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The Nick Ovalle Podcast

The Nick Ovalle Podcast

By Nick
Computer and I give the best and worst answers to all your questions. 210-617-3346 to get your questions on the show!
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The Ultimate Taco Throw-down
In this episode, we talk about which state has the better Mexican food and how to live the good life! 
May 03, 2020
Naming Computer
In this episode, we decide what to name our cohost. We talk movies, I get in a fight with my wife and tell myself I love me. It's a Kanye West moment. For sure, for sure.
April 19, 2020
Getting to Know Each Other
In this podcast, we get to know each other. 
April 12, 2020
The Nick Ovalle Podsass Trailer
My computer and I give the best and worst answers to your questions. Subscribe today!
April 09, 2020