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Earth 2 Air

Earth 2 Air

By New Earth Theatre
New Earth Theatre presents its first podcast: Earth 2 Air.
Continuing to amplify and champion the multiplicity of voices and stories of East and South East Asians in the UK.
First series Tsunagu/Connect will feature Japanese women and the stories that brought them to the UK, the reasons they have stayed and some of the challenges they have faced as immigrants in this country.
Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, The Japan Society, Museum of London, Shoreditch Town Hall. Made possible by the Cultural Recovery Fund and Goldsmiths, University of London.

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Tsunagu/Connect Ep 7 – Mariko Hayashi
Mariko Hayashi reveals how her work retains her connection to her roots, which in turn, is rooted within her initial desire to do something different with her life and see and experience life outside of Japan. Today, she is executive director of the Southeast and East Asian Centre, SEAC - a London based organisation providing community support to migrants, refugees, and people seeking asylum as well as citizens of Southeast and East Asian backgrounds.
December 06, 2021
Tsunagu/Connect Ep 6 – Haruna Komatsu
Musician Haruna Komatsu had always been determined to live out her teenage dream. So, she formed her own band, No Cars, which consists of three Japanese women and a raccoon. Joining the podcast from Japan, she shares her journey from childhood in Nagano by the mountains, how David Bowie persuaded her to travel to the UK and coming full circle back to her home country and now working at the famous Snow Monkey Park.
November 22, 2021
Tsunagu/Connect Ep 5 – Houmi Miura
At an early age, Houmi made the life-changing choice to remain in the UK with English guardians whilst her family returned to Japan. Having joined initially as an interviewer for Tsunagu/Connect, she tells her own story and the impact from such a decision. Now, as a Japanese-British female actor, writer and theatre maker based in Manchester, her interest in culture and history has led to the discovery of historical empowering female figures and a solo show.
November 08, 2021
Tsunagu/Connect Ep 4 – Ryoko Akama
Growing up with dual nationality was not easy. Coming to live in semi-rural Huddersfield wasn’t either. Japanese-Korean Ryoko Akama discusses identity and the curiosity and conflict of who you are alongside the ever-changing racial trends and attitudes; how that has influenced her music and her way of thinking towards creativity as a sound artist and composer. heat, heat, gravity by Ryoko Akama, Anne-F Jacques and Tim Shaw
October 25, 2021
Tsunagu/Connect Ep 3 – Lola Isako Okazaki-Ward
One of the first Japanese women to come to Britain post-war, Lola Isako Okazaki-Ward, recalls her treacherous journey to Britain on the Empire Windrush in 1954, love at first sight and adopting English culture.
October 11, 2021
Tsunagu/Connect Ep 2 – Keiko Itoh
Keiko Itoh, a Japanese born writer and interpreter who lives in London, features in today’s episode to delve into the historical context of her unusually international family. The lesser-known life of the Japanese community in pre-war Britain will be uncovered, with some surprising links to the North East of England. But the Second World War left the community with an ultimatum: to return to Japan or stay in the UK to face the unknown…
September 27, 2021
Tsunagu/Connect Ep 1 – Kumiko Mendl and Kazuko Hohki
Series host and co-host, Artistic Director Kumiko Mendl and artist/theatre-maker Kazuko Hohki reveal the motivation behind Tsunagu/Connect. Find out how ‘The Borrowers’ were involved and what growing up as the ‘child of the enemy’ was like. They share details on their own arrival and experience in the UK, drawing parallels with present affairs and the future generation. Music excerpt: We Are Ninja by Frank Chickens
September 13, 2021
Tsunagu/Connect Teaser
New Earth Theatre presents its first podcast: Earth 2 Air. Artistic Director Kumiko Mendl and artist and theatre-maker Kazuko Hohki introduce the first series, Tsunagu/Connect, featuring Japanese women and the stories that brought them to the UK, the reasons they have stayed and some of the challenges they have faced as immigrants in this country.  The Earth 2 Air podcast will debut on 13th September. 
September 06, 2021