers and sales people how they make money in business and they’ll likely tell you […] The post Sales Funnel Forensics appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
February 26, 2018
Digital 2018 Live : Episode 2 : Top Market Trends
In this second episode of the Digital 2018 Live iTunes Podcast Series, Neil Wilkins talks about the top 3 market trends that all marketers, digital marketers, business developers, business owners and sales professionals should consider when planning their customer communications. In this podcast Neil talks about the importance of customer mobility, the rise (again) of […] The post Digital 2018 Live : Episode 2 : Top Market Trends appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
February 23, 2018
Digital 2018 Live : Episode 1 : Creating a Mission
Episode 1 of Digital 2018 Live, the 12 episode podcast series by Neil Wilkins that helps you to define, create and deliver effective digital marketing and social media activities for optimum value to your business. In Episode 1, Neil focuses on the importance of creating a mission; the intention at the outset of your digital […] The post Digital 2018 Live : Episode 1 : Creating a Mission appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
January 25, 2018
You Are Nothing Special : Podcast
You are nothing special at the same time as you are very special. A short podcast inspired by business coach Jon Nicholls, on the subject of being authentic and acting with humility when you are selling your products and services to develop your business. Cutting through the noise and chaos online and in the real […] The post You Are Nothing Special : Podcast appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
January 03, 2018
Social Media Rule of Thirds Podcast
Here is a little taster of my upcoming 2018 Digital Live series of podcasts… Well it’s only a test podcast as we prepare for the new series in all its glory. I hope you find this one useful in the meantime. Subscribe to my podcasts on iTunes The post Social Media Rule of Thirds Podcast appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
December 20, 2017
Digital 2018 Live : Podcast Series
This is a test page for the upcoming Digital 2018 Live, Podcast Series by Neil Wilkins Each month, and in conjunction with live video broadcasts, I will be sharing a podcast focused on one of twelve key digital marketing, communications, strategy and social media subjects. It’s all about balancing strategy and planning with clear, focused […] The post Digital 2018 Live : Podcast Series appeared first on Neil Wilkins.
December 20, 2017