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A conversation on everything related to digital product design, with hosts Tanner Christensen and Jasmine Friedl. Discussing design careers, tools, education, critique, and much more. New episodes on Wednesdays!
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Design Critique
To do our best work we need to get feedback. For that reason critique is a fundamental part of the role we play as product designers. And yet, critique can feel intense for many designers, especially when done poorly. What does the best critique look like and how can we as designers and peers ensure each time we review work it's beneficial for everyone involved? What are the warning signs of a poor critique? How can you get feedback on your work if you work in a small team or if you're the only designer on the team? In this episode Jasmine and Tanner answer these questions and more.
August 14, 2019
The Design Process
What is the design process? There's a universal, time-tested, overarching process for design that many of us are familiar with, but when it comes to applying that process to any project, you may find it needs to be adapted. In this episode of New Layer, Tanner and Jasmine talk about the different ways the design process must be used to meet specific project needs; including how to identify what part of the process should be changed and how to ensure your process is fluid, not rigid, to ensure you and your team get the best results from your design work.
August 7, 2019
Building a Portfolio
When it comes to showing your work in an online portfolio: how do you decide what goes in it? How much information is too much and how much is not enough? In this episode Jasmine and Tanner discuss best practices for building a compelling online portfolio, what to do if you don't have enough work to build one, and how to structure your work in a way that tells an effective story.
July 31, 2019
Communicating the Value of Design
How do designers communicate the value of design? When it comes to collaborating with business partners or clients, how do designers help others understand what design does as a function? In this episode hosts Tanner Christensen and Jasmine Friedl discuss the evolving role of design, how designers can partner with their peers to make the design process more transparent, and why design needs to build trust in order to have impact.
July 24, 2019
Interview Design Exercises
Should design exercises be used as part of an interview process? Tanner and Jasmine talk advantages and disadvantages of design exercises and take home challenges as part of a comprehensive design interview process. Whether you're a designer hoping to prepare for your next interview or a hiring manager looking to add design exercises to your interview process, this episode is for you. Hear how Jasmine ensures the interview process brings out the best of all her candidates and how her team prepares for these interviews, as well as Tanner's worst interview experience and how he thinks through exercises when interviewing.
July 17, 2019
Career Paths
Formal education or self-taught? What's the best way to get into product design today? In the first episode of New Layer, Tanner and Jasmine discuss the various career pathways to becoming a digital product designer. Whether you’re a self-starter or someone who needs scaffolding to learn, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks to different approaches for learning and improving in the world of design.
July 10, 2019
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