Extreme Human Performance

Phil Southerland, Founder of Team Novo Nordisk - The only all-diabetes professional cycling team

An episode of Extreme Human Performance

By Nicholas Longworth
An in-depth look at how ultra-endurance events place extreme and unique physiological demands on athletes. This podcast will feature athletes, and their support teams, talking about how they prepare and compete at the world's toughest events. Expect discussion around long-term preparation, nutrition, coping with environmental stressors and building psychologic toughness!

Host: Nick Longworth has been hosting international sports technology and life science conferences for the last decade, and recently completed an MSc in Space Physiology at Kings College London.
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More places to listen

Phil Southerland, Founder of Team Novo Nordisk - The only all-diabetes professional cycling team
Team Novo Nordisk is on a mission to inspire, educate and empower people affected by diabetes. Their professional cycling team is comprised completely of riders living with type 1 diabetes, and competes as a UCI Continental team. Phil Southerland is the founder (also living with diabetes) and first founded Team Type 1 to take on the grueling 3000 mile Race Across America in 2006.
October 10, 2018
Diana Nyad - Only person ever to swim from Cuba to Florida (without a shark cage)
Inspiring talk with Diana Nyad, who along with many other achievements, swam from Cuba to Florida (110 miles of salt water). Follow up this podcast by checking out the video of her reaching Florida - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf4xism3nCE [Please excuse the unexpected background noise from the office printer a few minutes in]
October 9, 2018
Cody Burkhart - NASA Project Manager, Human Performance Specialist
Fascinating talk about the hardware being used for strength and conditioning training for astronauts on the ISS and how the Physiology-Sensing Intelligent Optimisation Nucleus R&D Lab is pushing the boundaries of exercise in the most hostile environment.
October 5, 2018
Karl Meltzer - Ultra Runner, Appalachian Trial
Short talk with Karl Meltzer, who has won more 100-mile ultramarathons than any one else and has the speed records for major US trails, including the Appalachian trial (2,190 miles in 45 days, 22 hours and 38 minutes), which featured in the Red Bull documentary 'Made to be Broken' (now on Netflix).
October 2, 2018
Team Joe Barr - Ultra Endurance Cycling
A fascinating chat with Team Joe Barr (Joe Barr, cyclist, and Jillian Mooney, head of nutrition) after their 1st place finish in the Race Around Ireland (2150km in 104 hours). Discussion includes how they prepared for the race, key challenges they faced and where the sport of ultra endurance cycling is heading. See more on Team Joe Barr here: www.teamjoebarr.com
September 24, 2018
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