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What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?

By NEXT - Ensuring the next steps for new energy users
You’re going to listen to the adventures of ten InnoEnergy Master Students fostering Energy Access in Africa. Our focus is on understanding and preparing for what happens after rural communities finally have electricity, that is: "What Comes Next?". A new podcast in cooperation with TTA Trama Tecnoambiental.
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Collaborating towards greater energy access - with Caroline Bastholm
During this episode, we talk with Caroline Bastholm, Secretary General of Engineers without Borders Sweden (EWB-SWE). She is responsible for the daily operations as well as International Development Projects. 
April 20, 2021
More than just an engineering journey - with Alberto Rodríguez Gómez
In this episode of "What Comes Next?", we talk with our technical supervisor and Team Leader of the Africa unit in Trama Tecnoambiental - Alberto Rodríguez Gómez. TTA is an international consulting and engineering company that specializes in a distributed generation through renewable energy sources, energy management, and technological development related to its activities. During this talk, we learned how Alberto came to be an engineer in renewable energy and promising projects of energy access in Africa, especially his experience in Tanzania and Kenya. He shared with us some critical insights into these communities and the next steps for future development. In the end, he also shared the role of mini-grids as a solution to achieving SDG7 in Africa. You can learn more about TTA  at !
January 22, 2021
The relationship between Design Thinking and Energy Access - with Tobias Wosowiecki
In this episode, we talk with Tobias Wosowiecki, an Innovation Consultant at Launchlabs Berlin. We focused on Design Thinking and how it can be applied to projects in developing communities, and the importance of speaking to the community to know them and propose improvement solutions. You can learn more about Tobias' work at Launchlabs and follow him on LinkedIn!
December 19, 2020
Hannah Mottram and her research on microgrids for rural electrification in Tanzania
During this episode, we talk with Hannah Mottram, who is currently completing her Ph.D. research: Microgrids for rural electrification – bridging the gaps between the social and the technical.   She shared with us some insights on the current situation in these communities and the benefits after providing energy access in terms of life quality, education, and health.  Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter (@miss_mottram) to know more about her work!
December 15, 2020
A chat with Edoardo Bono from H4O - Help For Optimism
In this episode, we chat with Edoardo Bono, president of Help For Optimism, an NGO based in Italy and Madagascar.  During this talk, we learned how Edoardo came to found Help For Sustainability and some of the amazing projects they have implemented in different places around Madagascar. Help for Optimism’s mission is to contribute to the resilience and development of vulnerable communities. They aim to secure health, dignity, and well-being by empowering people from a perspective of sustainability. Learn more about their work on 
November 20, 2020