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By Nick Casanova / Realtor
Let's be real--Buying or Selling a home isn't easy! For most people, the first question is, "Where do I start?!" // What if you went into the Real Estate market fully educated on the process? What if you knew the ins-and-outs of the inspection period...or the term "appraisal gap" doesn't give you anxiety...Essentially, what if you were equipped for the task at hand! The CASA COURSE provides video/audio lessons, that dive into the nitty gritty process of Buying/Selling a home! I'm here to EMPOWER, EDUCATE, & MOTIVATE! Grab your pen & paper---class is in session! LET'S GOOOOOOOOO!
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Why Buyers & Sellers need to know about the "22AD"!
What the hell is a "22AD"?! Long story short--it stands for ADDITIONAL DOWN PAYMENT. It is a tool that we are seeing in a high percentage of offers in this current market. When a Buyer is trying to compete, the 22AD sometimes is the difference maker that gets their offer accepted. On the flip side, when a Seller is looking at a stack of offers that are well above list price, they need to choose the offer that has the highest probability of closing. A 22AD attached to an offer can limit the amount of risk the Seller is taking. But there's more!! Grab you pen & paper--class is in session! Let's gooooooooo!!!!
May 03, 2022
The COST of NOT buying a home TODAY!
“The Cost of NOT Buying A Home TODAY” // You are either 1 of 3 type of Buyers: 1. The type of Buyer who threw in the towel a long time ago, and believes they will never be a homeowner 2. The type Buyer who has saved for the last few years and has one foot in the door, but is hesitant to move forward because of this CRAZY MARKET 3. The type of Buyer that has submitted multiple offers on homes but keeps losing, and is thinking about tapping out! // To all 3 Buyers I say--EVERYTHING about buying a home next year will be MORE EXPENSIVE! So don't push the brakes--STEP ON THE ACCELERATOR! // If we look at appreciation rates and interest rates, every scenario we draw up—it will only cost more to buy a home in Tacoma! // In this episode of The CASA COURSE, I give you a few reasons why I think you should invest in real state as soon as you possibly can! Grab your pen & paper, class is in session let's gooooooo!!!
April 25, 2022