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White Noise

White Noise

By Nicholas White
Synthetic Biology, memetics, psychedelics, expanding noosphere nodes, were gonna reach stars, ask me about biotech startups and nootropics. Very Gemini energy. A genetic engineer nerd interviewing the internet, one friend at a time. It's gonna get weird, but very fun.
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2: South African Medicine with Camillo Coccia

White Noise

8: Synthetic Biology with Adam Strandberg part 1
Oh Imma edit this just you wait. One day. Such description, very imagery. 
November 16, 2020
7. Ballistic Missile Defense with James Simpkin
Ballistic Missile Defense, moving from MAD lose-lose to win-win, non zero-sum games, other shenanigans. James Simpkin is a college teacher and PhD student at the University of Leeds. His thesis is entitled, "Explaining the Labour's Ballistic Missile Defense Policy 1997-2010: A Strategic-Relational Approach" 
May 20, 2020
6. Nick and the Fox: Treating PTSD with EMDR, and a critique of CBT
Critiques of CBT Maria Bamford, one of my favorite comedians: The Antimemetics Division of the SCP: (Lovecraftian, conceptual horror + classic Internet 2.0 culture)
April 12, 2020
5: Random Episode with Mike the Kratom Guy
Lot's of rambling about kratom, supplements, G-coupled protein receptor (GPCR) signaling, and much more. You can check out Mike the Kratom Guy's website MassHerbalMarket here: And if you are interested in the adaptogenic supplement Golden Hour I formulated, you can check it out here:
February 26, 2020
4: REBUS, Psychedelic Therapy and Predictive Hermeneutics with Suspended Reason
REBUS paper: SR's introduction to the new Sarah Perry Book: Not Nothing: SSC book review "Seeing Like a State" CumTown vs Red Scare Podcast: Blog Posts:  - - - - - SR wrote for RibbonFarm! -
February 26, 2020
2: South African Medicine with Camillo Coccia
We stuck two sessions together, testing the Anchor app stringing function. I think it worked fairly well. Camillo has a really interesting life story as a doctor in South Africa and I learned more about the horrific AIDS epidemic and how much it's affected every other aspect of health. 
February 26, 2020
1: iGEM and Bioremediation of TCE with William Jackson
We swear a lot in this one, two salty science bois talking about the struggles of getting a project to work at a school with no money and no oversight. But now we both work big biotech jobs in Boston, so maybe everything worked out. If you want to learn more about iGEM, you can check out their website here:
February 26, 2020