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Podcasts for Startups by nfinitiv

Podcasts for Startups by nfinitiv

By nfinitiv
Here you will find series of podcasts created by nfinitiv for startups to provide better insights. Hear it directly from VC's, Angel Investors and Startups.
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Michael Thoreson - CEO KRATE Cloud - Increased Privacy and Increased Security
Increased Privacy = Increased Security In November of 2020, our founder Michael Thoreson was asked to speak at the 3rd annual global meeting on AI for Law Enforcement organized by The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), through its Centre for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, and the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) Global Complex for Innovation. He talked about how law enforcement doesn’t need backdoors or blanket access to data to fight crime effectively and how our solution, The KRATE Cloud, can help law enforcement but does while increasing privacy and security. Our solution upsets the long belief that privacy needs to be sacrificed for the security of a community or nation. Michael Thoreson CEO KRATE Cloud 
February 20, 2021
Sergey Markov - CEO - RemitRadar - Podcasts for Startups
Sergey Markov - RemitRadar - CEO Former diplomat turned entrepreneur, lover of new technologies and music, founder of several companies and an orchestra, with experience in a national inwards investment agency and a Grammy award as executive producer. CEO of RemitRadar LTD since 2018. RemitRadar is a money transfer marketplace aggregating major money transfer systems to provide consumers with a "​ one stop "​ money transfer and bill payment solution. RemitRadars executive team has both intimate knowledge and expertise in the money transfers and related payments market; Current relationships include Money Transfer companies ,retail agent networks ,regulated financial institutions (banks, Post Offices) & government authorities (National banks, Central Bank, Finance ministries etc.). The world's first online and cash money transfer marketplace/ecosystem. #remittance #moneytransfer #fintech #insurtech Website:
July 08, 2020
Special Edition: TakeTask develops Home Quarantine app for the Ministry of Digitization in Poland to combat COVID-19
A special edition from Podcasts for Startups:  Listen to Sebastian Starzynski, CEO of TakeTask and how his team has helped Poland and other nations with their Home Quarantine App to combat COVID-19. Social responsibility at its apex!  About TakeTask TakeTask is a mobile application used to assign, execute and verify tasks on a large scale in many locations simultaneously for any industry Task management & Instant learning TakeTask is a system to manage tasks when you have a geographically dispersed labour force or freelance partners working for you. You can communicate with them via the mobile application. Complex tasks can be preceded by in-app training.
April 10, 2020
Ozan Gozbasi - Co-Founder & CEO of Optiyol - Podcasts for Startups (in Turkish)
Ozan Gozbasi (Optiyol'un kurucu ortağı ve CEO'su), eski büyük rota optimizasyon çözümlerinin son kilometre operasyonlarının ölçeğini ve karmaşıklığını ele alma yeteneğinden yoksun olduğunu birkaç büyük şirketten duyduktan sonra nasıl yeni nesil bir rota optimizasyon çözümü oluşturmaya karar verdiklerini anlatıyor. Optiyol, filolara maliyetleri azaltan ve zamanında performansı artıran daha akıllı rota tarifeleri için yardımcı olur. Ozan Gozbasi (Co-founder and CEO of Optiyol) talks about how they decided to build a new generation route optimization solution after hearing from several big companies that legacy route optimization solutions lack the ability to handle the scale and complexity of last-mile operations. Optiyol helps fleets for smarter route schedules that reduce costs and improve on-time performance. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
February 10, 2020
Salman Moghimi - CEO & Founder of Peyk - Podcasts for Startups
Listen in to Salman Moghimi, CEO & Founder of Peyk on his vision to leave an impact on the way people think about deliveries. It all started when a gap was found in the market for deliveries across London. Salman decided to start Peyk and the rest history.  Our Story and Vision Our vision is to leave an impact on the way consumers use a delivery platform. It all started when a gap was found in the market were individuals are unable to send their important package across the town. They only had the choice to take it themselves or be patient enough for a next day courier service. All of which, are unacceptable in todays modern society. Peyk Mobile App Conveniently download our iOS or Android versions to place orders with ease. Remember, you can have anything delivery within anywhere in the town instantly 24/7. Peyk Dash A user friendly web platform designed for a better experience on computers. Specially made for businesses and enterprises to benefit from our 24/7 instant delivery. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
February 04, 2020
Sebastian - CEO & Founder of TakeTask - Podcasts for Startups
Listen in to hear how Sebastian Starzynski, CEO of TakeTask has created a system to manage tasks when you have a geographically dispersed labour force or freelance partners working for you. You can communicate with them via the mobile application. Complex tasks can be preceded by in-app training. About TakeTask TakeTask is a mobile application used to assign, execute and verify tasks on a large scale in many locations simultaneously for any industry Task management & Instant learning TakeTask is a system to manage tasks when you have a geographically dispersed labour force or freelance partners working for you. You can communicate with them via the mobile application. Complex tasks can be preceded by in-app training.
February 04, 2020
Mikko Pirinen – CEO & Founder of Zapflow – Podcasts by nfinitiv
Discussion with the Mikko Pirinen the founder of Zapflow on the importance of proper deal flow management. Zapflow is used by Venture Capital, Private Equity, CVC and M&A teams to manage their investment deal flow and easily collect data from their portfolio companies. Designed by industry pros to save tons of time, we offer 360 degrees of visibility and provide insight to make better-informed decisions every day. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Zapflow's story started when CEO and Founder Mikko Pirinen ran the M&A and CVC departments of a telecommunications firm with 80+ transactions under its belt. In his role, Mikko and his team experienced first-hand the pain of managing large amounts of data using Excel, rather than a purpose-built tool for investing workflows. Today, Zapflow is on a mission to help professional investors make better decisions with less effort by helping them manage all their core workflows and collaborate more effectively with their team members, advisors, portfolio companies and LP’s. Mikko Pirinen, CEO & FOUNDER, Zapflow | (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
January 30, 2020
Zied Tayeb - CEO & Founder of MyelinS | Podcast for Startups
  Zied Tayeb (CEO & founder of MyelinS) is a researcher on brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and neuroprosthetics at the Technical University of Munich. The co-founders worked with Zied Tayeb in different projects before starting MyelinS. They first developed an open-source software “Gumpy” for BCI. Intriguingly, this software technology has gained momentum and popularity since its unveil and many researchers worldwide are using it. After they met Dr. Sabri Mekaoui, he quickly recognized the tremendous potential of such innovation to be used for space exploration and he advised the team to investigate this direction. Inspired by this idea, the team has been working alongside for more than a year on reshaping the idea and the innovation towards cutting-edge solutions for space robotics and they developed the beta version of the software “MyBrain. References (More than 7 publications) & Press releases: Luxembourg Space Agency: Link NASA official website: Link & Link Interview Süddeutsche Zeitung: Link HATCH (European space research website): Link German Magazines & Newspapers: Link Technical University of Munich website: Link ZIED TAYEB CEO & FOUNDER, MyelinS | Speaking from Earth!   Copyright – Podcasts for Startups by nfinitiv  
January 06, 2020
Brennan McEachran - CEO & Co-Founder of - Podcasts for Startups by nfinitiv
The reason why people actually care about their work? You. As a manager, you have the power to make them happy, productive and motivated. Listen in on how Soapbox can help you perform as a manager in your organisation...  Podcasts for Startups by nfinitiv  
December 19, 2019
Waleed Khawaja - Founder of Zajil - Podcasts for Startups by nfinitiv
Discussion on how Zajil works on the integration of tech and jewelry that is not utilitarian but focuses on the sentimental value of the human experience, using jewelry as a reservoir of the most important messages/moments of our lives.
December 19, 2019
Carlos Morais - Executive Director - Nimest Tech - podcasts by nfinitiv
Nimest aims to bring the world closer , and erase time differences. Using an app available in your cellphone, the traveler will be able to talk and interact with historical characters. As you walk trough your destination we ll be invited to learn more about your destination! This will be made by mixing one of the ancient forms(storytelling, which is the foundation of mankind ) and the most advanced tools in our time, like 3D , and augmented reality. Browse to our page to know more! Carlos Eduardo Morais , Executive Director Nimest Tech.  e: Copyright - Podcasts for Startups 
November 29, 2019
Dawood - handcrafted eye wear - Co-Founder Ahmet Ertem - Podcasts by nfinitiv
Damir Bajraktarevic is a marketing management graduate and a professional guitar player. His love for wood crafting comes from his love towards guitars. His passion and devotion for wood is best described with the fact that even though he is severely allergic to one type of wood, he continues to expose himself working long hours in his workshop. Ahmet Ertem is Film&Tv Studies graduate. For years he professionally worked in his branch as a post production advisor and director. One day he saw Damir’s work and was really moved by Damir’s passion towards wooden hand crafting. They became good friends and decided to become partners. Dawood Wooden Eyewear Company has started its journey back in 2014. It all started with Damir Bajraktarevic and his passionate approach towards wood crafting. In his small workshop, he started experimenting with making wooden accessories. During this process he got attracted to the idea of making wooden sunglasses. Dawood manufactures which, unlike in most of the mass productions, uses only air dried, precious solid wood to make small quantities of the best quality wooden frames. Both domestic and exotic wood types are used to create premium wooden glasses. In time his vision expanded and with the support of his partner Ahmet Ertem they developed the wooden eyewear craftsmanship with unique, new and eclectic approach, designing new models combining different types of high quality wood with different materials, thus making new frames lighter, more durable and very comfortable. Dawood Wooden Eyewear Company is producing hand made high quality, sustainable and fashionable eyewear. Their main goal is to satisfy the needs of the customers providing quality, custom made, one of a kind eyewear. Ahmet Ertem Co-Founder - Dawood Eye Wear
November 28, 2019
Dhruv Mahta - Co-Founder - - Podcasts by nfinitiv
Aument is developing a solution for the increasing pressures on Primary Care healthcare resources across Europe which are negatively impacting patient outcomes. With the use of advanced analytics and intelligence amplification, we provide a venue for Primary Care Physicians to transpose their knowledge onto a cloud-based platform thereby equipping them with cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning based multitasking capabilities. Using our innovative approach accompanied by our proprietary algorithms we believe Aument can increase patient diagnostic and assessment efficiency by up to 30%. Copyright - Podcasts for Startups by nfinitiv
November 28, 2019
Tanya - Founder & CEO - Native Spaces - Podcasts by nfinitiv
Tanya is a strategist, and have been helping business leaders around the globe solve key challenges. She created Native Spaces to make the events industry more efficient and transparent by facilitating the discovery and booking of unique underutilised spaces worldwide. Copyright - Podcasts for Startups by nfinitiv
November 28, 2019
Phil - Venture Capital (VC) - Micromobility Ventures - Podcasts by nfinitiv
We fund the founders creating the future of local and urban transportation. The micromobility revolution, motivated by a rapidly changing world, has started. Micromobility is unbundling the automobile, and liberating resources. These resources will yield countless market opportunities, and create economic incentives that make mobility universally available, accessible, and affordable. Phil Gillman - VC @ Micromobility Copyright - Podcasts for Startups by nfinitiv
November 22, 2019