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Let's Go Digital!

Let's Go Digital!

By Neptune Software
Inspiring stories from IT leaders on how they digitally transformed their business. You’ll hear the good, the bad, and all the key learnings in between that these IT leaders experienced in order to innovate on their terms and drive tangible business results. Get ready to be inspired and embrace a digital enterprise future with Neptune Software.
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EP 2: Keys To Kickstart Your Digitization Journey
How to start your company's digital transformation? What are the key factors to deliver successful results? Nick Coburn, Consulting Director at Resulting IT, describes how companies embark on their digitization journeys, unveiling common mistakes made along the road, real benefits and results that businesses see after the digitization projects, and lessons learned throughout years of helping companies to achieve SAP success.  Read Resulting IT's ebook on 'Driving Adoption'. See how we help enterprises go digital at
September 15, 2021
EP 1: The Evolution of the IT Department
Philip Adams, Head of IT at Mercury Engineering, speaks about the company's digital evolution throughout the last 18 years, the creation and role of the Digital Edge Committee, what matters when bringing ideas to life and innovating, and the change in the perception of IT department's role in every organization.  See how we help enterprises go digital at
June 1, 2021