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NFTCast with Nagi Nakamoto by Doki Doki

NFTCast with Nagi Nakamoto by Doki Doki

By Nagi Nakamoto
We're exploring the world of NFT's interviewing artists, projects, producers, influencers, investors and much more. Join us so you never miss out on the best projects, investments, strategies, and news in the wide world of NFTs and DeFi. Brought to you by Doki Doki a gamified NFT experience at
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Ep. 11 - TokyoLuv creates beautiful art, but how did a Canadian end up doing art about Japan & how does he create it.

NFTCast with Nagi Nakamoto by Doki Doki

EP 13 - Josh Grant of Untamed Isles - Creating a powerhouse P2E platform!
Josh Grant and the team at Untamed Isles is not only creating an amazing play to earn MMORPG game, he's actually creating a P2E game studio fulfilling his dream of being a video game designer after years of success in the aftermarket collectible cards space. He knows this industry and he knows games. This is going to be an amazing platform.  Also, they are launching a Doki Doki machine. Stay tuned!
November 12, 2021
Ep. 12 - Avime is taking PFP NFTs to the next level with customizable traits
Guest Info Name of Guest: Derp and Raw Dawg Name of Project: Avime Twitter URL of Guest: Project Twitter URL: Project URL: Project/Guest Description: A really cool PF project with combinable traits that gives users control over how their PFP looks. Show Notes 2 really creative and smart guys discuss all the ideas that brought them to this project. How they met and got involved. The experiments they tried and failed Dead Token Society NFTs based on dead tokens that you had to burn to create the NFT with the icon for the token. HODL Time a token you could only sell at certain times Transactions were deflationary How traits can be fused into an NFT or can be sold separately.
October 15, 2021
Ep. 11 - TokyoLuv creates beautiful art, but how did a Canadian end up doing art about Japan & how does he create it.
TokyoLuv Today we start our artist profiles. Know an artist we should include? DM me on Telegram is brought to you by Doki Doki, the most fun you can have collecting NFTs. Visit us at  TokyoLuv creates beautiful art featuring Japan. How he ended up there is a great story and how he has honed his art and started earning from it contains great lessons for all artists.  Go see his new machine at Instagram: @tokyoluv Foundation: TokyoLuv 3D artist in video game industry How he wants to become independent and NFT is giving him an opportunity to create new art.  How he’s move into video for his photos with loops. When he knew he was an artist * 2nd time he went to Japan * Quit his job then at video game company * How his blog led to his marriage * Tried his hand teaching English * How architecture help him understand that he was an artist * That is why he moved to 3d art * His first small sales of photos made him focus in on photography * Getting closer to making a living just from his art How he fell in love with Japan * First vacation he went to Tokyo because it was on his list * Once he arrived Japan felt like another planet * Stuck with him how tiny everything was * He loves the niches of culture for bars, restaurants, etc and how there are big followers * How a crazy theme bar struck him as interesting for the niches in Japan * It was so different than Canada.  * How helpful people were to help him. People that walked them to where they were going instead of giving directions * Stayed longer in Japan * Every year he goes back How he met his wife in Japan * His blog drew them together * Street art going on * Put on photo blog that night * His wife searched for the same photo online  * How the story makes a great google commercial * She followed his website. * Then decided to give photography lessons * His soon to be wife emailed him about doing the class * She’s a good photographer because he taught her * Will do a photo walk in Tokyo Was in Japan for the Fukishima Earthquake and that was why they left.  * They were very nervous How he came up with his style by following photographer Masashi Wakui * How it really came together him for when it was raining and the neon lights came off it.  * Loved how he edited them and balanced unusual color choices.  * He then started posting more of them on Instagram and people start responding.  * How it flows for him and how he figures out the style and how to contrast colors based on the dominant colors.  He sees photos all the time, but doesn’t like bright daylight photos.  How he can wait a long time for a shot. How he came to his camera settings and what setting he uses. * Asked him if he thought about doing a class. Said he has, but not yet. Does sell photoshop filters #NFTCast
June 15, 2021
Ep - 10 - Geyser is creating a model for tokenization as a service that is going to change the way projects launch
Ep 10 - Geyser has an explosive model for token distribution that changes how projects get started is brought to you by Doki Doki where NFT collection is more fun than it probably should be. Geyser is a DeFi building blocks project that provides a powerful model to help project founders create algorithmic models that provide value to investors and to the projects they support. This isn't an NFT based project, but it is one that reflects the Doki Doki model of powerful tokenomics making everything work better and Geyser is creating a platform that makes it easy for technical and non-technical founders to create awesome token value.
May 26, 2021
Ep - 9 - Gabby Dizon and Yield Guild are working to change the way we think about earning a living is a production of Doki Doki - - Where we make NFT collecting fun again Interview With Gabby Dizon of Yield Guild Yield Guild is creating a play to earn economy by helping those that can't afford the initial investments to play blockchain and NFT based games with what they need to get started. The project is growing rapidly and working to change how we think about earning and playing. 
May 26, 2021
Ep 8 - Accelerating Art - Ben Roy and Claire Silver Have a Vision To Drive Artists Forward
Welcome to NFTCast!  Please subscribe, rate, and review in your favorite podcast app. NFTCast is brought to you by Doki Doki - the most fun you can have collecting great art. Our guests today are Claire Silver and Ben Roy from Accelerate Art. These two dynamic people are creating a fantastic way to showcase artists in the MetaVerse and helping them become artists with a presence in the NFT world.  ------ How they met and created Art Accelerate  Why they created it and what they hope it will do for artists in the NFT space How Claire became an artist after having a chronic illness How Claire creates AI based art and what that process involves Why Ben has an interest and enthusiasm for art.  Structure of the organization as a non-profit What they are actually doing and how they are building a vault of art - a permanent gallery of artists How they might tokenize the art they collect.  Functioning as a non-profit with other galleries as well.  The first cohort of their organization, what the artists are like and what they are looking for in artists for their project We discuss their list of first artists -  Justin Aversano - a photographer - Miami Punk invasion Felipo Mugni - a digital artist they found on Instagram doing abstract portrait art with a punk vibe Bad Munks - Luke Shannon - Generative art Shivon Wong - Beautiful ethereal 3D feminine portraits Amerat Paul Sing - Cute pop toy faces - female astronauts recently Help them take care of the minting.  Not taking a percentage in the first show They did an auction to bring these folks up Interesting building them in cryptovoxels, because of what they have to do to get them used to what happens in cryptovoxels.  Accessibility is important, because IRL it is difficult to get people to galleries in the real world, but with metaverse, it is much easier for them to experience.  Working with a gallery in the Bronx for a gallery to let anyone can put up their art and just have it in Cryptovoxels. No submissions or gate keeping.  They are in the trial process to figure out how they want it to work, but for now doing OpenSea based auctions.  Artists are minting the pieces themselves now, but may be doing layer 2.  Get into the details of what they think may happen, but are being smart about how they roll  it out.  Are going to increase to 8 artists where 4 are thematic for each show/community.  How they foresee working with artists and what they will provide will really be based upon their needs and where they are at this time.  Brainstorming ideas for expanding what they do.  Vision for creating an art district in Cryptovoxels and they are in the right place there to do it - gangnam district.  Launching a support token
May 19, 2021
Ep. 7 - The Psychedelic Punk Rock Artist from Saturday Night Live - FB Targleson Lived an Amazing Life
In this episode we start on a series of episodes profiling artists in the NFT world to hear the stories that made them the creatives they are today.  See art and photos mentioned in this episode here: FB Targleson( has lived an amazing life.  Being a squatter in NY City Sneaking late at night into the Marvel Comics offices to create his own comics to sell on the streets Life living in a place called Oh My God Hot Springs(Video about it: Playing bongos all day long while doing psychedelic mushrooms in the desert with an aboriginal man Going from the desert to the city and becoming a punk rocker on acid on stage with never having played the bass/ Creating incredible masks out of sofa cushions that became the persona of his punk band while having puppets that acted like the band at the same time Teaching himself 3D rendering tech How his NFT ended up on Saturday night live - Having his music picked up in movies and TV shows and his future creating new music and art and helping charities. 
May 05, 2021
Ep 6 - The Mysterious and Fascinating Art On Internet Explains Their Mission to Transform Art
Thank you for listening. This podcast is produced by Doki Doki( Our gachapon machines make collecting NFT fun, affordable, and rewarding. Original and beautiful art of all styles and a variety of artists.  If you love what we are doing, please rate and review and subscribe. It helps us reach more people to grow the NFT ecosystem.  I love people or projects that refuse to be put into a box, because they force all of us to think beyond our own limitations and our guest today Art On Internet is no exception. Although I tried over and over to pin down specifics, I really could get very far with it. In the end, AOI is creating something for and by artists with funding to move NFT and Metaverse and AR forward and it sounds like a really cool project to be involved with. Thanks for listening and please check out Doki Doki at This conversation really covers a wide variety of topics in the space and I look forward to seeing what it evolves into.  Part incubator, part collective, part curator, and part technologists, AOI doesn't fit into any mold and they like it that way.
April 30, 2021
Ep 5 - Roy Blackstone - Game changing NFT/DeFi platform - Chainbinders by Doki Doki
Our guest today is Roy Blackstone of Doki Doki( and Chainbinders( He details the mind blowing model for the new Chainbinders project, LGE, and NFT degacha machine Overview of where we are with Chainbinders A breakdown of the type of NFT in the machine About binding failed NFTs How Euler beats is nothing like Chainbinders How the value of the project goes back into the reserve pool How the NFT have guaranteed value from the pool The potential strategies for the game BND Tokenomics Hyperdeflationary Strategies for BND Creating the art Creating the lore The tie in to crypto coins of every character The setting of the stories and how it came about Working with the artists and musicians and what the creative process was like and how he had to manage it Links: Artists mentioned:
April 14, 2021
Ep 4 - The Investor with a Metaverse Vision - Andrew Steinwold of Snow Crash Capital (formerly Sfermion)
Welcome to Doki Doki's NFTCast. Doki Doki is changing the face of NFT, by creating an amazing gamified experience for collectors and a better revenue experience for artists. To learn more and get the best in NFT collectibles visit  Wow! I hope you are sitting down, because Andrew Steinwold is thinking big and investing big and he's got his finger on the metaverse, NFT, and our entire ecosystem. You are going to be blown away with everything you will learn from this man that is putting it all on the line for the world we love. He's an investor, but not a VC. He's an enthusiast and he see where things are heading. He was in this space investing in 2019. You better believe he believes. Thank you for listening. Hope you enjoy this blockbuster episode of NFTCast.  Andrew Steinwold (@AndrewSteinwold - All about him How he started in 2019 in NFT What things they invest in at his firm Strategy for his investment in YGG Why he backs people as much as ideas How Yield Guild came about from brainstorming Why gaming is so important to NFT Community is critical Value extractive to value additive Skin in the game to earn from playing This makes his metaverse thesis is so important Why it is so important for him to be as public a figure as he is and how that led to his new brand: Why he originally named it Sfermion and why it was actually a great name Breaking news - Changing the name of his firm Snow Crash Capital What one thing has grown his operation the most in terms of attention and deal flow.  The scoop on Substack censorship of NFT URLs About his B20 token investment and the brilliant people behind it. How the token was built and formed and came about an dhow it works. Art Virtual Land How the buyout clause works About the brilliant people behind B20 Some of his investments Cryptovoxels - Adoption? The Sandbox Cryptopunks He differentiates metaverse from gaming.  Does he consider himself an ETH maximalist?  Does he do NFT investment outside of the chain?  How property rights are a critical component of his strategy.  His thoughts on the regulatory environment His expectations for the market short and long term. Are we in a bubble, etc? Some really cool tech projects he thinks will really change things.  How to pitch his firm for investment Doki Doki is changing the face of NFT, by creating an amazing gamified experience for collectors and a better revenue experience for artists. To learn more and get the best in NFT collectibles visit 
April 02, 2021
Ep. 3 - NFT Ecosystem Force of Will - Sirsu( of The Mint Fund, HeatCheckMe, and much more!
#NFTCast # Interview with Sirsu - Artist, advocate, leader, and mesch Philly born and "raised", but he moved around a lot Parents encouraged art and art career Pokemon voice acting MySpace as the foundations for his business career Every time he found something he loved, they pushed him.  Why it is important to encourage art and artists How we all benefit from what Sirsu's parents did to encourage his artistic path How that became part of his mission to support and grow artists and lead Digital vs. traditional for his choice His path to crypto pre NFT How he lost a lot in a wallet from when he had bitcoin as a kid His crazy path between art and a crypto hackathon healthcare crypto project and how he ended up in Japan How Instagram filters introduced him to NFT How he understood early that art on blockchain equaled creative immortality Was struck with the idea that decades or more later, that people will discover art Dove headfirst into NFT at that point with Discord, the web, friends, etc.  Started recruiting people Saw gas increasing and realized it would be difficult How curation is a mess and categorization is so difficult for artists How old styles of art may not apply to new artists, especially if they didn't go to art school Concerned that people see it as a bubble rather than where equity, wealth distribution, and inclusion can happen.  Agrees with me that NFT  is the gateway drug to crypto and he saw that early on # The Mint Fund - Helps artists get their art on blockchain with funding Provide marketing and legal guidance The system is meant to be self-sustainable How to get involved with them - DM them on Twitter # HeatCheckMe An effort to create an influencer platform for growing art exposure for artists How it came about from just asking a community "Can I get a heat check?". He wanted to build consensus around the best things people were creating. Then the whole thing got out of hand with heat related gifs and deep fakes of Sirsu. Whether black artists are having more success in the NFT space than they get the opportunity for in the traditional art world.  His most brilliant or important person in NFT/Crypto
March 30, 2021
Ep. 2 - Irreverent Product Guy - Jordan Lyall of $MEME & #DeFi Lead at Consensys
Interview with Jordan Lyall - The irreverent product guy -->>  Brought to you by Doki Doki Finance - The most fun you will ever have with digital art and collectibles.  Twitter: @dokidokifinance Join our amazing community on Telegram ATTN: Artists! We want you to have your own gachapon machine and all the amazing revenue that comes from that. Click here to apply.  Know a great guest we should have on the show? We want artists, producers, project leaders, etc. DM Nagi on Twitter  Background Founder of $MEME (@DontBuyMeme) DeFi Lead at Consensys Went from the GIF economy to the NFT economy He sold his company to JibJab and lived a crazy life in their office in a hanger. Irreverent product guy The Story of Meme The crazy story of starting MEME from a joke tweet How he thought about and seized the opportunity out of something he didn't expect to grow.  How the project was saved early on because community donated back to the devs Most people didn't keep it even though it is now worth over $1 million Huge artist is doing a meme drop very soon on $MEME The marketing campaign to beat all marketing campaigns is a marketing campaign against the project Consensys and Ethereum's Future His role as a #DeFi product leader at Consensys What Consensys is and why it is important Layer 2 Other scaling solutions Leading on safety check on DeFi projects Codify is the DeFi operating system layer on top of Ethereum network from Consensys Why he sees himself as an ETH maximalist Why he thinks nothing can come close to beating Ethereum Why he sees a cross chain world eventually -->>  Brought to you by Doki Doki Finance - The most fun you will ever have with digital art and collectibles.  Twitter: @dokidokifinance Join our amazing community on Telegram ATTN: Artists! We want you to have your own gachapon machine and all the amazing revenue that comes from that. Click here to apply.  Know a great guest we should have on the show? We want artists, producers, project leaders, etc. DM Nagi on Twitter 
March 12, 2021
Ep. 1 - Crypto Renaissance Man - Roy Blackstone
Do you want to understand how the best leaders in DeFi succeed against incredible odds? Do you want to learn how to succeed in the crypto world, then our interview this week is a perfect place to start.  Roy Blackstone is our guest on the first episode of NFTCast and we couldn't have asked for a more entertaining and educational show. Roy's built an unbelievable career in DeFi, investing, project promotion, venture capital and he's a fiction author among many other things.  In this episode we explore his unique upbringing and how it impacted his incredible networking ability, his favorite investments, his life as an American living in Italy, and his role as the Creative Director for Doki Doki.   We also cover his trading strategies, what is important in the NFT world, who he admires most in crypto, and his strategies for leading and growing projects including his approach to triaging tasks in order to gain maximum efficiency.  Roy is a powerhouse in the NFT an DeFi world and it will be abundantly clear to you why at the end of this episode.
March 03, 2021