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HN4 Family We Choose

An episode of Hello Nessa

By Nessa
A journey of life that I didn’t know existed. Mix of laughing, crying, talking, and me forcing my musical tastes on the world!
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HN7 Balloons, School, and Friends
This is a catch-up show.  520-221-4224 heynessa@gmail.com hellonessa.com
October 22, 2019
HN6 Just Say Thank You
Why is it so hard to take a compliment? The sun is green. You look nice today! hellonessa.com
October 4, 2019
HN5 I Gotta Crush
Who was your first crush? Roadhouse Swayze could get it. There is some weird skip in the middle of the show where my computer froze and didn't record. So, It sounds like I didn't finish a word. Sorry, not sorry! hellonessa.com
September 28, 2019
HN4 Family We Choose
We need to build bonds, express love, be family. hellonessa.com
September 20, 2019
HN3 Eat the Weed
Do your research! Don't be like Nessie! hellonessa.com
September 13, 2019
HN2 Self Care Road Trip
I'm grateful for you listener pals! Love yourself! You matter! Check out Lizzo! You will not be sorry! p.s. I am still waiting on itunes approval. UGH! hellonessa.com
September 6, 2019
HN1 I Am Back
Hey listener pals! I am here with a little here I am and this is where I've been! Applicable links at hellonessa.com!
September 1, 2019
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