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We're discussing the issues NEU members are talking about and getting to the heart of the latest debates in education. Episodes released at the start of every other month - join the conversation at @TheNEUPodcast or email
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Remote Education and Recovery - March 2021
In this episode, we reflect on the period of remote education for most at the start of 2021 and begin to look ahead to recovery education. We hear from NEU members Julie and Paul who describe their experience of remote education including reflections on challenging aspects, things they've found to work well and the struggles some have faced in accessing education remotely, given their differential situations at home. We also hear from NEU policy specialists Nora and Suzanne, Assistant General Secretary Ros McNeil and Joint General Secretary Kevin Courtney. Please do subscribe to the show, rate and review it wherever you get your podcasts and share it with friends and family. Let us know what you think on twitter @TheNEUPodcast
March 31, 2021
Child Poverty - Dec. 2020
In our first episode, we discuss the impact of child poverty and how the pandemic has worsened the situation in schools. We hear from NEU members Merium, Lucy and Chris who describe their experience of dealing with child poverty in the classroom and what they think needs to change to support children and young people to access education.
December 10, 2020
NEU Podcast - coming soon!
November 10, 2020