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Conscious Conversations With Nick & Nitin

Conscious Conversations With Nick & Nitin

By Nick & Nitin
Inside you will find conversations that elevate the consciousness of the planet one episode at a time. This podcast is for conscious leaders who desire to create passionate, purposeful and prosperous lives for themselves and for the world around them.

Conscious conversations can take infinite forms and this podcast is no different. As a result, you will experience conversations around spirituality, meditation, wellness, business, coaching and even money, all which are intended to raise the consciousness of the planet.

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EP#11 The Philosophy of Consciousness w/ Dr. Anand J Vaidya
- Can the missing link between eastern and western philosophy alleviate human suffering? - Can critical thinking and meditation work together? - Are emotions and the ability to reason mutually exclusive? We discuss these and many such DEEP questions with Dr. Anand J Vaidya, professor of philosophy at San Jose State University. His research focuses on the philosophy of the mind from a cross-cultural lens - establishing the missing connection between eastern and western philosophy. We talk about the philosophy of consciousness, the idea of "spiritual debate" and challenge each other on definitions of consciousness and understanding. This is a deep and intellectual conversation sure to get your brain fired up on the big questions in life. Dive in and listen now! Guest Links:    Connect With Us:  Nick Palladino-King - | @nickpalladinoking   Nitin Garg - | @yogi.nitin
July 16, 2022
EP#10 Beginners mindset for success w/ Laura Furman
Develop a Beginner's Mind for success in this powerful episode with Laura Furman!  We talk about the art of being a beginner and how you can decompose any challenge into approachable pieces to overcome fear of failure and the need to achieve. Applying beginner's mind will help you reduces stress, improve productivity and have more fun all at the same time.  Meet Laura Furman; a Product Manager and Yoga Teacher specializing in work-life balance and stress management. Laura brings a unique and important message to working professionals by blending her knowledge of yoga and experience as a Product Manager to help people ultimately perform better in the workplace.   Guest Links:  | @laura_furman Connect With Us:     Nick: | @nickpalladinoking Nitin:   | @yogi.nitin
July 16, 2022
EP #9 Coincidences and Miracles With Sophia Demas
In today's episode we meet Sophia Demas, Author of "The Divine Language of Coincidence--How Miracles Transformed My Life After I Began Paying Attention" and winner of Readers' Favorite 2021 Gold Award.    Sophia discovered the key to how the many miracles she had experienced were manifested from seeming coincidences, she had to share it and wrote the award-winning book, The Divine Language of Coincidence—How Miracles Transformed My Life After I began Paying Attention. Sophia has enjoyed three diverse careers: a decade in architecture that included working with the visionary Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller, running a couture fashion business, and working as a mental health therapist. She is currently sublimely happy.    Guest Links: Instagram/Twitter: @Sophia_Demas   Facebook: @TheDivineLanguageOfCoincidence   Connect With Us: Nick Palladino-King - Website, Instagram   Nitin Garg - Website, Instagram
June 23, 2022
EP #8 You Are in Relationship With Everything
Today we discuss all things relationships; your relationship to your partner, to life and even to yourself. For many of us, relationships are a difficult part of life, but they don't have to be. The path to creating more conscious and healthier relationships starts with HOW we relate to ourselves and the intentions we set  for the outcomes we hope to create. Tune in and prepare yourself to listen with fresh ears and an open heart as we dive into the world of relationship, communication and transformation. Connect With Us: Nick Palladino-King - Website, Instagram   Nitin Garg - Website, Instagram
May 25, 2022
EP #7 Mindset Alchemy With Francis Piché
In today's episode with Francis Piché, The Mindset Alchemist, we talk about how leaders like you can master your mind in order to become more resilient. Listen in and learn how to transform your life by being the authentic version of who you really are. Meet Francis! Francis is a Amazon International Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Coach and a Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultant of the Thinking Into Results program and Mindset Alchemist. He helps leaders like you master your mind so you can master your life. He loves to explore everything in your mind that is limiting you. Like an Alchemist, he helps transmute your paradigms into powerful ways of being that are authentic and of the purest source of who you really are. He takes the less useful lead inside of you and transmutes it back to gold. Francis is giving all our wonderful listeners $1,000 off his coaching program AND a Complimentary Breakthrough Coaching Session for anything who is serious about creating exponential results in their life and business! Schedule Your Breakthrough Session with Francis Piché : 8 Questions That Warrant Your Attention: Guest Links: Website: Facebook Group with weekly inspirational LIVE videos: Free Copy Reawakening Your Viking Within: Connect With Us: Nick Palladino-King - Website, Instagram   Nitin Garg - Website, Instagram
May 20, 2022
EP #6 Graceful Suffering With Brian Stefan, The Suicidologist
In today's episode with Brian Stefan, Grief Therapist & Suicidologist and part of the Spotlight On Suicide organization, we talk about emotional and psychological safety to tell our story as a necessary ingredient for mental health and healthy relationships. Learn how being able to trust another person with our truth can give us the resilience we need to cope during especially difficult times.   Meet Brian! Brian Stefan (ACSW) is a psychotherapist and proud social worker specializing in grief, suicide, and crisis response. He works with several organizations including Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention Center, San Gabriel Valley Grief Resource and Training Center, Dr. David Plotkin & Associates, and the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office Crisis Response Team/Suicide Response Team.  He is an adjunct faculty member at California State University Los Angeles, School of Social Work.   He previously served as an intelligence officer with the U.S. Department of Defense and an intelligence analyst with the FBI-LAPD Joint Regional Intelligence Center-Regional Terrorism Threat Assessment Center (JRIC-RTTAC) in Los Angeles.    Guest Links:   Connect With Us:
May 02, 2022
EP #5 Bold Boundaries & Self-Prioritization
In today's episode, Nick and Nitin spin the "wheel of consciousness" and let the universe decide the topic they will explore and teach on.  What comes up is a  deep dive into setting brave and bold boundaries to make self-care a priority in our lives. They talk about how to use self-care as a way to prime yourself for success, create the energy to achieve your goals and to bring your DREAM-life into reality.. Listen and add learn how to set bold boundaries that will transform your life at home and at work. Connect With Us:
April 12, 2022
EP #4 Limitless Leadership with Stephen P McGhee.
In today's episode with Stephen P McGhee AKA "The Guide", we talk about all things Conciousness, Health and Healing! We talk about Light Leadership. How Contributory Leadership as a methodology and as a tool to improve wellness and longevity in life. Stephen shares on his "4 L's" knowledge and experience with his work and provides you with practical take-aways that you can apply in your own life.  Meet Stephen! Stephen is a Guide, Mentor and Advisor to progressive Leaders from all around the world. As an author, speaker, film-maker and Guide. He continues his own path of learning and growth as a Spiritual Psychologist with Masters Degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Conciousness, Health and Healing. Stephen has a vision to bring Contributory Leadership as a methodology for solutions to global challenges. Guest Links: Connect With Us:
April 05, 2022
EP #3 Conversation with The "Now-ist"
Today's episode is absolute fire! Nick and Nitin interview Billy Mandarino, AKA The "Now-ist" and things get wild quickly. The three dive deep into consciousness and present-moment awareness to discuss how to remove stress, live in empowerment and even how to design your reality from "the end" rather than striving to create goals. You do not want to miss this jam packed, emotional and transformational episode. Spoiler alert, things get so intense that Nick even cries at some point. Get ready to enjoy the ride! Check out today's guest Billy Mandarino @ 
March 02, 2022
EP #2 Making Time For Self-care When You Don't have Time with Derek
In today's episode we invite in a special friend of ours and fellow "Mindful Man" member into the conversation.  We chat with Derek, a yogi, business man and new father about the challenges of prioritizing one's self while balancing work and raising a child. We even discuss with Derek how to make time for himself to talk about self-care on a podcast when his biggest challenge is making time for himself! it's quite the catch-22 we work through. Listen in to this intimate conversation and we hope you learn a little about how you can approach self-care in a more sustainable and effective way as a result.
January 27, 2022
EP #1 Are We Paying Attention?
Join in today for the 1st of many conscious conversations on this adventure we call life with Nick and Nitin! Today we dive into consciousness, paying attention to life around us and even explore explore ways to get to know and love ourselves more in every moment. Tune in, turn inward and enjoy. Much love, Nick + Nitin
January 01, 2022