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An Intentional Life w/ Nick Henderson

An Intentional Life w/ Nick Henderson

By Nick Henderson
Nick Henderson is the founder of several, successful, small businesses and in this podcast takes the time to share his philosophy of intentional living with listeners. From best business practices to entrepreneur lead startups, relationships and more - this podcast has it all.
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Episode 6: Master your time, master your life
In this episode Nick talks about time mastery, time as money, and relates time to investment strategy. What are your returns going to look like when you master your time? How much time are you wasting on things that don't lift you up, move you forwards, and better you? Bad relationships, unrewarding work, unfulfilling careers, video games, it WORTH your time?
July 20, 2019
Episode 5: What is your CORE identity
In this episode Nick talks about his core identity, and it is t what you think! Also, tips for you to find YOUR true identity so you can tap into real happiness.
July 11, 2019
Episode 4: Give the people what YOU want
In this episode I explore the differences between quality and not-so-quality followers, engagements, conversions and how you can laser focus your impressions.
June 24, 2019
Episode 3: Happy Father's Day
Just a quick, albeit belated, father's day message.
June 18, 2019
Episode 2: How NOT to sell to me
In this episode I talk about a terrible sales experience I JUST HAD yesterday. I'll tell you the story, what the salesman did wrong (hint: everything), and I'll tell you what I think is the most important tool to 10x your sales.
June 16, 2019
Episode 1: New Podcast, who dis?
I've totally rebranded and done a major overhaul online to everything! I even hacked the Facebook algorithms to make them work for me!
June 14, 2019