Day Zero

An episode of NHC MUSIC Podcast

By John McKellar
Podcast featuring news and updates on the endeavours of Glasgow-based music promotions company NHC MUSIC and interviews with NHC's favourite bands and artists.

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Day Zero
Jamie and John look back on trying times at the Ice Box over the last month or so, and forward at some hopefully better days to come.
August 23, 2019
Andy Isacsson Part 2
On episode 51 of the show, the second half of John’s chat with Andy Isacsson. In part 2, Andy candidly discusses the health issues affecting his future as a performer and how he has adjusted, upcoming projects and more.
August 9, 2019
Andy Isacsson Part 1
On the 50th episode of the podcast, part 1 of John’s chat with the fascinating, prolific and brilliant Andy Isacsson ( http://www.luminous.moonfruit.com ). In part 1, Andy discusses his evolution as an artist and the new album Precarious Karma from his solo project Luminous. Like / follow us on both Facebook and Twitter @NHCMUSICPodcast and check out the Ice Box Arts and Music Centre @iceboxglasgow. Visit NHC’s official website at https://www.newhellfireclub.co.uk.
August 7, 2019
Fundraiser weekend reflections
On the 49th edition of the show, Jamie and John reflect on a massively successful Summer 2019 NHC big fundraiser weekend event and stock donations drive. From there, discussion turns to some awful tattoos some members of the NHC team have incoming off the back of the tattoo fundraiser event and the sex positive fair hitting the Ice Box on 4th August.
July 16, 2019
NHC team member Chrissy Mullen Part 2
On this week's show, part 2 of John's hour-plus long chat with NHC team member Chrissy Mullen.  This week, Chrissy talks his favourite aspects of working with NHC and his upcoming website aimed at helping those with mental health issues.  Part 1 can be heard here: https://anchor.fm/nhcmusicpodcast/episodes/NHC-team-member-Chrissy-Mullen-Part-1-e4d579 Hit the Ice Box Arts and Music Centre this Saturday for the big Summer fundraiser day featuring live music from The Twistettes, Trongate Rum Riots, Busker Rhymes and The Harlem Boabtrotters, an open mic during the early part of e day and the culmination of NHC's big tattoo fundraiser challenge. Keep up to date with the podcast: https://www.newhellfireclub.co.uk/nhcmusicpodcast https://www.facebook.com/NHCMUSICPodcast https://twitter.com/NHCMUSICPodcast
June 28, 2019
NHC team member Chrissy Mullen Part 1
Chrissy Mullen from the NHC team stops by for a chat on this week’s podcast to discuss his music promotion origins, how he got involved with NHC MUSIC and the upcoming fundraiser. Part 1 of a 2 part interview with the conclusion coming soon.
June 22, 2019
Simon Sinclair on why Forever took forever
NHC’s Simon Sinclair is back on the show with John this week to chat about his band The Big Nowhere’s new album Forever, the band’s future plans and the story of how he became such a pivotal part of NHC MUSIC.
June 14, 2019
Soft reboots and grand openings
The new and improved NHC MUSIC Podcast returns, now available wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts!  In this week's edition, hosts Jamie and John cover the massive strides made by NHC so far in 2019 and look forward to some of the biggest events coming up through the Summer at the Ice Box Arts and Music Centre, Glasgow’s newest and most innovative small venue.
June 7, 2019
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