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The NERI Podcast ep 1 Banded Hours & Precarious Work

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By Nevin Economic Research Instit
The Nevin Economic Research Institute was founded by the Irish trade union movement to produce quality research to highlight issues relevant to Irish workers, to challenge dominant narratives in public discourse and to put forward a vision for a new economics for the island of Ireland, for an economy that works for workers, their families and their communities and not the other way round.

Economics does not exist in a vacuum; it’s affected by customs, laws and the broad structure of society. By politics. This series will look at issues you might not hear about in our broader media landscape.
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More places to listen

The NERI Podcast Ep3 Worker Co-operatives and Trade Unions
Fiona Dunkin, Policy & Communications Manager, Co-operative Housing  Ireland & CWU member talks to Cian McMahon, International Centre for  Co-operative Management, St Mary's University, Nova Scotia about  Workers Co-ops in Ireland, opportunities for development and the role of  the Trade Union movement in promoting alternative forms of enterprise.
August 28, 2019
The NERI Podcast Ep 2 An Ireland Worth Working For
 Guest presenter Sarah Harte, ISSU President speaks to Tom Healy, NERI  about his book An Ireland Worth Working For - Towards a New Democratic  Programme.  He discusses how his book is relavent to young people. 
July 4, 2019
The NERI Podcast ep 1 Banded Hours & Precarious Work
Guest presenter David Gibney, Communications Officer, MANDATE discusses the Banded Hours Legislation with SIPTU researcher Michael Taft and  activist and MANDATE member Muireann Dalton. 
May 30, 2019
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