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Berlin Counseling And Therapy

Berlin Counseling And Therapy

By Nicholas Bellafiore
This podcast is your starting point to making changes in your life that bring you closer to your true being. Apart from psychoeducational aspects you will have the opportunity to get insights on psychological and therapeutic "hands-on" strategies and options that you can integrate into your daily life to guide you towards a more determined approach in conflict resolution as well as materializing and sustaining a happier and more fulfilling life.
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Guided Meditation - Creating Calm and Inner Peace
This quick and effective 20 minute guided meditation will help you manifest calm and inner peace as you train and master your mind to stay focussed and rested. In uncertain times such as these, through a consistent meditation practice you can take back control of your life by finding conscious stillness to reconnect to your inner core. Give in to yourself and find your island of connection - that special place to come home to daily.
July 8, 2021
Introduction to the "Berlin Counseling And Therapy" Q&A
This introduction to the "Berlin Counseling And Therapy" Q&A is our opportunity to create an interesting and hopefully revealing dialogue around unanswered questions you may have in reference to your psychological well-being as an individual, partner, parent or child. In response to your questions we hope to then provide you with solutions and options guiding you into a brighter and more calm state of being. We are very happy and excited to see you embark on this journey with us and already now thank you for your openness and trust.
June 21, 2021
Creating Change and how we can make it last!
We spend so much time trying to change for the better only to be disappointed by ourselves and at some point giving up and saying : "That's just the way I am! I can't change! ". We crumble and fall, despair, feel lost, lonely and sometimes very small. In moments like these it seems like there is no way out. We feel trapped on a daily basis and at times disconnect from the people we love and care for while actually just wanting to be close to them. We suffer and fail in changing, because our perspective on creating that change is partly to antique and lacks compelling emotions and strategies. In this podcast I try to outline an emotional and powerful approach of coming home to yourself that enables you to create change that truly lasts. Are you up for the challenge:)?
June 15, 2021