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A podcast made by and for fans who follow ice hockey from outside of North America. From Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers and all the colours of the NHL...

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The Finale
The cup has been lifted, the awards have been awarded and the drafts have been drafted. The 2018/19 season is officially over so it felt right that we heard from as many contributors to NHL Fans From Afar as possible.... over to you! Produced by ASFB Productions Presented by Clare Freeman & Jolon Kemp Walker
June 26, 2019
Baby Blues
Jolon and Clare sum up the 2018/19 NHL season…  In short, there were: 7 coaching changes 2 GM changes 37 suspensions costing 154 games/$3m in wages 24 fines costing $100k Top points scored: Nikita Kucherov 128 in regular season Highest goals scored: Alexander Ovechkin 51 in regular season Most games played by a goalie: Pekka Rinne 56 Highest goalie save percentage: Ben Bishop .934 Gritty arrived. Brad Marchand cried. Rookie record for Most Stanley Cup Wins set by Jordan Binnington Oh yeah, and St Louis Blues rewrote history and won a championship for the first time in their 51 year history!  St Louis Blues’ fan David Hester from Gloucestershire joins NHL Fans From Afar as a guest to share his disbelief and amazement!   Presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions. 
June 19, 2019
Could this be 1970 all over again?
Fact: St Louis Blues are tied with Toronto Maple Leafs for the longest cup drought in the league. But if they beat Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals over the next few weeks, they’ll end that pain and pick up their first silverware in the club’s history… But is it even possible? Statistically 61 out of 79 teams since 1939 who win game one in the final series go on to win the cup. So with the first win in the can for the Bruins is the writing already on the wall? Jordan Binnington vs Tuukka Rask 2018/19 statswise is pretty much neck and neck. Bruins have 6 cups already to their name, and are bookies favourites - can the Blues really continue their season upset by making a comeback from bottom of the league to cup winners with an interim coach and a rookie goalie within a few months? The last time St Louis Blues were in the Stanley Cup final was in 1970. And guess who beat them? Bobby Orr and the Boston Bruins… Even worse, it was in a four game sweep. Ouch. (Photograph credit: Ray Lussier/AP) Plus, there’s a message from Tom, our Edmonton Oilers fan with a reference to his team’s new coach - Dave Tippett And Jolon finally details his first hostel dorm experience, upon returning from Slovakia and the IIHF World Championships! Presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions. 
May 28, 2019
The Morning After
Jolon is joined by Dallas fan Matt Day in a car park near Luton Airport as they head home from the IIHF World Championships in Slovakia. In the podcast they chat about the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, NHL Refereeing, some stand out players at the worlds and Kaapo vs Hughes and Liam Kirk. Sadly we lost the bit of the recording where Jolon talks about his hostel stay, that’ll be on the show next week.... I know, I bet you just can’t wait for that!! Clare and Jolon return to a more normal pod next week and will be looking at the Stanley Cup Final!
May 18, 2019
Hurricanes, Finns & Shark Tanks
Four months ago, Carolina Hurricanes were just two points out of last place in the entire NHL. Now, they're in the Eastern Conference Final playing Boston Bruins. This ‘bunch of jerks’ have had 9 seasons without even making the playoffs and their last champion win 2005/2006. Can they do it? Die hard Caniac Paul Lawson lives in Scotland, but has followed his team since a chance Sega Mega Drive game purchase in the 90s. He’s been to watch them, played with some of the Stanley Cup alumni and even calls some of their past players friends. In his candid chat with host Clare Freeman, Paul explains what a difference hockey has truly made to him and his family’s life. Sports writer Paul Brown spends his working hours following football both in the UK and in Europe. But in the early hours he’s glued to the screen necking coffees watching his beloved San Jose Sharks. With a host of rising stars, a few hungry veterans and a goalie who’s snapped back into action - is it now or never for the Sharks? Plus Paul name drops a few of his favourite Finnish players right now - notably Kaapo Kakko with his hat trick in the World Championships. (pictured, credit: Petr David Josek AP) And Mark Rackham aka Mark UK Leaf takes a few minutes out of his AHL Playoff coverage to discuss what next for Toronto Maple Leafs, the Stanley Cup playoffs so far and Team GB’s rise to the IIHF World Championships out in Slovakia. Read more of Mark’s writing here: ukhockeyfan.wordpress.com and mapleleafshotstove.com/toronto-marlies/  Presented by Clare Freeman, featuring Paul Lawson, Paul Brown, Mark Rackham. Produced by ASFB Productions. Email us for an invite to our slack group: nhlfansfromafar@gmail.com or tweet us @nhlfansfromafar 
May 12, 2019
Twas The Night Before... Slovakia!
Jolon Kemp Walker and Matthew Day took a break from packing their cases to discuss the NHL Play Offs so far and what they were hoping to see when they arrive in Slovakia for the IIHF World Champs later this week.  Lots of Dallas Stars talk as they head into Game 7 with the Blues. New GM in Edmonton, same coach in Toronto and how officiating in the playoffs has left us scratching our heads at times. 
May 7, 2019
That feeling when your team exits the playoffs... Yeah we're still bitter. But hey, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and back to talking NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs we go.  Carolina Hurricanes are holding on (just) with a 2-0 series lead in their second round, but with injuries left right and centre, will New York Islanders find the 'kick'start they need to spin an epic comeback? Dallas Stars trail by one in their series with St Louis Blues - we're all scratching our beards wondering how rookie Jordan Binnington is keeping the Blues in the running with no prior playoff hockey experience  on a minimum wage contract?! Great hands, speed and shots galore continue for San Jose Sharks second round series - currently tied with Colorado Avalanches. The man all the NHL stars are talking about and watching? Nathan MacKinnon... 'Almost rejects' Sergei Bobrovski and Anteri Panaren continue their magic for Columbus Blue Jackets - tied one a piece with the team Jolon and Clare can't barely talk about right now. Plus Vezina Trophy, your round 2 predictions and references to waffles and bananas... Presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions. Email NHLFansFromAfar@gmail.com to join our slack group!
April 30, 2019
I Can’t Watch…It’s Too Close To Call
Week one of the 2018/19 playoffs saw more dum dums than the end of an Eastender’s soap opera… How are Clare and Jolon’s heart rates as history repeats itself with Boston and Toronto going to game 7… In part two of the podcast, listen to them as-live watching the final minutes of the game! Elsewhere, we kissed goodbye to the chances of an all-Canadian Stanley Cup final as Winnipeg and Calgary crashed out in the first round with St Louis Blues, Dallas Stars, Columbus Blue Jackets AND Colorado Avalanches all defying the bookies and critics. Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators tied at game six, but the Stars went on to clinch their space in the next round tweeting ‘this is what it feels to be alive’ moments after winning in overtime. They’ve not made the playoffs in a decade, and now the Carolina Hurricanes may end up knocking out last year’s champions out in the first round…with a feisty exit for Alex Ovechkin too! Will Washington Capitals meet their former coach Barry Trotz and the New York Islanders in the second round? San Jose Sharks and Las Vegas Knights had an absolute goal fest in their first round and now (as we record this podcast) sit tied 3 a-piece. Will Las Vegas prove their inaugural season wasn’t just a fluke or will Eric Karlsson’s team get a stab at their first ever Stanley Cup? And a clean sweep left the President Trophy winners’ Tampa Bay Lightning AND Sidney Crosby’s Pittsburgh Penguins saying see ya later?! Destroying all of our NHL brackets in one clean swoop. So will CBJ go all the way? There’s mixed thoughts on our twitter poll! Hosted by Clare Freeman & Jolon Kemp Walker. Featuring Pittsburgh Penguins fan Georgie Hunt and a surprise guest on the phone at the end… Produced by ASFB Productions. To join like-minded folk who love watching the NHL but live outside of North America, email us for an invite to our closed slack workspace: NHLFansFromAfar@gmail.com
April 24, 2019
New Kid On The Block
“Player safety is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get…” the words of Mark Ukleaf Rackham one of our panellists on this week’s NHL Fans From afar.  From Kucherov to Kadri’s suspensions, to ‘that’ Ovechkin fight against 19 year old Svechnikov…  We talk favourite moments, who’s surprised us and what the heck is going on with potentially Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Bay Lightning going out in the first playoff round with a clean sweep…or won’t they?   Plus new kid on the block for Colorado Avalanches, Cale Makar, became the seventh player in NHL history and first defenceman to score a goal while making his debut in the Stanley Cup playoffs - and it was a game-winner!  Clare Freeman, Jolon Kemp Walker, Steven Edwards and Mark Rackham host. Produced by ASFB Productions.  Join our slack group to chat playoffs with like minded NHL fans living outside North America. Email NHLFansFromAfar@gmail.com for an invite.
April 16, 2019
It's Showtime!
16 made it to the dance, 15 didn't. 4 head coaches have never made the Stanley Cup playoffs before. And one team have scraped through with 11 of their players ready to make their playoff debut. Columbus Blue Jackets have never ever won a playoff round, Carolina Hurricanes are to make their first post season appearance in a decade and only one team has won both the President's Trophy AND the Stanley Cup in the same season in the last decade (Chicago Blackhawks in 2013) - so does that mean that Tampa Bay Lightning aren't guaranteed a done deal? With 8 match ups across east and west, how do you go about organising your playoff watching schedule? Will you sacrifice sleep or slip away if your team takes an early exit? Clare and Jolon preview this year's playoffs with some wild predictions, a bet and a handful of stats. Plus there's more changes to head coach positions at the end of the season. Is Joel Quenville's new job with Florida Panthers a record breaking contract? And what exactly will Ken Hitchcock's role be with Edmonton Oilers going forwards? Join our slack group and NHL bracket! Email NHLFansFromAfar@gmail.com for a slack invite, or join the bracket league here: https://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/leagues/nhl-fans-from-afar
April 8, 2019
Who's Hughes?
Montreal Canadiens have been in, out, in, out, and shook the wild card playoff space all about. But with just two games left in the regular season - will they, Columbus Blue Jackets or Carolina Hurricanes make the final stretch? It looks like it’ll be right down to the last game...which unfortunately for this week’s guest - Dave our Habs fan - one of the deciding meet ups happens to be against Jolon & Clare’s team Toronto Maple Leafs. Oops! There’s a dance over in the West Conference too - as Winnipeg, Nashville & St Louis have all made the cut for a playoff berth but it’s still all to play for in final positioning. And will Colorado Avalanche or Arizona Coyotes make the final wildcard spot? Plus, was Paul Byron was right to say yes to dropping the gloves with Florida Panthers’ MacKenzie Weegar? A move which cost him several games and concussion at a crucial time for the Habs... And, as the NHL draft lottery order is about to be announced - who the heck is Jack Hughes anyway?! Presented by Clare Freeman & Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions. Join our NHL Bracket league here: https://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/leagues/nhl-fans-from-afar Picture credit: Rena Laverty/USA Hockey's NTDP
April 4, 2019
Berths, Bolts and Basketball
Hurricanes and lightning, very very frightening... 6 playoff berths have been clinched with 6 more teams waiting to fix their final standings, and the dance continues in the wild card spots for both the East and West Conferences.  It's all to play for with just 5 or 6 games left in the regular season, and chances are if you're a Dallas Stars, Colorado Avalanches, Arizona Coyotes, Minnesota Wild, Carolina Hurricanes, Montreal Canadiens or Columbus Blue Jackets fan - you'll be feeling it right now! With Clare in a hotel on the road in Newcastle, Steven in a his spare room in that London and Jolon making an appearance from a very special location in Toronto - it's an exciting week rounding up what has been and could be for the final few days of the 2018/19 NHL season. The week that Carolina Hurricanes played basketball and fishing on ice, St Louis Blues scored three goals against Tampa Bay Lightning in 75 seconds and John Tavares broke a personal AND Toronto Maple Leafs record... Plus Steven has a rant about the global series skipping London (again). Join our slack group or email us via NHLFansFromAfar@gmail.com Presented by Clare Freeman and Steven Edwards. Produced by ASFB Productions. Picture credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports
March 26, 2019
Nine Games To Go...
"Golf on ice"...that's how Vancouver Canucks fan Andy's son describes ice hockey. Aww! Nine games left of the regular season, as Tampa Bay Lightning clinch the a playoff space and the Presidents’ Trophy - is it inevitable they’ll go on to win the Stanley Cup? What happens when we phone Toronto’s video room whilst recording our podcast... Plus your hockey film recs and can a player still be classed as ‘great’ if they’ve no accolades to their name? Join our slack group, email us for an invite: NHLFansFromAfar@gmail.com Presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions.
March 20, 2019
Is 'All In' The Only Way?
The week Clare switched sides and became a Columbus Blue Jackets' fan. Plus how did Jolon fair with a 20 minute ban on talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs?  The pace of hockey feels different this week... with the playoffs just round the corner, it seems things have massively changed since we sketched our  playoff bracket in December. Which teams are surprising us? Which teams have disappointed us? Fancy joining us as a guest? Email us - NHLFansFromAfar@gmail.com
March 13, 2019
Ouch. Who would want to be an Ottawa Senators fan right now? No coach, no stars, no new rink, no first round draft pick. What hope is there for Canada’s capital over coming NHL seasons?  "Lying, snake, traitor, pyjama boy...” those were the words used by a handful of New York Islander fans describing John Tavares on a video released before their meet up with Toronto Maple Leafs last Thursday. The leafs went on to tank that game, but then days later something magic happened - the whole of Toronto stood tall and reassured JT that he is loved in his new home - the Scotiabank Arena.   And we reach out to a Detroit Red Wings supporter who is truly an NHL fan afar... Adam listens to our podcast from the Sunshine Coast of Australia. He reveals his predicament of supporting ice hockey in a hot climate - including having to turn up the air con just to wear his jersey whilst watching hockey fans in Canada shiver at the Winter Classic...!    Presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions. Join our Slack group! Email nhlfansfromafar@gmail.com for an invite. 
March 4, 2019
Trade Deadline As It Happened!
The final minutes of 2019 NHL Trade Deadline as-live with Jolon Kemp Walker, Clare Freeman, Steven Edwards and Rob McGregor... Deals coming through right up to the wire, and a few cheeky ones still trickling in after the bell... This year's deadline certainly included a few surprises. To join our slack group and connect with other mad plonkas who love the NHL outside North America, email us at NHLFansFromAfar@gmail.com
February 25, 2019
Blimey O'Reilly
Who are St Louis Blues right now? Making Franchise history...and Ryan O’Reilly helping fast track their place back in this year’s playoffs?! Is Hockey Night In Canada’s Don Cherry right to poo poo Carolina Hurricane’s game celebrations on national tv? The team have been quick to respond by making ‘Bunch Of Jerks’s T-shirt’s from a Cherry quote! Which teams do you most like to watch - other than your own? And with 82 games in the regular season, is there such thing as follower fatigue when supporting NHL from afar? How do you keep dialled in when your team takes a nose dive? Who deserves your man crush of the week vote? Also our most interactive post on our Slack group this week - are you sick of the NHL Figures advert watching on NHL Game Center too?!!!! Join our Slack group, email us for an invite to nhlfansfromafar@gmail.com Presented by Clare Freeman & Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions.
February 20, 2019
The Not So Mighty Ducks
In this weeks episode Jolon is joined once again by Steven Edwards for another 90 minutes of NHL chat from afar. They're also joined by our featured fan Andy who is a Golden Knights supporter.    In the podcast the guys discuss.... What's happened to the Ducks? Is the Matthews contract a good contract? And if you could offer sheet any RFA for your team in the NHL, who would it be? Plus which is your favorite player to watch who isn't on your team and both Jolon and Steven vent their frustrations at own teams ahead of them playing each other later this week.  Presented by Jolon Kemp Walker & Steven Edwards. Produced by ASFB Productions. Join our slack group email and talk NHL all week! NHLfansfromafar@gmail.com       
February 12, 2019
Go West
In this weeks episode we look at the wild race for a wild card place in the Western Conference. Which is tougher, the Eastern or Western Conference?  As the league heads towards the trade deadline we take a look at who's going to be buying and who could be big sellers come February 25th. Our fan this week is Georgie Hunt who is a Penguins fan based in Norwich (Which is 'officially' the city furthest away from an ice rink in the UK!). She also has a very cool story as to how she became a fan of this great league.  Clare took a week off this week so Steven Edwards rejoins Jolon Kemp Walker for your weekly dose of NHL Fans From Afar.  Oh and yes, it happened again.... hours after recording this podcast the Leafs make a signing! Auston Matthews is a Leaf for the next 5 seasons, but fear not this will just give Jolon a chance to calm down and compose himself ahead of next weeks pod!   Presented by Jolon Kemp Walker & Steven Edwards. Produced by ASFB Productions. Join our slack group email and talk NHL all week! NHLfansfromafar@gmail.com   Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated, Kevin Sousa. 
February 6, 2019
Deep Dive
A ‘necessary evil’ or an overpriced school sports day? Just like marmite, which side of the fence do you sit on when it comes to the All-Star Weekend? Rob McGregor of the One Puck Short Podcast (https://onepuckshort.wordpress.com) is this week’s guest. Talking points covered: What’s New York Islanders’ secret? Even with the addition of Lou Lamoriello and Barry Trotz nobody could have foreseen such a speedy turnaround as they sit top of the Metropolitan Division. What next for Edmonton Oilers? The top dog Bob Nicholson says playoffs are still in sight but they’ll take their time over picking their next GM. But who will it be? Someone young with fresh eyes or an NHL stalwart like Ron Hextall? And another round of man crush of the week includes conversation about a stick, a woman and an outspoken rebel. Note: we recorded this before the Jake Muzzin trade! Presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions. Join our slack group email NHLfansfromafar@gmail.com Photo credit: Teerepublic.com
January 29, 2019
Remember when Brad Marchand licked Leo Komarov? It was during another Boston Bruins/Toronto Maple Leafs playoff series that ended in heartache for blue and white fans... So this week Jolon and Clare did what they knew they had to do at some point this season - speak with Ross, a Bruins fan, and hear him wax lyrical about how much he loves Brad 'the pest' Marchand wearing his team's colours.  Also, is age just a number? Should you be worried if your team is in a slump right now? And what the hell is happening at Edmonton Oilers?! Plus new feature - Man Crush of The Week. Presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker.  Produced by ASFB Productions.  To join our NHL Fans From Afar Slack community email us - nhlfansfromafar@gmail.com Photo credit: Getty Images.
January 23, 2019
Boos & Temper Tantrums
Is it ever OK to boo a player? After Jake Gardiner was booed by fans during Toronto Maple Leafs game against Colorado Avalanches... How much is too much for a goalie? Sergei Bobrovsky is rumoured to be wanting big bucks for his new contract in summer. But should he stay at Colombus Blue Jackets? And, are bench temper tantrums ever OK? After Av’s Nathan MacKinnon publicly let rip at his coach Jared Bednar during a game v the Calgary Flames. Daily Star sports journalist Paul Brown is this week’s NHL Fans From Afar guest. He explains why he loves Team Finland, and the San Jose Sharks. Presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker.  Produced by ASFB Productions. Nathan MacKinnon Photo credit: Candice Ward, USA TODAY Sports
January 17, 2019
Hokey Cokey
It’s not been Arizona Coyotes year...or six, if you look back to the last time they made the playoffs. And with Seattle 2020 looming, will the team in Glendale survive a move from the Pacific to the Central Division? Howlin’ Hockey writer James Reeve joins us this week’s guest to tell us more about how the desert dogs’ season has started and what all these injuries are costing the team’s payroll. (Trust us: you’ll be horrified!) Plus infamous NHL debuts and the hokey cokey of being a goalie. Presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions. Pic - Mar 5, 2015; Glendale, AZ, USA; Recording artist Alice Cooper poses with his retro Arizona Coyotes jersey before a game against the Vancouver Canucks at Gila River Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
January 9, 2019
New Year, New Haircut
What happens when your record a podcast whilst an NHL game is live at 7pm UK time? This… Jolon mostly cries, gets sent out the room because he refused to watch until he gets home later. Whilst Clare and Steve are forced to bite their lip every time they see a goal or penalty as the follow the action during recording.  With Steve sporting a new slimline haircut and Clare a new hair colour, it seems apt to call this episode New Year, New Haircut as even Toronto Maple Leafs’ William Nylander asked his auntie to give him a short back and sides over Christmas. And with new starts, we wipe the slate clean and dream big for year ahead… We ponder our one wish for our teams for the remainder of the season, and question what the heck was going on with Dallas Stars after ‘that’ incident involving Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin over the holiday period. The Athletic's Sean Shapiro explains what it was like to get the call and be at that 25 minute press conference as Stars management went on an "expletive-laden tirade"... Plus who are you sad to see left out of the All-Star line up, and why Steven wants the Washington Capitals’ player Tom Wilson to clean up his act or leave the NHL for good… Presented by Clare Freeman, Jolon Kemp Walker and Steven Edwards. Produced by ASFB Productions. Pic credit: Nordy Wild, Minnesota Wild's mascot and his mad mullet. Subscribe, review and rate us. Plus fancy being a guest to talk about your team? Email us NHLFansFromAfar@gmail.com 
January 3, 2019
"An annoying family member who frustrates the heck out of you but you love them dearly..." That's the description New York Rangers fan Jamie Smith uses for his hockey team. He's loved them from afar for 15 years, and is part of a growing supporters' club - the 'UK New York Rangers Fans'. We recall 'that' final against LA Kings a few years ago and discuss whether Henrik Lundqvist is worth his $8.5m contract at 36 years old. Also included - Does having mums/dads trips help or hinder an NHL team statistically? What did you want to be when you grew up? We've examples of Toronto Maple Leafs players' childhood dreams. And New York Islanders Vs New York Rangers playoff space: who deserves it, or do neither?! Presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions. Photo Credit: Scott Levy/NHLI
December 19, 2018
Ifs, Buts & Maybe
We did a stupid thing. We made a playoff bracket in December, only 30 games into the 2018/19 season... Hear Jolon Kemp Walker and Clare Freeman's workings out and thoughts of where they think the league is at, plus reaction to Toronto Maple Leaf's William Nylander being back in the team and Clare's heartfelt apology for cursing Freddie Andersen. Produced by ASFB Productions. ASFBProductions.com/podcast
December 12, 2018
Punching Salad
Willy watch is over...William Nylander is a Toronto Maple Leaf. No really, he is... And not just this season - but for another 5. What impact has this had on the market according to other agents and players awaiting extensions? Seattle’s space in the NHL expansion is confirmed but what changes will be made to accommodate them? Arizona look set to take a trip from the Pacific to the Central Division. But will the Coyotes buckle financially and see a spot for Houston emerge? And as violence disappears from the game of hockey, we speak to Washington Capitals’ fan Dr Vic Silverwood on what fighting’s past, present and future role could be. The writer and researcher was featured in the documentary Ice Guardians. Plus salad, shrek and teddy bears... Presented by Jolon Kemp Walker and Clare Freeman. Produced by ASFB Productions. Photo credit: Kim Klement.
December 5, 2018
I Don't Be Leaf It
He twice phoned Gary Bettman to ask about NHL TV deals in Europe. Mark Rackham has seen the ups and downs as a Toronto Maple Leafs for the last 18 years, watching them twice in person each season. He’s also a blogger on all things AHL, so what’s working well in the Toronto Marlies camp to ensure the Leafs have a steady supply of up and coming young talent for years to come?   NHL Fans From Afar hosts, Clare and Steve discuss what's Buffalo Sabres secret? They were worst in the league last season, now they’re on a nine win streak…Will they finally end a seven-year playoff drought?  Plus, what do NHL GM's actually do? It comes as time was called on Ron Hextall by the Philadelphia Flyers.  Will we see an NHL team play in Belfast in 2020? Giants' chief thinks so... Just for fun, who would be in your ginger NHL fantasy team - current & past players? And no, Gritty doesn’t count… And of course - willy watch makes a comeback. William Nylander - will he/won’t he? Presented by Clare Freeman and Steven Edwards. Produced by ASFB Productions. Read Mark's blog here: https://mapleleafshotstove.com/ Final song credit: Jesse Glowinsky/Adam Jesin
November 28, 2018
It's all gone quackers...
From Disney to the wild wing of the west…Anaheim Ducks fan and Hockey Hypothetical host Stephen Dowson reveals how he fell in love with his team years after their Stanley Cup success. With Jolon on holiday, Clare Freeman and US sports analyst Steven Edwards talk injuries, back up goalies and surprises… Surprised how bad Pittsburgh Penguins' run is right now, compared with the Buffalo Sabres flying sky high? Surprised that a third and fourth coach are out with less than 20 games played this season? Surprised if Joel Quenville steps back into coaching with St Louis Blues or another before the season ends? And surprised that the last time Toronto Maple Leafs had a California sweep.. was when Michael Jackson’s Earth Song was Christmas number one and only 1% of the UK’s population used the internet? Until this weekend…. (It was 1995 in case you’re wondering.) Produced by ASFB Productions. Contact us NHLfansfromafar@gmail.com or on twitter @nhlfansfromafar Picture credit: Chris Creamer’s SportsLogos.Net
November 21, 2018
Doctor, doctor...
Concussion, player safety and San Jose Sharks. Is Tom Wilson’s suspension reduction an embarrassment to the league, or the right call by a third abbratrator? Does Gary Bettman deserve a place in the Hockey Hall of Fame whilst he’s still in the role as the NHL’s commissioner? And is the agreement offered for retired hockey players enough when it comes to acknowledging the warnings involved in a job that sees repeated hits to the head? Part One: Jolon and Clare round up key talking points from around the league Part Two: A&E consultant Dr Matt Heywood talks concussion and CTE from a medical point of view, plus how he fell in love with the San Jose Sharks via a t-shirt from M&S and a SEGA Mega Drive game...! Presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions. (Joe Thornton beard photo credit: Joe Pavelski!)
November 14, 2018
You're Fired...
Octopuses, a rebuild and 11 Stanley Cups… Detroit Red Wings have missed the playoffs two years in a row, but how long will it take for them to return?   NFFA guest Graeme Thomson fell in love with the red and whites when Drew Miller came to play in Scotland during the 2012/13 NHL lockout. He says there’s nothing quite like watching an NHL game and saying “I know him”, having met him several times off ice during his 23 games in the Elite League. Now an admirer of the team’s young home star Dylan Larkin, Graeme shares his hopes and dreams as the Atlantic Division club continue a long rebuild.   Plus – It was bye bye to John Stevens as LA Kings’ head coach AND Joel Quenneville of Chicago Blackhawks – but does a team’s success really live and die with the head coach? Mock dives and players’ acting out – is it entertaining or just downright stupid? Was Boston Bruins’ Brad Marchand right to demo a mock dive during the game against Nashville Predators’ Colton Sissons? A video of some Ottawa Senators players making derogatory comments about their coach was leaked by a taxi driver this week. When it comes to players and privacy – do they have a right to an opinion, or should they keep their heads down and do their job?   NHL Fans From Afar Podcast is presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions. (Picture credit: NHL/Dave Reginek)
November 8, 2018
Maths teacher by day, hockey nerd by night... Twenty years as a fan and now commentator - has seen Jonathan Fearnley witness plenty of silverware as a UK Sheffield Steelers fan. But when it comes to his NHL team, as a franchise the Winnipeg Jets are still to have their taste of Stanley Cup success. There’s talk of the Jets’ and Florida Panthers’ upcoming trip to Finland, as well as the talents of Patrik Laine and Kasperi Kapanen. And is the NHL right to follow in the footsteps of the NBA when it comes to a betting partnership with MGM? Presented by Clare Freeman and Jolon Kemp Walker. Produced by ASFB Productions.
October 31, 2018
Puck Off Pantera
Matt Day waited 20 years before seeing his beloved Dallas Stars in person, after discovering ice hockey on late night Channel 5 coverage in the 1990s. He explains how his favourite band Pantera sported Stars' jerseys in a music video - and has since led him on a die hard path as hardcore NHL fan ever since. Clare is back from her holidays, and has a bone to pick with Jolon after the Leafs' luck turned following his bragging. All three discuss how early is too early when it comes to pulling the goalie, what connects Tyler Bozak to Jim Montgomery, whether Ben Bishop is actually a sumo wrestler in disguise and why a green alien with hockey sticks for antennae is an important fixture in Texan history books... Presented by Jolon Kemp Walker and Clare Freeman. Produced by ASFB Productions.
October 25, 2018
Speedin' Sweden
Suspensions, cellys and speed... can you can still have the physicality we all love in hockey as NHL teams get smaller and faster? Clare is away this week so we've invited uber hockey fan and analyst Steven Edwards back after his superb performance in week one of the pod. He reports back from seeing an NHL game and Connor McDavid in Sweden as part of the global series. Presented by Jolon Kemp Walker & Steven Edwards. Produced by ASFB Productions. Picture credit: Bjorn Larsson Rosvall /TT News Agency via AP
October 18, 2018
Oil be back
A lonely pastime... that’s how Edmonton Oilers’ fan Tom Parker describes his last night obsession with watching NHL. In this episode of NFFA, Jolon and Clare happily confirm he’s not alone - as all three share stories of how far they go to support their teams, much to the bewilderment of their friends and family. Tom from Birmingham even managed to convince his other half a trip to Canada to watch hockey was a worthy honeymoon! Jolon seeks advice on how he can convince his girlfriend to do the same... and Clare admits to some full out geekery when it comes to noting names, numbers and game sheet history for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Presented by Jolon Kemp Walker & Clare Freeman. Produced by ASFB Productions. *note: we apologise for the quality of this pod, we had some major technical hitches, lesson learnt - hopefully a one off! Bear with us!
October 11, 2018
The Night Before...
Hockey is (almost) back! On the eve of the 2018/19 season, Jolon & Clare are joined by Steven Edwards - Colorado Avalanche fan. 15’ Vegas Golden Knights lucky first season or meant to be? 24’ Edmonton Oilers & Connor McDavid 2018/19 expectations 31’ 60 seconds of off season news in 3 ½ minutes… 35’ Washington Capitals Stanley Cup bling rings 38’ San Jose Sharks & Erik Karlsson deal 39’ William Nylander’s agent vs Toronto Maple Leafs 44’ Did Ottawa Senators sell themselves short? 46’ RIP Joe Thornton’s beard 47’ Tavares in Toronto, what nxt for New York Islanders? 57’ The 6 NHL teams that don’t have a ‘C’… 1:01’ Washington Caps’ Tom Wilson & Montreal Canadiens’ Max Domi pre-season naughtiness, NHL Player Safety 1:12’ Hello Gritty of Philadelphia Flyers! 1:15’ NHL Global Series – worth the bother? Is NHL taking international PR seriously? 1:19’ Seattle expansion Presented by Jolon Kemp Walker & Clare Freeman. Produced by ASFB Productions.
October 4, 2018
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