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Nerds Who Lift Podcast

Nerds Who Lift Podcast

By Nerds Who Lift Podcast
A podcast for the nerdy, geeky, and socially awkward who wish to be strong.
Not all were born the jock type or natural athletes, but we all deserve to find the healthiest and strongest versions of ourselves.
An origin story is one of the most defining aspects of any hero's transformation.
Weeding through all the bro-science, fad diets, and contradictory information so you can find the best fitness practice for you.
This podcast is your road map to starting your own origin story.

Cue music and epic training montage sequence and just push play.
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Heavy Breathing & Finding Your Worth with The True MDSM Mastermind Mike Delgado
Whats up once again, Nerdz! We are back after our hibernation hiatus. We be relocating cities, jobs, and gyms, and it has been a whirlwind; we are now based in San Diego California and our gym HQ is the infamous Iron Mongers gym of North County. Our new roots here in SD is all owed to Iron Mongers so it is only right we have one of the best coaches around who is based there - Coach Mike Delgado of The True MDSM. Mike found lifting while in recovery and since used is as a foundation to turn his life around and become one of my favorite coaches to work with in his way to communicate and his approach to lifting which is to feel it. Feel it first so then all the theory can assimilate. He helped me with my bench and since helped me refine my deadlift too.  Though he is a great coach, Mike is a real homie. He is in the process of creating a non-profit to help those in recovery and provide the help to information to see your worth that he wished he had and sees the need for in the community.  We talk about the very simple yet profound statement of: If you are unhappy with the state of things, be the answer to the void you see. We hope you enjoy and learn something. Look out for all he has coming because it is bound to something special.  Now lets get back to this thing we call...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast
April 19, 2021
USPA Tested Nationals Meet Recap with Best Lifter Winner Britt Chown
What's up Nerdz, This week we sit down with the natty Queen herself, Britt Chown.  Britt is coming off winning best lifter at the USPA Tested Nationals at Iron Mongers Gym in Vista CA. We cover her prep going into the meet, meet day execution, and what her take aways are going forward into her next big meet projected for the summer. We also cover a bit of her background as she is a 5 year veteran competitor, works for NASM as an instructor, and her degree in exercise science.  So sit back and tune in to this week's...Nerds Who Lift Podcast. 
November 17, 2020
The Good, The Bad, & The Handsomes: Meet Recaps with Angelo 'The Show' Fortino
What’s up Nerdz! Hi, it me again. Sorry for the small hiatus. Post meet blues is a thing. But we dust it off and get back on that horse and ride into the sunset. With that in mind... I thought it was high time to bring back the amazing, 2 white lights podcast hostin, cigar smokin, deadliftin, spaghetti western cowboy himself - Angelo ‘the Show’ Fortino Angelo was one of my very first guests and on my show, and then 1.5 years ago projected he wanted to try and be the best 83 kilo lifter in the world and hit 1800 total. Well year & a half later this guy is not far off his mark. Winning best lifter at the USAPL mid west prime time, 8/9 and 1713 total, number 4 best 83kg raw lifter of 2020, and number 8 in the usapl raw 83kg all time - I can say he’s made the waves he set out to make and isn’t finished. We recap some of my meet, but that’s not important, we recap his, talk about powerlifting the sport, and his coaching with Mr. Joe of TSA. Hope you enjoy! Sit back and tune in to - the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
October 26, 2020
Nerds Who Lift Update: Nicholas Meet Prep Close Out for Kabuki Strength 2020 Meet
Whatsup Nerdz!⁣ ⁣ We have a bit of a check-in episode for you as we've been away for a few weeks with Miss. Amber Dawn having been away on vacation!⁣ ⁣ On this brief episode, we talk about the upcoming meet Nicholas has been prepping for, how prep went and closed out, as well as just had a good time catching up. ⁣ ⁣ Nicholas competes this Sunday for the Kabuki Strength meet in Portland, OR, so stay tuned for meet day updates and a recap post competition.⁣ Thank you all!  Hope you enjoy this week's episode of - the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
September 24, 2020
Hitting the Platform: Comp Prep & Meet Day Basics
Whatsup Nerdz⁣ ⁣ On this week's episode, we answer some of your questions about meet prep and meet day, as well as go over our own tactics.⁣ ⁣ Myself and Miss Amber Dawn are both in prep and also discussed where we are and what goals we have leading into our competitions.⁣ ⁣ Hopefully this episode is informative and will help new lifters heading into their first meet, as well as anyone just getting their powerlifting toes wet.
August 27, 2020
A Wide Range of Emotions, Big Hearts, & Attack of Pickle Nick!
Whatsup Nerdz!⁣ ⁣ We have a bit of a long one for you this week, but trust us, you won't get bored listening to this episode.⁣ ⁣ Welcoming Travis and Jessica Rogers aka Papa & Mama Bear Rogers to the Nerds Who Lift Podcast and we sure went through a plethora of emotions in this episode!⁣ ⁣ From cry laughing to crying because of the story behind what these two do for the community and kids within it; we guarantee you will want to sit through this episode from start to finish. ⁣ ⁣ Here's to feels and genuine humans just trying to make a positive impact on not just the powerlifting community, but the world.
August 13, 2020
PEDs & Females in Strength Sports with Christina Sisk
Whatsup Nerdz!⁣ ⁣ We are very excited about this weeks episode. Brought to light by Miss. Amber Dawn and shared with our badass guest Christina Sisk. ⁣ ⁣ Christina is a 75kg Elite Level Powerlifter who gave us the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss female PED usage. ⁣ ⁣ This is a rather sensitive topic, but one that should be discussed more openly and frequently. ⁣ ⁣ We want to note that in no way are we promoting PED usage, rather we wanted to create an open discussion about the very real world of PED usage with females and particularly females within the strength sport world. This discussion will hopefully be informative and help diminish that fear or stigma that surrounds PED usage. ⁣ ⁣ Thank you for tuning in!
August 6, 2020
Recovery Strategies 101
Whats up Nerdz, On this week's episode Miss Amber Dawn and Nicholas dive into the most overlooked yet effective recovery strategies that everyone should be implementing. It is often overlooked that how hard you train does not correlate to how strong you become or your results, BUT how much you can recover from, consistently, that produces the strength and results you're working towards.  From food, sleep, meditation, self massage, and understanding sympathetic vs. parasympathetic nerve triggers. We hope this either uncovers a recovery tool you did not know, forgot about, or reinforced. Enjoy, Nerdz, and happy training!  
July 24, 2020
The Strongman & Powerlifting Connection with Marshall Buckler
Whatsup Nerdz!⁣ ⁣ We have Marshall Buckler on the show today! A friend of Nicholas' and OG listener who has competed both in strongman and powerlifting!⁣ ⁣ On this episode we discuss the differences and similarities in training/competing in both sports as well as safe and responsible PED usage!⁣ ⁣ As always, thank you for tuning in and enjoy the show!⁣ ⁣ 💙
July 16, 2020
The Return of Ranson Lee
Whatsup Nerdz!⁣ ⁣ This week we have a NWL favorite! The strongest dad in the (Now!) West; Mr. Ranson Lee. ⁣ ⁣ This is Ranson's third time on the show and we talked about his move across country, prep for The Kern, PED usage and it's impact on mental health, as well as a handful of other fun topics. ⁣ ⁣ So as always, thank you for tuning in to the Nerds Who Lift Podcast and we hope enjoy the show!⁣ ⁣ 💙
July 9, 2020
Nutrition, Body Image Comparisons, & Sustainable Healthy Bulks/Cuts with the Amazing Caylea Borges
Whatsup Nerdz!⁣ ⁣ On this episode, we welcomed our first guest of the season; Caylea Borges aka @miss_cay.⁣ ⁣ We discussed a topic that Miss Amber Dawn had brought up through our own discussions and it was great to have Cay on to also get her insight. ⁣ ⁣ Cay is a Nutritionist who has many clients in the powerlifting world, so we also dove into the topics surrounding proper nutrition for training, bulking and cutting, among a handful of other things, because you know us! We let it all out! ⁣ ⁣ Enjoy, like, share and let us know what you think, or what topics you would like us to bring up in a future episode!⁣ ⁣ 💙⁣
July 2, 2020
Nerds Who Lift Episode 50 One Year Anniversary!
What's up Nerdz!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ We are back! New season and it's our 50th episode on exactly our one year anniversary! Yes! June 19th, 2019 is when the first episode of NWL dropped! Where has time gone?!⁣ ⁣⁣ On the first episode of this season, Miss. Amber Dawn and I catch up and I reflect on the last year of the show. It has been a grand ride and I'm grateful for so much that has come out of putting this show together. ⁣ ⁣⁣ This is a special release to toast our anniversary, but we'll continue to drop episodes every Thursday.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ So, sit back and enjoy our voices in your ear holes 💙
June 19, 2020
Season 4 finale & recap with Nicholas & Miss Amber Dawn
Alright Nerdz! We have come to the close of another NWL Season and this episode features just the two of us. ⁣ ⁣ Season four was the glow up that this show needed and we are so grateful to all of those that have tuned in. Whether you're new here, or have been here since the start; we love you!⁣ ⁣ Of course, we have to thank all of the fantastic guests we got to sit down and chat with and we can't wait to bring you season five which will be chalked full of a whole new lineup of guests and banger conversations. ⁣ ⁣ So, again we say thank you for listening and we'll catch y'all in a couple weeks when the Nerds Who Lift Podcast returns! ♡
May 28, 2020
Self Awareness is Sexy with Crystal Miranda of the Healthy Mind Movement
Whatsup Nerdz!⁣ ⁣ On this weeks episode we have the ever so sweet Crystal Miranda whom is the founder of The Healthy Mind Movement.⁣ ⁣ We dive into a wide range of topics based around mental health and had a hard time pulling the pin on closing out the episode because mental health is something we could easily talk about just as much as lifting! ⁣ ⁣ Crystal is our final guest of the season and it was really quite a pleasure getting to spend time with her. ⁣ ⁣ We here at NWL are strong advocates when it comes to mental health, so this episode was one we were very excited to create for you all.⁣ ⁣ Thank you for turning in and until next week! ✌
May 21, 2020
A Legend in Strength - Strongfirst International CEO: Mr. Fabio Zonin
What's up Nerdz! On this week's episode we have our first international guest with, Strongfirst International CEO, Mr. Fabio Zonin. Strongfirst is an international strength coach education school and they do have one of the highest standards for the coaches and students they turn out. So for the man that is now the CEO of this school it is saying a lot. Fabio lives just outside of Venice Italy and of course has been on serious lockdown. We touch on this, his free strength program he released, Strongfirst as a school of strength, and his own history. Fabio Zonin has been in the strength world since the 80's and is a wealth of knowledge and a kind soul.  We hope you enjoy him as much as we did! So kick back and tune in to the freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast. 
May 14, 2020
The Muscle Doc - Dr. Jordan Shallow of Pre-Script and RX’d Radio Podcast
New week, new episode mah Nerdz!⁣ ⁣ Get seated because if you know this next guest, you know he loves to go on rants and tangents, which we love because he only keeps it real.⁣ ⁣ Jordan Shallow, or @the_muscle_doc is one smart specimen. Oh, and he's also pretty strong and stuff too. ⁣ ⁣ We got to chat about where he got started as a Chiropractor and how that eventually lead to him getting into powerlifting, creating @pre_script and @rxdradio. ⁣ He has his hands full educating and you know, live, learn and pass on, which has also granted him the opportunity to being a writer and coach for @elitefts. ⁣ ⁣ Jordan never holds back when he speaks and you can feel his passion in everything he says and does. ⁣ ⁣ It was a pleasure getting to hang out with this guy (virtually, of course, because haaay Covid) and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did making it.
May 7, 2020
Paul Oneid - Co-Founder of MetriLife & head of Master Athletic Performance
Alright, Nerdz!  This week we have Mr. Paul Oneid on the show for you!⁣ ⁣ Paul is another gem from the great north and if you haven't heard of Paul in terms of powerlifting, you may know of him through the very successful application Metrilife!  As Co-Founder, Paul has helped create a system to help you live a healthier, happier and stronger life. ⁣ ⁣ Paul has had a long and successful career in powerlifting not only as an athlete, but also as a coach, so tune in to hear our conversations about lifting, nutrition, mental health and pornhub 😉⁣ ⁣ So kick back and tune in to this week's episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
May 1, 2020
Activated Performance Masterminds: Seth & Meana Albersworth
What's up, Nerdz On this week's episode of NWL; Miss Amber Dawn and I chatted with the master minds behind Activated Performance - Seth and Meana Albersworth. Seth and Meana are both originally from the Great North that is Canada but now reside in sunny Florida where they run and operate their business Activated Performance. They both share content of their combined lifting and fitness knowledge while also slangin' some spiffy threads. I really enjoyed picking their brains because each is an accomplished and seasoned athlete in their own right, and I love how the knowledge they share is not just about sharing information but about education so you understand the 'why' and begin to comprehend for yourself.  Go follow, support, and learn you some knowledge from them, because they have a lot to share.  So kick back and tune in to this week's episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
April 24, 2020
Real Talk with the Golden Hearted Powerlifter - Mr. Joe Sullivan
Whats up, Nerdz! Welcome back; this week Miss Amber Dawn and I sat and talked with the amazing, kind, fashionista that is - Mr. Joe Sullivan. Joe is a world class powerlifter and coach, as well as a gym owner of Pinnacle Performance in Columbus, Ohio.  I admit though, sports fans...this talk is a kick in the heart strings. Joe is one of the realest dudes out there and he truly gives a damn. I hoping this episode imparts some compassion and optimism within you like it did us talking with Mr. Joe.  So kick back and tune in to this week's freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
April 16, 2020
Strength Training for Athletes: Applying Conjugate Methods for Athletics with Brad Dayman of Elite Athlete Training System
Whats up my Nerdz! On this weeks episode; Miss Amber Dawn and I sit down with the mad scientist programming mind of Brad Dayman of EATS (Elite Athlete Training Systems) out of Alberta Canada. Brad is a veteran equipped powerlifter who found his calling apply conjugate principles to athletic training. He focuses of football, hockey, and other athletic skill sets and applies the strength methods of conjugate with his own mad scientist twist. Its a brain buster so grab your note pads and nerd out with us on this week's episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
April 9, 2020
Return of the Nerdz: We Back Fam - Relaunch and Strength Dysmorphia
It is has been quite the hiatus, Nerdz.  A lot has happened and its already been a rough 2020. With all that I finally found what the show needed to move forward and in this Nerds Who Lift Podcast Relaunch I want to welcome one of my bestest friends, and past show guest, Amber Dawn on as my official co-host.  I felt I needed some fresh blood to reinvigorate this little lame show of mine, and in hopes through all we are all collectively going through inject some positive creations into your days, Today we catch you up to speed on us and Amber and I dive into what we coined as Strength dysmorphia, and how it effects our sport and us as lifters during this quarantine time.  So kick back and tune in to fresh episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
March 26, 2020
Thinking Outside the Lifting Box and Cues with the Stoked Brogi - Michael Bouranis
My NERDZ! On today's episode of NWL, for our 40th episode! We have the Stoked Brogi himself, Mr. Michael Bouranis. Mike has been one of my favorite lifter and overall training accounts to follow for the past few years and I have always admired his approach to coaching, lifting, and programming.  On top of that he has a killer sense of humor that I have always appreciated and I could not wait to get him on the show.  We talk about the art of Cue's in lifting and teaching, too much of it, and other exciting projects he has coming.  So grab a note pad and learn from the Stoked Brogi himself. Also in the beginning of the episode i give my meet recap from my third competition that just passed on Sunday 12/8/2019. So kick back and tune in to the freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
December 10, 2019
The Art of Geared Lifting and the Marathon of Strength with Alex Fenner
What's up, My Nerdz, On the latest NWL episode; one of our  powerlifting brothers from the great white north calls in...Mr. Alex Fenner.  Alex has been in the sport for 7 years now and has done both raw and geared lifting, but prefers geared. He is one strong dude who has a passion for the sport and for competition so i had to get him on to pick his brain.  He takes into a break down of the equipment of geared lifting and the art of it, and how raw training is intertwined with the gear during training blocks leading into competition.  On top of all the nerdy talk, we talk about the marathon of strength. That it is the process of learning and trying to be around those with a lot of knowledge to learn from. As Dave Tate of EliteFTS says: "Live Learn & Pass On." So kick back and tune in to the latest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
December 6, 2019
A Lifting Family Values: Commitment, Support, & Seeing It Through with Jessica & Ranson Lee
On this week's episode of NWL we welcome one of my favorite powerlifting power couples, Miss Jessica Lee and, our old friend and  on of our original show guests, Mr. Ranson Lee. Ranson has been on the show before back in season 1 and has become a great friend. Therefore I could not miss an opportunity to speak with his amazingly strong wife, Miss Jessica Lee. Jessica is one of the strongest people I know. She's broken her leg while squatting at a meet and finished, is an amazing mother with her 6 year old daughter finishing her first powerlifting meet two weeks ago, and is currently 8 months pregnant and STILL lifting strong. On top of that all she is a kind and amazing person and friend and I had to share that with all of you.  We have a blast talking and discussing as friends do so i hope you enjoy our antics and learn some lifting family values from the amazing Lee Family. So kick back and tune in to the freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast
December 2, 2019
Salvation Thru Strength & Why Booties & Boobies Rule with Amber Dawn Vicious
My NERDZ! On the freshest episode of the NWL we welcome our first international lifter - from great white north, the mecca of hockey, the most polite place of people in the world...Edmonton, Canada - we are proud to have, Amber Dawn Vicious.  Amber is one hell of a Classic Raw lifter and an amazing coach.  We talk about how she got into Powerlifting, and how strength sports and training helped her turn her life around. We speak about her most current platform performance and what she has in the future, her coaching, and then A LOT of Canada jokes.....mostly form me......  Ok all from me.  But Amber was a blast and we are friends for life now and she ows me ALL the Tim Hortons. SO kick back and tune in to the freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
November 11, 2019
#PlusUltraButts and Surpassing your limits with the Big Bad Jad Alame & Queen Angelica
Whats up NERDZ!  Hope you did not miss me too much, but never fear...we BACK! And on the freshest episode of NWL we have another one of my most favorite powerlifting powercouples the Big Bad Jaddy - Jad Alame, and his fiance there ever so purple Queen - Miss Angelica.  They are two of my favorite people and we got to sit down and shoot the shizz about our favorite stuff: lifting and nerdy things. They give some history on how they began their lifting journey and how they met and then some fun pieces of wisdom for you to learn in your brain.  So kick back and tune in to this weeks episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast
November 8, 2019
Instincts & Playing the Long Strength Game with Chad Delaney
Whats up, my NERDZ! On this round of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast we have Mr. Chad Delaney of Trifit Barbell in South Carolina and affiliate coach with Best in the World's Stacy BAMA Burr's Bama Brick Squad training! Chad is a veteran in the coaching biz and has great insights to the world of coaching in both powerlifitng and weightlifting and bodybuilding. The man knows his stuff and I had a blast talking with him. Really without too much of a structure we bro out and hit some heavy topics in our sport and industry and as athletes. I'd grab a a notepad and get ready. This lesson's focus: Instincts. So kick back and tune in to the freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
October 25, 2019
DAMMIT MANDY! The Origin Story of Kinda Fit Kinda Fat with the Mastermind Dean Tanglao
Whats up my fellow NERDZ!  On the freshest episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast we the the brains and balls behind the awesome company that is s I ask him about the origins of the brand and how they got involved into the sport of powerlifting and invading the Powerlifting culture, and their approach to business and fitness. Then frankly we just Bro out and shoot the Shite. It was a blast and Dean is a wonderful person. Go support Kinda Fit Kinda Fat and enjoy listening to their story. So kick back and tune in to the freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
October 15, 2019
Adobo Power with the Filipino Wonder - Mikey Estrella
My NERDZ!  On the freshest Nerds Who Lift Podcast we have the Filipino Wonder himself Mr. Mikey Estrella of the DOP strength gym in Seattle Washington.  Mikey is the wonder cuz this MoFo Boasts: #1 at 148 bodyweight, #20 All Time Mens RAW, All Time World Record in the Deadlift with 668, and ATWR Total at 148 with 1627 which is 10.9x Bodyweight. Like...What the Actual F#ck.  Me and Mikey hit it off and start vibe like old gym buddies and I can say i frickin love him. He has great words of wisdom in the sport as a season competitor at a high level, and coach.  Go check him out. The Filipino Wonder will have you amazed. Best to listen, then take notes. So kick back and tune in to the freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
October 7, 2019
Loving the Training Process, Throwing fits, Roasting Bri, & Peach Cobbler with Chris Bridgeford & Brianny Terry
My NERDZ, on this latest episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast I talk to two of the Pacific North West's strongest folk: Chris Bridgeford & Brianny Terry of Generation Strength in Vancouver Washington.  Chris is a monster in the sport both as an athlete and coach, and Bri, under Chris' coaching, has been making waves and still growing after hitting an all time world record deadlift at her last meet in the 165 women's weight class. It. was. EPIC. So we talk about bad training days, bri throwing fits, training for the long game and sub maximally, and Bri said she would make me Peach cobbler so i'm putting here for record so she will do it. :) It was a great time, we hit it off, and I am going to take up their offer to come visit eat and lift with them soon. Take notes they do share a lot of great info to remember. So kick back and tune in to the freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
October 4, 2019
Hawai'i Strong with the Fifty Barbell Crew: Jack Cambra & Stacia-Al Mahoe
My NERDZ, on today's episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast; I am coming from direct from the islands of Hawai'i with some of the realest folk I have had the pleasure to become friends with and train with...Mr. Jack Cambra & the incredible Stacia-Al Mahoe of Fifty Barbell in Honolulu, HI.  Jack is an OG in the powerlifting game and is a scientist when it comes to applied training methods. He is as fun and kind as he is a genius coach; and Miss Stacia is an elite level world record holder in BOTH Raw and Geared powerlifting while ALSO competing in CrossFit & Olympic Weightlifting. Needless to say their knowledge is VAST and their VIBE is fun and chill as you'd expect from the Island Kingdom.  They go into a bit of their history, their approach to their competition grind, and then in NWL fashion some technique talk. So kick back and tune in to this episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
September 30, 2019
Powerlifting Super Mom Life & the 3 F's Rule with Tricia King
My NERDZ! On today's episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast we have the Powerlifting Super Mom herself, assistant coach to Stacy BAMA Burr of the Bama Brick Squad training,  Miss Tricia King. Tricia is a woman of conviction and tenacity. From the way she lifts, coaches, or how she moms up; this mother of two suffers no fools or excuses and does it with a smile.  We hit on so many inspirational points that I cannot do it justice trying to summarize in words.  What I can say is I am better person for talking to her, and I think she serves as a prime example of someone who refuses to give up and always strives to be better.  So get ready for a tenacious kick in the ass by the Miss King on this weeks freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast
September 27, 2019
NerPs Who DowerLift & More Better Nutrition with Garrett Fear & Caylea Borges
Happy Hump Day, NERDZ! On today's episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast; we have powerlifting's favorite power couple - Garrett Fear & Caylea Borges AKA @misscay on the instas.  I was lucky enough to shoot the breeze and kick the can with both of them. We get some origin on Caylea, and then they share with us their approach to nutrition for performance with their clients. The connection kept gave up trouble but we powered through and It was a good Ol' time!  So kick back and tune in to the freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
September 25, 2019
The Brofessor Scott Miller Round 2! Droppin' Some Wizard Wizdom on Y'all
Whats up my NERDZ!  On this episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast we go round to with the Brofessor of gains and the Wizard of the weights; Mr. Scott Miller of Strengh & Mechanics and the Stronghouse Project.  On his return we just decided to catch up on some new things he has in the works, the awesome peaking streak he has for his athletes, and some other nuggets of Wizard Wizdom he drops on us in his partially buzzed tangents.  So kick back, tune in, and take notes on this episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
September 23, 2019
Whisky Talkin', Big Squattin', & Lion D-Energy with JP Price
Happy Friday, my NERDZ! On the freshest episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast we have the incomparable JP Price.  JP is a 7+ year veteran of the sport of Powerlifting with over 1,000lb squat and 600+ the SAME MEET; all the while also owns and operates Strong Barbell Club out of Kansas City, MO.  Just from our time together I can say JP is a lifter's lifter and a coach's coach. He knows his craft and he can articulate it while just being a whole lot of fun to talk to. JP drops some knowledge bombs that our as heavy as his squats and is NOT to be missed. Open your ears, take notes, and enjoy, sports fans.  So kick back and tune in to the latest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
September 20, 2019
It's the Return of the BAMA! With Stacy BAMA Burr on The Hyperion Mindset - Being the Light for Others to Follow
Whats up, My NERDZ! Stacy BAMA Burr - the Best in the World is BACK IN ACTION on the Nerds Who Lift Podcast! Stacy has been busy with her own Podcast - the Championship Mindset Podcast , her training company, AND starting her own supplement company WHILE being on tour for the Championship Mindset Seminars.  So really me and BAMA just Bro out and we ask her how she is getting that money and how she is doing.  The theme of this show really becomes on how you stay hungry, being the light and example for others, and how you have to believe in yourself first. So kick back and tune in to this very special episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast
September 11, 2019
YA BOI IS IN MEET PREP! December Meet Audio Blog Vol. 1 with Nicholas
Whats up my NERDZ! I decided to start something new with the show. In between getting our amazing guests on the show; I am going to be doing an follow along audio blog for my third powerlifting meet coming up in December here in my hometown for my Gym's (KO Gym) Holiday of Strength annual meet.  I will be ending my off season this weekend (Sept. 6 & 7) and starting my three month out prep with Mr. Scott Miller of Stronghouse and Strength & Mechanics. Think of this as a small progress recount mini-series between our main episodes.  In this first volume I introduce the idea and recap my first two meets and the attempts for context. Hopefully it will be a learning experience for me as I use it as a journal or reflection, and something intriguing for y'all. I hope you get get as much out of it as I give into it. And here is to hoping This third meet on my home turf is something nothing short of a full send. Cheers to the next 3 months. So kick back and tune in to the freshest episode of....the Nerds Who Lift Podcast
September 6, 2019
Panda Science, Panda Food, & Panda Lifts with the Deadlift Panda - Yangsu Ren
My NERDZ, on this weeks episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast we have the Deadlift Panda himself, AKA Dark Sith Lord Ren, Yangsu 'YuYu' Ren. YuYu is the epitome of Nerds Who Lift. He is Nerdy and loves anime, he is an elite level powerlifter, and a genetic scientist. Seriously that is his job!  We talk about how he found powerlifting, his work as a scientist, and his deadlift specialization that earned his the nickname - Deadlift Panda.  This was some of the most fun I have had making the show. Yangsu and I were able to train first and then sat down and got to it. As always I hope you kids enjoy learning from Mr. Ren as much as I did.  So kick back and tune in to this week's episode of..the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
September 2, 2019
The Value of Effort with Tony Montgomery Jr. of Beyond the Platform Podcast
Welcome, my NERDZ, to Season 3 Episode 1.  On this episode I get officially say I have spoken with all 3 of my podcast inspirations; host of the Beyond the Platform Podcast - Mr. Tony Montgomery Jr.  Tony is truly a coach's Coach because he is a forever student. He has been a lifelong athlete, competed in strongman, is an elite level powerlifter, host of a podcast, owns three businesses, and is a grad student... I W.T.Frack, Tony?  Honestly - I just selfishly asked Tony the things I have been wanting to ask him since I started listening to his podcast when I began powerlifting and it was a treat.  Tony hits on so many great points I can honestly say you will leave this episode wiser then when you started.  So kick back and tune in to the freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
August 30, 2019
SEASON 3 Episode Zero, Kettlebell Sport 101 with VIKN Performance Co-Owner Dan Bettcher
My NERDZ!  We have hit Season 3 of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast; and to kick it off episode zero is myself and one of my best buddies Dan Bettcher shootin' the Shite and introducing you to the company which he co-owns and officially sponsors the show, VIKN Performance.  VIKN Performance, though makes amazing athletic wear with some of the coolest design, are primarily a chalk company - and they do it better than ANYONE. To dive into the History of how this came to be we decided to take this opportunity to introduce you to the strength sport that we met through: Kettlebell Sport. So we hope you enjoy our antics and this little shorty episode allowing me to highlight and share my friends who have been supporting me for almost 4 years through thick and thin. and thank you as always for all your support of the show and I'm excited to see what Season 3 brings! So kick back and tune in to Season 3 episode Zero Kick off of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
August 27, 2019
Play To Win, Self Enrichment, & Building A Tribe Through Iron Unity with Charlie 'Chrizard' Binkley
My NERDZ! On the last episode of season 2 of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast we have the man, the myth, the human Charizard...Mr. Charlie Binkley. Charlie is a veteran Marine turned Powerlifter and strength coach and is one hell of a human being. Inside and out.  We dive into his background as an athlete, his approach as a coach and competitor, and how lifting how enriched his life after his time in the Military. We hit some awesome questions through our VIKN Performance Grip it & Rip It Question Round, and just an overall uplifting talk with a dam ngood person. Thank you, Charlie! This was one hell of a way to close out Season 2! So y'all Kick back and tune in to the latest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast
August 26, 2019
A Nerdy Bro Throw Down with Sean Noriega
My Fellow NERDZ! On the freshest episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast we have, the one and only. Tony Stark of powerlifting, the MIT grad with that Sumo Swag, and that bench arch to break hearts - Mr. Sean Noriega AKA @hamstringpapi Sean is as strong in brawn as he is brain, and if graduating from the prestigious MIT as a mechanical engineer wasn't elite enough; he is an elite level powerlifter gearing up for the USAPL Raw Nationals in October. We talk his approach to coaching, his MIT days, his acting career, and with hit him with our VIKN Performance Chalk Grip it and Rip it Question Round and we get to know the man behind the hamstring, and coach behind the papi.  This became my longest interview to date and we had a blast with each other. We got disconnected twice plus the connection would cut in and out, so if the audio gets a little choppy I apologize but I promise its worth hearing through because Sean delivers the gold. So kick back and tune in to the latest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
August 24, 2019
Strongman 101 & Bribing My Friends with Strongman Athlete/Coach Sarah Furman
Salutations my Strong NERDZ On the latest episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast we have our first competitive Strongman athlete; the incredible & intelligent. Sarah Furman. Sarah is being a competitive Strongman athlete and Coach gives us a fantastic crash course on the basics of the sport of strongman and its nuances. We cover how the comps are set up and run, how their training and programming style differs, and then the other nuances that follow. We cover some great points, and Sarah makes some highly attentive points on how Strongman training can be used to elevate your training if you are in a different strength sport; powerlifitng, competitive kettlebell, weightlifting, etc. We had a damn fun time chatting our Sunday away and Sarah drops some amazing take aways that I know you will not want to miss. So kick back and tune in to this freshest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast
August 22, 2019
The Real Hype Is In Your Head with Melissa Grix
Welcome back, NERDZ, to another episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast. This week fresh out the oven I brought on International Elite Powerlifter and superwoman extraordinaire; she is @carbsandprs on the instas - Miss Melissa Grix. Not only does Melissa have the BEST IG handle around, not only is she an international elite, Melissa is one of the most genuine, kind, and impactful person I have had the pleasure of speaking to.  Few people in life have a magnetism that can open you up and hit you with their energy and you cannot help but immediately have love for them. Melissa is one of those.  She has a crazy and inspiring story that I think will affect you as much as it did me. We talk about how she began lifting, competing, and her thoughts and feelings on her past meet, The Pioneer Tribute.  I walked away a better person after talking to her and I think you will too after listening. So kick back and tune in to the latest episode of...the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
August 19, 2019
Keepin' It Simple & Effective with Kody Blazek
What's up, my fellow NERDZ! On this episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast; we talk to Iowa lifter Kody Blazek. Kody totaled 2,000lb at the 181lb bodyweight weight class at his last meet the Pioneer Tribute. He is one hell of a lifter and an exceptionally kind human. We talk about his meet prep and process going from his first meet then prep and weight cut going into the Tribute. Of course, we BS, shoot the breeze, and run off the rails along the way (okay, mostly me...not him).  Kody was a blast and he spoke on so many good points that I think we all can learn from. I did and I hope you do too.  You can catch Kody on the Instas at: @deadliftingandstuff So kick back and tune in to this week's episode of...The Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
August 16, 2019
Programming, Peaking, & Don't Be A Shitty Person - with Coach Scott Miller
Whats up, NERDZ! On the freshest baked episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast; NWL welcomes: head coach of Strength & Mechanics Coaching, co-owner of the Stronghouse Project, & lifting technical wizard...Mr. Scott Miller.  Scott is a true student of the craft teaching people to lifting heavy ish with the highest efficacy. He loves what he does and his pursuit of his own self improvement is always evident in his work and with those he works with.  We talk about programming basics and style characteristics, meet day strategies, peaking cycles, and about not being a shitty person. We had a great time during the interview and I hope y'all learn something from the Wiz Kid himself that you can take away and put into your training immediately.  You can contact Scott on the Instas: @scottmiller5 or his website Hope y'all enjoy! So kick back and tune in to the latest episode of....the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
August 14, 2019
Support Those Who Support You with Brandon 'FrankDaddy' Franklin
Whats up, NERDZ! Here we are again with another fresh episode of NWL. This week we have one of the most recognizable faces, voices, personalities, and, naturally, HAIR of powerlifting...Mr. Brandon 'FrankDaddy' Franklin.  Brandon is an OG in the sport of powerlifting and is tenacious as he is strong. Along with being an elite level powerlifter he is one of the faces of everyone's favorite lifting belt crafts-folk, Pioneer Fit, and he is the creator of the infamous CHOKER wrist and knee wraps.  Due to this Brandon has been on in every aspect of the sport and truly loves what he does and his passion comes through in his humor and dedication to the sport. He is blunt, honest, and sincere.  This is definitely another NOT TO BE MISSED episode and we cover A LOT of good, dare I say risque, topics (insert curiousness here).  I want to thank Mr. Franklin again for coming on; it was a blast, and shout out to this episodes sponsor RpEmo Apparel - check out their new line of fresh Sad Boi swag at So kick back and tune in to this weeks episode of...The Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
August 11, 2019
Grit, Determination, & Connecting with Others with Alex Uslar
On this weeks Episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast: NWL welcomes Hybrid Performance Method Director of operations, veteran Strength coach, & Hypest Hype Man in the fitness industry; Mr. Alex Uslar. Though Alex is known for his signature yells of encouragement to his friends, Dr. Stefi Cohen, Hayden Bowe & all the Hybrid Performance team; he is a seasoned strength coach in CrossFit, weightlifting, & powerlifting and has been in the game for almost 10 years fully immersed in it at 110% which is how he does all things. On top of coaching, Alex is in charge for most, if not all of the logistics and operational aspects of the Hybrid Performance Method gym and Online coaching programs.  He is a man of MANY hats and behind them his story of how he went from a life of self destruction, to a life of raising other people up is an inspiring one.  We hope you enjoy Alex as much as we did and of his story. So kick back and tune in to the latest episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
August 6, 2019
Focus On Performance with Alexis Faye
Whats up NERDZ! Welcome again to Season 2 and our first official guest to kick it off is the amazing: Alexis Faye! Alexis totals 1,024lbs at BW of 165 coming off her last meet this past weekend where she also won best lifter! Alexis is a nurse, a competitive powerlfiter, and a coach and she does all that while be a wonderful person and she was a blast to talk to. We cover women in the sport as athletes and coaches, her tips for the big 3 lifts, her favorite Hype songs, and her short and long term goals as a coach and athlete. Best believe she has some epic stuff in store. So kick back and tune in to this weeks episode of...The Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
August 1, 2019
Your Origin Story Vol. 2: The Next Phase - Non Linear Progression & Season 1 Recap
What's Up NERDZ!  Welcome to Season 2 of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast!  We are back from our short break after our Season 1 Episode 10 with Rob Hall; and we thought it only fitting to hit you with the first solo episode since episode 1 while also adding on to the lessons of episode 1 "Creating Your Own Origin Story" with what we learned from our amazing friends from Season 1.  Host, Nicholas, covers the next step of any origin story and that is: facing non-linear progression. Nicholas talk about his favorite catalysts to grade, and move through this phase and shift it to your advantage. So kick back and tune in to this weeks new episode, Season 2, of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
August 1, 2019
Build A Bigger Total: That's the Goal- with "World Breaker Savage" Rob Hall
On this episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast we talk to the World Breaker Savage himself, Rob Hall.  In all honesty this episode was a total Nerd Bro session with Mr. Hall. We talk about everything from anime, his origins, training and programming, and about his meet; The Rob Hall Classic at Big Tex Gym in Austin Texas.  *NOTE: our recording kept picking up random frequencies so if you hear random audio that isn't Rob or I - that is why.* 
July 26, 2019
Mental Tenacity & Horror Business: With Jony Horror of The Jony Horror Show
On this weeks latest episode of The Nerds Who Lift Podcast; Jony Horror of the Jony Horror Show drops in talk about finding a balance of fitness within a busy lifestyle, and being well rounded as a person and fitness enthusiast. Jony is a long time friend and is in many ways responsible for this show, but also has been able to make always maintain a strong work ethic and consistent fitness practice no matter what life throws at him, and he is one to listen to when it comes to effective ingenuity. Plus we have some surprises and challenges in store awaiting. Be sure to check out Jony's show on YouTube The Jony Horror Show So kick back and tune in to this weeks episode of The Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
July 22, 2019
Nerd Bro Session with NWL Co-Host Jordan Bryson: USPA Nationals ReCap and Types of Programming
On the latest episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast; the NWL squad is in full force with Co-Host Jordan @jblifts_ Bryson is home from competing in the USPA Nationals in Ohio. We recap Jordan's dogfight for second in the 83kg division, and then we will talk about types of training programs and progamming styles we have been through. So kick back and tune in to this weeks edition of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast.
July 19, 2019
Squat like A Monster & Staying Hydrated with Ranson Lee
This week on the latest episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast we have the monster lifter Ranson Lee out of North Carolina. Ranson has some of the best lifting technique around and is a plethora of information for both lifting and nutrition and we cover it all in this episode! So kick back and tune in to this weeks NWL episode with Mr. Lee and learn you some school!  
July 15, 2019
Flex'n On 'Em! with Jeremy Flex of from the 2019 LA Anime Expo
My fellow NERDS! We went to the 2019 LA Anime Expo to the booth of the one and only CEO Jeremy Flex himself. We talked about how he got started into to fitness, his nerdisms, and what inspired the creation of Flex Comics and what brought them to where they are today. He gives great advice for beginner lifters as well as perhaps newbie entreprneurs, and then lets us know what they have planned on the horizon.  It was definitely a cool experience to broadcast from such a big and busy event like the LA Anime Expo. It was loud and on going but it had great energy.  So kick back and tune in to this weeks episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast with Jeremy Flex! 
July 12, 2019
Champion Mindset with Best In the Worlds: Stacy BAMA Burr
On this week's episode of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast; Nicholas sat down and chopped it up with the one and only - Stacy BAMA Burr.  Stacy is a World record holder in the sport of powerlifting, but is also an entrepreneur in the truest sense. From: an up coming podcast of her own, a book about her journey to be the BEST IN THE WORLD, a supplement line coming, and her motivational speaking tour - The Champion Mindset tour de BAMA. Stacy is a lighting rod of energy and inspiration. We chat about how she got started in lifting, what happened and DID NOT happen to lead to where she is now. The nothing special and magic in the mundane work it takes to do the extraordinary, and what she has on the horizon for us. We are so HYPE to share this episode with you, and hope you get as much out of it as we did making it. THANK YOU BAMA! so kick back, tune in, and here what BEST IN THE WORLD - Stacy BAMA Burr has to say. 
July 8, 2019
Delts In Your Back Pockets & Consistency: Nerd Session with Angelo Fortino
Angelo Fortino, also known as @14o_power, is a 83kg lifter and host of the awesome podcast show 2 White Lights.  Angelo is a technical lifter with alot of insight, and he shares the key points for progressing as a begginer lifter, we BS some, and talk about the culture of lifting. Angelo is prepping for the USAPL Raw Nationals in October which is a HUGE stage for him. He talk about his mindset and strategy going into the meet thus far, how is peaking will look, his short term goals as a lifter, and then he graced us with some AWESOME news that we got the first scoop on here on the NWL Podcast.  So sit back, tune in, and learn you some school from the lifting teacher himself; Angelo Fortino
July 5, 2019
Strong and Nerdy with Jordan Jarrell
In this episode of Nerds Who Lift podcast; Nicholas talks to Jordan Jarrell of Bad Dad Barbell. Jordan totals 2033 at 220lb weight class and is ranked #17 in the world in all powerlifting federations. Jordan is as Nerdy as he is Strong. He and Nicholas discuss how he started lifting and the programs that helped him progress from his beginnings from being 150lbs in high school to now in the 220s and solid.  At one of the longest episodes to date; the boys truly Nerd the eff out.
July 1, 2019
Creating A Ritual of Strength with Tim Williams of Ritual Apparel
In episode 2 of the Nerd Who Lift Podcast; host, Nicholas, welcomes our first guest to the show; Tim Williams owner/ creator of Ritual Apparel brand of clothing,  the Ritual Powerlifting team, and the Ritual Podcast. Tim is an infectiously passionate person with a lot of wisdom to share, and has created an amazing brand and culture through Ritual.  Tim and Nicholas speak on everything from the culture of powerlifitng and strength sports, how to create positive habits and mindsets that lead into rituals for success, the falsehoods of the negative stories we tell ourselves, and about Tim's journey from being in bands as a musician/designer, to finding lifting and fitness, and then starting his amazing brand.  Tune in to hear what he has to say that could help you spark your own origin story.
June 26, 2019
Creating Your Own Origin Story: Where to Begin in Strength & Fitness
In episode 1 of the Nerds Who Lift Podcast; host, Nicholas Anderson goes into the 4 steps to starting a sustainable strength and fitness practice. Identifying your goals and resources, choosing a training program, selecting the proper diet for your goals, and the how to track your progress.
June 19, 2019