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Stefan Thomas' Networking Tips

Stefan Thomas' Networking Tips

By Stefan Thomas
Hints, tips and advice on networking and business. From Stefan Thomas, author of Business Networking for Dummies and founder of The Networking Retreat
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CNN presenter Trish Lynch asking me about networking, business and what to do after lockdown.
The amazing Trish Lynch - - asked me all about networking - what it means, how to do it, and why it is so vital right now.
August 20, 2021
Kitty & Steven Lai talking personal branding, systems, homeschooling and a trampette!
This week I talked to Kitty & Steven Lai about how lockdown has affected their business, how they cope with both working from home, and how personal branding and systems can make a huge difference to any business. Kitty Lai's website - Steven Lai's website - Kitty on LinkedIn - Steven on LinkedIn -
April 1, 2021
Talking to Tim Beanland of Beantalking - how to make your video and audio stand out
We all know that video and audio is super important to our social media and content in 2021. Tim Beanland knows how to make sure it stands out and how to make great videos and podcasts - even on a budget.
March 30, 2021
Talking to Chris Jay of Bascule Disability Training - why every business should embrace accessibilit
Chris Jay is a disability and accessibility awareness trainer and advocate. You can find him on LinkedIn at - And his website at -
March 22, 2021
Talking to Sally Green about what every business should be doing to market themselves.
Sally Green is an Oxford based marketing expert and takes big business marketing ideas to small and medium businesses. Find Sally on LinkedIn at - And the Marketing Meanders podcast at -
March 22, 2021
Stefan Thomas talking networking and LinkedIn at The Strathclyde Business Show - March 2021
A few weeks ago I was at The Strathclyde Business Show talking networking, how to network in the virtual world and how to use LinkedIn and other tools to not only grow your network, but make sales too. Here’s the full 25 minute keynote, hope you enjoy.
March 16, 2021
Talking to Ali Wiltshire of Fiscal Business Services about business, Cashflow and bounce back loans
Today I’ve been talking with Ali Wiltshire, a management accountant who owns Fiscal Business Services. You can connect with Ali at: Website - LinkedIn -
March 15, 2021
Lockdown Leverage - Clive Jackson AKA The Doctor from Doctor and The Medics
As well as being the lead singer and instantly recognisable as The Doctor from Doctor and The Medics, Clive Jackson also runs the business end of things for the group. In March 2020, for a band that was looking forward to their busiest touring year ever, things changed for Clive with the cancellation of all his gigs. In this 40 minute interview we talk about how that affected him, and what he’s done to bounce back. Find Clive online at And catch up with Doctor and The Medics at
March 5, 2021
Lockdown Leverage - Paul Spink of Fat Lil’s in Witney, Oxfordshire
On March 13th 2020 Paul’s venue, Fat Lil’s in Witney hosted my 50th birthday party. The following week they made the decision to close, in anticipation of the government’s lockdown announcement. Paul has a brilliant outlook on how he looked at the opportunities and the raw materials he had, rather than being tied to what he had been able to do before lockdown. Find Paul on LinkedIn at And Fat Lil’s, his venue in Witney, Oxfordshire, at
March 5, 2021
Lockdown Leverage - Adam Burgess of Verve & Virtue Hairdressing in Witney, Oxfordshire
After three years of spectacular growth in his hairdressing salon, Verve & Virtue in Witney, Oxfordshire, Adam was forced to shut down and has been closed for almost a year now. Adam tells us how he has used lockdown to hone his marketing skills and avoid burnout, whilst helping other local businesses to market themselves. You can connect with Adam at And find his project, Share Witney at
March 4, 2021
Lockdown Leverage - Brad Burton founder of 4Networking
Next up I hear from Brad Burton, the UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker and founder of 4Networking. Brad was running 5000 face to face networking events a year, and then lockdown almost brought the whole network down. Brad talks about the mindset he had to adopt to reinvent the network, and his business. Catch up with Brad on Facebook And you can find Network Central and network with likeminded businesses across the world at
March 3, 2021
Lockdown Leverage - Neil Sayer of Istead Business Presentations
In this episode I talk to Neil Sayer of Istead Business Presentations. Neil tells us how he had to completely reinvent his business following lockdown, and the lessons he learnt as a result. Connect with Neil at Or visit Istead at
March 2, 2021
Entitlement in networking, and it isn’t all about who you know - a weekly digest of advice
Over the last week I’ve published a load of videos and advice on networking including what networking is going to ‘look like’ in future, why entitlement in networking doesn’t work and why it isn’t all about who you know. All in one ten minute digest.
February 16, 2021
Stop putting things off and get excited by the little things
Here’s some thoughts about today, about how to get through the next few months and about keeping in touch with your network. I refer to a video which I did on LinkedIn months ago, you’ll find it here
November 2, 2020
Monday morning live talking personal branding and networking with Sheena Whyatt
A Monday Morning Facebook Live with Sheena Whyatt of KAPOW! Personal Branding talking about how to include your personal brand in your networking and how to build your personal brand during lockdown.
November 2, 2020
Which comes first - the networking event or the follow up?
Stefan Thomas’ full keynote from The Social Media and Marketing Show talking about the circle of networking
October 29, 2020
Networking your personal brand - an interview with Kitty Lai of ME Brand.
Last week I was interviewed by Kitty Lai, personal branding expert and founder of ME Brand Personal Branding.
October 28, 2020
The Scottish Networking Show - Stefan Thomas’ full keynote
Loads of advice, hints and tips including how to network online, how to use virtual networking platforms and, of course, how to turn your networking into sales, from my seminar at The Scottish Networking Show
September 21, 2020
In business networking, the real opportunity is that most people won’t bother.
Business networking and networking events aren’t some sort of business dispensing machine. You have a much higher chance of winning business from networking if you put in some effort before and after the event. But most people won’t.
August 31, 2020
Your reputation precedes you
How to never have to walk into a room full of people you don’t know.
August 31, 2020
12 minutes to improve your networking introduction forever
Over the years I’ve given loads of advice on how to really smash your networking introduction. This episode is a compilation, in 12 minutes, of all of the best of that advice.
August 24, 2020
Talking sales and networking with 4NOnline Ambassador Barry Clark of Dunedin Consultancy
An interview with 4Networking Ambassador Barry Clark of Dunedin Consultancy, based in the central belt of Scotland
July 17, 2020
Putting my pants on over my trousers with 4N Ambassador Sheena Whyatt
Ambassadors Showcase - Sheena Whyatt of KAPOW! - 4Networking Ambassador and former Regional Leader
July 17, 2020
I had no Plan B - 4Networking Founder Brad Burton
Interview with 4Networking Founder and the UK’s #1 Motivational Speaker Brad Burton
July 14, 2020
Talking about networking and not hiding the till, at 4Networking Wales
A recording of my presentation from 4Networking Wales last week - the whole twenty minutes including advice on how to network online and, crucially, making you don't hide the till.
May 26, 2020
Stefan Thomas’ keynote from Wes Linden’s Big Kick Off Event
25 minutes of networking hints, tips and advice from The Big Kick Off
April 10, 2020
An interview with marketing & branding expert Gill Fountain. The Networking Retreat Audio Show.
Marketing and branding expert Gill Fountain, co-founder of talks to me about her journey. Specifically we look at how lessons she learnt in marketing toys, can be applied to small businesses selling services.
May 26, 2019
Introducing networking & networking events. Ep4 of The Networking Retreat Audio Show.
What do I mean by networking? And what type of networking am I going to be talking about in this show? In this episode I'll explain what networking is, and what types of networking events are available.
May 26, 2019
Meet - Like - Know - Trust. Ep3 of The Networking Retreat Audio Show.
I talk a LOT about "Meet - Like - Know - Trust" and "Know - Like - Trust". But what does it actually.mean? In this episode I hope to explain exactly that.
May 24, 2019
Shoeshops and estate agents. Ep2 of The Networking Retreat Audio Show
In this episode I talk about where it all started for me and why what I learnt from Manfield Shoes in 1983 is so relevant to networking in 2019.
May 23, 2019
Ep1 of The Networking Retreat Audio Show
Just an intro, some ideas of what to expect and me experimenting recording with different mics on different devices and in different locations.
May 22, 2019