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Next Matters Most

Next Matters Most

By Nick Jordan
Insights on the future of business, technology, and entrepreneurship. Next Matters Most is a podcast hosted by serial entrepreneur and global software development agency CEO Nick Jordan. What we’ve already done matters, but what we do next….. MATTERS MOST! This is a reality that plays out each day in business and life as success demands we look to the future for value and direction.
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Leveraging Your Attorney Relationships to Maximize Business Potential w/ Jesse Jones

Next Matters Most

Investing In Your Employee’s Professional Development & Emotional Wellness W/ Don Fernando
Our CEO & Chairman Nick Jordan recently sat down with business and mental health super guru, Don Azevedo, for an hour-long conversation for the podcast, Next Matters Most.  Mental well-being is Don’s business, and he really knows his stuff. Nick and Don question why there isn’t more focus on the emotional well being of workers in the workforce, how to design the workplace and workforce of the future, and what it means to strive for authentic happiness. Can software or technology be built to assist in this movement towards better well being, or is this a process thing? Or is it just adoption and awareness? 
October 9, 2020
Using Technology to Create Major Change Within The America Educational System W/ Jessica Mitsch
Jessica Mitsch is a major entrepreneurial powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with in the triangle. With a passion for education and equal access to the tools and resources people need to be job-ready, she is the CEO and Founder of Momentum Learning, a schooling system to provide coding skills training focused on the needs of the modern workplace. We are guided by the belief that education creates opportunity, and that knowledge has no bounds. We give career changers the skills and support they need to find meaningful work and see our role as a catalyst for positive life change. Rewind a few months ago- Fresh off raising money, getting set up, and launching a new immersive code school, the pandemic hits, and everything gets thrown out the window. Luckily for my good friend and guest on our latest podcast episode Jessica Mitsch, she could get through the freak out moment and get her business pivoted to a highly active and successful remote service for her students. In the episode, we discuss many things, including but not limited to how to shift to remote even when you built your entire business around in-person interaction, the future of education, being an entrepreneur in the triangle, and more.
September 29, 2020
Leveraging Your Attorney Relationships to Maximize Business Potential w/ Jesse Jones
With the evolution of technology and the availability of information on Google, is using an attorney to help your business still important? Where does the balance exist between doing your own research to save money and paying a professional to save time? It turns out that, even in the midst of increased automation, sometimes the use of an attorney can be vital in any business plan. In episode 4, Nick talks with Jesse Jones, Founding Lawyer at Fourscore Business Law, about the evolution of the attorney’s role in business, and how businesses can best leverage this relationship to maximize efficiency and decision making.
September 11, 2020
The Evolution of Healthcare Amidst COVID-19 w/ Michael Levy
In the midst of a pandemic, the task that many of us are focusing on is how to “return to normal.” The goal for many is the go back to the way things used to be before COVID-19 drastically changed life as we know it. Why does that have to be the case? Why can’t we use this time to get to a better version of how the world used to be? With a virus turning the conventions of our society upside down, we need to look at what we should keep and what we should change. In episode 3, Nick talks with Michael Levy, President of the Digital Health Institute for Transformation, about ways that the healthcare industry can better meet the needs of individuals rather than entire populations. For full transcripts of episodes, head to our website: Facebook:  Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter:
August 13, 2020
Politics and the Tech Industry w/ Eric Porper
As technology continues to change the way the economy works, how are politicians changing with it? What can we do to ensure that those who aren’t technologically inclined can keep up in an age of continued growth in automation and production through blockchain technology? In episode 2, Nick talks with Eric Porper, Co-Chair of the North Carolina Blockchain Initiative, about his work in helping politicians encourage technology as an industry, and helping them adjust to the fact that companies are expected to incorporate tech into their business plan, whether or not they identify as a tech company. Additionally, they talk about whether or not a college degree is absolutely necessary in a world of thriving entrepreneurship and change, and how we can help people evolve from fields that don’t currently utilize technology. For full transcripts of episodes, head to our website: FOLLOW NEXT MATTERS MOST ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, and TWITTER.
July 22, 2020
Becoming An Entrepreneur w/ Jes Averhart
What does it take to be an entrepreneur? To turn your passion into a business that you love to run? In modern-day America, it’s easy to think of entrepreneurship as something that’s untouchable – only accessible to those who have an excellent education or an incredible mind. We think of Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, or any other world-changing innovator. The result? We don’t try it ourselves. The reality is that, with hard work and the right amount of dedication, you can turn your interests into a viable business. We’re covering this and more on Episode 1 of the Next Matters Most Podcast as Nick talks with Jes Averhart, creator of the Reinvention Roadmap, and Founder of Jess and Co. For full transcripts of episodes, head to our website: FOLLOW NEXT MATTERS MOST ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, and TWITTER. ----- ABOUT JES Jes Averhart is the CEO of Jes & Co. and creator of the Reinvention Roadmap! As a Mom, Storyteller, Podcaster, and member of a Badass Girl Tribe, she uses her flaws and lessons to fuel each incredible life chapter! Jes is obsessed with the process and power of REINVENTION and wants to inspire others to start their journey. Jes realized her true passion for leadership development and women's empowerment while leading partner engagement at the American Underground, a Google for Startups Tech Hub (aka, the 'Startup Capital of the South' by CNBC). During her tenure, she had the unique opportunity to manage relationships with Google, Fidelity Labs, Wells Fargo, Coastal Credit Union, Lincoln Financial, and others. Her time spent immersed in the startup scene also inspired her to co-found Black Wall Street Homecoming, a nonprofit aimed at closing the funding gap for Black and Brown tech founders. Earlier in her career, Jes launched a boutique event production company. She specialized in providing professional event management services for the likes of the Cincinnati Bengals & Cleveland Browns (NFL), Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA), The Procter & Gamble Company, Pepsi Cola North America, as well as a growing number of companies based in the Research Triangle Park. Originally from Evansport, Ohio, Jes learned the ropes quickly by working in the family's real estate, auctioneering, and appraisal business. After college, she accepted a corporate role with General Electric; but it didn't take long before she started her own company, making her a 4th generation entrepreneur. Jes moved to North Carolina in 2005 devoting much of her time serving on various nonprofit boards, writing, cheering on The Ohio State Buckeyes, and globe-trotting. But without question, her greatest gift is her teenage son Tre who helps keep all things in perspective! ABOUT REINVENTION ROADMAP The truth is, whether we realize it or not, reinvention is inevitable and recurring. The question is, are you in the driver’s seat or a passive bystander in the next chapter of your story. We’ve all been through countless moments that qualify as “reinventions.”   If you were fully present in these moments, you probably became a little more grounded and began to believe in the possibility of more.  The Reinvention Roadmap Course allows you to discover the next BEST version of you. The art of reinvention should be exciting and full of wonder and curiosity. The process should be fun, insightful, and full of introspection…. Reinvention is not by accident…it’s by design.
July 16, 2020