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Joyfulness Broadcast

Joyfulness Broadcast

By Nick Shibanov
Be what you are and let everything else dissolve. With freedom, grace, and discernment - cut through everything and notice the presence of awareness. Calm and peace abide in you. Visit for more support.

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The Power of Love with Fran Grace

Joyfulness Broadcast

The Power of Love with Fran Grace

Joyfulness Broadcast

Ep 94 - Is Effortless Living Possible?
Can life feel effortless and easy? Explore that in today's episode. As we discover all the expectations and resistance we carry within ourselves, we can start to recognise that effort doesn't exist "out there". Instead, when things feel hard and difficult - at least on an emotional level - we can trace the root within our own minds. It is the resistance that makes things feel hard. As this is gently released, life becomes easier and far more enjoyable. In fact, we discover that our inner most nature is effortless and peaceful.
January 05, 2022
Ep 93: From Should to Could
How often do you feel that you "should" do something? Or on the other end, that you "shouldn't" do something? These feelings and beliefs contain us and do not help us in any way. Who needs the constriction? Why not simply choose from a place of freedom? In this episode, recognise that you could. Feel into that sense that it's possible and that you are free. Let that motivate your choices and interactions in life and see what happens. 
December 14, 2021
Ep 92: Peace is here now
The mind - thought processes, logic, and ideation - is entirely based on what was or what might be. It cannot comprehend or recognise what is. In its preoccupation with what was and what might be, that which is now is missed. Yet that which is now is peace and calm itself. It is you. With the recognition that you are not what was or what might, but rather that which is, comes a deeply relaxing peaceful serenity. To subscribe for two extra weekly episodes you can click here. 
December 14, 2021
Ep 91: Recognising Awareness
Beyond ideas, concepts, memories, and imagination, there is just this pure presence of awareness. Thoughtless. Desireless. Free and Formless. This is what you already are - your pure essence. It sounds foreign to the degree we have come to believe that we are a limited individuals with thoughts, viewpoints, and opinions. But is that what you are? Let's explore this together.
November 30, 2021
Ep 90: Everyday Surrender
Each moment we drop trying to push life to happen for us, we re-discover that life is here with us and for us. That what we are is inseparable from life. We can build up our surrender muscle with just small things every day. Missed the bus - could I allow that and let go into life as it is now? Dropped a coffee mug. Lost a shoe. How much could we surrender? The more we do, the more at peace we are. Peace and surrender are one and the same thing. 
November 18, 2021
Ep 89: Dropping Defensiveness
Carrying around defensiveness is a result of identifying with a perspective, belief, or feeling. When there is identification with something, it feels like it is what we are. So when that thing is challenged, it feels like a personal attack. When it feels that way, defensiveness arises. For example, we may identify strongly with a particular role - i.e a wonderful parent or a great student or a hard worker. When that role is challenged, then some defensiveness may arise - "How dare you?!" is what is felt inside. When defensiveness arises, this is not "bad". It is simply an invitation to discover what you are beyond all those beliefs and ideas. What are you beyond all memory and imagination? Let's explore this together.  
November 13, 2021
Ep 88: Releasing Pressure
In life, we carry around a lot of inner pressure unnecessarily. Thoughts tell us that we need it and it helps us to feel pressure. But in actuality, it simply weighs us down and makes it harder to take clear effective action. It becomes more difficult to enjoy life when we carry around all that pressure. So in this episode, let's release some of that pressure. To work together, visit
November 08, 2021
Ep 87: Beyond Memory
Can there be problems without memory? We spend so much time bouncing around between what was and what might be. In this episode, allow yourself to drop into what is right here and now. The presence beyond memory. To explore this together visit
November 03, 2021
Ep 86 - Freedom is what you are
Freedom is already what you are. It is not something that you have to get or earn or become. When awareness is noticed, then it is noticed that awareness is free. That freedom is awareness and that awareness is freedom itself. The word "freedom" and the word "awareness" appear different but beyond the appearance, there is just one presence. That one presence is what you are right now. It is beyond thought or images or memory. It is here in plain sight. It is now. Experience it with this guided release. To learn more about the Fear to Freedom Live 6 Day program click here.
October 27, 2021
Ep 85 - Be what you are
Just in being what you are, noticing that you even are, cuts right through any sense of problems or worries. Right now, notice that there is a presence here that allows for reading to happen. This presence is witnessing reading happening but is itself undisturbed and uninfluenced by the reading. This presence is what you are. Let's have some fun with this. To explore this deeper, visit
October 24, 2021
Ep 84: Serenity
There is a calm presence behind the mental construct of memory and imagination. It is present now. The more it is noticed, the more obvious it becomes and the less can interfere with the inner sense of calm. This episode is here as a guided way to notice calm and deepen in presence. Like a warm hot chocolate for the soul. For a deeper exploration of this visit
October 07, 2021
Ep 83: Inner Freedom Now
The mind tends to look to the future for freedom. It ties freedom to conditions, achievements, things. But right now in this exact moment, beyond the appearances of perception, the stories of conditioning, and the imagination of the mind, there is the calm and peaceful presence of freedom. In this episode, we will notice it together. Join the Inner Freedom Now Fb group to continue the exploration.
September 27, 2021
Ep 82: The Embrace
When we embrace what is arising, then it is allowed to pass. When we resist or push back in any way, then we are holding it in place. This applies to feelings, thoughts, and life situations. Anytime we want to change something, we are resisting it. We are coming from a place of lack because we only ever want to change something if we feel a lack of something inside. As we embrace, we start to feel more and more full inside - like we don't need anything. When we feel that way inside, then our actions are far more powerful and we find that we don't have to change anything. In fact, we can just hold something in mind from an inner place of power and it will start to potentiate and manifest in our lives.  In terms of feelings we want to change, we will find that wanting a feeling to change is what holds it in place. The embrace is what allows the feeling to change. For support with this visit
September 09, 2021
Ep 81: Kindness Now
Start experiencing kindness now. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these 30 minutes together as we delve deeper and dissolve criticalness and harshness in the warm embrace of kindness. This episode is designed to be easy and relaxing to listen to. You don't have to do anything. The more you relax into it, the greater ease you will experience. To receive support in dissolving the obstacles to happiness, peace, and a life of ease and grace, book a session on my website - 
September 06, 2021
Ep 80: Being Whole and Complete now
We tend to spend so much time and energy on wanting without realising that it's possible to have without wanting. Here's what I mean by that - wanting implies lack of. As an energy, wanting is a sense of lack. Whilst having is a sense of being whole and having it all. So, counter-intuitively, we can actually let go of the feeling of wanting something and instead welcome the sense that we are already complete and whole now. How do we do this? One way, is to simply notice that the presence of awareness is already total and complete. It goes no-where. Does nothing. Is always present. It is always whole. Living more from this place, life becomes far more fulfilling and easy-going.
August 31, 2021
Ep 79: Love them for it
"Could I love them for it?" is a powerful question I originally heard in the Sedona Method Living Love course. It really helped re-contextualise my options and help me see that it's always available to just love someone for being the way they are - regardless of what that is. Undoubtedly, this brings up many defences in the mind and it can sound rather foreign and strange to love someone for something that isn't liked at first. But the power of this approach is incredible. In this guided podcast episode, we will walk through it together and you can see for yourself how powerful this simple question can be. To receive personal support for whatever you'd like support with, learn more at
August 23, 2021
Ep 78: Truly Free Relationships
What does it mean to experience truly free relationships? What does that look like? In this episode, we will be exploring that question and unravelling what I have found to be some of the key obstacles to experiencing enjoyable and free relationships. One such obstacle being when we want to get security from outside of our own consciousness. In this episode, we will be recognising the security that is ever-present right now. As we recognise it, something magical happens to our relationships. Enjoy the show! Get the Free book here. 
August 19, 2021
Ep 77: Discomfort into Comfort
Let's transform discomfort into comfort. Just as we choose to let something bother us, we can also let go of being bothered by something and let it be ok. Normally though, what we do is try to push down the discomfort. Try to make it go away. Fight it. This just inflates it further and feeds its power over behaviour and our state of mind. When we simply let go, the discomfort fades as it does. To explore this further together, feel free to visit
August 06, 2021
Ep 76: Awakening with Fiona
What am I? So much of our lives are lived on the surface. We focus on the specifics of the seeming problems. We focus on the stories that the mind generates. We focus on the drama. We focus on the upsets. We focus on what we want to change. Rarely do we stop and look deeper than appearances. Seldom do we delve to the core and truly investigate the most fundamental question: "What am I?" In this episode, let's pause together and take time to reflect on this most fundamental question. Let's take some time to explore this conscious presence. That which is present to these words. That which is prior to any opinions or judgements about anything. Before memory and distortion of perception. Fiona Moore works with people to explore such matters. She has really helped me! Learn more at
August 03, 2021
Ep 75: Self-loathing to Trust with Anne
In this episode, we've got an awesome conversation with Anne Murphy. Anne is one of those high-achieving folks very passionate about what she does however, that came at a price for most of her life. The high expectations also came with self-loathing until a turning point whilst back-country solo hiking. Anne shared how there simply was not time for self-loathing and how there was a requirement to focus on just completing the next task as it needed to be done. I can see how there is a simple peace to that - just doing the next thing as it needs to be done and letting the stones fall where they may. I hope you enjoy this conversation.
July 08, 2021
Ep 74: Exploring Awareness as Awareness
At the heart of every problem we have is "me". What tends to happen is a thought arises such as "I'm angry at Bob" and is believed in or bought into. It's sort of like believing a movie or show we are watching to be real and forgetting that it's just a show. Well, what we tend to do is forget that thoughts are just thoughts and feelings are just feelings. Instead, we habitually treat them as having real substance to them and believe that they are referring to a real character called "me". So, in this episode, we will play around a little with this so-called "me" and see if we can come to discover some helpful things about this character. Like perhaps, the possibility that this "me" is entirely made-up... 
July 06, 2021
Ep 73: Dissolving Problems
If problems were forgotten, would they persist? A curious discovery is that problems exist only as memories of the past. At this exact moment, there is nothing to say or comment about. There is nothing to think about. Don't think about this statement too much, just pause deeply right now and notice without commenting. This episode is an experimental guided problem dissolution thingy. I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear your feedback - how did it go for you? You can email to share feedback - it is very helpful and much appreciated.
June 25, 2021
Ep 72: What do they mean?
What do people really mean by what they say to us? Is it really about us? Can it ever really be about "me"? To understand what someone means, we must contextualise what they are saying from their perception. We must see things from their state of mind. We must take into complete consideration, how they feel and what their motivations are. Then we can truly see what they really mean by what they say. Join the "Explorers of the inner galaxies" FB group and share your reflections with other awesome people. Keen to meet you!
June 19, 2021
Ep 71: What's it like to be you with Eric
We are back with Eric for the fourth time. Each time it's magical and some beautiful threads to pull on are revealed. Strap in for a fun playful convo and see what comes of it. Here is what I invite you to try: Let go of expecting anything from the episode, open yourself to deeply seeing the hidden meaning behind the words spoken, enjoy the process of discovery itself with no worries about what comes of it - let life do its thing, and laugh along with us! Check out essays by Eric at
June 13, 2021
Ep 70: Joyfulness and playful workplaces with Johan
I met Johan in a funny way. I actually accidentally breached copyright laws, using the name "Joyfulness" for my business after forgetting to check international trademarks. Instead of telling me off, Johan found my website one day and suggested we work together. He didn't even mention that I was breaching their trademark! I found out later and promptly changed my business name ahaha! That sums up Johans bubbly and cooperative nature perfectly in my eyes. Johan wrote a book called "Joyfulness" and is the founder of Joyfulness Co-operative, offering personal coaching and workplace wellbeing programs through joy and play. To find out more you can visit Currently looking for potential partners to bring Joyfulness to Australia! Can reach out to chat if interested via :)
June 08, 2021
Ep 69: Why not be kind to you and let go?
I was watching about to watch Netflix when I noticed a feeling of pressure and discomfort. It had to do with thinking I should be doing something else. I also noticed a judgement about feeling pressured and not feeling free... I realised this was not very kind and followed the process highlighted here to release much of this emotional weight so that I could just enjoy myself with less guilt, shame, and pressure... For support in letting go visit:
June 06, 2021
Ep 68: Human Resilience with Andrea Stephenson
To me, Andrea embodies the resilience of the human spirit. Imagine being raised in a cult that was preparing you to be a human sacrifice. How does one recover from that? Yet for Andrea, none of her life challenges has stopped her or been seen as excuses to complain. What amazes me most about Andrea is that I got the sense she would be the last one to complain about life. She is an incredible human being and I'd really love for you to hear her story. As you listen, look for the deeper meaning that the appearance. See if you can see her incredible nature and recognise your own inner resilience in the process. For what we see in people is ourselves. To learn more about Andrea you can visit her website here. 
June 03, 2021
Ep 67: Sacred Nature
A topic close to my heart. If we, collectively speaking, want to change the way we treat the earth, we must change the way we see it. Right now, it is very rare to see the earth as sacred. Few truly recognise the divinity of nature. When we are blind to the sacredness of nature and of life, we treat it accordingly. For me, the most important part of having healthy forests, clean streets with lots of trees, flowers, birds and insects, and helping mitigate the extremes of weather, is to return to our hearts and recognise our own divinity. When we see our own divinity, we see the divinity of nature. We then treat it as such.  Please share this episode with those who may be receptive and open to listening. With love... Nick
June 01, 2021
Ep 66: Life is a gift
Life is a gift. Where did it come from? Was it our own effort? Was it our achievement? Did we earn it? Or is it just a freely given gift? It's funny how surprised people are to receive a gift. We feel unworthy. We feel like we have to earn it. But if something is given to us, then it is done so out of love. Love knows only how to give freely. It doesn't ask for anything in return. This can be shocking in a culture where most things are a bargain or have a price. To discover that life is a gift, we need only surrender everything until there is nothing to surrender. Join the surrender challenge community here.
May 29, 2021
Ep 65: Discontentment into Growth with Joseph
Let this episode speak to the truth that we don't have to settle for any excuses in our life... We can turn anything into a golden opportunity for growth if we are willing and ready...sometimes we aren't but let that not veil the truth that we always CAN. Joey is a life coach and from what I gathered, basically helps people step into the life of their dreams - whatever that may be. This is a great episode for the dreamers who want to live their life as a masterpiece. To check out Joey you can visit his website here.
May 25, 2021
Ep 64: To Love is to Listen with Daniel Bruce Levin
Daniel lived as a monk for 10 years... He was the Director of Business Development at Hay House and played a big part in helping it grow from 3 million a year to 100 million a year... Daniel is also an author, recently publishing his book The Mosaic which looks to give the voiceless a voice and help us make sense of life with compassion and care... But most of all Daniel, to me, is like compassion walking around with limbs. Sitting with him I could feel how much he cared and that we could just relax, have fun, and learn about life together... His presence reminds me of a recent Dr Seuss quote I heard from the Lorax movie on Netflix (which you should totally watch if you haven't already): “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” That's what I felt by the end of our conversation... So I invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this beautiful episode... For more on Daniel, you can visit The Mosaic Website here or his personal website here.
May 19, 2021
Ep 63: I exist
At this moment, what is blocking the overwhelming gratitude of realising "I am"? For most of us, our attention is restless and always fluctuating between thoughts of the past of future. Our attention rarely settles and notices that which is obvious... such as the fact that "I exist". In this episode let's see if we can unravel the obstacles to that gratitude so that you can experience it for yourself!
May 15, 2021
Ep 62: Life re-orienting experiences with Jeff Peroutka
In this episode, we got Jeff Peroutka with us for a fun conversation about life. Jeff is 23 and runs two successful businesses, an impressive dude! But he is also a human just like all of us and that's what I really like about chatting with these awesome people. It shows us that they are just like us and that we can do what they do if we want to! Then it becomes a matter of discovering what we really want and what we thought we wanted but didn't actually. Jeff shares some recent experiences he had where there was quite clearly a miraculous intervention. As you listen, pay attention to the meaning behind the words. Notice how an increased intensity and sincerity of prayer resulted in a rather miraculous event. See what you can learn from this conversation and enjoy!
May 12, 2021
Ep 61: How to negate limiting beliefs
Negation has to do with an understanding that truth is independent of beliefs and that no beliefs are at all required to live in the light of truth.  So then, negation says "I am satisfied only with the total and complete truth, nothing else is valuable".  When only truth is valued, negation automatically occurs.  If you would like support in the negation of beliefs, you can book a call together on my website:
May 10, 2021
Ep 60: Anger
There is probably a lot more anger within us than we realise. If we take this to be true and it turns out to not be, then we don't really lose anything. If it turns out to be true, we are able to deal with it more gracefully and consciously. The way I deal with anger is the way I deal with anything, primarily through prayer and openness - I always try to be as open and willing as I can be to becoming aware of that which I am not yet aware of. This helps me a lot. When intense anger arose just recently, this approach allowed me to watch it come and go without acting from it. As an experiment, however, I opened myself to playing out this anger vocally. I felt the viciousness of the anger intensify and then just dissipate. I did not express it to anyone. This is an important point to make. Expressing anger is not something that I find helpful. I find it much more helpful to just witness and allow the coming and going of the anger energy. I thought I'd share some things I've learnt about anger in this episode.
May 04, 2021
Ep 59: Past Life Research
Past life research can be very helpful in re-framing feelings in the light of a deeper understanding. One can see how having this aha moment tends to be very releasing and automatically results in acceptance of a feeling as it becomes perfectly clear where it came from. In this episode, I'll just share the ways I'm familiar with researching our past lives. This is still an ongoing area of exploration for me but I thought I'd share this information so you may know this is an option and explore it further if you so choose.
April 25, 2021
Ep 58: How I use dreams
Dreams. Memes. And time machines! What do they have in common? I don't know! But I do know that we spend a lot of time asleep in dreamland. Wouldn't it be cool if we could use that time to learn about ourselves and deepen in understanding of the human condition. Well, that's what I love to do anyway! In this episode, I'll share the key insights to understand that will allow you to understand that approach I take which helps me tremendously! Tune in to learn and grow together! I'm just making this all up as I go and would love for you to join me in this adventure!
April 14, 2021
Ep 57: Listening to Life
Listening has been something that I have had to re-learn and continue to deepen in. I've had to nurture it within myself. It's not something I was taught growing up. For me, it really took feeling like someone cared for me - that pure love of just listening with no agenda - to start caring about myself and others in a deeper way. So, when someone recently came across as rather self-focused and not interested in others, I was able to empathise on an experiential level and happily provided a listening ear out of care and compassion.
April 11, 2021
Ep 56: Nothing to fix
A popular perception is to view ourselves as incomplete, broken, faulty, and in need of fixing. I know this view well for that's how I saw the world for a while. It wasn't until I came across someone who loved and cared for me as I was that I saw a different way to see everything. Not as a problem to fix but as something to understand and love. When we see ourselves with caring eyes that seek only to understand and love, problems melt and life blooms. For the accompanying newsletter click here. To email me whether you'd be interested in the book email 
April 06, 2021
Ep 55: Mistakes and innocence
How many times have we chosen something that really seemed like a good idea at the time but later, turned out not to go the way we expected? We are limited to seeing things the way we see them. We choose what makes sense to us at the time and then punish ourselves for not seeing things differently. But if we could see things differently and if another better option was apparent to us, we would choose it. Yet the fact that a mistake was made implies that we didn't know any better, or else we wouldn't have chosen it. We choose what we think is best. We often get it wrong. Often extremely wrong.
April 03, 2021
Ep 54: Chained by our own constructs
What blocks us from being in complete peace and happiness right now? If investigated, it is soon revealed that the only obstacle we have to deal with is our own mind; specifically all the conditioned beliefs and the associated heavy feelings that come with heavy conditioned beliefs. For example, there are many learnt constructs we have about love. It's like there are locks on when we can be loving and when we shouldn't. You might even experience resistance to expressing love - I know I have. So strange when you consider how open and loving most children are. They have no problem hugging a stranger - which can be taken advantage of by malicious intent. So we can see then how constructs were created to try and protect us and help us. But they served their purpose and now they are our main obstacle to understand and transcend for those interested in mastering love and maxing out their enjoyment of life. More in the episode. Book a session here.
March 31, 2021
Ep 53: What do feelings mean?
A feeling is a composition of sensations. The mind then comes in and attempts to label the experience. Stories are generated to rationalise or explain away the feeling. It's like the intellect will only allow it if it fits into the story it has about everything... So what does a feeling mean? Is that the right question? Perhaps a better question is where is that question coming from? Could we just accept feelings without having to attach a story to what is being experienced?
March 26, 2021
Ep 52: Is it worth it?
Something happens. A feeling arises. A life situation occurs. Then the mind says "this should be different". It might say it directly. It might indirectly imply it by trying to move away from what is arising or by attempting to manipulate the feeling/situation. We tend to not question this tendency of the mind. We tend to tolerate it. We rarely inquire deeper into it. If we did, we would start to learn about all the constructs which the mind has. When these constructs are threatened, it goes on the defensive. Yet each construct is just an idea. It's just an opinion trying to define the indefinable. In this episode, why don't we start to question these constructs? Let's give it a shot. Watch the youtube episode referred to here.
March 25, 2021
Ep 51: Bearing the Weight of our Choices
Every choice we make is something we have to bear the weight of. Every choice has a consequence. Some choices lead to a lot of heaviness. Other choices uplift and support us and those around us. The more inclusive the upliftment of the choices we make are, the more uplifted we all feel and the less suffering is possible. There's a lot we can talk about with this topic but before we do - in future episodes - it's good to first cover the feelings that can come when we realise that we are both accountable for every choice and simultaneously rather limited in what we can see; often something that seems like a good idea turns out not to be. In this episode, we will cover an effective approach to dealing with any anxiety and fear which that may bring up within us.
March 15, 2021
Ep 50: Reliance on Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit uplifts me on the wings of grace. I float through life with increasing reliance on Divinity. The more I depend upon Divinity, the more ease and grace enters my life. This is an option for you as well. In this episode, I share a story that to me articulates key principles by which one can live a graceful and joyous life.
March 08, 2021
Ep 49: What am I getting out of it?
It's a powerful question to ask. We tend to hold onto and cling to things that we get something out of. By asking this question and being open and receptive to whatever might come-up, we empower ourselves to become aware of what it is we get, for example, out of our relationships. Often we seek the feeling of being wanted, of being loved, of being understood. When this is in awareness, we can then further inquire and ask ourselves why we want this. Often it comes from a feeling of lack within which, if not recognised, will degrade the quality of all our relationships through hidden agendas and attachments. As this "getting-ness" surfaces in awareness, it becomes possible to let go and own the source of all that we previously taught to get from outside ourselves, from within ourselves. With a greater sense of inner completion comes greater inner freedom and a newfound capacity to enjoy our relationships for what they are without any anxiety or stress involved.
March 05, 2021
Ep 48: The Power of Re-framing with Eric
Eric is back! This episode is golden with lots of snippets of wisdom to digest, take-in, and be with. One of the most powerful topics that interweaved the whole chat was that of re-framing. This is when we re-contextualise and re-perceive something so that we see it differently. What is interesting is that all problems can be dissolved via reframing. Why is there a problem? Re-framing dissolves the foundation of the problem and reveals that there was never a problem. It can reveal the hidden-gifts of even the most challenging situations and in doing so, uplift us with the realisation that we can choose how we see any given situation. We can choose whether we make the most of it or whether we see it as a curse. 
February 28, 2021
Ep 47: The pressure to do
We grow up and are taught to be someone and do something with our lives. In of itself there’s nothing wrong with this, however, in my experience it brings with it a pressure to be a productive member of society. But I like to live my life the lazy way and enjoy just sitting and watching nature or deepening in inner contemplation. Yet so long as our value to humanity is tied in what we do, there is this underlying anxiety “I could always do more.” But there is a vastly different value system, more aligned with truth, which allows for peace and joy even if we do nothing. I hope this will lift the heavy weight of always feeling like you have to do something so that you may enjoy just being what you already are with no agitation or anxiety about it.
February 19, 2021
Ep 46: Structure and Spontaneity with Matt
What is the balance between structure and allowing room for spontaneity? Is there a balance? Are these two separate at all or does it just seem that way? Lot's of fun questions emerged from this conversation with Matt Rudnitsky. Vocationally Matt is a book coach that I got to know via his "write a book in a weekend" course. Though we start with writing, this conversation takes us to many areas worthy of listening for anyone who likes to question and uncover the truth. If anything, from our time together I was reminded of how little I know - a truly wonderful gift to be reminded of this! Sit back and enjoy the show.
February 17, 2021
Ep 45: Letting go of "Getting-ness"
In this episode, I share this insight into the "getting-ness" on the ego and how after over a year of persistent prayer, contemplation, meditation, and listening to Hawkins, something that I was struggling to understand finally clicked! A great joyous moment indeed! Today, I noticed that I was trying to get something out of the meditation. It was clear that the agitation that was surfacing was arising out of this desire to "juice" the meditation for something; a special experience, the satisfaction of meditating for some pre-set amount of time, etc. As it was noticed it was then spontaneously welcomed and I began to see where in life I was trying to get something with greater clarity. This awareness felt like a great relief and suddenly the enjoyment of the meditation increased. 
February 14, 2021
Ep 44: Joy and Love | Misunderstandings and Revelations
The first episode with the new title "Being Joy" is appropriately welcomed with this episode clarifying critical misunderstandings about the nature of joy which seem to prevail today. It's funny that being happy all the time is often considered "unhealthy" and one might be called "living with their head in the clouds" when in actuality, one can only be happy all the time and live in undisturbed joy via radical acceptance of what is. Thus the paradox is that whilst it is considered unrealistic to live in complete joy all the time, one who lives in complete joy all the time could be seen as the true radical realist and the one who isn't is the one who is ignorant to the reality of what is. An episode clarifying misunderstandings and speaking to a path of revelation (in which truth is revealed) available to all.
February 05, 2021
Ep 43: The light of happiness: A life of Peace and Happiness part 1 (audio)
Happiness can be visualised as a self-illuminating orb within. Its source is within and it radiates from within. As we grow up, we then come to believe certain things about happiness. Things that are either implied, inferred, or directly taught to us by those ignorant about the true nature of happiness. We are taught that we need things to be happy. That some conditions must be met. That there is some sort of requisite, beyond existence, necessary to be happy. In this first part of an openly available online course / transformative program, we shall cover key insights about the true nature of happiness. Video version can be found on youtube
January 19, 2021
Ep 42: Forgiveness through understanding
As the human condition - with all its opportunities and innate limitations - is understood, forgiveness naturally arises. With understanding, we see that we have a massive blind spot as human beings; we are not able to discern between how things seem to us (perception) and how they truly are (essence or truth). Perception is often in error and quite far separated from the truth of things and as such, we make choices that seem like a good idea at the time and later, after seeing the consequences of our choices, often learn that we were mistaken in our ideas, beliefs, and perceptions. In this episode, we will come to understand this in greater depth so as to increase the likelihood that forgiveness will spontaneously arise.
January 16, 2021
Ep 41: What if nothing was Forced today?
The option exists to let go trying to make things other than what they are. To let go and let be. To flow with life as it is and withdraw all opinions and preferences about how it should be. When this level of surrender occurs, then less and less bothers us. We are at one and unified with life and so, whatever happens within life is seen more a gift for greater understanding and alignment with the truth than a hindrance or a curse upon our lives. This yin or chill way of being results in a life of great awareness of the presence of divinity as the source of one's life. 
January 14, 2021
Ep 40: Transcending the Ego via the "More Please" method
Usually, when a negative feeling comes up we want less of it. We want the feeling to go away. Yet this resistance of the feeling that is arising brings us only agitation and suffering. Instead of saying no to the feeling that arises, the option exists to ask for more of it. To willingly take on more of that feeling. To "max-out" the feeling and embrace it fully. This results in the feeling "running-out" as every feeling only has so much energy. This episode presents key insight that helps arise the willingness to welcome more of a feeling. You can follow the podcast FB page here.
January 13, 2021
Ep 39: The Shadow Qualities
The human range of options allows us to choose from being Hitler to being Mother Teresa. In this episode, we point attention to the darker side of human nature and how recognising and owning that potential within ourselves brings greater compassion for all. It also ensures that we are conscious of what we are capable of and once conscious, we can then simply refuse to be mean in the numerous forms that mean-ness takes and choose to be kind no matter what. The course I mentioned can be found here:
January 09, 2021
Ep 38: The Price of Naivety
If World War Two is examined closely, a lot can be learned. It is not really Wickedness that brought about WW2 but instead, the naivety of human nature and the lack of wisdom. The mistake to trust that which is untrustable led to the death of over 70 million people. And yet, this mistake can still be seen throughout society. It would be wise to learn from the mistakes of our history. Here is a fun episode about some lessons that I see.
January 04, 2021
Ep 37: Being the quality of Grace
To be Gracious is to supplicate Grace into your life. Grace accepts. Grace welcomes. Grace loves without holding anything back. Grace is kind no matter what. Grace is wise. Grace uplifts. Rather than identifying yourself as a person with a name, likes and dislikes, and other preferences and beliefs, it is available as an option to identify with Grace. This means to value grace and prioritise unconditional love above all else. Identify with Grace and soon Grace will overtake your life and you will know what the Sages, Sufis, Teachers, and Avatars speak of through your own direct experiences. Let Grace in by being that which is Graceful, loving, and unconditionally kind to all of life. Don't forget to include yourself ;)
December 21, 2020
Ep 36: Feelings Arise from within | Releasing Heavy Feelings Ep
Nothing can make you feel anything. All feelings arise from within and can be handled from within. There is a state available to all of total emotional transcendence and eternal peace. Here is some insight that helps :-)
December 17, 2020
Ep 35: What is the Ego?
Understanding the Ego facilitates the process of transcending it. Understanding reveals that what is called "ego" is just a label for the animal inheritance of being a human; the core basic movement towards something (get) and movement away from something (avoid). Looking at the first cellular like, it can be seen that this was required as animal life didn't have its own source of energy (unlike plant life which can just sit still and photosynthesise) and life evolved all sorts of clever mechanisms to get and avoid. I see my understanding of ego as quite rudimentary and recommend the work of Dr David R Hawkins for a much clearer and more expert understanding. This is a great lecture to start with: "The Egos Foundations"
December 13, 2020
Ep 34: Nothing Should Be Anything
To say that something "should be" a certain way, be it in the world at large or within, is just an imagined belief system. It's just an opinion. It's just a judgement. These things are not bad and neither are they good. Like anything, these are choices with consequences. The consequence of engaging in the realm of imagination, ideas, and concepts, is some form of suffering. Peace is the total withdrawing from engaging in the vanity of such judgments and opinions. May this episode serve that peace. For the newsletter mentioned visit:
November 29, 2020
Ep 33: The art of Living
Western Society is really good at building things and doing stuff but it sucks at the actual living part. There is all this pressure to do. A huge emphasis on plans, schedules, and timeframes. Just being still or doing absolutely nothing and singing, or nurturing the quality of our connections with nature and each other, is not something that slides into the collective value system of Modern Society. Maybe there is another way to live in this world. A more beautiful way in which the core of life is to live and enjoy life, not to mass-produce financially-productive good or services. What does a more beautiful world look like? This episode I play around with this idea and share my two-cents on the matter.
November 27, 2020
Ep 32: Dissolving Judgment through understanding
Judgment presumes to know yet if true understanding was present, no judgment would be possible. Judgment is really a belief that things should be different from what they are in some form or another. It is really a vanity of the ego. And a heavy one at that. The burden of judgment is heavy but the heaviness is only really realised after it is lifted. It's like wearing chains your whole life and suddenly, they are taken off and you feel the lightness of being chainless. The same goes with judgment. This burden can be lifted via understanding its' true nature and seeing the illusions which make it possible. Once understanding is present, it can then be accepted and let go a lot easier. I hope this episode will help with that.
November 25, 2020
Ep 31: How to not be tired
Believe it or not, tiredness is just a program. By program, I mean to say it is a belief system, not a reality. This will sound strange until you actually experience it for yourself so in this episode, I mostly walk through exactly how to cancel out the program "tired" so that you can be free of this if you want to be. Cancelling out a belief system has to do with a refusal to "buy-into" the conceptual labels that arise and tempt you. Instead of labelling and categorising that which is experienced, surrender involves the willingness to be with the pure silent sensational experience. Labels and words come very fast after the sensational experience. To cancel a belief system, just refuse to call the experience anything and be with it silently. This is done by recognising the nature of thoughts and sensational experience, which is the intention of presenting this insight. This can be very difficult as the ego wants to label and talk about everything. Just refuse it with a profound commitment to truth. That's all. This will make more sense after listening to this short episode. This free course of mine will offer greater familiarity with this:
November 23, 2020
ep 30: Ayahuasca, Culture, and Probiotics with Julian Palmer
For anyone interested in Ayahuasca and psycho-active plants, this episode is a gem. Julian Palmer has been facilitating Ayahusca drinking circles for almost 20 years and I personally was fortunate enough to have him as my facilitator the first and last times I've drunk. I don't usually talk about psychedelics nor do I discuss them too much, however, I feel that Julian has too much wisdom not to share with you. There are a lot of traps and misconceptions about Ayahuasca that Julian has clarified for me and now, I hope that you may benefit from his wisdom also. If you ever plan on drinking Ayahuasca or would like to learn about history, this is an episode for you. To learn more about Julians work and stay in touch with his personal email list, you can visit
November 20, 2020
Ep 29: Presence through sensational experience with Eric Brown
He is back! Eric is back for this awesome rif on a whole bunch of inter-related topics. Our theme for this lengthy episode is departing from the realm of conceptual thinking and being more present with what is via the realm of sensational reality. This is also quite a practical one where you're sure to learn something good to help in your quest for peace, joy, and truth. Enjoy!
November 07, 2020
Ep 28: Secret Satisfactions Block Peace and Joy
A 30-minute powerful re-contextualization of your life. Every obstacle to joy and peace is held together by an unconscious ego "getting-ness" which has cleverly evolved to extract hidden satisfaction from that which the world calls negative. This is because the ego survives off what it derives from the negative and cannot survive off the spiritual energy of love. This is because love is aligned with truth whilst the ego is entirely dependent upon the illusions of limited human perception. When this satisfaction is identified and released, the negative feelings associated with that satisfaction disappear and revealed to have been based on illusions. You are not the victim of anything you experience. Everything is either a conscious or unconscious choice. When not experiencing joy and peace, knowing that there is a secret satisfaction that the ego is "juicing" out of it can greatly help in taking radical responsibility for the feeling and moving through it willingly. If you want help seeing the secret satisfactions and moving through them, just what's app me and say hi on +61421920267
November 03, 2020
Ep 27: Let go of preferences by saying "So What?"
When you say “So what?” you are coming from an inner place of serenity and acceptance. You draw upon deep reservoirs of peace that you may have never drawn upon before. So what relinquishes your attachment to outcomes and stands in the truth that your inner state is not dependent on anything that happens externally to you. Though in the short term, there may be initial discomfort as the intellect looks to hold onto ideas, belief systems, and preferences, in the long term this exercise chips away at every obstacle to peace, harmony, and exquisite bliss. For Challenge details go to
October 31, 2020
Ep 26: Every Kindness is Returned
You are accountable for every choice you make. This includes mistakes. It also includes the kindness you give to the world. Every kindness builds up your karmic debit card and is paid back when you least expect it. Here I share some stories from my own life demonstrating this principle. In the second half of the episode, we get into understanding the major obstacle to kindness; the getting-ness of the ego. I'll cover how you can transcend that major obstacle via the pathway of understanding. Rather than hating or resisting the ego, when you understand how it came to be what it is you see that it can't help but be that way and now it is easier to love it for what it is. With love, you own it and it loses its power over you; you become the loving master. The ego dissolves by embracing it as it is not by resisting it as it is. May this serve your joy, peace, and happiness. 
October 29, 2020
Ep 25: The Immensity Within with Rajiv
Rajiv dedicated 23 years of his life seeking enlightenment. His pursuit for truth, reality, emptiness, peace and self-discovery took him through the profound depths of mysticism, psychology, and neurobiology. He meditated 14 hours a day, stayed with monks, lived in the Himalayan caves, learned from wise sages and researched every major spiritual system, including Zen, Non-Duality, Yoga, Buddhism etc. He also delved deeply into the latest neuroscience research on consciousness, perception and neural networks. This a wonderful opportunity to hear from a self-realized master which I greatly cherished! To learn more about Rajiv and take part in his free Satsangs you can visit
October 27, 2020
Ep 24: The Power of Willingness to Transform your life
Happiness is a matter of being willing to experience that which is being experienced. Being unwilling to experience a feeling that results in bottling up of feelings. Being willing is like releasing the cap and letting everything flow out of you. The first half of this episode covers this bottle analogy of feelings as a way to understand the effect of willingness and the second half of the episode has insight which aids in the understanding of where the resistance comes from. In understanding, resistance to the resistance naturally drops away and the likelihood of willingness arising increases. Enjoy!
October 24, 2020
Ep 23: Emotional mastery 101
To be an emotional master first you take full responsibility for the way you feel by recognising that it's coming from within. Externalities can only ever trigger already-present inner feelings. Then, it becomes a matter of being willing to feel the way you feel by letting go of the unwillingness to feel the way you feel. To let go of the unwillingness you can understand where it comes from. As you understand the source of the unwillingness you'll have the aha moment which tends to be followed by a release of control and a letting go. Then the willingness arises and the feeling is allowed to pass through you via unification with that which you are experiencing. 
October 21, 2020
How to lose weight the fun and easy way
To understand how it can be fun and easy you first must see that when you lose weight (sustainably) you become a different version of yourself who is happy with the body and how you eat. The most fundamental change is an inner change. That inner change then expresses itself as weight loss. The fun and easy way involve being happy with your body and eating patterns right now rather than waiting for that to happen later. This then pulls you into your ideal body vs trying to push your way into it. Sure, you may have to change some things but those changes occur a lot more effortlessly now. There is a lot to cover and misunderstandings can easily arise so I have created this episode to introduce it as thoroughly and accurately as I can. For those interested, you can find the details of my offering at the end at
October 16, 2020
Ep 22: Your most natural self is Pure Joy
In 30 minutes let's clear up what your most natural state is and exactly how to remove the obstacles to it. Life is very conveniently bringing up every obstacle for you so all you have to do is meet yourself where your at, consciously familiarise yourself with what joy is so you can recognise what joy isn't, then use an effective mechanism to release that which isn't joy until all your left with is the pure inner source of joy. A lot to cover in 30 minutes but I'll do my best!
October 13, 2020
Ep 21: How to forgive yourself for mistakes
Can we help forgiveness arise in 30 minutes? Let's find out together! Forgiveness arises from how you see things. There is a way to see things in which forgiveness is very unlikely to arise and there is a way to see things in which forgiveness is quite likely to arise and does so automatically without your effort. The most direct way to forgive is to seek to see things in the right of forgiveness and in the light of truth - which are one and the same thing.
October 09, 2020
Ep 20: Joyful Parenting with Freya
"Parenting doesn't have to be stressful" - Freya, from the episode.... To hear first hand that parenting can be a joyous opening into a new way of being in the world is something that I feel a lot of parents or to-be parents could benefit from. To challenge those beliefs associated with what a parent should be. Does being a parent mean controlling kids and telling them what to do? Or does it mean to have a cordial mutual relationship in which both parties grow together in some unknown direction? This episode presents a wildly different experience of raising kids that to me is akin to letting nature unfold as it does rather than taming it to what is wanted by the parent. Whatever your views, this is a very valuable data point to consider...
October 05, 2020
Ep 19: All your troubles will pass it's inevitable
Another practical short episode to help re-contextualise how you relate to worries and problems. First, you recognise that they weren't always there. Therefore, they are transitory in nature; meaning they will inevitably pass. This helps detach from engaging and participating in them as much. I mean, what's the point if they are going to change anyway? Next, if you can recognise what you're getting from participating and engaging in the inner dialogue and emotional rollercoaster then you'll start to loosen the glamour and entrancement of it. Let's see what we can realise together in this short 20-minute episode.
October 01, 2020
Ep 18: Releasing inner and outer Judgment
In 30 minutes I'll walk you through insight that will increase the likelihood that the willingness to release judgment will arise. The judgment of anything is an opinion arising from a certain point of view with certain belief sets. It is not needed and is an intellectual vanity. Accurate judgment requires total awareness of all factors that led up to something. That led up to you being the way you are. That led up to some seeming seemingly tragic situation. With total awareness of all factors, judgment melts away and its place arises the peace of understanding. It is possible to live life with no judgments or opinions about anything. To search for the truth and be free of any need to place judgment upon anything.
September 29, 2020
Ep 17: Release Emotional Upsets and Agitations Right Now
I wanted to make you this practical episode. In 30 minutes I'll walk you through an "inner-software-update" after which, new choices will become available for you. These choices will allow you to handle and release the emotional energy behind the emotional upsets and agitations you experience in your life. The path to constant joy and happiness is simply to release everything that stands in this way. Now you will be able to do that a little easier than before; with greater confidence and clarity into the simple yet subtle process of handling and releasing any feeling.
September 22, 2020
Ep 16 The creative joyful flow + weird surprise to lift your day
The creative joyful flow is the natural state which follows release, letting go, and surrender. Join me for this episode as I share fun stories and my insights on how to enter the state of creative joyful flow. Also weird surprise that isn’t what you expect which is guaranteed to at least make you smile or maybe make you go “oh what a weirdo”. Either way, some form of laughter is 90% probable by my calculations.
September 18, 2020
Forgetting our worries
When we forget, we enter a space of just being. If you stay there for a little and willingly let go you will find that this is a beautiful space. Yet from this space of beauty, an anxious energy arises and attempts to “remember” ; latch onto the details of the day. So we leave the space of beauty and accept the pull back into our worries. But what if we didn’t?
September 15, 2020
From survival into oneness and unity
Wanted to give a re-contextualisation of what you sign up for when you decide to orient your life towards enlightenment/oneness/unity/awareness of presence of God. This is how I see it and seeing it this way brings pretty much constant joy regardless of what is experienced.
August 31, 2020
Guilt to Joy with Melonie
Kicking back the podcast with Melonie Taylor, this week we cover how we can use guilt and the not-so-nice to be in states as a catalyst for joy. Melonie offers some amazing insight into how our body and biochemistry changes moving from guilt into joy. This helped me see that guilt is actually an addition to the emotional juice we get out of feeling guilty. Hopefully, just by listening to this episode, you will see things differently and new options will become available next time guilt arises for you. As Melonie puts it, you'll have a new option now to "love it to the light".
August 21, 2020
Episode 12: Let's get Joyful
We ar e back in business with episode 12. A quicky with some very straightforward content: what is joy, what isn't joy, what blocks joy, and recognising joy is letting go not attaining. I think that recognising endless joy already exists within and is merely being blocked by things that are either unconsciously or consciously being held onto puts one very far ahead of the curve and aids greatly. Usually, happiness is seen as something to be attained but here we flip it and see that it's actually already present and just needs to be allowed by letting go of unconscious resistance. Unconscious in the sense that one is unaware of the resistance. So let's get joyful!
July 22, 2020
What is joy?
What is joy? What are we like when joy arises? What are we like when joy is outside of awareness? Rather than taking joy for granted and assuming we understand it, let's investigate it and see what we learn. Is it something dependent on external conditions? Or is joy an ever-present potential that arises when we allow it to? If so, how can we allow it to arise more often? I hope this episode can help build your own intuitive understanding of joy. Enjoy :)
June 11, 2020
Non-violent communication with Jazz
Communication is part of everyone's life. However, communication which is honest, free of blame or judgement, and compassionate, is not so common. For most of us, we sort of just take communication for granted and never really learn about how to communicate in a compassionate, non-violent, and honest way until we stumble into it as Jazz did. Jazz walks us through the principles of non-violent communication and reveals how we can use communication to connect with others rather than separate us from each other. Jazz is a writer, podcaster, and Non-violent communication workshop facilitator. You can find out more about her and non-violent communication at
June 04, 2020
Kindness is the currency that you can spend anywhere with Steve
This podcast focuses on the similarities between all us human folks. A fundamental similarity is that we each want to be happy and do what we believe will bring us happiness. As Steve shares here, a simple thing that brings happiness to others and ourselves is a kind smile. Join us in this episode where we share perspectives and laughter on everything from the Corona situation to being a loving presence in peoples lives. An episode with no particular structure and many warm flames of joy scattered throughout.
May 28, 2020
What does a mature society look like with Eric Brown
What distinguishes an adult child from a mature adult? In this growth-based society fuelled by INNOVATION, what are we growing towards? What are we innovating upon? We assume that things are gonna stay the way they are but history shows us, as Eric points out, that no civilization has lasted. In fact, it is the native based peoples who have lasted the longest out of anyone. This is an episode with a lot of questions and unknowns in which listeners are invited to step into the unknown and own the simple truth that we don't know anything.
May 23, 2020
Understanding energy through our experiences with Kyle
Let's talk about energy! Kyle, a certified emotional code practitioner, guides us through this conversation about energy and recognising energy through our experience with emotions. We can all relate to the heaviness of classically negative emotions and the lightness of the emotions we all enjoy the most. We are all tapped into this energetic matrix which makes up our universe and need only recognise this to begin to utilise it to build the life we want for ourselves. Learn how Kyle uses the higher vibration of happy memories to help transmute negative patterns of thought or feelings into new patterns. It's all about those vibes! Kyle brings an energetic perspective to life ;) Also lot's of dog talk!
May 14, 2020
Investigating the Self with Rob
Who or what am I? Self-investigation is directing focus onto the source out of which everything else arises. As Rob highlights, it involves moving past belief systems and conceptual frameworks to one's direct experience. This is a fun episode with a lot of laughter in which experiences are shared and new perspectives are revealed. To me, Rob embodies the pure awe-ness and joy that arises when the truth is experientially recognized. One has been staring at it this whole time and totally overlooked it. It's all really quite hilarious :-)
May 08, 2020
Money as fuel for service with Germaine
I wanted to keep this recording raw for listeners to see the beautiful flow from misunderstanding to understanding.  When we begin talking about joy, one might notice a subtly that whilst we use the same word, there is a difference in the meaning of that word to each of us. As the podcast goes on, a bridge of understanding is built and seeming differences dissolve into one essence. The joy of service to the greater good as we each understand the greater good. 
April 30, 2020
The Power of Love with Fran Grace
A love-full episode that dispels dramatic illusions and imaginings of the "holier than thou" spiritual persona that I once held in mind and I'm sure, many still do. Fran Grace, the author of Power of Love, shares inspiration and insight into leading a life aligned with love. Fran shares how Dr David R Hawkins and his wife, Susan Hawkins, played a profound role in writing the book and in demonstrating to her - by virtue of who they are - what love truly is. Truly a great and fun listen for anyone interested in spirituality, love, and being their most joyful Self.
April 21, 2020
Weeding the mind and nurturing growth with Rosi
It was from Rosi that I first adopted the perspective of "Growth Opportunities".  The re-contextualization of every life situation to see the opportunity for growth into our most joyful self. A broad episode, we share our perspectives on the current situation and the growth opportunities as we can see them. Moving from this to a general rif about not-so-common perspectives that nurture a joyful view of life. In, the last 10-20 minutes we move into an awesome dialogue about love, seeing a loving world, and moving into unconditional love. A wonderful episode full of absolute gems of joy for anyone looking to be their most joyful self.
April 12, 2020
Introducing Joyfulness Broadcast
It's simply about broadcasting joy. To provide insight and inspiration. To provide listeners with the insight and tools to remove any blocks to the endless source of joy within all of life. The joy with which the puppy wags its tail and the kitten purs. The joy with which we played as children and the elephants swim with :-)
April 07, 2020
The essence of ep 2 | Nick's Perspective
Service, Service, and more service. Duccio is the embodiment of service and service spoke through Duccio for us to hear. Here, we see how if we lose ourself in service to others, we can move closer to self-realisation. I hope my perspective adds to your intuitive understanding.
April 07, 2020
Loving Service and Bold Action with Duccio
A wonderful episode with the wonderful Duccio, director of PSYCH-K® international. It weaves between the yin of positioning ourselves in loving service and the yang of bold action to embody the changes we want to see. Duccio shares his perspective from his days in his Osteopath practice to discovering PSYCH-K® and beginning to uncover the hitherto hidden motives of his actions. In making the hidden drive for validation from others conscious, he was able to transform all related limiting beliefs and fully embrace self-less loving service. Duccio is someone who embodies everything he says with great integrity and devotion.
April 07, 2020
Nick's Perspective | The essence of ep 1
These short segments are a sharing of my intuited understanding of the essence of each episode. Designed to help the listener recognise the essence via familiarity and a slightly differing perspective.
April 07, 2020
"Nothing external can harm you" with Eric Brown
Diving into the essence of Stoic philosophy and the principle that "Nothing external can harm you". Practical insight into embodying this principle in our lives and some fun chats about living life according to values, dying gracefully, and establishing a rigid psychological foundation for life.
April 07, 2020