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003 | Food and Liberation

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By New Black City
Welcome to New Black City, where black millennials are building social, political and economic capital in their cities.
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004 | Flint Ain't Fixed
On our 4th episode we discuss, share and learn about the Flint Water Crisis, why and how it got this way and the national lead issues facing our country and people of color.
March 31, 2019
003 | Food and Liberation
Carrie Kholi (@kholi) is building a safe space through food and community.  Her creation @Khafra.Co is a dream incubator focusing on community actualization that hosts @hellablackbrunch, bringing black people together quarterly to commune over  “food free from oppression”.  ______________ Hella Black Brunch Our community experience team provides women, QPOC, and people from the African Diaspora with unique food, culture, education, and recreation experiences, consistently reinforcing safe space and local relationships, in tandem with a sense of national and international connectedness. Hella Black Brunch contact info: E-mail:
March 14, 2019
002 | Breaking Our Addiction to Poverty Porn
Sherell Dorsey @sherell_dorsey is doing her part to disrupt the focus on “poverty porn” - the fascination with data that only highlights the negative aspects of the Black narrative. Through BLKTECH Interactive @weareblktechclt and The Plug Daily @_theplugdaily, she is telling the stories of Black tech talent in Charlotte and shedding new light on ways to share knowledge in cities. 
March 8, 2019
001 | Commerce, Community, Culture
New Black City hosts Sheena Collier & Dominique Aubry kick off their first show with a discussion about place-based communities and ways to respond to gentrification with Bianca Jackson of BrickRose Exchange.
February 14, 2019
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