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Next Level Mindset

Next Level Mindset

By James Bischoff
Motivation and Inspiration in our daily lives... let’s put a little pep in your step

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Wait so you're saying its not actually 2021?
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January 1, 2021
Next Level Mindset with Lvl Up Physical Therapy
Yoooo Guys were back with another one!  This time we're grateful to have Dr. Evan Bishop with us! What an awesome podcast talkin' about leaving your comfort zone.  Please reach out to him if you need anything: Ig: @lvlup_ptlv FB: @lvlupphysicaltherapy Email:
November 3, 2020
Next Level Mindset Season 2 Ep. 2 - Results or Excuses?
Hey Guys,  We really appreciate all the love please check this one out and let us know your thoughts! Comment, like, share, all that good stuff!  @Joeyp16 let us know when you hit 175 and who it was so we can send that gift card out ;)
October 16, 2020
Next Level Mindset Season 2 - Focus on the Daily Grind
Hey Guys,  WE ARE BACK AND READY TO RUN! Season 2 now here and bigger and better than ever. Please let us know your thoughts, and input on how we can all continue to grow! Let us know your thoughts or your suggested topics to talk about! We appreciate every single one of you who has listened and shared this with a friend! Please give us a follow! @Nxtlvlmindset @the_james_bischoff @Jaymzbischoff41 @joeyp19
October 9, 2020
NLM 20 W/ Damon Bischoff
Hey guys,  NUMBER 20 is HERE! We got lil Damon Bischoff on the podcast this time, all 3 Bischoff boys in the building! We talk about GRIT and routine! Listen to it through a high school athlete in this COVID time. Please let us know what you think! @nxtlvlmindset
September 15, 2020
NLM 19 Mental Preparation and the Routine
Hey guys let me know what you think! The toughest people always have the toughest mindset. Get your mind right and everyhting else is gonna follow suit! Leave a comment and let us know how you have had to build your mindset! @nxtlvlmindset @jaymzbischoff41 @joeyp19
September 11, 2020
NLM 18 Small Goals
YOOOOOOO guys, PLEASE check out the FaceBook page just had a new video log put out live on there like we talked about. PLEASE check it out and let us know what you think! 
September 8, 2020
Yo guys we appreciate you consistently listenin' with us and really trying to hone in on the mentality. This one is about no excueses... just find the solution. Let us know in the comments your thoughts!
September 4, 2020
We talked about Dream...... We talked about Hustle.... ALL we need is GRIND. R.eady I.t's a N.ew D.ay..... now let's make it count! Put in the comments your thought about it all and we can discuss it next!
August 25, 2020
NLM 15 What do you know about Hustle?
What do you know about HUSTLE? Go ahead and listen to our thoughts, let us know yours in the comments.  @nxtlvlmindset @jaymzbischoff41 @joeyp19
August 21, 2020
Hey guys, today were talkin' about dreaming, not catching some z's but actually becoming passionate about something so much that you can't stop until you achieve it! Please give it a listen and go ahead and watch the stream on YouTube!  @jaymzbischoff41 @nxtlvlmindset
August 18, 2020
NLM 13 W/ Brandon (YouTube Phenom)
Yo guys please check this one out! We talk and motivate with YouTube star Nerpah! We talk about his path and his story. He literally multiplied his subscribers by 10 in the last 1.5 years! Please listen and let us know what you think! @nxtlvlmindset @jaymzbischoff41 @joeyp19
August 11, 2020
NLM 12 Food Spots and Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
Hey Guys, just a little somethin' for y'all. Just wanted to get on and share some of our favorite food places here in Vegas and just kinda BS a little bit. HUGE NEWS though, Nerpah (YouTube star) will be on with us for the next Real Talk Tuesday! This will be a live stream on YouTube Monday at 2 PM PST, please add us and listen in, you will be able to ask questions that he will be able to answer about how he hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Please tune in, in not catch the podcast up Tuesday morning.  @nxtlvlmindset  @joeyp19 @jaymzbischoff41
August 7, 2020
NLM 11 Procrastinating your Lifestyle
YOOOOOOO we're back from a small hiatus but we're back! Stop procrastinating your life and make stuff happen! All you have to do is want it enough to change your life for it! Please leave in the comments your thoughts or any new content suggestions.  @nxtlvlmindset
August 4, 2020
NLM 10 W/ CJ Araujo College Football Athlete
We made it to #10!   Thank you to all of you for listening and making us feel like we are helping people. This one hits the topic of digging deep and not accepting your situation you have. You’ve gotta find a “why”!  CJ talks about his dreams and what he wants to achieve in football. Throw us a comment and tell us how we did!
July 21, 2020
NLM 9 W/ Joe in the Hot Seat
Hey guys give this a listen, listen more into the life of Joe and learn a bit more about who he is and what he's gone through. PS Ladies he's single +1(704) 373-5114 ;)
July 17, 2020
NLM 8 W/ Stephen Bischoff student mentor and counselor
Please give this a listen, JB's little brother & inspiration talks with us about a ton of different things: COVID-19, BLM Movement, and how the education world is changing before us. Listen to us discuss how we need to adapt to changes in life set before us. Please leave a review and comment about what you want to hear next!
July 14, 2020
NLM 7 w/ JB on the Hot Seat
Man... check this out!! They put yours truly (JB) on the Hot Seat and picked my brain. You don't want to miss this one. Questions comin‘ at me like: - How I was as a kid - How to handle struggles and challenges  - The life of an entrepreneur And a speaker Please give it a listen and follow us... and do us a favor... rate and comment!! @nxtlvlmindset  Joe: @joeyp19 Jay: @jaymzbischoff41 JB: @the_james_bischoff
July 10, 2020
"FEAR: Fear Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise" - Unknown Yo... today we talk about fear and how much we need to overcome it and do what we are meant to do! We’re joined by a good friend of ours ... PK in the building! We talk about fear minimizing your effect on this world and how much you can change it! Please tune in and let us know what you think!
July 7, 2020
NLM 5 W/ Tony Scott
 Motivation at its finest! We start of talking about taking 1% of your day and using it towards your goal instead of making excuses.  ALSO - Personal Trainer, Tony Scott, talks about his love for empowering people take control of their lives... physically!  He talks about his journey to create an incredible youth fitness empowerment program. His trials of leaving his job to commit to it... and everything else! Man...  talk about NEXT LEVEL MINDSET!!  Check out the questions we came up for him on the hot seat... Also, he uses one of his skips... find out what it is! Check out his IG @rawfitnessyouth Thanks again T!!! If you enjoyed.. Like ... Rate... Comment... Share!
July 3, 2020
NLM 4 W/ On The House (Jazzie Ortiz)
Look y'all another Real Talk Tuesday comin' at ya. This time a little different, a little more close to home. In this episode we listen to a young girl who dealt with a lot growing up and we hear how she took her biggest weakness and turned it into her biggest strength and now empowers other individuals like herself to not give up and not give in! Please listen to this podcast it may be able to help you help someone who is struggling and won't show it. Life is about how many people we can impact and help make better. Jazzie talks with us about her story and how low she was and now how much greater life has been from her in overcoming MANY obstacles laid before her. Please contact her if you have a story you would like to share, reach out for help, or support the movement she is apart of! Give her a follow, check out her page, and even her radio show: Social Media: @onthehouseofficial Website: radio: 22.3 Takeovervegas on Sundays @ 6-7 Central Standard Time 
June 30, 2020
NLM 3 w/ OneSevenNights
Hey ALL MUSIC LOVERS, young kids with big aspirations, or anyone who loves people carrying out their dreams, this will be one you do not want to miss. From topics like music to building your brand to Black Lives Matter from a young minority we love everything about this episode! Thank you again 17 for joining us we loved having you! Mad love! Please give him a listen and show him some love! @onesevenworld Youtube: @LOVEoneseven
June 26, 2020
NLM 2 - Real Talk Tuesday w/ Chad Hermanson (Mental Edge Training Coach)
Hey guys... you should love this one! Get a take from a former top 10 draft pick in the MLB to the life of an athlete, business owner, coach, scout, and father.   The path to the majors is all roses and butterflies... right?  He begs to differ.  Chad talks about the challenges, the injuries, the mental game, and other challenges that a pro goes through on the daily. We love the help and support he is giving to young athletes to help them develop the mental toughness to perform at a high level, and overcome the mental adversities they have on a constant basis. You should follow him and see what he's all about! PLEASE support him and what he's doing ... ALSO listen to find out what JB will do to help the first 3 to sign up! Follow Chad for some free training at: @mentaledgetrainingcoach
June 23, 2020
NLM 1 - Persistence
Yo ... please give a listen to our 1st podcast. Just 3 average guys from different backgrounds trying to help people become better and more developed individuals. @Nxtlvlmindset @Joeyp19 @jaymzbischoff41
June 19, 2020