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By New Space Vision
With NewSpaceVision we want to grow the European (New)Space start up scene and build awareness for the interesting applications of space related hard and software. NewSpaceVision acts as the starting point for aspiring entrepreneurs and skilful engineers from all kinds of fields to find contact points to existing companies or find colleagues, inspirations and resources to start their own venture.
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#11: The Bright Future of Radar Satellites (feat. Joerg F. Herrmann, SVP of Capella Space)


#16: We Made Aliens... in Space? (ft. Mark Kugel, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of yuri)
In this episode, Mark Kugel, Co-founder and Co-CEO of microgravity research company Yuri (yes, it’s as fascinating as it sounds), explains how his startup enables researchers to conduct experiments in low gravity - while in orbit around the Earth - and why this has such special benefits. Yuri enables research but also wants to conduct it itself - perhaps even growing organs in space unaffected by the constraints of gravity on Earth.  You’ll also hear about the challenges Yuri faced, why small companies hold the power to disrupt the market, and what’s in store for the future of space innovation.
September 16, 2022
#15: Avoiding Space Debris at Thousands of Miles Per Hour (feat. Kristina Nikolaus, Co-Founder & CEO of OKAPI:Orbits)
Space junk presents a significant threat to satellites in orbit. How does one tackle this issue? Who has what jurisdiction in space?  In its long-awaited return, the NewSpaceVision podcast arrives with an incredible guest: Kristina Nikolaus, Co-Founder and CEO of space debris company OKAPI:Orbits. This disruptive startup, founded in 2018, is changing the game. As more and more satellites are launched into space in today's areospace boom, the newspace industry needs it more than ever. Discover how software meets hardware in space, the challenges of creating such a revolutionary startup, and how systems need to change to help promote sustainability in space. 
August 25, 2022
#14: Business, State and Funding of the Chinese Private New Space Sector ?
After a long break, we return with an exciting new Episode of the NewSpaceVision Podcast, we invite Andrew Jones, SpaceNews Journalist & Expert on China Coverage, to talk about his role as the SpaceNews Correspondent and Contributing Editor to Planetary Society with a focus on China's space program topics.  Since 2018, he has been a contributor and editor to The Planetary Society webpage, writing guest blogs on issues regarding China. S h o w   N o t e s  Guest: Andrew Jones Hosts: Daniel Seidel, Sven Przywarra Speaker Intro/Outro: Karoline Stegemann Production: Nina Stary Organization: Nina Stary Subscribe to the NewSpaceVision Newsletter: Email your thoughts, comments, and questions to Follow NewSpaceVision: Website ( Linkedin ( Twitter (@NewSpaceVision) Instagram (@NewSpaceVision)
September 28, 2021
#13: The Decade of In-Space Infrastructure has arrived (feat. Jeffrey Manber, CEO of Nanoracks)
In our November Episode of the NewSpaceVision Podcast we invite Jeffrey Manber, CEO of Nanoracks, to talk about his role in the commercialization of Mir Station and his fascinating time of working with the Russians in the 90s for Energia and later for MirCorp. Nanoracks was founded 2009 and is headquartered in Houston, TX. In its efforts to democratize space access, Nanoracks is the first New Space company to market and own in-space hardware on the ISS for satellite deployment. We talk about Nanoracks unique business model, Jeff’s near-term in-space-manufacturing ideas and the next commercial cash cow in space. We will also hear about Nanoracks first upcoming demonstration mission in 2021 and valuable advice for New Space entrepreneurs. The decade of in-space infrastructure has arrived! S h o w   N o t e s Guest: Jeffrey Manber Hosts: Daniel Seidel, Sven Przywarra Speaker Intro/Outro: Karoline Stegemann Production: Nina Stary Organization: Nina Stary Subscribe to the NewSpaceVision Newsletter: Email your thoughts, comments and questions to Follow Nanoracks: Website ( Linkedin Nanoracks( Twitter Nanoracks(@Nanoracks) Twitter Jeffrey Manber (@jeffmanber) Read about Nanoracks Outpost Program ( Follow NewSpaceVision: Website ( Linkedin ( Twitter (@NewSpaceVision) Instagram (@NewSpaceVision)
November 28, 2020
#12: The First Successful Private Mission to the Moon (feat. Yonatan Winetraub, Co-Founder of SpaceIL)
For our October Episode, we invited Yonatan Winetraub, Co-Founder of SpaceIL - an Israli non profit organization established to participate in the Google Lunar XPrize contest in 2011 which launched the very first privately funded Moon Mission with its Lunar Lander Beresheet. The spacecraft made Israel the 7th country to ever accomplish to enter an orbit around the moon. Join us in an inspiring conversation about the founding story of SpaceIL and how it fascinated a whole generation of kids in Israel, the different design phases of the Lunar Lander, the SpaceIL team structure, the exceptional funding situation, Yonatans role in the Beresheet development, technical challenges during the development stages, an indication on upcoming plans of the company and of course mind-boggling and nerve-racking insights on the last few moments of the mission in April 2019 before the spacecraft collided with the lunar surface while attempting to land on the moon. Despite all that, SpaceIL’s Beresheet mission is the closest a private entity has come so far to landing on the lunar surface, it provided valuable information and learning experiences for future private missions to the moon and above all, inspired a whole generation of kids in Israel and NewSpace companies around the world. Lastly, to put it in Yonatan Winetraubs words “if you crashed a pa rty, you still had a good time”. S H O W  N O T E S Guest: Yonatan Winetraub Hosts: Daniel Seidel, Sven Przywarra Speaker Intro/Outro: Karoline Stegemann Production: Jeevanantham Saravanan Organization: Nina Stary Email your thoughts, comments and questions to Follow SpaceIL: Website ( Linkedin SpaceIL ( Twitter (@TeamSpaceIL) Beresheet Mission Article with fantastic photos ( Follow NewSpaceVision: Website ( Subscribe to the NewSpaceVision Newsletter: Linkedin ( Twitter (@NewSpaceVision) Instagram (@NewSpaceVision)
October 30, 2020
#11: The Bright Future of Radar Satellites (feat. Joerg F. Herrmann, SVP of Capella Space)
The NSV September Episode is all about radar satellites and its applications. We invited a very special guest who helped to shape and grow the SAR Satellite Industry in the 90s and 2000s in Germany like no other: Joerg F. Herrmann, former founding CEO of the TerraSAR-X services entity Infoterra, Sr. business development executive at Airbus Defense and now Sr. VP at Capella Space. From first endeavors to the first wave of commercialization of SAR. Join us for a conversation about the creation of Germany’s first Digital Elevation Model in early 2000 to TerraSAR and TandemSAR as well as differences of working for a U.S. start-up compared to his time in Germany, building the TerraSAR. We explore the question: Why is Germany currently lacking a private German SAR constellation with the ambition of Capella Space, Iceye, PredaSAR (U.S.) or Synspective (Japan) or a leading new space hardware startup? ...and even dare to ask: Is there an underutilization of SAR technology?
September 30, 2020
#10: Implementing the Henry Ford Moment to Satellite Manufacturing (feat. Tom Segert, CEO of Berlin Space Technologies)
In this month’s episode, we welcome Tom Segert, the CEO of Berlin Space Technologies (BST). A Berlin-based New Space Company that offers reliable and cost efficient solutions for small satellites with a very global customer base. BST is currently pushing Satellite Manufacturing to a whole new level: Mass production. We talk with Tom about the company’s approach to satellite manufacturing, vertical integration, software innovation and, of course, the progress of their satellite assembly line of the factory in India.
August 23, 2020
#9: Is there a Business Case for Mars? (feat. Jake Robins, Host and Producer of WeMartians)
The upcoming Mars 2020 launch of NASA got us thinking: Is there actually a business case for Mars? Jake Robins, Host and Producer of the WeMartians Podcasts and an incredibly passionate Mars enthusiast joins us to discuss the current state of the Red Planet and its promising missions in 2020. Together, we explore a variety of thinkable business cases for Mars. Just in the dawn of the approaching launch of NASA’s Mars Perseverance mission in July, be sure to not miss the launch window for this Red Planet Podcast.
July 03, 2020
#8: How Spire Global jump-started its Satellite Empire (feat. Jeroen Cappaert, CTO & Co-Founder of Spire)
Jeroen Cappaert, CTO and Co-Founder of Spire Global joins us to talk about how the data analytics company jump-started its satellite empire. We talk about how Spire acts as a New Space role model with a fully vertical integration and end-to-end thinking. Jeroen shares insights about from their nanosatellite constellation, funding rounds, the company’s growth processes and tech team organization to work at high frequency, their most challenging satellite launches and where he sees the differences between the U.S and the E.U. in terms of New Space.
June 11, 2020
#7: If Voyager had a LightSail... where would it be now? (feat. Planetary Society)
 If Voyager had a LightSail... where would it be now? This week’s podcast is all about space advocacy, the most exciting missions and a new promising propulsion technology demonstrated in the LightSail projects. Mat Kaplan and Bruce Betts from The Planetary Society join our NewSpaceVision Podcast hosts Sven and Daniel in an inspiring and fun conversation. 
May 20, 2020
#6: State of the New Space Industry 2020 (feat. John Tucker from NewSpace Hub)
We are talking with John Tucker, the founder of NewSpace Hub – a US New Space database collecting and providing data about New Space companies and the New Space industry from all over the world. Look forward to an insightful conversation about where NewSpace Hub sees the future of the New Space Industry with business trends, the bustling New Space Industry hotspots on the globe in 2020, recent developments in terms of space debris rules, impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic on the industry and a chat about the most interesting Space Start-Ups.
May 09, 2020
#5: Luxembourg - A small Country with a big Vision (feat. Gary Martin from the Luxembourg Space Agency, NASA, ISU)
Dear NewSpaceVisionaries! We are back! With new events and new podcasts! Our newest podcast guest is Gary Martin, who worked more than a decade for NASA and who is now working as a Senior Advisor for the Luxembourg Space Agency! He knows the New Space economy from the start and has played a major role in setting the foundation with forming the new space act under U.S. President Obama. We are talking about the differences of NewSpace in the USA vs. Europe, how he entered the space sector and what role national space agencies play in the development of a vital NewSpace scene We hope you enjoy it and would be happy if you would share it with your friends and colleagues!
April 12, 2019
#4: ICEYE - The Eye in the Sky (feat. Pekka Laurila, CFO & Co-Founder of ICEYE)
NewSpaceVision Podcast #4 with Pekka Laurila CFO & Co-Founder of ICEYE What a start into 2018. ICEYE, the VC backed NewSpace StartUp from Finnland, just launched their next generation radar satellite on a PSLV into earth's orbit. With their novel SAR technology, they want to change the earth observation market and are off for a good start. In November 2017 we had the chance to speak to Pekka Laurila, the Co-Founder and CFO of the company, about their business, technology and how they started. He also answers the question why they had to rent an icebreaker in the early days of their company! We hope you like it! Please subscribe and rate podcast on soundcloud or itunes. We are happy for your feedback on Twitter ( Show Notes: - Aalto-1: - Tekes Funding: - Horizon 2020: - ICEYE: - Reaktor SpaceLab: The NewSpaceVision Team. Recording: Daniel Seidel ( & Sven Przywarra ( Cut: Amin Shahsavar
January 16, 2018
#3: ESTCube2 - Estonia's 2nd E-Sail Satellite (feat. Kadri Bussov from ESTcube)
NewSpaceVision Podcast #3 with Kadri Bussov, Member of the Management Board of ESTCube Our third podcast is there! During the European Space Week talked to Kadri Bussov who is part of the team building Estonia's second satellite ESTCube-2 and who is running Estonian Student Satellite Foundation. We heard a lot about this interesting project and about the characteristics of the Baltic space ecosystem. The podcast was recorded on the 10th November. Thanks to Amin for the great cut!
December 18, 2017
#2: European vs. U.S. New Space Market (feat. Dallas Kasaboski, Analyst at Northern Sky Research)
NewSpaceVision Podcast #2 with Dallas Kasaboski, Analyst at Northern Sky Research Our second podcast is out now! During the European Space Week in Tallinn we had the pleasure to talk to Dallas Kasaboski analyst at Northern Sky Research and talked with him about e.g. the European New Space market, differences between the USA and Europe and the earth observation market. We learned a lot and are sure you will get some insights from this episode! The podcast was recorded on the 9th November. The NewSpaceVision Podcast series focus on entrepreneurship in the field of NewSpace in Europe and abroad! We would love to hear your feedback via our social media channels or Sven Przywarra (@svenprzy)& Daniel Seidel (@Daninho89) PS: We are always looking for interesting podcast guests!
November 14, 2017
#1: Launching the NewSpaceVision Podcast (feat. Sebastian Straube, Co-Founder of Interstellar Ventures)
NewSpaceVision Podcast #1 with Interstellar Ventures founder Sebastian Straube! We are very happy to present you our first podcast episode. This one focusses on the work of an emerging space venture capital fond. The insights and opinions from Sebastian on the status and development of the sector are very interesting and we think that there are numerous takeaways for entrepreneurs and new space visionaries! The podcast was recorded on the 16th May. The NewSpaceVision Podcast series focus on entrepreneurship in the field of NewSpace in Europe and abroad! We would love to hear your feedback via our social media channels or Sven Przywarra (@svenprzy)& Daniel Seidel (@Daninho89) PS: We are always looking for interesting podcast guests!
July 19, 2017