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Nerds In a Bar - Talk NERDY To Me

Nerds In a Bar - Talk NERDY To Me

By Nerds In a Bar
Bars aren't just for sports anymore. The NERDS are taking over! Join us for pop culture news, interviews, reviews and just plain old NERD talk!
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Nerds In a Bar: Talk NERDY To Me - Episode 4 - w/ Zach Oat, Diamond Select Toys
"Batman" Marc & The Gilness present episode 4 of the Nerds In a Bar: Talk NERDY To Me podcast! The Nerds welcome special guest Zach Oat, Marketing Supervisor with Diamond Select Toys. Zach, Marc and Gil go back through many years of Toy Fairs and Comic Cons. One of our favorite folks to "talk nerdy" with! Zach takes us through whats happened at DST since Toy Fair 2020 in February, the last time we met up. It's been a crazy year but Diamond Select Toys & Gentle Giant (now part of Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles, LLC) are in great shape, churning out new action figures, toys and collectibles every month. Be sure to visit for all the latest news from DST! Zach & The Nerds also discuss the hottest items from DST in 2020 along with what is expected to be hot in 2021. We dive into Zach's old school days with ToyFare Magazine and find out what his favorite action figure line was growing up and what he has in his collection today. There's a lot to cover in this one, so grab a beer or your favorite adult beverage, relax and enjoy some spectacular nerdy discussions! After the podcast, visit the Nerds In a Bar YouTube Channel to check out our Diamond Select Toys Toy Fair 2020 showroom walk through to see many of the items we discussed during the podcast... Direct link to DST Toy Fair walkthrough: The Nerds In a Bar YouTube Channel: (This podcast was recorded on November 17, 2020)
November 24, 2020
Nerds In a Bar: Talk NERDY To Me - Episode 3 - Halloween, Horror & Monsters
"Batman" Marc & The Gilness are back with episode 3 of Nerds In a Bar: Talk NERDY To Me podcast! The Nerds welcome special guest Sean McLaughlin & "Scary" Larry Dwyer from The Horror News Network & Connecticut Cult Classics to talk NERDY with us about Halloween 2020, Horror & Monster movies and more frightening topics! Halloween 2020 is a lot different from past years, so we get into the effects the pandemic has had on Halloween itself and events that take place this time of year. But we aren't just here to harp on the bad stuff! We have a ton of fun talking about horror & monster movies past & present. There is in depth discussion of which remakes of classic horror & monster movies are decent, if any! We talk old Halloween costumes,  toys (of course), Horror & Monster TV, and finally Larry & Sean run down their individual top 5 MONSTER movies of all time... it's not at all what you would expect!  You may even pick up a really good suggestion or two to watch this Halloween! After the podcast, please visit the websites mentioned by Sean & Larry: - Connecticut HorrorFest - "Halloween In a Box" documentary 
October 22, 2020
Nerds In a Bar: Talk NERDY To Me - Episode 2 - 25 Years of Action Figures, 1995 to 2020
The Nerds are back with our second episode of the Nerds In a Bar: Talk NERDY To Me podcast! The Gilness & "Batman" Marc welcome special guest Sean McLaughlin from The Horror News Network & Connecticut Cult Classics to talk NERDY with us. Sean is a long time friend of The Gilness and a fellow Toy Hunter, Collector & Pop Culture mega fan. In this episode we discuss the evolution and huge changes that have taken place over the last 25 years of toy/action figure collecting. We take it back a little further to build the foundation of collecting, up into the BOOM of the 90's where the secondary market began to grow, kids who grew up with certain toys were becoming serious collectors and the internet was just starting to take over. All the way to today's digital world of online shopping, BOTS, and PRICEY collectibles. It has been an interesting 25 years to say the least. We have met many folks along the way and seen many big changes. Nostalgia seems to remain the key factor in it all as brands of yesterday still dominate the toy aisle today. The more things change the more they remain the same! We hope you enjoy the discussion! After the podcast, be sure to check out our friends at: &
September 19, 2020
Nerds In a Bar: Talk NERDY To Me Podcast - Episode 1 - with Jeremy Padawer
Welcome to the FIRST EVER Nerds In a Bar: Talk NERDY To Me Podcast! We're actually gonna hop back in time a bit with our first episode. We saw this as an opportunity to bring an older video interview that could not be used on YouTube back to our fans as an audio only episode of Nerds In a Bar AND simultaneously kick off our new podcast series. It's a win-win for all! Here's what you're about to get into... Our good buddy, Jeremy Padawer from Wicked Cool Toys (and NOW Jazwares) talks NERDY with us at Jack Demsey’s in New York City. Jeremy has been a staple in the toy industry for nearly 20 years working with companies such as Mattel, Jakks Pacific and  Wicked Cool Toys (and now JAZWARES!). In this Talk NERDY To Me podcast, we cover an awful lot from WWF/WWE, to Pokèmon, beer cans and comic books, to the meaning of success as well as “rocket scientry” and so much more. “Rocket scientry??” You’ll see what that means...   Thanks to Jack Demsey’s in New York City for their hospitality! Jack’s is the NYC home of Nerds In a Bar!   Jack Demsey’s 36 W 33rd St New York, NY 10001
August 28, 2020