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NewsPrint is a podcast about Print News!
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Short Edition
Hi sweet bb Print Nerds! Edie and Cam here, bringing you a shorter episode this month. Its the holidays and we're all busy humans so we figured we'd make a short edition and come back in 2022 with more full length content. In this mini episode we talk about all kinds of fun and random stuff and we shout out holiday markets that printmakers are involved in, we talk about the tool sharpening wizard himself (Daniel Jasa! Duh!), we gush about Aaron Coleman, again (is this just an Aaron Coleman fan podcast now?), and we cover some exchange calls. Give it a listen! As always, send us stuff we need to know about. We love you! Be kind to yourself! And make a dang print, ok? Edie & Cam @newsprintpod @eoverturf @cammyyork
December 08, 2021
After School Episode pt.2
Hey Nerds! We missed you!  We are back with another episode talking about life after school. We spoke with Claire Gunville about what life is like when you leave school and don't pursue an MFA right away... or maybe ever. Together we consider various life paths, talk about some real Portland specific stuff, and of course have some hardy chuckles along the way. Go ahead, give this episode a listen. Oh, and sorry not sorry about the boner joke ;) Send us some opportunities we need to know about! Tag us in stuff to post! Tell us your secrets! Give us a snack! Ok, keep on printing forever and ever. We love ya. Edie & Cam @eoverturf @cammyyork @newsprintpod
November 22, 2021
After School Episode pt.1
Whatsup Nerds! Welcome to episode 2! In this ep we chat with a ~~**~*~very special guest*~~~**~* (air horn sounds) BREANNE TRAMMELL!!! We talk about our respective journeys through print and academia, nail polish, our feelings, and Cookie Monster. Breanne is a real peach of a human and always a joy to speak with; heck, she's a joy to think about! Both Edie and I have admired Breanne's work for years and if you aren't personally acquainted with her art, nows the time! Find Breanne on insta @breanne_ and check out her website As always, send us things we need to know about (opportunities, etc.), reach out, and send us a couple love notes! (and thanks for listening :) ) Keep printing, nerds. We love ya. Edie & Cam @eoverturf @cammyyork @newsprintpod
October 10, 2021
Residency Chit Chat
Hey Print Nerds, Welcome back! And welcome to our first full length episode! In this ep we chit chat about residencies, old graveyards, and peacocks named George, as well as what we've been working on in our own studio practices. Every residency we covered is linked on our website on the residencies page.  Do you want us to list your residency? Is there an amazing opportunity we need to know about? Let us know! Leave us a comment on our website or email us at xoxo, Edie and Cammy @newsprintpod @eoverturf @cammyyork Oh, and PS, the hashtag to find the quilt print exchange on insta is #printquiltexchange, oops!
September 08, 2021
NewsPrint Pod Introduction!
Hey Print Nerds! Edie and Cammy here! Welcome to the NewsPrint Pod. We are excited to start this journey with you all, thanks for joining us. This podcast is meant to help you stay up to date on whats happening in the print world- everything from show calls and residencies to jobs and beyond. We hope this podcast helps foster community, no matter where you are in this world. On our website you will find a submission form, so write to us and let us know what you're up to. Tell us about upcoming shows! Share episode ideas! Pass along opportunities! Are you trying a weird new print technique? We want to hear about it! And we want to tell all our friends about it! So reach out, we can't wait to hear from you. Good things are on their way to your ears! xoxo print pals, Edie and Cammy @newsprintpod @eoverturf @cammyyork
August 24, 2021