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NeuroCast By Autisticly Aaron For ND Neuro News

NeuroCast By Autisticly Aaron For ND Neuro News

By Aarow Audio
the fresh voice in broadcasting on neurodivergent issues. Giving a platform to pass the mega phone to celebrate and grow a network of neurodivergent voices. In Partnership with ND Neuro News’s. A news series after year of unforeseen absence is coming soon a relaunch of the podcast continuing to discuss issues that matter from a different angle keeping things interesting with topics from topics shaping the conversation from the community
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The Gender Expression One, Autisticly Aaron Chats with Lyric Holmans (NeuroRebel)

NeuroCast By Autisticly Aaron For ND Neuro News

The Gender Expression One, Autisticly Aaron Chats with Lyric Holmans (NeuroRebel)
Autisticly Aaron In this weeks episode, chats with Lyric Holmans a gender fluid neurodivergent advocate known to many as the neurodivergent rebel a leader in the conversation on neurodivergent rights. This episode sees Aaron confronts how gender expression is much a neurodivergent issue as it is a femininist one. Autisticly Aaron also has Fen from Stimolgy in the Stim Pride Show Case and your weekly neuro news desk breifing 
October 05, 2020
Sarah Boon On Zoom and Chewigem Stim Pride Showcase
The fresh voice in neurodivergency returns with the third episode in the series of neurocast Autisticly Aaron presents new features with Lorraine from Chewigem telling us about her business in Stim Pride Showcase a new weekly feature on the podcast. With Autisticly Aaron’s first time behind the ND Neuro News desk bringing you some of the latest takes from news, current affairs from within the community and the return of the question and answer feature ‘Ask Autisticly Aaron‘ now weekly. New format with new for NeuroCast. Tweet us @ndneruonews use the #neurocast or email Also here Autisticly Aaron chatting about what is #stimpridesunday Today's headline feature guest is Sarah Boon Autistic, Dyslexic with ADHD chats to Autisticly Aaron's first Zoom chat in their first interview conducted over zoom. Went quite swimmingly chatting Self diagnoses and unmasking and what lead to her diagnoses. It was a pleasure to be joined by Sarah and Lorraine from Chewigem in this episode. Sarah also stated that she has. a new Neuro-pride webstore selling autistic and neurodivegency pride mugs and t-shirts. chatted also about her masters degree which she recently finished in psychology and her experineces with researching her autism and ADHD looking at whether theres gender inequality in the diagnoses process for neurodivegent people and an economic and social inequality leading to the necessity of self diagnoses. Thanks for listening neuro-squad-casters rate and review us on itunes to allow for this podcast to grow and share this with people on your social media platforms  Back after a few weeks can view the wordpress blog to find out out about the delay as well as the transcript come in within the week on the blog with links to Chewigem and Sara Boon's new on-line merch shop Thanks again, Autisticly Aaron
September 27, 2020
Autisticly Aaron’s Neurodiversity & Me Part 1
Autisticly Aaron since starting this podcast wants to give a glance and a window view into their life being autistic and dyspraxic telling the strong of how this podcast came and how they feel about the themes of the podcast
August 30, 2020
The First One, Neurodivergency & Us: Autisticly Aarons chat with Sophie Lavender
This is the firs episode with feature guest Sophie Lavender an autistic dyspraxic youtube content creator comedian who also has ADHD who has talked on this podcast about her experiences with the pandemic and her interests Autisticly Aaron gives you a more in-depth explanation of what’s to come on their podcast remember to subscribe and share follow nd neuronews on social media email us and follow Sophie Lavender on Twitter instagram and tik tok also subscribe to her youtube channel more to come soon
August 22, 2020
NeuroCast is Neuro Fresh: Coming Soon
This is the first unofficial episode introducing you to what’s coming next remember follow us on @ndneuronews on twitter and instagram ahead of the first official episode coming shortly meanwhile email if you have any ideas for guests and topics and remember subscribe and share.
August 15, 2020