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New Life SDA Church

New Life SDA Church

By New Life SDA
Here you will find inspirational messages from the Bible that give strength for today and hope for tomorrow. Our context is holistic and focuses on the total you.
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Will You Be My Valentine by Nivomugabo James
In a time when many are looking for someone to be their valentine, we are brought to the reality that everyone needs love and to love. In this episode elder James explores God's invitation to us to join a loving relation.
February 18, 2022
Spiritual Lessons From the Financial Crash
The financial crash of 2008 was devastating and would later lead to a ressession, yet there are spiritual lessons we can learn from the this to prevent us from having a spiritual crash/meltdown in our experience with God.
February 05, 2022
Signs Of The Times || Pastor Normand Cote
The Bible teaches that world as we know it will remain the same forever, and Jesus will return to put an end to sin and suffering. As the times are changing there is great fear and uncertainty in the air, which leaves many to ask the question, in the end of the world upon us? The Bible has answers to the chaos in our world and tells us just how close we are to Jesus return. This week pastor Norman Cote examines just how close we are and if the end is near.
February 05, 2022
Not What, But How || Elder Paul Bernard
A closer look at what attitude we should have when we worship. Our relationship with God will be seen in more ways than we think?
February 05, 2022
The Christology of Prayer || Pastor Collin McLaughlin
God desires to communicate with us, but like with human communication there are sometimes preventing us from understanding God. Jesus has made it Possible for us to talk to His father through His sacrifice on the cross that reunites man with God through christ. Since our only connection to the father is through Christ, our prayers are guaranteed an audience with God for Christ sake. What then can we learn from Jesus prayer that can guarantee an answer to our prayers?
February 05, 2022
A New Song || Pastor Collin McLaughlin
January 1, 2022. God has alway left his people with great hope. When we face challenges that prevents us from see the want forward we can take consolation that God promise to turn our morning into dancing and give us a new song of praise, one that is born out of what God has done in our lives and that will stimulate faith to face tomorrow with God.
February 05, 2022