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Your Neighbor, A Priest

Your Neighbor, A Priest

By Nic
Join me, your neighbor, a priest, as I tackle current events (both in the world and in the world of the church), discussing how they relate to our neighborhood of Longview/Kelso and Southwest Washington. Together with featured guests, I will seek to shed new light into the issues our community faces, the impacts they have on us, and expand upon how the church (with your help!) can act to better our community, and through that work, the world.
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Social Services Roundtable
Join Fr. Nic for this special episode of "Your Neighbor, A Priest" as he welcomes social service providers from our community to discuss how social services and programs make a real difference in the health and wellbeing of a community. Together we share how concerning ourselves with the health of each individual in our community, regardless of circumstance, actually creates a more healthy, prosperous, and loving community for all to call home.
September 7, 2020
Geeks for Christ
Join me and our special guest Pastor Dexter Kearny as we dive into the stories of Science Fiction/Fantasy and draw out themes relevant to our world and our lives as Christians.
July 29, 2020
Christians Against Christian Nationalism
Christian Nationalism: What is it? Why is it important to talk about? And, how do we combat this heresy? For more resources visit:
June 29, 2020
Sabbath Rest
A personal reflection on the importance of taking rest, and how taking rest can empower us to rise up especially at a time like this.
June 15, 2020
PRIDE & the Church
Join us for a conversation on how the Church must step up and be known as a place of spiritual wholeness and affirmation for our LGBTQIA+ siblings, especially during Pride Month. Special Guest: Pastor Megan Filer, Bethany Lutheran Church, Longview, WA
June 1, 2020
Join me for a personal reflection on what it means to be and live in a community with one another.
May 18, 2020
Dominion: Creation Care and a Call to Stewardship
What does it mean for us to have “dominion” over creation as the stewards, the co-creators with God, those who have been created in God’s image? Join me and our special guest Pastor Allison Mattocks as we discuss what it means to be stewards of ALL of creation.
May 4, 2020
Doubting(?) Thomas
Join your neighbor, a priest and special guests: Pastors Liz and Dexter Kearny and Pastor Allison Mattocks, as we discuss Saint Thomas the Apostle, better known as “Doubting” Thomas.
April 16, 2020
Resurrection in the time of Coronavirus
Episode Two featuring a conversation on Resurrection, and in particular how resurrection brings us hope in the time of coronavirus. Poem: Easter by Benjamin Alire Saenz
March 24, 2020
An Introduction & A Conversation about Homelessness
The first episode of “Your Neighbor, A Priest” featuring: an introduction; a conversation with Pastor Liz Kearny about homelessness; and an invitation to join me again next time.
February 24, 2020