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The Nicnac Podcast & FSRideAlong Series

The Nicnac Podcast & FSRideAlong Series

By Nicolas Jackson
The podcast journal of Nicnac (they/them) featuring honest conversations and armchair philosophizing about their passions and strife including a dedicated series on flight sim called FSRideAlong. Nicnac is a neurodivergent, non binary, pansexual, socialist in their 30s. The Nicnac Podcast & The FSRideAlong Series © 2006-2021 by Nicolas Jackson under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license. Some Rights Reserved.
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Nicnacjak Podcast: Boulders In The Road: Barriers on the Path To Wellness

The Nicnac Podcast & FSRideAlong Series

Nicnac Podcast: Limited Capacity; Infinite Flow
In this episode Nicnac works to shift their energy and considers what it will take cautiously to spend more time outside of their darkened studio where they’ve spent most of their time since Covid started in March of 2020. They are in the process of accepting the neurodivergent capacity limits they have that cause them to need to work hard to be mindful of their limits when outside of their safe space and interacting with others Donate There is a lot going on behind the scenes as capacity allows so please remember The Nicnac Podcast is made possible by the generous support of listeners like you! The opening music is Raindrop Rhapsody by Josh Eikenberry. The closing music is Catch Me If You Can by Attica Attica. Find them at I thank both groups for allowing their creations to be used in the production of other work. The Nicnacjak Podcast & FSRideAlong Series  is © 2006-2021 by Nicnac Marsh. Some Rights Reserved. This work is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Find out more at
June 13, 2021
Nicnac Podcast: Nicnac Rebirth; Please Send Spoons
In this episode Nicnac is having a rebirth of self after picking a new name to better fit who they are. While they want to embrace the moment for all that it is, they also have a need to process their strife around energy management and the difficulty of living in a culture of compliance. So grab your favorite beverage, grab a breath and join this important moment in Nicnac’s life. Donate
June 10, 2021
Nicnacjak Podcast: Gendered Phrases, Names and Pronouns
In this episode Nicnac talks about gender and the challenges that arise from trying to navigate the world being as true to themselves and others as possible. They ponder how hard it is to be real in modern society and seek your feedback on how that reflects on our species in the long run. Links Donate Flight Sim Services
June 9, 2021
Nicnacjak Podcast: Normal Is Overrated: Thoughts From Over 30 Years Of US Mental Health Treatment
In this episode Nicnac reviews their more than 30 years of mental health treatment. Over the course of their life they have been diagnosed with a wide variety of illnesses ranging from ADD to Bipolar and Autism. Despite Nicnac’s extensive treatment history, they continue to feel like they are living an endurance test. Having briefly worked in the mental health field, Nicnac reports on some research they've been doing into the social model of disability and the use of the term neurodivergent. Nicnac strongly feels that if they take a more assertive approach to getting treatment and interacting with mental health professionals in addition to trying to maximize the positives of their neurodivergence they can turn a corner. Nicnac also refers back to some of their early work and a college essay they wrote describing a hypothetical link between neurodivergence and self actualization. If this could be proven to the greatest degree possible in social science, then Nicnac thinks they may have an alternate design for The US Mental Health System. Nicnacjak. Ever the system designer. Donate
June 7, 2021
Nicnacjak Podcast: Quality of Life
In this episode Nicolas (Nicnac) explores their struggle to find the right balance in social interactions and overcome some insecurities that are currently hampering their ambitions. Nicolas also discusses the fate of their “wellness document” and the struggle to make better audio content. They close out the episode by talking about gender and queerness. Reemphasizing their relatively new belief that social justice progress cannot be solely dependent on non violent direct action. Progress has been enabled on social justice issues through a diverse range of actions including non-violent direct action, legal advocacy, mutual aid and events such as “The Stonewall Riots”. Donate The Nicnac Podcast is made possible by the generous support of listeners like you! Music is Raindrop Rhapsody by Josh Eikenberry and Catch Me If You Can by Attica Attica. Find Attica Attica at I thank both groups for allowing their creations to be used in the production of other work. Josh, if you are out there please send me a link to an updated music profile! The Nicnacjak Podcast & FSRideAlong Series  is © 2006-2021 by Nicolas Jackson. Some Rights Reserved. This work is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Find out more at
June 5, 2021
FSRideAlong: Greenland Isn’t Very Green (Leg 9)
In this episode Nicolas covered leg 9 which saw them begin the over-water portion of the journey from Chico to Newcastle. Although Nicolas originally planned on making for the east coast of Greenland icing conditions and a limited supply of on board deice fluid forced them to divert to Kangerlussuaq Airport (BGSF) where last minute diversion planning nearly resulted in a CFIT. The fact that this was Leg 9 take 2 indicates that Nicolas needs to stick to the sim and study harder... Links Donate Flight Sim Services Simply Magpie Torque Sim XPlane Active Sky For XP11 Stats Fly Date: May 30th, 2021 Volanta Link Route: CYFB CYFB5 NALDI DCT MS DCT MA W51 SF DCT BGSF Leg 9 Block: 3 hr 26 min Leg 9 Flight Time: 3 hr 7 min Leg 9 Logged Distance: 535 nm Leg 9 Fuel Burned: 45.5 gal Todays’ Fuel Bill: $351.75 USD Total Fuel Bill (so far): $ 2,549.57 USD Total Fuel Used (so far): 379.3  gal Block time (so far): 25.74  hrs Flight Time (so far) 23.21 hrs Average Ground Speed (so far): 164 kts/ 188.7 mph/ 302.7 kph Logged Distance Flown: 3,821 nm GC Distance Remaining to EGNT: 1,546 nm The music is Catch Me If You Can by Attrica Attrica. And is available under a creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Find them at The Nicnacjak Podcast & FSRideAlong Series © 2006-2021 by Nicolas Jackson is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
June 3, 2021
Nicnacjak Podcast: Using my Neurodivergence To Maximize Achievement With Quality In Mind
Show Notes: In this episode Nicolas begins to question their ongoing efforts to change who they are to conform better with neurotypical people. Nicolas refers to The Sims, Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and a preliminary understanding of Buddhism and the social theory of disability to ground their thinking and consider new approaches to their stuckness. How will it play out? Keep listening to find out! Links Donate Flight Sim Services Twitter
June 1, 2021
FSRideAlong: Corrections Thoughts and Review on CaptainSim and Their 767
In this episode Nicolas makes some corrections on the editorial episode of “The FS Community Law'' realizing that their own errors were violating the principal. Nicolas then moves on with a review of The CaptainSim 767 after logging 96 hours in it in P3Dv4. Although Nicolas has some harsh views to air they hope that a more rigorous production will allow them to conclude these two episodes and move on to other things..Like Leg 9 maybe??? Links Donate Flight Sim Services Simply Magpie Attribution And Copyright: The music is Catch Me If You Can by Attrica Attrica. And is available under a creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Find them at The Nicnacjak Podcast & FSRideAlong Series © 2006-2021 by Nicolas Jackson is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
May 29, 2021
FSRideAlong: The FS Community Law
Show Notes: In this episode Nicolas talks about their recent flying and why you don’t have a report at Leg 9 yet. They also talk about getting the ratio of respect and feedback right both as a customer and someone that editorializes in this small community of ours. While Nicolas remains critical of certain developers (the recent CaptainSim controversy comes up) they also recognize the fragility of reputation in this community. They conclude with a reminder of Wheaton’s Law and an acknowledgement that they have made their own mistakes within the community. Nicolas has hope that the community will be able to continue to make progress in the challenging balance between holding community members accountable from and forgiveness. Links: Donate
May 27, 2021
Nicnacjak: The Battle with Psychodynamics in Wellness: The internal Mr Spock vs Homer Simpson: Who will win?
Show Notes In this episode Nicnac identifies the major components of their personal psyche; best articulated as an internal battle between Mr Spock (autism like) vs Homer Simpson (bipolar like) and how that battle impacts their struggle for wellness. Links Donate Twitter
May 25, 2021
Nicnacjak Podcast: Boulders In The Road: Barriers on the Path To Wellness
In this episode Nicolas reviews their psychological history with a working Bipolar diagnosis and Autism Spectrum  diagnosis (high functioning pre-DSM V Asperger’s Syndrome) and the highlights of their physical health history and how that impacts their path to wellness today. It’s going to take a lot to move those boulders in the road! But never give up. Keep trying Donate
May 23, 2021
FSRideAlong: It’s Still A Bit Dodgy Up Here: Chico to Newcastle in a SR22 in XP11: Simply Magpie Extreme Tour Leg 8 Summary, Lessons and Stats
Donate Blog Posts Screenshots and Docs Show Notes: In this episode Nicolas pushes their flight sim skills as they continue their way northeast along Hudson Bay and across The Hudson Strait in The TS SR22 in XP11 from La Grande Rivière, Québec to Iqaluit, NU Canada. With the cold northern weather not abating. Nicolas considers the challenges that lie ahead with their planned North Atlantic landmass/island hopping across to Greenland, Iceland and Great Britain. With over 2,000 miles remaining will Nicolas make it to Newcastle or end up using The CAPS System over icey late spring oceans and fjords? Come ride along to find out! Links Simply Magpie Nicnacjak’s Flight Sim Services Volanta Flight Track Leg 8 Orbx TorqueSim SR22 Cirrus SR22 Reflected Reality TS SR22 Tutorial X-Plane 11 Active Sky For X-Plane 11 SkyVector Navigraph Leg 8 Stats Fly Date: May 15th, 2021 Volanta link Route: cygl PUSEL TAGIS depmo cyfb Cruise Altitude: 3,000 till pusel then 9,000 Leg 8 Block: 4 hr 32min Leg 8 Flight Time: 4 hr 15 min Leg 8 Logged Distance: 688 nm Leg 8 Fuel Burned: 59 gal Todays’ Fuel Bill: $168.96 USD Total Fuel Bill (so far): $ 2,197.82 USD Total Fuel Used (so far): 333.8  gal Block time (so far): 22.31 hrs Flight Time (so far) 20.10 hrs Average Ground Speed (so far): 164 kts/ 188.7 mph/ 302.7 kph Logged Distance Flown: 3,286 nm GC Distance Remaining to EGNT: 2,013.8 nm Flight Sim Logbook Total: 11-4/2018-5/15/2021 6,599.66 hours 1418 flights completed Average Daily Logged Time = 7.15 hours Average Flight Length 4.65 hours 53.71 hrs in SR22 over 26 flights and 6,588 nm
May 17, 2021
Nicnacjak: Designing A System To Beat My Head Against The Wall
Show Notes: In this episode Nicolas returns to the classic production style and muses on issues in their personal life and their system design skills which they have recently been trying to apply to personal life harm reduction. Links: Donate Flight Sim Services  Twitter
May 16, 2021
FSRideAlong: Rough Going: Chico to Newcastle in a SR22 in XP11: Simply Magpie Extreme Tour Leg 7 Summary, Lessons and Stats
Donate Blog Posts Screenshots and Docs Show Notes: In this episode Nicolas experiences “engine roughness” while on Leg 7 of their trip from Chico to Newcastle over James Bay in northern Canada. They talk about what they learned from their second in flight emergency and what they will be studying to make the rest of the trip go better. They also mention the incredible learning potential of The TS SR22 and their never ending quest for better flight sim hardware configurations that take up a more manageable amount of desk real estate. Links Simply Magpie Nicnacjak’s Flight Sim Services Volanta Flight Track Leg 7 Orbx TorqueSim SR22 Cirrus SR22 Reflected Reality TS SR22 Tutorial X-Plane 11 Active Sky For X-Plane 11 SkyVector Navigraph Leg 7 Stats Fly Date: May 9th, 2021 Volanta link Route: Cymo Zem udkan cygl Cruise Altitude: 7,000 Leg 7 Block: 1 hr 28min Leg 7 Flight Time: 1 hr 19 min Leg 7 Logged Distance: 196 nm Leg 7 Fuel Burned: 25.5 gal Todays’ Fuel Bill: $420.56 USD Total Fuel Bill (so far): $ 2,028.86 USD Total Fuel Used (so far): 274.8  gal Block time (so far): 17.78 hrs Flight Time (so far) 15.85 hrs Average Ground Speed (so far): 164 kts/ 188.7 mph/ 302.7 kph Logged Distance Flown: 2,598 nm GC Distance Remaining to EGNT: 2,536.1nm Flight Sim Logbook Total: 11-4/2018-5/9/2021 6,595.66 hours 1417 flights completed Average Daily Logged Time = 7.20 hours Average Flight Length 4.65 hours 49.46 hrs in SR22 over 25 flights and 5917 nm
May 13, 2021
Nicnacjak Podcast: Is this Midlife?
Show Notes: Nicolas starts out Season 15 of The Nicnacjak Podcast noting the early physical symptoms of middle age despite being over 2 and a half years from the theoretical mid life point and trying to get their head around the concept. Nicolas notes their recent efforts at life improvement and a perceived lack of progress but reports being reasonably prepared for this phase of life given their current circumstances. They outline their hopes and ambitions for the “other side of the hill'' noting the difficulty in trying to attain financial independence, romance, friendships and having enough needs met to comfortably engage in projects of passion designed to leave a legacy. Links Donate Flight Sim Services  Twitter
May 10, 2021
FSRideAlong: Questionable Decision Making: Chico to Newcastle in a SR22 in XP11: Simply Magpie Extreme Tour Leg 6 Summary, Lessons and Stats
Donate Blog Posts Screenshots and Docs Show Notes: In this episode Nicolas makes a series of very questionable decisions while flying The TorqueSim Cirrus SR22 in the remote wilds of central Canada contending with icing conditions, poor weather and an instrument failure. While this virtual airplane can be used again and no pixels were harmed, Nicolas tries to use the experience as a learning opportunity as they continue their increasingly foolhardy virtual SR22 trip from Chico, CA, US to Newcastle, England in a late Spring that doesn’t want to thaw as part of The Simply Magpie Extreme Tour. Come ride along to see the incredible teaching potential of virtual aviation! Links Simply Magpie Nicnacjak’s Flight Sim Services Volanta Flight Track Leg 6 Orbx TorqueSim SR22 Cirrus SR22 Reflected Reality TS SR22 Tutorial X-Plane 11 Active Sky For X-Plane 11 SkyVector Navigraph Leg 6 Stats Date: May 7th, 2021 Volanta link Route: cyth cyth3 5592n rovtu cymo Cruise Altitude: 5,000 later 3,000 due to ice Leg 6 Block: 4 hr 00 min * Leg 6 Flight Time: 3 hr 50 min* Leg 6 Final inflight plan Distance: 671 nm Leg 6 Fuel Burned: 63.5 gal Todays’ Fuel Bill: $389.82 USD Total Fuel Bill (so far): $ 1,608.30 USD Total Fuel Used (so far): 249.3  gal Block time (so far): 16.31 hrs Flight Time (so far) 14.53hrs Average Ground Speed (so far): 165 kts/ 189.9 mph/ 305.6 kph Logged Distance Flown: 2,402 nm GC Distance Remaining to EGNT: 2,704.3 nm Flight Sim Logbook Total: 11-4/2018-5/7/2021 6,594.66 hours 1416 flights completed Average Daily Logged Time = 7.21 hours Average Flight Length 4.65 hours Logging errors make it hard to conform but I think this was my longest SR22 Leg so far! I had issues with Volanta so not all of the flight was logged.
May 8, 2021
FSRideAlong: Cross Country Challenges: Chico to Newcastle in a SR22 Simply Magpie Extreme Tour Legs 3-5 Summary, Lessons and Stats
Show Notes: Over the past 3 legs Nicolas has flown from Lewiston, Idaho to Thompson, Manitoba with stops in Lethbridge, AB and North Battleford, SK. In that time Nicolas has covered 1,095 nm complete with a harrowing crossing of The Rockies over Montana along with some nice easy stretches over The Canadian Plains and the beginning of vast stretches of lakes and tundra. Listen to ride along and hear what Nicolas has learned and the things going through their mind as they consider the challenges that lie ahead including:  cold northerly weather, crossing The Hudson Bay, greater distances between airports and The North Atlantic. Blog Post Donate Screenshots and Docs Links Simply Magpie Nicnacjak’s Flight Sim Services Volanta Flight Track Leg 3 Volanta Flight Track Leg 4 Volanta Flight Track Leg 5 Orbx TorqueSim SR22 Cirrus SR22 Reflected Reality TS SR22 Tutorial X-Plane 11 Active Sky For X-Plane 11 SkyVector Navigraph Stats Total Fuel Bill (so far): $ 1,218.48 USD Total Fuel Used (so far): 185.8  gal Block time (so far): 12.31 hrs Flight Time (so far) 10.7 hrs Average Ground Speed (so far): 162 kts/ 186.4 mph/ 300 kph Logged Distance Flown: 1,731 nm GC Distance Remaining to EGNT: 3010.2 nm Flight Sim Logbook Total: 11-4/2018-5/5/2021 6,590.66 hours 1415 flights completed Average Daily Logged Time = 7.22 hours Average Flight Length 4.65 hours 44.53 hrs in SR22 over 23 flights and 5,739 nm
May 6, 2021
FSRideAlong Any Landing You Can Limp Away From? : Chico to Newcastle in a SR22 Simply Magpie Extreme Tour Leg 2 Summery, Lessons and Stats
On Leg 2 of Nicolas’ virtual SR22 trek from Chico, CA US to Newcastle, UK Nicolas runs into weather, X-Plane transition pains and the ground at 208 fpm with a jarring G force of 1.69 gs. Fortunately no one gets hurt or dies in a pixelated world. Lessons were hopefully learned, and 636 nm have passed beneath the nose with 3,908.8 nm of learning to come. Leg 3 should see Nicolas cross into Canada and spend more time considering the challenges ahead. Come ride along! Links Donate Nicnacjak’s Flight Sim Services Simply Magpie Screenshots Blog Post Orbx TorqueSim SR22 Cirrus SR22 Reflected Reality TS SR22 Tutorial X-Plane 11 Active Sky For X-Plane 11 SkyVector Navigraph Stats Inintal Fuel Bill for full tanks @ KCIC apx $459.08 Today’s Fuel Bill: 24 gallons of fuel @ $5 a Gallon= $120 @KLKV Todays’ Maintenance Bill: Don’t tell Nicolas; They don’t want to know Total Fuel costs So Far (If It Were Real): apx $579.08 Total Fuel Burned So Far: 60.3 gal Total Tracked Distance so far: 636 nm Total Planned Distance So Far: 578.9 nm Increase Over Plan: +9% GC Distance Remaining: 3,908.8 Today’s Block Time: 2 hr 51 min Today’s Air Time: 2 hr 34 min Logged Distance: 404 nm Fuel burned Today: 39.6 Gal Fuel Remaining: 51 Gal. 1 gal imbalance at shutdown Landing Rate : 207.55 fpm Landing G Force 1.69 Touchdown Speed: 58 kias Landing Wind 298 @ 7 knots Landing RWY: 26 KLWS Entire Trip Flight Time So Far: 3.91 hrs Entire Trip Block Time So Far: 4.53 hrs Nicolas’ Current Logbook Total: 6,583.66 hours 1412 flights completed Average Daily Logged Time = 7.25 hours Average Flight Length 4.66 hours 37.72 hrs in SR22 over 20 flights and 4,818 nm Last Airliner Sim Session: 4/23/21
May 2, 2021
FSRideAlong: A Crazy Magpie Plan: Taking The Torque Sim Cirrus SR22 G3 from Chico to Newcastle In XP11
I’ve been flying The Torque Sim model of the normally aspirated Cirrus SR22 G3 in X-Plane a lot lately. What I haven’t done is taken advantage of the unique online virtual flying club that is Simply Magpie. So, to rectify this and improve my skills in The SR22 I am embarking on a crazy journey. The goal is to make the 4,300 nm (GCR) trek across North America and The North Atlantic from my home in Chico, CA, US to The Simply Magpie Hub in Newcastle, UK. This will require some careful flight planning. Taking into account weather, terrain, fuel endurance and the many remote stretches of North America and The North Atlantic along the way. It will also give me the chance to improve my skills in X-Plane’s rendition of The Garmin G1000. Finely, it will challenge my engine management skills and take me a good portion of the way around the world. I plan on doing this trip over a few weeks. Taking it slow and flying shorter legs to keep my skills and attention sharp along with my general goal to reduce my average daily block and average leg time. I planned and completed the first leg of the journey across The Cascades and into Eastern Oregon’s high desert from Chico, CA (KCIC) to Lakeview, OR (KLKV) on April 30th, 2021. Planning is underway for leg 2 which will take me across the high desert of Eastern Oregon and Washington towards Lewiston, ID. Leg 3 will take me towards the Canadian Rockies. I am doing my flight planning courtesy of SkyVector. A summary of Leg 1 is included in this podcast episode. Leg reports will be a mix of podcasts, Tweets and blog posts (don’t have the GPU needed to live stream). Keep checking back for trip reports in podcast and blog form. And, be sure to check out Simply Magpie. Links Blog Post Donate Flight Sim Services Simply Magpie Screenshots
May 1, 2021
FSRideAlong: Now Entering The Triple Sim World
In this episode Nicolas talks about their attempts to manage life with 3 simulators on one computer while trying to decrease their sim time and improve G1000 and hand flying skills. They go over the vitals for their last few legs which took them from SFO to Crescent City via Seattle, Juneau, Sitka, Port Hardy, Seattle, Portland and Corvallis. No eventual destination. Just aimless simulated wonderings across 3 simulators in a mix of airliners and general aviation aircraft. Come ride along! Featured Sims MSFS P3Dv4.5 XP11 Featured Add Ons DD Seattle for P3D (also available for  XP11) Orbx: Volanta, Southern Alaska for P3D, Juneau for P3D, True Earth Washington SD for XP11, True Earth Oregon SD for XP11, True Earth Northern California for XP11 TorqueSim Cirrus SR22 for XP11 (normally aspirated) Default MSFS Diamond DA40NG XHangar-Diamond DA20 for XP11 RealityXP Garmin GTN 750 for XP11 (used with DA20) Working Title G1000 Mod (MSFS used with DA40NG) Mentioned IBlueYounder/FlightBeam KPDX (P3D,XP11) Flight Sim Association Check out Nicolas’ Flight Sim Services Thanks to Simply Magpie for sponsoring To leave feedback or donate to support the podcast please visit or send Nicolas an email. Please be kind!
April 29, 2021
Nicnacjak Podcast: Fifteen Years of Podcasting
In The Nicnacjak Podcast Season 14 Finale Nicolas reflects on their 15 years in podcasting and broadcasting. An unplanned career move that turned out reasonably well. Still, Nicolas expresses concern about the future of the medium as big tech tries to tighten their grip on content producers like themselves who have enjoyed relative freedom in an increasingly corporately controlled internet environment. Feedback Donate Flight Sim Services
April 27, 2021
FSRideAlong: Starting To Change My Mind About MSFS
On a whim Nicolas installed MSFS again. And, after doing a few flights with the Working Title G1000 over the past few days and hearing the news that Working Title is now part of the MSFS development team, Nicolas is finding themselves feeling more optimistic about the platform and it’s future prospects. Maybe once should let go of their bitterness at a certain point? Recent developments and Asbo streams about The SDK only adds more fuel to this newfound optimism fire. Hardware shortage considerations notwithstanding. For G1000/3000 work Nicolas is still invested in and recommending XP11. And, they are eagerly awaiting The Flight Sim Association stream on the topic on Saturday May 1st 11am PDT/1800z. Check out for details On the P3Dv4 end of thinks Nicolas has been learning about the scenery liberty and scenery layering the hard way after having issues with layering DD Seattle on top of Orbx PNW. Consequently, Nicolas is resolving to learn more about the scenery liberty and the package system. Finly, the time Nicolas has spent in The DA40NG in MSFS has left Nicolas intrigued with the real airplane. MSFS mods and more research required. If only they had a medical and lots of money….The show is rounded off with Nicolas’ updated flight sim wish list Links Working Title G1000 (MSFS Mod) Lorby Prepar3D Addon Organize (P3D Utility Free) Flight Sim Association Support Nicolas’ Flight Sim Services Donate Feedback
April 25, 2021
FSRideAlong: Thoughts On The Flight Sim Association and FlightSimExpo
In this episode Nicolas shares their thoughts following their first month of membership in The Flight Sim Association. There seems to be ample potential to build a good educational and avocational online community so long as the goal of the organization is to maintain financial viability by educating and connecting people passionate about flight sim technology and it’s many potential applications. Other Sim Activities: Flying less: 7.31 daily average block time. Average flight length 4.69 hours. Mixed use of airliners across the fleet. Still not ready to really review CS 767 or PMDG 777-200ER but getting closer. The learning curve is steep enough on Air Hauler 2 that Nicolas has given up on that product in favor of waiting on PMDG. Nicolas is still monitoring MSFS. At the moment though, the hardware shortage and lack of add ons with complex avionics systems mean Nicolas will continue to wait before adopting the platform. Donate Flight Sim Services Website Sponsored by Simply Magpie
April 20, 2021
Nicnacjak: Shelter From The Storm
This episode finds Nicolas living in a very confused mixed reality surrounded by technology in an effort to obscure their own vulnerability to shelter issues. Still haunted by their brief experience with being shelterless half a decade ago, Nicolas attempts to process their feelings about the eviction of shelterless camps in Chico and Los Angeles and the limited paths to resolution. While taking the legal approach to challenging these evictions is the most viable it requires a  massive amount of funding and is a long term approach. And, in the short term,  direct action is unsustainable without mass. And, with a divided and desperate population mass appeal seems hard to come by. Donate
April 18, 2021
Nicnacjak Podcast-Technical Lessons and Budget Cuts
In this episode Nicolas talks about what they’ve learned from building their own computer over the past years and their future technical aspirations. Links PCPartpicker Build List Donate
April 10, 2021
Nicnacjak-Integrity II
A mistake in switching podcasts hosts has resulted in The Nicnac Podcast and FSRideAlong Podcasts being merged into one feed and Nicnac is seeking feedback on how listeners feel about potentially having one Podcast and Twitter feed again. Additionally, Nicnac got the stimulus and a tax return within a very short timespan. Having consumed “like a good American” Nicnac is now continuing to wrestle with their conscience and ensure their continued survival and comfort. Feedback Donate
March 21, 2021
In this episode Nicolas struggles with their own sense of integrity and their recent lapses as well as the lapses in integrity of other organizations and people around them. Nicolas really struggles with trying to find an honest path towards hard reduction.
March 13, 2021
Cleaning Up The Airplane
In this episode Nicolas talks about their recent sim purchases (Orbx Juneau, The CaptainSim 767 and Air Hauler 2) and their reasons for choosing these add ons. They also talk about the real world aviation industry and their dream airliner for current conditions. Finely they mention changes they are making to their aviation social media and their ongoing entrepreneurial aspirations relative to simulation.
March 11, 2021
That’s Simutrainment
In this episode Nicolas emphasizes the educational potential of flight sim and expresses a desire to work to further legitimize serious consumer simulation to the aviation community and industry.
March 4, 2021
Sim Ops And Utilities
In this episode some work flow issues with flight preparation cause Nicolas to think about the untapped potential for increased fidelity in flight ops simulations no matter what developers it ends up coming from (sim devs or companies that already produce flight operations software support packages for real world ops). Nicolas also talks about their desire for an updated performance calculator utility and  airline financial management utility. Finely, Nicolas discusses getting back into online flying.
February 19, 2021
Crossposting; AVGeeking and Simming For Esteem; Maybe money?
Having relieved some immediate survival concerns relative to shelter, Nicolas ponders the marketability of their AVGeek and Flight Sim skills and passion. Nicolas also explains their continued X-Plane/P3D preferences as being a function of avionics simulation fidelity and a function of their love of computers and pressing buttons.
February 9, 2021
In this episode Nicolas discusses trying to triage meeting the current demands of their life loosely informed by their understanding of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and The Wellness Recovery Action Plan. The former has proven to be more helpful as Nicolas works though their survival needs in hopes of being able to spend more time on meeting esteem needs.
February 7, 2021
GA in MSFS 2020 And X-Plane 11
In this episode Nicolas goes back to the basics with General Aviation in MSFS 2020 and X-Plane 11. The limited functionality of the default G1000 in MSFS 2020 left Nicolas wanting even after trying a few mods.  XP 11 was 1000x better stock and stock content can easily be supplemented with payware add ons. More importantly, though, X-Plane’s flight dynamics feel much more realistic and there is a seemingly endless selection of good freeware scenery.
January 18, 2021
2021....Now What?
In this episode Nicolas tries to get their head in a planning space for 2021 and the continued limited possibilities of living and working in the virtual world.
January 18, 2021
A Multisim World
In this episode Nicolas talks about their recent exploration of General Aviation Aircraft in X-Plane 11 including The TorqueSim Cirrus SR22 and X-Aviation/Leading Edge Simulations Beech Sundowner. Both airplanes have been enjoyable as Nicolas looks X-Plane. Nicolas tried MSFS (2020) but gave up due to the limitations of the default G1000.  Check out Nicols’ Sim Support Services @
January 2, 2021
A Cold And Dark December
In this episode Nicolas tries to move forward based on the idea of camaraderie and an admittedly poor understanding of a wellness and recovery action plan. Topics covered include: Nicolas admitting the wrongness of their election prediction, managing digital ecosystem use, skipping Christmas, and “pushing Biden left” by calling out neoliberal humbug.
December 18, 2020
Sim Hardware, Sim Platforms and Future Proofing
In this episode Nicolas updates listeners on their new Ryzen 3600 + Geforce 1660ti build. Nicolas commits to a future upgrade to The Ryzen 5000 series along with a 3000 series Nvidia GPU. Nicloas covers their recent experience with X-Plane 11 and The FlightFactor A350. Thinking ahead, Nicolas is waiting till their hardware improves before moving to P3Dv5 and MSFS 2020. Currently, Nicolas is struggling for v4 optimization and flight continued control failure.
December 4, 2020
In this episode Nicolas does their best to come up with a coping and survival mechanism for the times ahead. They conclude that the best approach is to develop a tight knit group of people that one can support and get support from. They also talk about their vote, the problematic mechanics of representation and the potential of the sociocratic mechanic. Finally, they mention their new flight sim service offers.
October 27, 2020
In this episode Nicolas ponders technology. Why do we have it? What are the resultant societal implications? Nicolas also ponders taking a trip to Seattle to visit the ghost of their adulthood.
September 8, 2020
Microsoft Flight Sim 2020: It Will Come Down To Add On Developers
In this episode Nicolas has a tepid reaction to the impending release of Microsoft Flight Sim concluding that the success of the franchise reboot will depend on 3rd party developers. Nicolas goes on to recount recent simming experiences including the conclusion of the 2001 Australia trip recreation with The PMDG 744 V3 and TFDI 717
July 13, 2020
What's Your Route II
In this episode Nicolas recounts and simulates their Spring 2001 flight aboard a Qantas Boeing 747-400 flight from Sydney, NSW to Los Angeles, CA. Nicolas also recounts their recent sim flights in The Aerosoft A330 and PMDG 747-8i. Recent stops have included Imagine Sim’s ATL, Latain VFR’s MIA, DD’s ORD, Aerosoft’s EDDF, FS Dream Team’s CYVR, Wing Creation’s RJAA and FlyTampa’s YSSY.
July 11, 2020
What's Your Route?
In this episode Nicolas renews their effort to revitalize and improve the show by focusing on detailing a simulated flight they made of their first flight as an airline passenger. The flight from KSMF-KONT was made special by Orbx’s Northern California and Southern regions along with the relatively close proximity to terrain seen on the Ziggy7 Standard Terminal Arrival Route into KONT. Please email Nicolas and let them know what your favorite sim route is!
July 4, 2020
Frozen In Fear And Unproductivity
In this episode Nicolas talks about the psychological impacts they are facing after several months in almost perfect quarantine. Nicolas puts a particular focus on their addictions (flight sim, soda and cigarettes) and how being in quarantine makes fighting these addictions particularly challenging. Lastly, Nicolas laments their lack of active activism and debates attending a 4th of July gathering.
July 4, 2020
Addressing The A380 in the Room
In this episode Nicolas takes a moment to acknowledge the real world in which we sim. They also mention their excitement about ProjectFly v4, due out late this month, Orbx’s Burbank, which is currently available and The Thrustmaster Airbus products. Finely, Nicolas wants to hear from you. What do you do when you find your sim experience growing stale?
June 23, 2020
What’s Next?: Inbunkred Reporting
In this episode Nicolas attempts to build upon their recent interview with Ms. Allen by talking about The US Policing System. Full show notes at
June 8, 2020
Just Listen
In this episode Nicolas talks with Danielle Allen, a black woman organizer who wishes to share her story. Many thanks to Justice For Desmond for their hard work and dedication and for arranging this interview. For more information visit
June 5, 2020
In this episode Nicolas gives some sage words of wisdom to protesters regarding making sure efforts are sustainable. Nicolas is also seeking to give a platform to Black Community Organizers or allies to answer the question via podcast episode: What is the message you most want to get out there right now? Nicolas also talks about their financial choices for the month of June and their feelings of guilt over the evil organizations they financially contribute to.
June 2, 2020
When You Talk About Destruction
Nicolas reacts to the actions of those fighting for justice in Minneapolis. Nicolas comes to the conclusion that with the pandemic, people of color being murdered by police across the country and the mainstream political parties being corrupt and useless, it is time to move past solely non-violent tactics.
May 29, 2020
Not The Tech Guy I Once Was
In this episode Nicolas traces their tech history over the past 30 years or so (has it really been that long?). Nicolas then goes on to talk about the fact that they are much more of a tech user than a tech geek these days despite their background. This leads Nicolas to wonder, is it even worth it to build a new computer?
May 23, 2020
Assorted Thoughts
Nicolas marks 14 years of podcasting by reflecting on their life over the past 14 years and their continued occupational struggles. Nicolas also talks about how they are dealing with 2+ months of quarantine and the status of their budget and computer.
May 19, 2020
Working In The Avionics Bay
While Nicolas is back flying again on their laptop they continue to focus on troubleshooting the hardware in their big computer (now dubbed Captain Cheapo Case). Will a new power supply fix the underlying problem? If not, what kind of processor and motherboard should be used with budget and nextgen sims in mind?
May 12, 2020
Troubleshooting Myself in The Foot II
In this episode details hardware issues with not one but two computers preventing them from simming for a little over a week. Nicolas also talks about the concept of building a new computer and their current hardware selections. Finely Nicolas mentions their projected stability timeline for P3Dv5.
May 7, 2020
Trying Not To Self Pity (Computer Hell)
In this episode Nicolas details how they are coping with a series of computer problems that have prevented them from playing flight sim for the past week.
May 2, 2020
None Of Us Are Free
In this episode Nicolas starts out by musing over the concepts of freedom and privilege and asserts that many confuse these two concepts.Particularly white US citizens. They go on to talk about their personal circumstances and their continued use of poor coping skills. Check out Solomon Burke’s song “None Of US Are Free.” A song I rediscovered via the classic TV show House MD
April 19, 2020
Back to Basics with Remote Flight Training from
In this episode Nicolas enlists the remote flight training services of Mike from to work on hand flying skills. Nicolas also talks about the impending move to P3Dv5 and their recent flight sim experiences. Check out Mike’s Remote flight Training services at Be sure to catch Nicolas’ flight sim live stream FSRideAlongLive on Twitch. Streaming everyday during quarantine!
April 17, 2020
Sim Shake Up
In this episode Nicolas talks about the P3Dv5 announcement, The FSElite v MetterSimulation debacle and the financial realities developers face that may result in upgrade charges. My thanks to Karlene Petitt for linking to my podcast. A warm welcome to new community members.
April 8, 2020
Thinking at FL390
Some time spent in a flight sim chatroom inspires Nicolas to talk about where the flight sim community stands going into the new MSFS, what flight sim media should be doing (themselves included), the forthcoming price hike in add ons, the reasons for the forthcoming price hikes and other elements of flight sim marketing, development and development budgets. Hopefully it isn’t as dry as it sounds and proves interesting and informative.
April 1, 2020
Disappointment and Trouble Steering
In this episode Nicolas talks about their disappointment with The FeelThere E Jets V3. They also discuss their tepid response to the release of the PMDG NGU 737-700 expansion. Mostly due to the fact that they have grown tired of the 737. Other topics include The FSLabs A321 and The Aerosoft A330-300.
March 15, 2020
Extracting Hobbes
In this episode Nicolas takes a limited understanding of the political philosophy of Hobbes and tries to apply the concepts to Nicolas’ own developing political philosophy
February 2, 2020
Wars Not Make One Great
In this episode Nicolas wonder what makes one virtuous. Their conclusion is that the ultimate achievements or failures in one’s life can only be judged posthumously and that the struggles and strife one goes through in life build the charter necessary to be judged.
February 1, 2020
In this episode Nicolas works to synthesize their recent thought with the guidance of two maxims: To think is to destroy The truth is relative
February 1, 2020
Unlearn What You Have Learned
Following the frustrating attempt the understand knowledge as a form of escape, Nicolas begins to explore eastern thought. As they do this, they also acknowledge and breakdown the various components of their life
January 28, 2020
In this episode Nicolas attempts to take the next step from the last episode by searching for the definition of knowledge. Finding nothing definitive, they go through their understanding of the concept and its limits. Once again they find that their efforts fruitless. Further, they discover that their efforts have in fact represented an attempt to escape their reality.
January 27, 2020
Eighty Eight Keys On The Keyboard
In this episode Nicolas ponder whether new ideas are possible. And, if they are why they search for new ideas by looking at old ideas. They also ponder their mental cycles and wonder if there isn’t some way to embrace them rather than fight them or try to fix them.
January 27, 2020
Crossing The Line
In this episode Nicolas realizes that their pursuit of knowledge and truth went too far and may in fact have been a manic episode/high energy state. They talk about the steps they are taking to rectify the situation and use their support system
January 24, 2020
Searching for The Truth of Mental Illness
In this episode Nicolas starts to ponder the validity of the medical model used in mental health treatment in The United States Sources: The Broken Brain Nancy Anderson
January 24, 2020
Dividing By Zero With Revolutionary Thinking
In this episode Nicolas indulges in some academic philosophical thinking by laying out their ideal government (direct democracy with socialist values). They then point out all the problems and land in a somewhat hopeful nowhere
January 23, 2020
Dividing By Zero With Reformist Thinking
In this episode Nicolas takes the time to examine reformists thinking from FDR to Bernie Sanders. Ultimately they conclude that reformist thinking is a dead end. Much as they might want to believe in it.
January 23, 2020
Zen And The Art Of Thinking.
In this episode Nicolas tries to slow down their thinking worried that they may be in a high energy state. They also express the desire to hold salons as a way of checking their thinking and externalizing
January 22, 2020
Dividing By Zero: Solving The Unsolvable Problem
In this episode Nicolas examines their thinking and philosophizing and comes to the realization that they have been trying to solve unsolvable problems
January 21, 2020
Taking A Hard Left Turn
In this episode Nicolas attempts to crystallize the philosophical difference between liberals and leftists. Upon doing this they realize that supporting Bernie Sanders requires a sacrifice of their core beliefs. A realization that must be explored on another episode due to server space limitations
January 20, 2020
Take a Bow
In the face of a seemingly unwinnable political situation Nicolas finds themselves stuck and attempting to cope by analyzing the reality of the situation. Their words of wisdom? Think critically, laugh when possible and admit when stuck.
January 15, 2020
SE 13 Ep 15 The Search For Balance
In this episode Nicolas tries to puzzle through balancing their life. The topics range from balancing their personal finances to dealing with social security, holding a job and maintaining their political activism in a compromised environment. They also talk about The Just Cause Eviction Ordinance before the Chico City Council. If you are in support of A Just Cause Ordinance please show up tonight (1/7/2020) at 6pm for The Chico City Council Meeting to voice your support!
January 7, 2020
The PMDG Curveball X
In this episode Nicolas talks about the curveball PMDG threw the community by announcing that the NG3 would be an FS 2020 exclusive and subsequently releasing the NGu for P3Dv4. They give their impression of The NGu as well as talk about the disappointing way XP devs distribute their products (even when releasing for P3D).
December 6, 2019
Generally Speaking
In this episode I talk about the perspective and generalization of social science and the line of thinking it leads to. I also talk about my feelings relative to Thanksgiving (editor's note this was recorded before Thanksgiving 2019).
December 6, 2019
Needs And Connections
In this episode Nicolas renews his interest in psychology and starts to explore Non-violent Communication techniques by trying to connect their needs with the needs of others. This causes them to reexamine the generation talk in the last two episodes and express a desire to try and connect with and understand older people.
November 6, 2019
Troubleshooting Myself In The Foot
In this episode of FSRideAlong Nicolas talks about some P3D troubleshooting, the time it will take simmers to adopt FS2020, whether or not you should stop investing in your current sim platform and a sad loss to the FSRideAlong Community.
October 21, 2019
Third Hand Journalism
In this episode I share my reactions to EAA’s preview of FS2020. The article was written by Hal Bryan former Flight Sim developer and current Senior Editor for EAA Digital and Print Content and Publications. We will be hearing directly from Hal in the next episode!
September 30, 2019
What’s It Doing Now?
In this episode I profess my new found love for Airbus in the form of The FSLabs A320. I also speculate about what Microsoft will do to get their market share back. Finely I spend some time wondering if being in the flight sim media game should be a paying gig.
August 16, 2019
Let’s Get Radical
In this episode I talk about some global revolutionary actions and encourage US residents to pay attention to such actions to see what we can learn.
August 15, 2019
The Bad Part Of Good Ideas
In this episode I start trying to look at the whole view of political ideas including their implementation. This change in view was inspired by an article I read on called “Plato, radicalism, and ‘good ideas implemented badly’” by Orestis Tsinalis. Taking that perspective both socialism and democracy seem like bad ideas. Does that mean that Democratic Socialism is a bad idea? I also talk about my impending resignation from The Chico Peace And Justice Center and the consequences that may h
July 25, 2019
FSRideAlong SE 5 Ep 2 Hope And Disappointment
In this episode I talk about my thoughts on Microsoft Flight Sim 2020. I also briefly go over my impressions of TFDI’s PACX, Drzewieck Design’s Chicago Airports, and LatinVFR’s New Orleans. It’s a short episode. I will try to post more often.
June 22, 2019
SE 13 Ep 3 Serious Socialism (Playing The Game)
In this episode I give an update on my lobbying efforts and the complicated political scene in Chico. I also talk about my KZFR Show The Big Idea and my efforts to make it better. I also talk about my affiliation with Chico DSA and attending a city council meeting with the group. Finally I finish off by giving an update on my personal life and the lack of dates that I’ve been on.
June 22, 2019
Se 13 Ep 2 The Voice of Reason
In this episode I attempt to reason with myself over doubts I have about the various elements of my life. My hope being that I can talk myself through rather than freaking out and returning to a solely flight sim based life
June 3, 2019
Random (The Medium Place)
In a strange mood after getting dentures, I update you on the flow of my fluid life and ponder meaning. Apologies for the lisp hopefully the talking will get better as time goes on.
May 27, 2019
Se 12 Ep 16 Shadows Of Occupy
In this episode I talk about how far left my activist bent has taken me over the past eight year and how it serves to isolate me. I question whether the isolation is worth it. I also talk about gender identity and the stigma, stress, and alienation of changing pronouns. I conclude with the announcement that I am gender questioning pansexual who’s pronouns are they/them.
April 27, 2019
Collecting My Thoughts
In this episode I try to do some preproduction for my radio show surrounding the concept of poverty. I question my experience of poverty and The Reverse American Dream and if it is just relates to my personal mental health issues or it is more of a global post Great Recession Issue. I also talk about my experience reading a history book on the 20th century and how my concept of socialism is different due to coming of age after The Cold War and the fall of The Berlin Wall.
April 6, 2019
The Struggle Is Real
In this episode I describe the struggle I am having with the primary effects of the psychiatric meds I’ve been prescribed following my mental breakdown. I also describe an interview with an intern that I’ll be airing for my first Big Idea Show this week and the struggle I am having to frame the interview within the context of the show. Finally I touch on my binary brain and how that parallels with older people's struggle to understand the concept of the non-binary gender identity.
March 12, 2019
FSRideAlong Se 4 Ep 9 Ain’t No Cure For The Simertime Blues
In this episode I wearily walk you through the swiss cheese model that led to having to reinstall P3D. During my ramblings I cover LatinVFR’s BWI, FSDreamTeams’ Charlotte, Drzewiecki Design’s Seattle and New York and the good old QW 787. All this as I limp along in a 737 leg from Austin to Seattle in FSX. Care to ride along?
July 9, 2018
Se 12 Ep 8 Lazivist
In this episode I talk about my growing frustration with the limits of the system and the fascist Trump Regime in the face of my lazy approach to activism. I also talk about my growing doubts of the effectiveness of working within the system to empower true leftists.
July 3, 2018
SE 12 Ep 6 I Get It Now
In this episode I talk about my new understanding of the importance of pronouns. I also talk about where I am with my gender and sexual identity. Finely I talk about that ever complex relationship between life and flight sim.
April 25, 2018
Back In The Studio
I talk about what it’s like to be in a radio studio again and the challenges of productions. I also muse about having interns. Do I know anything teachable?
February 11, 2018
Tons of Stuff
In this episode I talk about all the things I am up to and my fear of over committing. I also talk a little about NVC and do some podcast housekeeping.
January 31, 2018
SE 4 Ep 6 As Fair And Balanced As Fox News
In this episode I rant about the bugs in The CaptainSim 757, the lack of airports for P3D v4, and how my exceptions for airliner add ons not being met. Just call me Captain Curmudgeon.
January 11, 2018
Live Long and Prosper
In this episode I prepare what could be my final message to the internet before changes in Net Neutrality Rules potentially force me to end the podcast.
December 14, 2017
SE 11 Ep 36 Communication Affirmation And Vulcan
In this episode I talk about an instance where I failed to listen and communicate. I also talk about jury duty and the criminal justice system. I also mention my ambition to do as the Vulcans do and purge my emotions. Lastly I harp on the internet issue a bit.
December 1, 2017
SE 11 Ep 35 Some Important Questions
In this episode I ask some important questions about “hippie love”, revolution and the popular holiday question, “So what have you been doing?”
November 25, 2017
Se 11 Ep 34 I Had A Nightmare Last Night
In this episode I talk about Net Neutrality, GOP Tax Reform and trying not to live to please other people. Call your congressperson and senators about Net Neutrality and GOP Tax Reform
November 23, 2017
SE 11 Ep 33 Rotten Berry
In this episode I talk about what I gleamed from reading The Fifty Year Mission (a book about making Star Trek from TNG to ENT). I also talk about the social issues plaguing our society and a jury duty summons . You can learn more about Chico Housing Action Team and sign up for Safe Space Winter Shelter here.
November 13, 2017
SE 4 Ep 5 P3D Upgrade
In this episode I talk about my upgrade to P3D and what kept me from doing it for so long. Scenery has been less of a challenge but other add ons do cost a fair amount of $$$. As always email me for feedback or guest ideas
November 3, 2017
Devs Are People Too
In this episode I talk to Collin Biedenkapp of TFDi about what it’s like to be a developer.
November 3, 2017
SE 11 Ep 31 I Can Breath Again…Kinda
In this episode my disability gets renewed for 18 months. I also cover local cannabis ordinances, my application to The Chico Peace Endeavor Board and my mentoring at HopeXchange.
October 27, 2017
SE 4 Ep 3 Curb Your Enthusiasm (QW 787 Review)
In this episode I review The QualityWings 787 for FSX. My general reaction is that it is a disappointing release that flies poorly and lacks fidelity in the required automation systems. I also talk about The VAS issues that Orbx Arlanda suffers from in FSX noting that wouldn’t be an issue is P3D V4. Finally I talk about the future of the podcast. Check out On Approach for an additional podcast you can listen to.
October 4, 2017
SE 11 Ep 30 CPJC Interview
In this episode I interview Moses and Aramenta of The Chico Peace and Justice Center in Chico California. We talk about their Annual Dinner Fundraiser and what The Chico Peace And Justice Center does for activists of Butte County and the greater Chico area.
September 25, 2017
SE 11 Ep 29 Sitting With It
In this episode I describe my attempts to sit with my anxiety and reach out to other humans. I also pontificate on the ways the internet is used
September 23, 2017
SE 11 Ep 28 Activism Games
In this episode I talk about my disability review, an activist gaming night, attending a Chico Peace Endeavor Board Meeting, my on going volunteer activities at The Chico Peace and Justice Center and getting a mentee for HopeXchange’s Bipolar Mentoring Program
September 21, 2017
SE 11 Ep 27 Parents, Disability and Ability
In this episode I talk about a visit with my Mom, a visit with my Dad, where the disability renewal process stands (finely got an update), helping a pilot get flight sim setup and how things are going on and HopeXchange.
September 18, 2017
FSRideAlong Se 4 Ep 2 787 Ground School
In this episode I talk about what I am learning from the manual QuailityWings released for their upcoming 787. I also talk about where the 787 will fit into the fleet of my personal VA. Finally, I insult P3D user and talk about how I am going to milk my FSX investment for as long as I can. It is no doubt an ego thing on both sides.
September 16, 2017
SE 11 Ep 26 Cognitive Distortions and Empathy
In this episode I talk about the limits of empathy in the mental health industry. I offer some ideas for gaining greater empathy and describe my current process for gaining greater empathy. I also describe the issue of over empathizing and how I am dealing with my tendency to do this. I also talk about cognitive distortions and the limits of CBT and medications for treating suicidal and hopeless people.
September 7, 2017
FSRideAlong SE 4 Ep 1 Rusty Bird
In this episode I talk about my flight sim addiction. I also talk about The Aerosoft CRJ, the end of FSX, P3D, Xplane and the wait for the Qualitywings 787. I talk about how my reduced flight sim spending and my resistance to P3D is going to make doing this podcast hard. But, rest assured I will not podfade! Welcome to Season 4!
September 4, 2017
Se 11 Ep 24 Memory Market
In this episode I talk about suppressing male urges and dealing with life on The Autism Spectrum by thinking about life in terms of algorithms. I also run into my version of a crisis of faith where both social science and astrophysics are letting me down
September 1, 2017
Se 11 Ep 23 No Storyline (Crash)
In this episode I talk about the crash from my recent hypomanic state referring to The Gilmore Girls and The Millennial Generational Struggle in the process
August 31, 2017
SE 11 Ep 22 Truth And Suicide
In this episode I explore how we as individuals arrive at personal truth and how much that can differ and contrast with other people's truths. I bring up a number of examples of times where two people have different truths and one must pick one over the other including suicide versus living out your full life.
August 27, 2017
SE 11 Ep 21 No I Don’t Hear Voices
In this episode I talk about Bipolar and Kay Jamison's book An Unquiet Mind
August 24, 2017
SE 11 Ep 20 Symbolphobia
In this episode I react to  the terror attack in Charlottesville. I talk about the awful emotions it brought up. How do you handel Nazies? Do you let them speak? How do you handle law enforcement that you can’t trust? I also talk about Pride and being bisexual. Finally I wrap things about by talking about being Bi-polar and studying mood disorders.
August 19, 2017
SE 11 Ep 19 Knowledge And Self Analysis: A Hybrid Approach
In this episode I talk about my self guided study of psychology, include a brief self analysis and talk about the benefits and pitfalls of my reconsideration of academia
August 17, 2017
Se 11 Ep 18 Scholastic Thinking:The Dangers Of Boredom
In this episode I get so bored that I start thinking about going back to school. I also get a cat and get more scratched up than an old record
August 14, 2017
Se 11 Ep 17 The Ultimate Fear
In this episode my uncle death brings up worries about how long my parents will be around, a new fidget spinner brings up some things and my friends got married!
August 3, 2017
SE 11 Ep 16 Quit Buying Expansion Packs
In this episode I talk about my lack of life thrill, an attempt to mod The Sims 4, and the impossibly of living a life without harm.
July 30, 2017