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#AskDrWilson | The Detox Lifestyle

#AskDrWilson | The Detox Lifestyle

By Dr. Nick Wilson
The Detox Lifestyle with Dr. Nick Wilson
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EP 016: The Truth About Glyphosate and GMO's -- Interview with Zen Honeycutt

#AskDrWilson | The Detox Lifestyle

EP 038: How to Prevent and Correct a Hunchback
In this episode, Dr. Wilson discusses how to prevent and correct a hunchback, also known as Kyphosis or granny posture.
June 19, 2020
EP 037: 7 Tips to Drive with Better Posture
In this episode, Dr. Wilson discusses 7 tips to help you drive with better posture.
June 18, 2020
EP 036: Stand for Health Freedom
In this episode, Dr. Wilson and Leah discuss the uses of masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as, asymptomatic carriers and how to build a strong immune system.
June 11, 2020
EP 035: Technology in Healthcare: Why I'm Concerned
In this episode, Dr. Nick Wilson discusses 3 technologies in health care that everyone should be aware of.
June 04, 2020
EP 034: We Know Why Everyone is Sick with Dr. Phil Harris
In this episode, Dr. Wilson is back with Dr. Phil Harris talking about why everyone is sick and how the body is preprogrammed to heal itself.
May 28, 2020
EP 033--Germ Theory or Terrain Theory with Dr. Phil Harris
In this episode, Dr. Wilson sits down with Dr. Phil Harris to talk about the TRUTH about the immune system and how to make sure your body is functioning at its best.
May 07, 2020
EP 032: What happens to your health philosophy with COVID-19?
It’s impossible to turn on the TV or social media without seeing something about COVID-19. As we've watched and listened to how the conversations have changed from a water-cooler-concern to completely shutting down the water-cooler experience altogether, there is one thing that is abundantly clear: those who have a defined “health philosophy” are handling this vastly different from those who do not. Dr. Wilson explains more in this episode...
April 16, 2020
EP 031: Chronic Pain and Your Immunity
In this episode, Dr. Wilson talks about how chronic pain can directly impact your immunity. If you are in chronic pain or you know someone who is in chronic pain, this episode will help you understand the body and how to approach chronic pain naturally.
March 26, 2020
EP 030: Why Chiropractic Is Essential Right Now
In this episode, Dr Wilson and Leah continue their discussion about Covid-19 and why visiting a chiropractor might be the best thing to do right now in the midst of the pandemic.
March 19, 2020
EP 029 - Coronavirus: The Real Story
In this episode, Dr Wilson and Leah discuss the Coronavirus - what you should do to minimize your chance of getting it and helping your body's amazing immune system fight it if you do.
March 11, 2020
EP 028: Toxins Don't Care
In this episode, Dr Wilson and Leah discuss where toxins come from, how they get in your body, and the role they play in your health.
March 04, 2020
EP 027: Think Healthy, Be Healthy
In this episode, Dr Wilson and Leah discuss how your thoughts create your reality, including your health, healing and well being.
February 27, 2020
EP 026: Blood Pressure and Heart Disease
In this episode, Dr Wilson and Leah discuss how blood pressure relates to heart disease and how ways to take control of your heart health.
February 12, 2020
EP 025: Heart Disease and Cholesterol
In this episode, Dr. Wilson breaks the long-held bad belief systems and mis-information surrounding cholesterol and heart disease, the leading killer of people in the U.S.
February 06, 2020
EP 024: The Coronavirus and The Flu Shot
In this episode, Dr. Wilson and Leah invites you to put your thinking cap on and put the coronavirus in perspective.  They also review the five things to consider before you get a flu shot.
January 30, 2020
EP 023: How to Heal from a Bad Back
In this episode, Dr. Nick and Leah Wilson talk about how to heal from a bad back. You'll learn how the disks in your spine are so critical to your overall health and what to do to recover and live the full and active life you deserve.
January 22, 2020
EP 022: Why We Opt Out of Traditional Medicine
In this episode, Dr. Nick and Leah Wilson talk about why they opt out of the traditional model of healthcare. In this episode, you'll learn why it's so important to question the status quo and ask the right questions regarding your family's healthcare.
January 18, 2020
EP 021: Eating Vegan and Headaches
In this episode, Dr. Nick and Leah go through the pros and cons of eating vegan while also discussing headaches and what to do if you struggle with headaches. 
January 11, 2020
EP 020: WEIGHT LOSS: The Real Science
In this episode, Dr. Wilson and Leah debunk the common myths of weight loss. They discuss how you can lose weight and get in the best shape of your life without necessarily starving yourself or falling victim to fad diets and unfounded supplements.
December 26, 2019
EP 019: How to "Lifestyle Detox" with Leah Wilson
We are joined with my wife, Leah Wilson to talk about what it means to "Lifestyle Detox". We talk about the most common offenders of toxicity and some practical no-cost solutions to detox your home (and body).
December 11, 2019
EP 018: The Holistic Approach to Diabetes
This episode, Dr. Nick talks about diabetes and simple ways  to lower your blood sugar
November 21, 2019
EP 017: Chiro Mythbuster Episode
In this episode, I talk about all the common misconceptions and myths that chiropractors hear on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy this episode that we are calling: The Chiro Mythbuster Episode!!!
November 04, 2019
EP 016: The Truth About Glyphosate and GMO's -- Interview with Zen Honeycutt
In this episode, I interview Zen Honeycutt on the hidden sources of glyphosate and GMO's in our food supply and how you can avoid it for you and your children. Glyphosate has been demonstrated to cause breast cancer (among other cancers) and stays in the blood stream through multiple generations.  Zen Honeycutt is the founding Executive Director of Moms Across America -- a non-profit National Coalition of Unstoppable Moms.  With the motto "Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids ", Zen is leading grassroots movement across the country to fight for a healthier world through empowering families to make good choices when it comes to food and health with an acute awareness of GMOs and the related pesticides!  Zen has been featured on major mainstream news stations and documentaries. She is an international speaker, and author of Unstoppable: Transforming Sickness and Struggle into Triumph, Empowerment and a Celebration of Community. Happy to speak to anyone interested in better health for all, she has been featured on ABC, CNN, The Dr. Oz Show, the Wall Street Journal, CSPAN, Fox News, Reuter’s, Huffington Post, and many other media outlets.  Social Media:
October 14, 2019
EP 015: Part 2 with Dr. Phil Harris: Avoid "Rapid Accelerated Aging"
In this episode we talk about oxidative stress and accelerated aging. What you need to know about oxidative stress and how it is causing our cells to age prematurely. While we won't avoid aging, we can age gracefully. 
October 07, 2019
EP 014: Inflammation with Dr. Phil Harris
In this episode, Dr. Phil Harris talks about the silent killer: Inflammation! He talks about why we have it and how to get rid of it NATURALLY. How what we are doing to "treat" inflammation is archaic and borderline barbaric. How you can "Deflame" your body while also taking total control of your health.
September 29, 2019
EP 013: The Paleo Cardiologist! Interview with Dr. Jack Wolfson
Dr. Jack Wolfson is a board-certified cardiologist who grew tired of patients failing to truly get well (while sometimes feeling worse) using pharmaceuticals and procedures. As a result, he founded Wolfson Integrative Cardiology.  Dr. Wolfson speaks my language as he is dedicated to treating the whole person and getting to the cause of the issue, instead of treating only the symptoms. Dr. Wolfson offers practical solutions for heart health in person at his office in Paradise Valley, Arizona. He is the author of the Amazon best-seller, The Paleo Cardiologist. Website: Twitter: Insta:
May 14, 2019
EP 012: Financial Wellness with Jeff Tegethoff
Money can often be the number one source of stress and contribute to poor health. Yet, we tend to ignore the concept of financial wellness in the Holistic Health world. In this episode, I interview Jeff Tegathoff on the mindset of money and how we can change the way we view and manage our finances. We talk about the concepts of relationship capital, mentorship and walking in boldness and authority in all areas of life.  Jeff Tegethoff is a Principal of the Pearl Real Estate Companies and President of Pearl Capital Management, LLC, Since 1997, Jeff has been involved with investor relations, fund management, and operating assets related to private placement of Family Office equity.  He has vast experience in corporate strategy, capital structure, and business development through stages of rapid growth, having been the lead in sourcing, negotiating, and closing equity funding rounds in excess of $250 million.
April 24, 2019
EP 011: Foods that Heal and Foods that Kill, Interview with Kimberly Roberto
In this episode with Kimberly Roberto, we talk about the best "diets" and foods that "heal". Kimberly Roberto is a wife, mother of three, owns a wellness clinic and a fitness center with her husband, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and co-author of Maximized Living Nutrition Plans.  Kimberly has used her passion for cooking and health and nutrition to coach hundreds of families and hundreds of wellness clinics. Kimberly is a master at keeping things practical and common sense.  She’s dedicated her life to inspiring people to make changes in their diet in a sustainable, healthy manner. You can find Kimberly on her website
March 26, 2019
EP 010: Are Essential Oils Essential?? Interview with Dr. Jeff Styba
In this interview with Dr. Jeff Styba we talk about essential oils. What they are and if they are truly “essential”. Dr. Jeff is a doctor and business coach for his company, My Oil Lab. He’s an international speaker, Blue Diamond Leader for doTERRA and also a family man with his wife, 5 children and 3 dogs.
February 26, 2019
EP 009: Who Owns Your Health?
In this episode of The Weekly Burn (TWB), I ask a simple question..."who owns your health?" You might say "I do" but do you really? How do you make healthcare decisions? Who do you trust with your health? Where do you get your health information?
February 19, 2019
EP 008: She Beat Cancer in 90 Days. Here's Her Advice for You. Interview with Andrea Thompson
In this interview with Andrea Thompson, Author of I am Resilient and From Cancer to Victory, she talks about how she beat cancer in 90-days with a 1-year at best prognosis at best. Now, she helps coach others to see themselves as resilient and overcome life challenges.
February 12, 2019
EP 007: What the EMF are we doing to ourselves? With Dr. Libby Darnell
In this interview with Dr. Libby Darnell, we talk about the dangers of EMFs, what they are are, what they do to your health, your energy, and your fertility. We discuss the repercussions of your exposure to EMF's, and simple changes you can make to protect your family. Dr. Libby Darnell is a Functional Medicine practitioner and doctor of chiropractic. She's the author of 4 Minutes to a Happier You and has written her own nutrition programs. She owns Active Medical Center, a holistic integrated medical center in the Chicagoland area. She's an expert in EMF's and works with clients all over the globe.
January 27, 2019
EP 006: Who Said You Can't Heal?
Who told you that you can't heal? How do they know your potential? There is a risk of giving people false hope but is the bigger risk what happens in the mind when people are given no hope? Is there really such thing as a nocebo effect?
January 26, 2019
EP 005: Which Toxins are the Worst? With Leah Segedie
Leah Segedie is the author of Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier (All Without Driving Your Family Crazy!), founder of the Mamavation® community, founder of ShiftCon Social Media Conference, food activist and social media consultant. With a Masters in Communication Management, she works closely with some of the leading scientific and medical minds of our modern era to democratize health principles for “digital moms.” Most content she focuses on revolves around avoiding the pitfalls of hormone-disrupting chemicals inside everyday homes. In this interview she talks about which toxins are the absolute worst and how to avoid them.
January 16, 2019
EP 004: Why You Don't Work Out...And What to Do About It -- Interview With Dr. Nathan Thompson
Dr. Nathan Thompson, author of Transformation 28 and owner of Exemplify Health Center and Exemplify Crossfit Centers talks about his health journey and how to finally make fitness a lasting habit. To learn more about Dr. Thompson or to purchase his book or online resources, visit
December 11, 2018
EP 003: Intro to the Non-Interference Model of Health
The Weekly Burn is an outlet for Dr Nick to talk about whatever he is "burning" about at a given time. This week, it is the "Non-Interference Mode of Health".
December 04, 2018
EP 002: Are Your Supplements Hurting You? Interview with Dr. BJ Hardick
Dr. Wilson interviews Dr. BJ Hardick author of Align Your Health, Maximized Living Nutrition Plans and founder of the Detox Project. In this episode, we ask the hard questions about supplements and nutrition. Dr Hardick points out many of the hidden traps in supplementation and nutrition while also shedding light on principles of true health.
December 04, 2018
EP: 001 The Greatest Doctor
Have you ever considered the brilliance of the human body? Yet, it seems we forget how intelligent the body really is when it comes to the system that we call "healthcare". Here is my inspiration on the subject on the Thought of the Week (TOW)
November 19, 2018