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Welcome to the Never Not Creative podcast.
Never Not Creative is a community for creatives to come together and tackle the challenges we face in the creative industry. From how to manage and improve your mental health, to getting paid what you're worth and everything in between.
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More than ticking boxes
Nasya Kamrat is the Co-Founder of FACULTY, a certified, woman-owned spatial storytelling agency. After experiences working with multi-national agencies owned by the global holding companies, Nasya decided to start something new and do completely the opposite. Nasya is joined by Chief Creative Officer, Aaron Wolfe and both chat to Andy about the positives of building a company that is diverse, equitable and different to the status quo. Nasya also shares how she's gone one step further to co-found Komuna, a co-operative of independent BIPOC, women and LGBTQ+ led agencies and leading industry knowledge brokers designed to support the world’s most intrepid brands. Show Links: Komuna FACULTY Never Not Creative Thanks to Streamtime for their support of Never Not Creative. Go to Streamtime for project management for healthier, creative businesses.
September 22, 2022
Exploring mental health
In our latest episode, Ve Dewey interviews James Routledge, the co-founder of Sanctus. After starting Sanctus, a coaching business to help improve mental wellbeing in workplaces, James has gone on to author the Penguin Business Book, Mental Health at Work. He's always very transparent and honest in his own challenges and shares how practice was the key to opening up and helping people realise that we're all capable of talking about our mental health. Links: More about James and Sanctus. James' book, Mental Health at Work. Thanks to Streamtime, project management for healthier creative businesses.
June 19, 2022
Creative entrepreneurship for social good
In this episode, Ve and Andy join forces to chat to recent winners of the Deutsche Bank Awards For Creative Entrepreneurs – Jameisha Prescod, founder of You Look Okay To Me, an online space for the chronic illness community and Nahum McLean, founder of African Diaspora Dance Association (ADDA), an organisation that aims to expand the curriculum and training of dance under the African Diaspora. Jameisha and Nahum share the importance of strong mentorship, community and not letting social norms stand in your way. Since 1993, through DBACE, Deutsche Bank has overseen the launch of over 220 ventures, helping young visionaries bring their ideas to life as one of the longest running creative enterprise programmes. In 2018, MeWe360 was brought in as a new partner to deliver and help shape the new direction of the programme. Every year, the DBACE programme provides support to 10 entrepreneurs (5 Winners + 5 bursary business support recipients). All entrepreneurs join MeWe360’s incubator membership to receive tailored 1-2-1 mentoring which looks at aspects of business support depending on the entrepreneurs’ individual needs. Applications for the 2022 DBACE program are open now. You can apply here. More about Mewe360 You Look Okay To Me African Diaspora Dance Association And thanks to Streamtime
January 20, 2022
The F Word Mini-Series – Episode 3
It's our third and final episode of the F Word Mini-Series. David and Ve sit down for an inspirational conversation around failure at an organisational level with the award-winning transformational change leader Eva Applebaum and Global CEO of Butchershop® Global, Trevor Hubbard. Within the episode, we go in-depth discussing failure, what the opposite of failure is (clarity), key leadership attributes, and what failure for women in a work environment means. Eva Appelbaum – Butchershop – The Clarity Project Thanks to Streamtime for their support.  More at
December 20, 2021
The F Word Mini-Series – Episode 2
In our second episode, David and Ve sit down with Alina Mendoza Lopez, currently an intern at Dragon Rouge London, and Max Ottignon, co-founder of the London based agency Ragged Edge to discuss failure at the individual level. Within the episode Max and Alina discuss their experience of failure: Alina discussed her relationship with failure in university whilst Max elucidates early career experiences with failure as well as his current experiences running Ragged Edge. Ragged Edge Dragon Rouge Thanks to Streamtime. Project and studio management for healthier creative businesses. More at
December 19, 2021
The F Word Mini-Series – Episode 1
Based on the “The F word”, our latest mini-series focuses on "Failure." This first episode with Never Not Creative Co-creator, Ve Dewey and David Beare, Executive Creative Director of Dragon Rouge, come together to discuss what we mean by failure. Their discussion lays the foundation for future episodes exploring what failure is and what counts as small or large failures and how we deal with them on a daily basis. Stay tuned for more in episodes 2 and 3 coming soon. More about David – More about Ve Thanks to Streamtime for their support - project management software for healthier creative businesses.
December 14, 2021
Creativity and Football Mini-Series E05
The final episode of our Creativity and Football mini-series rounds out with The Hallway's ECD Simon Lee. Simon has lived experience with the ups and downs of mental health, but has also been working closely with mental health charity, Gotcha4Life for the last 3 years. The result of this work is the quite excellent Boys Do Cry campaign – a clever take on The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" from 1979. It's a powerful piece bringing together 30 men from all walks of life to unite in tackling the stigma of mental health – especially relating to men. Andy and Simon discuss the rules of masculinity, the stiff upper lip and the power and relief that comes from opening up.  You can find out more about the campaign at: Boys Do Cry.  Thanks to for background music. Check them out for one month free. Support from Streamtime always appreciated and for joining us on the fight for a healthier creative industry. Check out what's happening at Never Not Creative and last chance to take the empathy survey.
December 12, 2021
Creativity and Football Mini-Series E04
In the 4th episode of our Creativity & Football mini-series we head to Switzerland with renowned lettering artist Stefan Kunz. Stefan is an internet phenomenon, entrepreneur and educator who is passionate about sharing his gift to inspire others. But his quest for excellence and always doing how best isn’t free from the challenges of struggling to get out of bed, becoming bereft of ideas on how to excel further and everything in between. Stefan shares his coping mechanisms and how his willingness to be realistic about what his ‘best’ is on any particular day, helps him through. Find out more about Stefan and sign up for his courses at Thanks to Endel for their support… Focus, relax, and sleep through the power of sound. The Endel app creates AI-powered sounds designed to support your everyday life. Backed by science, and enjoyed by millions worldwide. Endel is powered by its patented core AI technology. It takes inputs like location, environment, and heart rate, to create the optimal personalized soundscape. This happens on the fly and allows Endel to reconnect your state with your natural circadian rhythm. Get a free 1-month subscription for the NNC Community here  And Streamtime… always on the mission of creating healthier creative businesses and helping create a healthier creative industry. Find out more at
December 07, 2021
Creativity and Football Mini Series E03
It's the 3rd episode of our Creativity & Football mini-series. Craig Elimeliah is an award-winning ECD at VMLY&R in New York. A native New-Yorker he gets his football analogies from the oval shaped ball rather than the circular one. A couple of months ago, Craig wrote a brave post on Linkedin sharing his experiences with many years of mental heath ups and downs. It's not easy to suddenly go from zero to a hundred in the transparency and vulnerability stakes, but Craig has taken it in his stride and now understands his own mental health in order to pull the right levers at the right time. He's also excited by the change our industry is destined to make with a new generation of talent and leaders who won't stand for the toxicity and culture of the past that has burnt out far too many of us. Need help with your mental health? Find out more about Craig. Craig's interview with David Sable for New York Festivals. Thanks to - the AI-powered wellness app that helps you focus, relax, and sleep better through the power of sound. Created by artists, proved by science. And thanks to Streamtime. Project management software for healthier creative businesses. More at
November 27, 2021
Creativity and Football Mini Series E02
Dr Zac Seidler knows a thing or two about football. Whilst he's scored many a goal from all over the pitch, his ultimate goal is to reduce the staggering rate of male suicide. In this second episode of our Creativity & Football mini series (psst, yeah the one on men's mental health in the creative industry) Andy and Zac discuss everything from mental health to masculinity and the one secret that just may give men the courage to speak up. Find out more about Zac at and of course support the global Movember phenomenon at where Zac is Director of Mental Health Training.  More from NNC at  Thanks as always to
November 12, 2021
Creativity and Football Mini Series E01
Welcome to a Never Not Creative podcast mini-series. Creativity and Football. We're talking to men about creativity, football and... who are we kidding? This is an essential listen. A mini-series dedicated to the topic of men's mental health in our industry. We kick-off our first episode with Pete Brennan. Co-founder of Heaps Normal, Electric & Analog and lucky for us, sharer of stories and experiences about his own journey with mental health. We're publishing this series because its almost guaranteed that whenever we run something around mental health – we'll see max 10% of males as part of the audience. It's time to chat fellas (and everyone of course, but especially the men). The more open you are, the more honest you are and the more you realise that more than half of this world is feeling something similar, the more we can all help each other. Thank you to Pete for sharing, talking and helping others realise it's good to talk and get to know yourself. Find out more about Pete, Heaps Normal and Electric and Analog below. Linkedin - Heaps Normal - Electric & Analog - Thanks to Streamtime -
October 21, 2021
S4 Ep8 Qualified?
Asher Oliver didn’t take the traditional ‘qualified’ pathway into the creative industry. After graduation from university with a Business Management degree in 2009, he moved back home and encountered a huge struggle in regards to finding employment. Like many graduates having to rely on casual work meant Asher became a waiter in an Italian restaurant, but he never gave up what had become a passion on the side for animation. While researching opportunities, Asher came across Gary Vaynerchuk and his mantras of: HUSTLE - HARD WORK - FOCUS - NO EXCUSES When Asher reached out to Gary himself, opportunities appeared. The collaboration opened many doors and he now works full time at Food Fight Studios. Thanks to Streamtime for all their support. --- Send in a voice message:
September 25, 2021
S4 Ep7 A side of business
Blair Enns (author of Win Without Pitching and Pricing Creativity) joins Andy to discuss the challenges that creatives have when it comes to business. How our emotional attachment to work can hinder financial success and why we shy away from the grown-up stuff. We also discuss the pro's and con's of unpaid internships and whether mental health issues are naturally more present in creatives.  Links: Rocket Fuel book Win without pitching Mentally-Healthy research Never Not Creative Thank to Streamtime for all their support – project management software for healthier creative businesses.
August 31, 2021
S4 Ep6 Culture and colleagues
Andy and Sarah are back with another episode on a Never Not International Women’s Day talk with Tom Tapper.   Tom is the co-founder and CEO of B-Corp certified agency, Nice and Serious. In 2008, he co-founded Nice and Serious with a clear purpose: to make creative work the world needs. Since then, he’s exclusively worked with pioneering charities and brands to make creative work that amplifies social and environmental causes. From international brands like IKEA, Unilever, Innocent and Ben & Jerrys, to pioneering charities like Greenpeace, WWF, Rainforest Alliance and Parkrun.   Constantly aware of being in the privileged position of the white male founder of a successful branding business, Tom is interviewed by Ve on the extra efforts to ensure that Nice and Serious delivers on being a business that strives for equality.   Listen to the full podcast ep or watch the talk at  The Moral Compass -  Nice and Equal - More at Big thanks to Streamtime -
August 17, 2021
S4 Ep5 Equality + respect
Join Andy Wright and Sarah Nguyen in another episode to discuss two powerful talks from Never Not International Women’s Day - ‘Until your fear of me isn’t my problem’ with Tanarra Schneider, and ‘Until we flip the question’ with Andy Polaine.   Tanarra is a Managing Director at Accenture Interactive, leading Design in the Midwest. She spills the tea about the outcomes of a system predicated on the fear of women’s success.    Dr. Andy Polaine is a designer, educator, coach and writer who helps clients build and grow their own design and innovation capability, transform their organisations and themselves. Andy flips the question from “what should we do?” to “what should we stop doing?” and dealing with the underlying structural issues that create inequity.   Watch their talks at More at Big thanks to Streamtime -
August 02, 2021
S4 Ep4 Move on John
Somewhere around 2015, the first of the John genre articles arrived, trumpeting that there are more CEOs named John than women CEOs in their entirety.   In this episode, we have a well-presented talk by Jess Lilley, who focuses on this issue and talks through what we (John) can do about it. Jess is a co-founder at The Open Arms, a creative company that strives to weaponise empathy to help communities thrive. After a near 20-year career as an award-winning writer and creative director in some of the world’s most renown ad agencies, Jess realised the culture of the ad world just wasn’t working for her (or her family). She joined forces with a couple of great people to create something a little different. Their goal is to make work with a social purpose that leaves their patch of the world a little better than they found it. Listen to the full podcast ep or watch this talk at Big thanks to Streamtime - Other links: Episode analytics
June 22, 2021
S4 Ep3 All inclusive
Jane Duru (Verbal Design Director, R/GA) and Sumita Maharaj (Associate Design Director, Re:) join Sarah and Andy to discuss their recent submission to Never Not International Women's Day. From having to bring a 6-pack to a meeting to get a seat at the table and a constant need to over-prove themselves Jane and Sumi share their stories and experiences from the world of advertising and design. You can watch their talk at Never Not International Women's Day. More at Never Not Creative. Thanks to Streamtime.
May 16, 2021
S4 Ep2 Kill the stereotypes
To make meaningful change in workplaces all around the world, we need to recognise that the gender inequity in our industry and society is a cultural problem. We need to show men what they can’t see all around them - the norm. The norm that has let stereotypes rule and anyone but a privileged white male suffer.  Join this discussion with Daniele Fiandaca and Deborah Rey-Burns. By his own admission, Daniele is the very definition of privilege - white, male, straight, middle class and privately educated. As Founder of Creative Social, he often spoke about issues facing the creative industry including the lack of gender diversity. Daniele set up the Token Man community to create a safe space for conversation and get men to improve their education and get a better understanding of the challenges women face. Daniele is Founder of Utopia, a culture change business that re-wires organisations for the Age of Creativity.    Deborah, Founder of Propela and Curator-at-large for ReDesign Business and the Future Of_, Deborah has built a global network of moon-shooting experts that can help companies thrive. She helps events and organisations connect with the superhero thinks of today - the thought leaders and change-makers working on the bleeding edge of business and culture.    Watch this conversation (as well as others) here: Other links; 🔗 🔗 🔗 🔗
April 25, 2021
S4 Ep1 Rage over fear – Never Not International Women's Day
International Women’s Day 2021 has passed. But this year, we're not going back to business as usual. As far as we're concerned, it will always be Never Not International Women’s Day until all women including women of colour, women with disabilities, and queer or trans women, stop being penalised for being women.  This new season of the podcast highlights our Never Not International Women's Day initiative. A mind-changing, bias-ridding, downright mutinous loop of ideas and musings from women in the creative and associated industries everywhere that will run 24/7/365 on a loop forever, or until...we don’t need to talk about it anymore. We thought it was important to share our motivations and hopes for what this platform can become and how the world needs to change for the better for everyone.   Join us in our first discussion with those behind NNIWD - Prue Jones, a long term veteran of the creative industries, Ve Dewey, co-creator of Never Not Creative, and Andy Wright, creator of Never Not Creative and co-chair of Mentally-Healthy.   Watch here: As always, big thanks to Streamtime -
March 30, 2021
S3 Ep16 Meaning And Purpose
Dr Sally Fitzpatrick is a Clinical Psychologist and the Acting Program Manager, Mental Health and Research at Everymind, our partners in the Mentally-Healthy research study. In this episode she’s joined by Author and Creative, Alex Wadelton to tackle community questions about finding meaning and purpose through work, disclosing mental health challenges, taking better care of contractors and freelancers and managing expectations about working hours with your boss.  You can also watch at Asking For A Friend is a monthly event in collaboration with Youngbloods and
January 04, 2021
S3 Ep15 Take me to your leader - with Victoria Davies
Victoria Davies has spent years as a leader in the advertising industry.  Now though, Victoria has swapped running some of the most successful agencies in London and New York to start an artificial intelligence business to nudge leaders into being better. This episode is recorded in partnership with Gabberish – Creative Therapy For Creative Minds. An online magazine for our industry. Issue 21 (out on 15th December) is edited by Never Not Creative's Andy Wright and this interview forms part of an exploration into the topic of empathy. Read more at Find out more about Newance, artificial intelligence and how it can help us to be better leaders at Check out and thanks to
December 14, 2020
S3 Ep14 Creative Clarity with Trevor Hubbard, Founder – Butchershop
After years of learning in the agency business, championing and doubling-down on a project-based model, Trevor Hubbard is on a mission to wipe out failure. The one thing standing in his way? Clarity, or lack of it. Having co-founded, and then bought outright, his agency Butchershop in California, Trevor's hit on a formula for a successful business, projects and client relationships. The Clarity Project. A concept that introduces us to the pre-mortem (over the post-mortem) and a way of looking at things to head-off failure at all costs. A methodology that so-far has proved successful at getting Butchershop through the pandemic and expansion to Europe. Get in touch with Trevor on Linkedin Let us know what you think in the Facebook group Thanks to Streamtime - head to to find out more about our efforts in the creative industry.
October 16, 2020
S3 Ep13 Creative shelf-life?
Kelly Mackenzie founded White Bear in 2014. Since then it's gone from strength to strength. No surprise really, as when we caught up with Kelly it was clear that she doesn't let much stand in her way. We chat about the challenges that women in the creative industry can face in rising to the top and how even, for all designers, this industry can sometimes feel like an extreme sport. Kelly's story of how they continued to grow during the pandemic is also a great case study on how to grow a community (and in turn, client base) as a way of growing stable business opportunities. LINKS: Interview with Kelly - White Bear studio - Thanks to Streamtime! Never Not Creative
September 18, 2020
S3 Ep12 Creative Growth
We chat with Ekaterina Solomeina the founder of Future London Academy. Ekaterina challenges the traditional concept of University, a linear career path and how we learn. What happens when we move into the next phases of our career as we need to continue to learn, develop and grow? And, as we move into a quest for more diverse teams, how do we create the environments and culture to ensure that they thrive? Plus... how do you compose yourself and not freeze when you meet Donatella Versace? And, let's go and find some new heroes tomorrow. Let us know who you're new heroes are... Links: Future London Academy - Book - Skin in the game - Creative Capes Podcast - Ekaterina visits Michael Wolff's house -  Thanks to Streamtime -
August 28, 2020
S3 Ep11 Recovery – Where to from here?
An incredible, far-reaching episode with experts on the future and our mental health. Prue Jones, Design Director at Fjord provides a unique perspective on where to from here in 2020. Dr Zac Seidler, a psychologist and specialist in men's mental health, who also works with Movember shares practical, respectable and relevant advice.  Hear advice and opinions on what will the future of our work look like? How do we build resilience? I'm at my wit's end... where to from here? and... how much vulnerability is too much? Watch here - help now? -  Prue Jones  Dr Zac Seidler Mentally-Healthy Youngbloods
August 19, 2020
S3 Ep10 Under Pressure – the results of the 2020 Mentally-Healthy study
18 months on from our first study into the mental health and wellbeing of the creative, media and marketing industry, we’re back with a deeper dive. The purpose of the second study was to evaluate what’s changed since 2018 and to further understand how people cope and what can be done to improve the situation.  This episode includes a recording of the live presentation of the results with Professor Carmel Loughland, the Director of Everymind, our research legend, Ross Tynan, Nina Nyman, co-chair of the Mentally-Healthy Change Group and of course Andy from Never Not Creative.  You can read more here - Discuss the results with the community here -  Thanks to  Need someone to talk to?
July 29, 2020
S3 Ep9 Side hustle obsession
When Brooke Strozdas wrote about her side hustle observations she was just letting off steam. Then bang, Twitter responded and she'd clearly hit on something that many people must have been thinking. Why all the pressure to have a side hustle? Is it becoming a mandatory? Is having a side hustle more important than the skills and passion you have for your regular job? Why are employers placing such an importance on it. Andy reached out to Brooke (despite Brooke asking that we stop asking!) and they caught up to tackle the subject in more detail. You can read Brooke's original article here - Follow Brooke and thanks to Streamtime
July 17, 2020
S3 Ep8 The New Normal – Asking For A Friend
With guests, Jess Lilley, Creative Director of Leo Burnett and Aileen Alegado, Psychologist. We discuss when's the right time to ask for a payrise. Is our industry ageist? And what's Survivors Guilt and how do we get over it? Register for future Asking For A Friend events at  Links:
July 06, 2020
S3 Ep7 Creative Utopia?
Andy first met Daniele Fiandaca in 2002. He was COO at (then) independent agency Profero. They were his agency and he was their client. Since leaving Profero in 2009, Daniele has gone on to co-author 3 books including 'Creative Superpowers: Equip Yourself for the Age of Creativity', become Head of Innovation at Cheil, co-founded Token Man, Brand Social, Creative Social, Culture Social and Innovation Social, hit the front page of a British tabloid, and co-founded Utopia, the culture change business. @weareutopians helps clients such as Coca-Cola European Partners, Google, Red Bull, Spotify and Universal Music build more purposeful, inclusive and entrepreneurial cultures and in 2019, they were named Inclusive Companies Consultancy of the Year. Daniele's work is focused on how to build better work cultures. He helps people understand the value from creating more inclusive and diverse cultures in which everyone can thrive; how to create psychologically safe workplaces, and many other topics that help build belonging and joy in the workplace. This episode was recorded in Daniele's London loft (luckily) before the pandemic and lockdown.  Links: 🔗 🔗 🔗
June 22, 2020
S3 Ep6 A world-wide creative challenge
When we stumbled across Creative Confessions in our insta feed, we sensed an immediate familiarity. Veronica Mike and Josh Schneider are on a mission to improve the stigma surrounding mental health in the creative industry. Based in Brooklyn, New York they've been researching with creatives across the world as well as creative leaders in New York and across the USA.  Sarah and Andy chat to Mike and Josh about their findings, stories they've heard and how we can get better about opening up about our mental health experiences. We all know that things need to change, and Mike and Josh are fighting the good fight! Take their Creative Confessions survey (link below) and follow their work through their site. Links: Creative Confessions site Creative Confessions survey It's Friendly
May 26, 2020
S3 Ep5 Navigating change in 2020
This episode is a fully loaded chat with Andrew Dobbie (Founder of Made Brave) and Peter Czapp (Founder of The Wow Company).  One's a creative founder, the other's an accountant – in fact, Peter is Andrew's accountant. In this fascinating chat, they share stories of how they and other agencies are coping right now. There's lots of advice for how to get through everything that's happening in 2020 and how to plan to come out the other side winning. Thanks to: The Wow Company, and this special resource hub they've put together. Made Brave Streamtime - this episode was taken from a Streamtime webinar.
May 07, 2020
S3 Ep4 Asking for a friend – April 2020
This episode is from our April Asking For A Friend event. We all know that “asking for a friend”is an easier way to ask a tough question. So once a month we’re going to allow anyone anywhere to “ask for a friend”, to an industry leader, and a psychologist, anonymously, and online. Asking For A Friend is an initiative by Never Not Creative, Young Bloods Australia and Mentally-Healthy. It exists to make it easier for creatives to ask the unaskable. Wherever you are, tune in on the first Thursday of each month to get help, or just listen to the answers to your friends, colleagues and peers questions.With guests, Maria Devereux, Executive Creative Director of Colenso BBDO New Zealand and Katie Feder, Psychotherapist. Register for next month or ask an anonymous question of your own at  Links:
April 21, 2020
S3 Ep3 Creative energy with Sean Hall
Sean Hall has seen almost every nook and cranny of our industry. From working in one of Australia's most iconic agencies to running one of Australia's most iconic brands, he now focuses on helping as many of us as possible to improve our energy levels and mental wellbeing. Energx is Sean's business and passion and it's taken him around the country and onto the stage of TEDx to share his unique insights into what makes us tick. Sean has also been kind enough to share his time in the Never Not Creative community and the Mentally-Healthy change group. You can find out more about Sean below as well as links to resources he recommended in this episode. Oh, and send him an email. He'd love that! Links:
April 03, 2020
S3 Ep2 Wearing your heart on your sleeve - with Mitch Wallis
In this episode Sarah and Andy chat to Mitch Wallis, the Founder of the Heart on My Sleeve Movement. Entwined within Mitch's story about his own Mental Health journey is solid scientific and strategic advice on how to tackle mental health at work. The difference between addressing performance and addressing mental health, and how we can all play a role in looking after ourselves and each other. Mitch is fast becoming one of the most recognisable faces in mental health in Australia and works with many businesses including creative agencies to improve their approach to a mentally healthier workplace. If you'd like to find out more about Mitch and the Heart On My Sleeve movement, check out the links below. Heart On My Sleeve Linkedin Instagram PS the video on Youtube that Mitch mentioned is private to him - so we're keeping it that way. Sure you understand 😃 Other links: Streamtime Never Not Creative Mentally-Healthy NNC Insta Drop us a line
March 10, 2020
S3 Ep1 Purpose, meaning and mental health
We’re back. Season 3 kicks off with Chris Freel and Nina Nyman from Unltd. We talk all things mental health and how to do good in our industry. Perfect timing as we’ve recently launched the new Mentally-Healthy survey (got take it now - link in bio) and Nina is also the co-chair of the Mentally-Healthy Change Group with Andy. This is a great chat about what happened behind the scenes with our work last year, but also shines a light on the great work that Unltd do helping to connect our industry with youth at risk. Let us know what you think, and feel free to reach out to @unltdaus to find out more about the great work they do and how you might be able to get involved. Thanks to: @unltdaus @streamtime @adwrighty (and a big congrats especially to @sarahpnguyen for the latest addition to the NNC family with baby Nguyen).
February 24, 2020
S2 Ep18 Tackling mental health at work
In our final episode of Season 2 and 2019, Andy and Sarah catch-up with the formidable "Monty" AKA Sarah Montague, Creative Director at ooh! Media. With her career as a Solid Gold dancer over before it even began, Monty got into the world of advertising. 23 years later and it's still all about the words, the pictures, the gold nugget of a human insight, where you're connecting with your audience and most of all, the emotion. Emotion is a suit she wears and taps into daily. On a personal level, she cries over spilt almond milk, would happily swap a lung for a block of Whittaker's Jelly Tip (chocolate) and has quite the penchant for squeezing herself into comically small spaces.  Last year however, saw Monty tackle her most complex small space yet, her personal Everest, her own head. Monty shares her journey on the mental health rollercoaster of which shame had not only kept her silent for YEARS, but had also seen her run the gamut of self medicating options. A passionate advocate for bringing about change in terms of the way mental health is perceived, understood and approached - Monty shares her tips and tricks on sticking it to shame, and why medication and therapy deserve their own infomercial channel. If anything in this episode triggers difficult memories, experiences or emotions, please consider calling the numbers below for help and advice: Lifeline Australia - 13-11-14 Suicide Helpline (US) - 1-800-273-8255 Samaritans (UK) - 116-123 We'll be back in 2020 with a brand new season.  Please subscribe, share, rate and review the podcast wherever you listen to it. Links:
December 21, 2019
S2 Ep17 The mental health of the creative
We caught lettering artist and typographer, Craig Black as he was whizzing around Australia for his national AGDA tour. But better than that, we also invited his wife Alison to bring her expertise as a mental health nurse to our conversation about mental health and the life of a creative. Craig has shared a lot about his personal story, "and while he's the happiest he's ever been" he's inevitably endured the ups and downs of the creative's rollercoaster along the way. This is one of the most personal episode's we've recorded... and we're so grateful that Craig and Ali could talk with us together. If you're an independent creative, if you're struggling with work/life balance, or if you sometimes find yourself lost and not knowing where you want to get to, give this episode a listen. And then share it with whoever else you think would benefit. Check out Craig's work at Thanks to Streamtime And get involved at and
November 14, 2019
S2 Ep16 Creating on the edge with Shruti Rai
Sarah and Andy catch up with Shruti Rai about designing for the edge cases and how to embrace audiences and use cases that we might not be comfortable with. Diversity becomes a major theme of our conversation and inevitably, the benefits that a more diverse team can bring to the perspective and solutions for a project. Shruti is an experience designer that counts R/GA on her resumé among many other globally renowned brands and businesses. Having recently become a mother, we also discuss our industry's ability to create the conditions for parents to continue their career along with topics like flexible working and the benefits of diversity in the workplace. Follow / Visit Never Not Creative Shruti Rai Streamtime Sarah Nguyen Andy Wright
October 30, 2019
S2 Ep15 Getting started
This episode, Andy is in Tasmania for Foundry Live. Foundry Live is a conference  by Foundry Creative School in Tasmania. Every few months they invite industry leaders to speak to their students and local businesses. At the end of September, Andy attended alongside Todd Henderson, Director of architecture firm, Cumulus; Chi Ryan, Experience Strategy Director at pwc and Marcel Jacobs, Design Lead at Mentally Friendly. Given the audience at the event, this episode is especially good for those of you looking to get a break in the industry. But even if you're looking to create a good first impression or network for a new role, there's some great advice in this one. You can find out more about Todd, Chi and Marcel at the Foundry Live event page. Thanks to Matt Leach and Ali Kerr for collaborating on this one and giving us permission to share with the NNC community. FOLLOW: @myfoundrylife @adwrighty @sarahpnguyen @nvrnotcreative Thanks to: @streamtime
October 16, 2019
S2 Ep14 The Creative's Mind – with Professor David Alais
Professor David Alais is a psychologist and neuroscientist at The University of Sydney. Sarah and Andy caught up with David to understand better how the creative mind works, and how we can do a better job of looking after it. David's research focuses on how we perceive the world through our senses, how we interpret and create our reality, and how we deal with ambiguity and imagine solutions. This episode covers everything from mindfulness to mindlessness and how being productive with your creativity doesn't mean chaining yourself to your mac for hours on end. Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review, and share with your friends 🙏 Links:
September 04, 2019
S2 Ep13 Being brutally honest
This episode is packed full of advice on running a business as a creative – get your notebooks out! Andy and Sarah caught up with Emily Cohen, creative business consultant and author of Brutally Honest. We discussed the challenges facing creative businesses, changing models, how to deal with clients, and how to get serious about business. Emily shared why it's good to be transparent with your employees, friends with your competition, how the next generation of creatives are much more business savvy than their predecessors, and that honesty is definitely the best policy. This is one of our most practical episodes yet, jam-packed with advice for creatives of all levels to help work better with clients and create more profitable businesses. You can find Emily's book at - get the credit card out and make an investment in your future business :-) FOLLOW Emily at @emilyruthcohen @adwrighty @sarahpnguyen @streamtime
August 20, 2019
S2 Ep12 Minding The Gap
Andy and Sarah caught up with Chris Doyle who last year started an initiative called This Is Not University. TINU is a mentoring program that Chris started to help bridge the gap between education and career as he realised that he didn’t have the time / money to be able to commit to hiring interns. Almost a year in and Chris joins us with Wilson Leung, the first participant in the program and now full time employee of Christopher Doyle & Co. We discuss Chris’ goals for the programme Wilson’s experience and what we can do to make interning in general, a more structured and positive experience. You can find out more about This Is Not University here:  Socials: @cd_and_co @waishunwilson @sarahpnguyen @adwrighty
August 07, 2019
S2 Ep11 Looking after each other
Our industry is nothing without the people who make it. So, what do we do to make sure they're thriving? How are we helping them grow? In this episode, Andy and Sarah catch up with Manon Pietra, People and Culture Director at PHD Media. We discuss how to talk about and develop job satisfaction, the minimum standards of a mentally healthy workplace that you should expect from your employer and what we can all do to help look after each other. If you enjoy this episode and would like to keep talking about it - jump over to our Facebook group or hit us up on Instagram @nvrnotcreative. Thanks to Streamtime who without their support, none of this would be possible. Check out to manage projects and your creative business, better.
July 24, 2019
S2 Ep10 NNC x ADR collaboration - Running a business with your best mate
Australian Design Radio and Never Not Creative hosts Matt Leach and Andy Wright found themselves in Brisbane together at The Design Conference. Therefore, it was a no-brainer to combine mics and interview the founders of Ustwo, Sinx and Mills about the ups and downs of running a business and what it's like to do all of that as best mates. You can follow Ustwo and Mills at @ustwo or @millsustwo - thanks to the guys for such a great chat! Thanks to @Streamtime for making a lot of what we do happen. Subscribe to the show on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever else you get your podcasts by searching for Never Not Creative. And, of course if you don't subscribe to the excellent ADR just search for them at Australian Design Radio.
July 06, 2019
S2Ep9 Industry Events: Inspiration, community and self-development
After a month of high quality events in the creative industry, Sarah and Andy unpack how important it is to get out to find inspiration, community and spend some time on your own self-development. Sarah attended Rare by Google, Semi-Permanent and The Design Conference (TDC), while Andy was also a co-host of TDC. We discuss the great job these events are doing, why it's important to take the time to attend and what we've learnt in the last month. This is also a great insight into the content and lessons from these events, so well worth listening if you're considering a ticket for next year! Please review the show on itunes or wherever you're listening to this. We'll be back in a fortnight. Links:
June 07, 2019
S2Ep8 How can we make a brighter future for the creative industry?
This episode was sparked by a tweet. On the 2nd April, Andy tweeted, "Sometimes it feels like we really don't want to create a better industry. When you look at what we do to the people trying to start out or get ahead it's simply baffling..." It was followed by a series of examples and stories that people had shared through the Never Not Creative community. Quite a few of you chipped in with thoughts and opinions, and some of the active participants of the conversation agreed to get together and discuss some of the issues. So, joining Andy and Sarah in this episode are Jim Antonopoulos from Tank, Ngaio Parr from Make Nice, and previous guest, Gabby Lord. We discuss everything from the role of leadership to basic human instincts. It's a great conversation across New York, Melbourne and Sydney. That meant the audio can be a little annoying at times (sorry for that). Please stick with it though as the conversation is important! Link to the original tweet: Have your own thoughts? Jump into the Never Not Creative Facebook group or reignite the Twitter thread!
May 22, 2019
S2Ep7 What diversity can bring to the creative industry
Big questions in this episode. Is the lack of diversity in the creative industry holding us back? Can we be more creative as a result? What's it like to be a person of colour in our industry? Jane and G work in a Sydney creative agency. Both people of colour from London, they're certainly a minority in the Australian creative industry. What has their experience been so far? How can we help more people get into our industry? We discuss everything from quotas to education and family expectations. It's a great episode about an important (too often ignored) topic. Feel free to continue the conversation in our Facebook group of tweet / insta us at @nvrnotcreative. Thanks to @Streamtime as always! and co-host @sarahpnguyen Notes: Here's the website referenced towards the end of the episode:  Find G at @iamghettosmurf (Twitter) and thisis.g (insta) Find Jane at @flightsofashion (Twitter and insta)
May 08, 2019
S2Ep6 Why go in-house as a creative?
Maggie Tang (ex Frost, Houston Group and current Head of Brand at Ableton), and Christian Hewitt ex R/GA, part of InVision's Design Leadership Forum and current Head of Design at Streamtime) join Andy and Sarah to discuss what it's like to make the decision to go in-house as a creative. Will you compromise your creativity? Do you get bored working on one brand? Are the hours and your mental health better? And, why are more and more people crossing the line? If you like the discussion and think others would benefit please share with your networks on social media and tag @nvrnotcreative. Got feedback or more questions? Just hit us up on insta or twitter or send us an email at
April 25, 2019
S2Ep5 - Getting a foot in the door
This episode Andy and Sarah discuss a recent Never Not Creative event –  The Future Of Internships. Should they or shouldn't they be paid? How do we make sure that internships aren't just accessible to those who can afford them? What stories exist around unpaid internships? What's the law? Why is our industry breaking it? What's the role of education in improving this situation? Included on the panel at the event were: Beau Penton, host of The Design Kids, Sydney Bianca Jarvis, Graphic Designer Rhiannon Tuntevski, Industry Partnerships at UTS Lara Blumber, Career Coach at General Assembly. Please review, share and rate us on your podcast platform. Also don't forget to vote for Streamtime at The Webbys.
April 09, 2019
S2 Ep4 - Causing a Creative Industry Boom
We catch up with Katy Cowan, the founder of Creative Boom. The online magazine for the creative industry that supports and provides resources for anyone working (or thinking of) in the creative industry. Katy shares stories of freedom, growing a side project, and finding the balance of doing what you love AND helping others. Is growing business the goal, or should we focus on growing ourselves and managing our mental health? Oh, and is a mid-life crisis actually a thing? Check out Creative Boom and Please share with friends and leave us a review wherever you're listening to this. We love to feel special! Back in 2 weeks!
March 27, 2019
S2Ep3 - Providing support for women in the creative industry
In this episode we get frank about the experiences of women in the creative industry. Mirella Marie is the founder of Womentor. An international mentor network for female graphic designers. Mirella talks to us about the inspiration for Womentor and how it has evolved into a global program. We also find the link between design and crime as Mirella shares her passion for criminology and the part she plays in the RMIT innocence project. If you're interested in applying for Womentor, head to (no matter where you are in the world). Thanks to Mirella and thanks to co-host Sarah Nguyen! Ideas for future guests? Please drop us a line via or in the Facebook group (just search never not creative). Or email on Please rate us on your podcast player and share through your favourite social networks. It really, really helps us grow the community and spread the word.
March 12, 2019
S2Ep2 - Best of 2018 - part 2
It's the second half of our review show. Sarah and Andy discuss internships with the highlights from our chats with Adam Thorn (journalist at Mumbrella) and Dean Jacobson (a creative from Melbourne). We get into parental leave, re-capping on our chat with Kate Pollard (Co-founder, Circle In) and finish off by re-opening the discussions with AGDA from the end of the year. As always, please share your favourite bits on social media, tagging @nvrnotcreative. Come and discuss the themes in our Facebook group, and please share any ideas you have for future topics and guests. We'll be back again in 2 weeks.
February 28, 2019
S2Ep1 - Best of 2018 - part 1
To kick off season 2, we review the best of season 1. Andy and co-host Sarah, go back to the start to discuss vulnerability and struggle with some of the highlights from Andy's chat with Josie Young and Tina Victoria Afshar. We also talk egos and feelings with Kit Palaskas and re-cap on the magical 5hr working day with Charl Laubscher from Love and Money.  Part 2 is up next week. If you'd like to share, this is a great one for intro-ing friends and colleagues to Never Not Creative.  Ideas for future guests? just hit us up at @nvrnotcreative or in the Facebook group.
February 19, 2019
AGDA and staying relevant for the design community
In the second part of our chat with Nic Eldridge, CEO of AGDA, we focus on the future. What are the challenges facing AGDA as we enter 2019? How will AGDA remain relevant? Nic also adds some clarity on who AGDA is, who it's for and what it isn't! This is our last episode of the year. Please rate or review us, share with your friends etc etc. That would be a nice little Xmas gift and take no time at all! Have a great holiday and we'll see you in a month or so.
December 20, 2018
The great debate around awards and AGDA
As we move into the final weeks of the year, we have special guest, Nic Eldridge. Nic's the CEO of AGDA (the Australian Graphic Design Association) and a major voice in the design industry. In this first part of 2, we talk about the recent AGDA awards, the role of a jury, how to pick one, and how work wins awards. If you like the podcast, please give us a rating on your podcast platform of choice and share with friends and colleagues... it would be greatly appreciated!
December 18, 2018
Creating better conditions for parents returning to work
In this episode, we talk to Kate Pollard. Kate, is the co-founder of Circle In, a startup focused on creating a community to improve working conditions for working mums. It’s a big issue and one that can help with other challenges around gender, fairness and equality in our industry. You can find out more about Circle In at They’ve got great resources, articles and more to help improve the confidence of women going back to work and educating all of us on the importance of sharing the responsibility of parenting across men and women.
December 13, 2018
Mentally Healthy - Does the creative industry have a mental health problem?
This week we launched the results of the Mentally Healthy 2018 research – one of the largest studies into the mental health of the creative, media and marketing industries. If you didn't get the chance to watch the live stream or attend the event at Twitter then don't worry. This episode is all about the results. Visit for a link to the slides if you'd like to follow along as well. Special thanks to our partners Everymind and UNltd.
December 07, 2018
Future Models For The Creative Industry
Part 2 of our chat with Jules Ehrhardt, former co-owner of Ustwo and founder of Fktry, a creative capital studio. Jules talks about future models, bringing all of yourself to work and how we need to take responsibility for change. Follow him on Medium and Twitter @ezyjules
November 30, 2018
The Future Of The Creative Industry with Jules Ehrhardt
Jules Ehrhardt is obsessed. Obsessed about the future of our industry and changing the terms of business for the creative class. How do we stop creativity being seen as a commodity? Can we make equity for expertise a reality? What does a new creative economy look like? Jules is a former Co-Owner of Ustwo, the author of The State Of The Digital Nation (look it up on Medium) and founder of Pledge Parental Leave and Fktry. This is just part 1. Much more to come next week.
November 17, 2018
What's Going On?
This episode, Andy's on his own. So this is the perfect opportunity to let you know what's been going on and what's coming up in Never Not Creative land. From some early insight into the results of the Mentally Healthy survey to who you can look forward to hearing from in the next episode. Plus, news on upcoming events in Sydney and Melbourne. Thanks for listening, please like, review or share on your platform of choice, and get involved at or on Instagram and Facebook.
November 09, 2018
Internships - could standardised programs be the answer?
This is part 2 of our chat with Dean Jacobson, a designer from Melbourne. We disagreed on the subject of whether all internships should be paid. In this episode we start to discuss whether there are solutions that could make internships better and more valuable for the intern. Whether an standardised program could be a solution and if clarifying the difference between mentorships and internships could help. As we're getting into solutions, it would be great to hear what you think. Please message us via the website or in the community at If you like the podcast, please share it in your social feeds, with friends and colleagues and give us a review on anchor, itunes, or your podcast channel of choice. If not, let us know why. We'd always love to make it better!
November 04, 2018
Internships and the benefit of hindsight
Episode 12 brings us back to internships. They’re such a great way to get a foot in the door, prove your worth and start a career. But, should they be paid? Is there a maximum duration? What’s a good one look like? How can you steer clear of a bad one. Andy chats to Dean Jacobson a designer from Melbourne after having a mini “agree to disagree” chat on Twitter. This episode is part 1, setting the scene with intern experiences and the beginning of a dialogue on whether there is actually an issue to be addressed when it comes to internships.
October 24, 2018
What are we worth? And what should we be rewarding?
This final instalment of a discussion with Maggie Tang and Gabby Lord focuses on the value of creative work. How do you ensure that clients recognise the value you provide? How do you ensure that you don't sell yourself short from both a monetary and self-esteem perspective? It's been fun having a multi-national perspective. Who else would you like to hear from on the podcast? Hit us up at
October 16, 2018
The Future, Unicorns And The (Potential) Power Of Community
In part 2 of our chat with Gabby Lord and Maggie Tang, we get inspired by Gabby's tweets (@gabbylord_ if you're not following already). From the unachievable expectations of job ads, to the cost of award entries and what it's like to stick your neck out and hope you don't get shot down.
October 10, 2018
Gender, Confidence and the Money Question
This is the first in a 3 part series of a conversation I had with Gabby Lord and Maggie Tang. Both are Aussie creatives in Berlin with significant opinions on the industry and ideas for solutions. In this first part we discuss what it's like to be a woman in the industry, whether disparity in pay still exists (it does!) and why.
October 04, 2018
Real Talk - feelings, struggles and honesty
In the second half of our chat with Kitiya Palaskas, things get very real and very personal. Kit has started an initiative called the Real Talk Project ( It's a project to encourage openness and honesty and to help reduce the stigma around admitting if and when you're doing it tough.
September 26, 2018
Burnout and Accountability with Kitiya Palaskas
In this episode, we chat with Melbourne creative Kitiya Palaskas about burnout, accountability and how to deal with social media. Check out more about Kit at
September 19, 2018
Investigating unpaid internships with Mumbrella's Adam Thorn
Adam Thorn is a journalist for Australia's media, marketing and creative industry news site, Mumbrella. For the last few months he's been investigating unpaid internships in the media industry. He shares his findings, the stories he uncovered and the potential solutions for making starting a career, much more accessible.
September 08, 2018
The Creative Juggle
In this episode we interview Charl Laubscher, the founder of Love + Money. Charl has had a fascinating journey through creative agencies and used that experience to start up his own. Love + Money have recently moved to a shortened work day, quality of work and productivity is up, and people have more time in their personal life!
August 30, 2018
NNC Mini - Mentally Healthy 2018
A first "mini" episode recorded while walking to and from the Mumbrella Health Marketing Summit to launch our research study, Mentally Healthy 2018. Let us know if these mini episodes are a good idea. And if you're happy with speed over quality. Airpods and iPhone for this one.
August 23, 2018
Vulnerability and the creative's struggle
In the last part of our discussion with Josie and Tina we tackle some personal experiences around some of the mental and emotional struggles of being a creative. Don’t forget to share and subscribe for more!
August 21, 2018
Internships and getting the right start in the industry
In part 2 of our chat with Josie and Tina we discuss are we giving people entering the creative industry the best possible start? Should interns be paid? If not, what does that mean for others who can’t afford to work for free?
August 13, 2018
Gender And Opportunity In The Creative Industry
We chat with Josie Young (Christopher Doyle & Co.) and Tina Victoria Afshar (Common State) about being a woman in the industry and what we can do to find better balance and inclusion. Big thanks to Josie and Tina who gave up their Saturday afternoons to record this.
August 07, 2018
Welcome to Never Not Creative
An intro to the Never Not Creative podcast and what we're up to as a community for creatives.
July 29, 2018